Dragon's LibraryDragon's Library FAQ - General Questions
Answering the most common questions about Dragon's Library

1. What is Dragon's Library?

Dragon's Library is a non-profit web site dedicated to science fiction & fantasy fiction, especially fan fiction. A bit history:

I started this web site May 1st, 1998 as an archive for the Wheel of Time role playing posts from the WoT Allianz BBS, soon the first Wheel of Time fanfics were added. It was first called Ulrike's Library, but the name changed quickly to Dragon's Library. Unsatisfied with geocities I moved Dragon's Library at the start of 1999 to its own domain, www.dragonlibrary.com and paid web hosting. The Scriptorium, our message board, was etablished and non-WoT fan fiction included. Dragon's Library grew quickly and in November 1999 I started a newsletter and email list to hold interested visitors up to date. The last added section was the Bookmark Directory, a collection of science fiction & fantasy links of original and fan fiction, that replaced the old link page in January 2000.

2. Who runs it?

Dragon's Library is a hobby project of mine. I am Ulrike from Schwaan, a little town in Germany. As dedicated fan of fantasy and sf literature and an addict of fan fiction it came naturally to me to start an archive. Though at this time I didn't forsee its quick growth I have a lot of fun maintaining Dragon's Library.

But Dragon's Library wouldn't exist without all those people who told me to go on, gave me their moral support and feedback to make this site what it is now. Most of them are with Dragon's Library since its start and I want to use this opportunity to thank them for that.

3. How often is it updated?

I try to update the archive at least once per month. Usually there are two updates per month. It depends on the available material and the time I can spare. Lack of time is the most common cause for a lack of updates.

4. What can I do to help?

There are some of the things you can do. In no particular order:

  • Tell your friends about Dragon's Library.
  • I appreciate your constructive feedbacks and suggestions!
  • Please tell me any broken links. Dragon's Library changes constantly and sometimes I don't manage to update every link.
  • If you are a customer of amazon.com or amazon.co.uk consider buying your books via the book section of this web site. The resulting referral fees help me to cover domain and web hosting costs. (click here for more info)
  • Link to me! And drop me a note when you do so.

5. Privacy

No e-mail address and no personal information will be given or sold to a third party!

In the interests of constantly improving this web site, certain information is collected about each visitor via Hitbox.com (though I am cutting down at this service) or the server's log files. This happens on many web sites, though most don't notify visitors.

Specifically, the following information is recorded:

  • date and time of a visit,
  • the visitor's machine's internet address - NOT the physical address,
  • where the visitor goes in the site,
  • if the visitor came from a search engine, which engine was used and which key words brought him/her to the site
  • what type of computer the visitor is using (Mac, PC, Unix) and which browser they use

With this information it can be tracked how often the site is visited (hits), which areas are the most popular, what times of day people visit most, where in the world visitors are coming from most, and how people are finding the site (important for attracting more visitors). This information is not matched to a specific person and is solely used for the purpose of improving the web site!

I also get to know email adresses if you subscribed to the mailing list and newsletter, registered to the Scriptorium, took part in contests or sent me emails. For them my statement above holds. If you are an author there is usually your email address published for feedback and a link to your own homepage. Of course you can request that I remove them.

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