Dragon's LibraryDragon's Library FAQ - The Scriptorium
Answering the most common questions about the Scriptorium of Dragon's Library

1. What is the Scriptorium?

The Scriptorium (it means 'a place for writing') is the message and discussion board of Dragon's Library. Recently we moved to a new script that allows us several boards. You can there leave messages, post fiction, discuss books and movies or take part in our WoT Alternate Reality Role Play.

2. I need technical help!

Well, some of the most often occuring problems are addressed in the help file of the scriptorium (the link is in the top menu) or here in the FAQ. Else please mail me and I will try to solve it.

2.1 How do I register?

To register a member account, you can click here or the link in the Scriptorium's top menu bar for the registration form and fill out all required information. You will be sent an email to confirm your login information and it will also contain a link, which you will need to click on to activate your account (your account will not work until it has been activated). After you have received the login information, you should login once and modify your profile to add more personal information.

2.2 How do I include smilies?

Smilies or emotion icons are small graphical images that can be used to express an emotion or feeling by typing a combination of special characters. (You probably knew that already.) You use shortcuts like this :) in your post. The most common and some not so common smilies will be replaced with images. For a list of smilies click on Emoticons Legend when writing the post. Then you can also include smilies by simly clicking on the image.

2.3 Why can't I use HTML code?

I deactivated HTML code because they tend to mess up sometimes the formatting. However most of the effects can be done with the UB code.

2.4 How do I use the UB Code?

UltraBoard Codes are a set of HTML like codes which allow you to format your posts within UltraBoard. It is mostly like HTML, but the commands are enclosed in brackets that in tags. I have a hack installed that lets you include UB Code with a simple click on a menu when writing a message.

2.5 How do I include links in my post?

You use the approbiate UB code [url="http://"]description[/url]description[/URL] or you simply type in the raw link. The boards links automatically anything that start with www. or http://.

2.6 The Scriptorium keeps forgetting who I am! I can't post because it always ask me to log in again!

The problem occurs when the IE or Netscape has saved too many cookies and can't accept more, at least not the short term cookies our board usually uses. Either you must use the 'remember me' check box or you must go to your browser and delete the cookies that you already have. It will fix the problem.

2.7 Can a topic contain only twenty posts? I try to reply, but nothing shows up.

A topic/thread can contain an infinite number of posts. But it shows only a certain, usually twenty, posts per page. You can find next/previous page links near the bottom of the page. They are a bit small in the current script version. If a next or previous page is available then the link changes its color to orange.

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