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... was the mailing list for Dragon's Library. It notified you of site updates. You were invited to give freely feedback or discuss anything related to fan fiction, science fiction, fantasy, books and writing.

It did issue a free newsletter with news, book recommendations, excerpt links and (infrequently) interviews. But the constraints have forced me to discontinue the newsletter. Back Issues are archived here or at the yahoogroups message archive.

11.11.2004 - I deleted the mailing list. There wasn't just any activity anymore.

08.08.2002 - After the newsletter issues became more and more infrequently I have decided to discontinue it. I haven't the time anymore and alas, the feedback was zero. I'm sorry, but my lack of time doesn't give me a choice in this matter.

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You can also try the message archive at yahoogroups.com. It is usually always up to date.

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