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by Rogue Jedi

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The men just passed by. I concentrated hard to get them to leave and it worked. I'm lucky he wasn't with them. I would have gotten myself killed. I hate him. After what he did to my mother, after what he did to all of them... And to think he was once one of us.

My name's Alee Milane. And I'm a Jedi Padawan. Or at least, I was. Was until all this happened. Until they came, destroyed the Temple, killed all my friends...and changed my life forever.

My life was in the Temple. That's where I grew up. The masters sheltered us from the Dark Side. From the fear, anger, and hate. But the universe is full of it, especially now.

I didn't know it was going to happen. None of us did. We only sensed them coming. Then it was too late.

Now they are all gone. I feel some of them, lost like I am in the desolate lower levels of Coruscant. For a brief moment I am comforted by their presence. Then it disappears along with them. The Sith are finding more of us.

A speeder soars overhead. More people just going about their lives. How I wish I didn't have to worry like them. What did I do? What did any of us do? Why does our existence bring about our destruction? Now I'm running for my life and hiding where I can.

I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm only fourteen. Fourteen, since about three days ago. I have no way off-planet without getting caught. I don't know anyone out here. My mother had connections, she knew her way around this planet. She would have known what to do.

My mother... I remember her voice telling me to run and not stop, no matter what. She was stronger than I can ever hope to be.

But my mother is gone.

I can't lose the memories.

I had run to the spaceport level. That was where they attacked first.

There were many Jedi already there. I joined the fight. I saw several Jedi fall to the fire of a blaster rifle.

The Imperials pushed us back. I heard a scream and saw my best friend Telna fall. Her amber lightsaber switched off as it hit the ground. I wanted to run to her. I tried, but was held back by blaster fire from the stormtroopers.

More troopers poured out of a transport and started firing.

"Milane, get out of here!" One of the masters yelled.

I hesitated. I didn't want to leave them.

"Go!" The master yelled.

I ran to the turbolift. The lift doors closed behind me. I pressed the control panel several times. The car didn't move. I desperately looked around. My eyes landed on the ceiling.

I cut through the durasteel easily and pulled myself into the lift shaft. A service ladder ran alongside it. I started to climb.

I got up a short distance before a red bolt burned through the wall at my feet.

They were in the lift car.

I realized that everyone below was gone.

I hurried up the ladder to the next level. Just as I managed to force the doors opened a blaster bolt grazed my right hand and I dropped my lightsaber.

It clanged down the shaft, disappearing into darkness.

I got out of the shaft. I heard nothing. Then the familiar hum of a lightsaber blade cut through the silence. I saw another Jedi running towards me.

"Alee!" It was my mother. "Come on!" She ran down the corridor.

I followed. I saw white armor out of the corner of my eye.

We came to a turn in the corridor. My mother stopped.

I looked down from where we had come and saw the stormtroopers. I wasn't surprised to see them coming from the other direction too.

I felt the fear overcome me.

My mother grabbed my hand. "Come on," She cut through the transparisteel window behind us.

I looked down. Below, about twelve stories down, was a walkway.

I breathed, drew on the Force, and jumped.

My mother landed gracefully on her feet.

I landed and stumbled, spraining something in my left leg.

My mother pulled me up and we started running.

We ran into the dark shadows of the skyscrapers and didn't stop.

I felt my mother draw on the Force. She sensed trouble.

Before I could even breathe they appeared. We were surrounded.

My mother drew her lightsaber and pushed me behind a trash receptacle and started to fight them off. I watched from my hiding place as my mother's green blade swung through the air deflecting blaster bolts and cutting through armor. She actually had a chance until he showed up. Darth Vader killed my mother.

It happened so fast.

A dark figure entered the battle and started for my mother.

"Alee! Run!" My mother yelled. Then, in a flash of blinding light, she fell.

"Mother, NO!" I screamed. I clapped my hands over my mouth so hard it stung. I closed my eyes and breathed hard. Please, don't let him find me!

He started to leave. Then he suddenly stopped and turned towards my hiding place. I heard the footsteps and his eyes fell on me.

Then something strange happened. He turned and walked away. They left without a word.

I scrambled over to where my mother had been. I found only her robes and lightsaber. She had become one with the Force.

I cried.

I still cry. She's gone and I feel I will be soon.

I was warned of the Dark Side. I have always tried to control my fear, but I feel myself being drawn to it now. Yet I won't go. Still, I feel this rage rising in me. A rage that shows no mercy and will consume me if I don't control it. My mind is confused.

Part of me says to just let go and let my anger control me, I have nothing to lose. Nothing but myself.

"Alee...Alee...daughter, listen to me!"

I see my mother standing in front of me now. She is shimmering blue light. I know why she is here.

"You cannot stay here!" She warns me. "Get away! As fast as you can! They are coming, Alee! Go!"

"Mother, I..." Before I can finish she vanishes.

A cold breeze flows down from the upper levels. I look up and see them coming.

Run, Alee!

I start running. I use the Force to give me strength. I feel it flowing through me, strengthening me. Something hits me. Fire burns through my right side: a blaster bolt. I fall hard to the filthy ground.

"Over there!" I hear someone yell.

They are nearing where I am. I've never felt real fear before now.

A pair of hands seize my arms and fiercely pulls me up.

I hear the mechanical breathing.

I look up at the towering menace. I find no warmth behind the dark mask. Nothing like the person I once knew.

I'm lost in my own fear and pain. I barely hear what they are saying.

"...She's only a child...done nothing..."

"...this far...powerful..."

"...let her go... no harm..."

"...She is a Jedi."

There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no death; there is the Force.

Vader's eyes look down on me. He knows I am afraid.

A blaster is raised and I fall before the bolt is even fired.

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