Dragon's LibraryDragon's Library FAQ - The Bookmark Directory
Answering the most common questions about the Bookmark Directory of Dragon's Library

1. What is this Bookmarks Directory?

It is a directory of SF & Fantasy fiction sites. It contains links to fanfic sites, to authors and writing ressources. It has replaced the old links page because I had too much links to fit them in one document.

2. How do I add a site?

Click on 'Suggest a Site' at the page bottom. Fill out the form and I will check it out in the next days and then add the link. Before you do so, please read the rules!

The main theme of the Bookmark Directory is science fiction & fantasy original and fan fiction. Therefore your site must have at least a page dedicated to original or fan fiction. It has to be sf and/or fantasy. Your site could be a zine, an author site or an archive.

At this time I focus on fan fiction based on books, tv shows and movies and ignore manga or anime fandoms.

No (purely) adult and/or slash sites please. If you have a "mixed site" the adult/slash content must not overweigh. I regard ratings and content warnings as obligatory in these cases. Please add a comment like "(All ratings!)" to the description. I preserve the right to reject any site I deem unsuited for the directory.

If your fan fiction site covers more than one fandom please list it only in the Multifandom category. Don't try to list it more than once. Instead include all covered fandoms in your description.

If you maintain an index, directory, fanfiction search engine or a similiar site that only links to other sites or fiction please choose the Web Directory category.

If you don't find your fandom yet in the directory, please choose Other as your category. As soon as I get enough links of a fandom (3-5) I will open a separate category for them. I don't list site directly under the top or fan fiction category.

If you list your site here at Dragon's Library, please consider linking back to mr. I really appreciate it.

3. I can't rate the site!

*sigh* Yes, you can. The current script has a bug I can't find. It doesn't display the Successful Rating page. But each rating is registered and included when I rebuild the archive. It happens usually once a week. Only then your rating shows up.

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