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"The Black Cat can hear you think," Carra pointed out, wondering with interest what the Cat looked like in pink. Then she wondered what she looked like in pink, sketched herself a mirror and shrieked.

"My hair! It clashes with my hair!" She returned the pink pyjamas to a black minidress as fast as possible, then glared at Arie and Ares. "Do you two mind? We're supposed to be the evil ones."

Redheads do not wear pink!


The Black Cat was not, as it happened, wearing pink. Reality knew better than that.

"So I can. But frankly, Ares, it's one of the facts of life that there's nothing girls can wear that looks quite as silly as when boys wear it." The Cat smiled, showing sharp teeth. "Even the outfits worn by the Dark Sisters. Why do you think there are no Dark Brothers?"

~The Black Cat~


After the rather annoying prank - pink, brr - Ulrike took a step back and amused herself watching the varying reactions of the other guests.

But Chance's comments about parallel worlds kept repeating themselves in the back of her mind. She glanced consideringly in the direction where she knew the local portal stone to be. It might be interesting to visit some alternate realities. Maybe she could even gather some hints that could help Rand al'Thor.

Nodding to herself as she made her decision she listed the items she should take with her. Almost as an afterthought she called into the still bickering crowd:

"Anyone interested in a trip to a world that might have been?"



Carra turned to look at Ulrike with interest. This had to be more fun than pink pyjamas, if nothing else.

"What did you have in mind?"



Although nothing could be more fun than pink pyjamas (on others, not her!) Arie was most definitely interested in this little venture.

"A world that might have been?" Better than being psychic and seeing the future (what fun would that be; someone might have predicted her friendly joke), she could see what might have been if so and so had or had not happened.

"Sounds hip!"

::Arie, of the Tyrant Pride
machinbonded to Kir
horribly insane and loving every minute


"Parallel universe?"

Nice parallel to paradox - meet the paradox firsthand and watch the chaos ensue ... chaos ...

"I'm for it," said the gleeman, taking a long swig from his Blaster in memory of its creator. "Perhaps ole Adams'or will still be around. If not, hey - I've a few tidbits I want to arrange."

His eyes twinkled.

...and then he realised...

"Maybe in that universe I'll find a way to rid myself of this pink."

Sir Kiriath Machin Ni, Machinwarder to Arie
Pink ... *shudder* Black and kaleidoscope's niftier.


Blue, Melissande thought firmly. Blue.

She looked down and was relieved to find herself wearing her blue dress and shawl. She held the picture firmly in mind in case someone should think to play the same game again.

"A world that might have been?" She puzzled over the idea. She had heard of Portal Stones, of course, although only the Browns knew much of them. But people did not simply decide to visit other worlds on a whim, did they?

Well, maybe some people.

"Which world?" She assumed they could protect themselves against most potential dangers. "Wait a moment. Ulrike, you are a scholar, so tell me something. Some time ago I read a group of stories taking place in worlds where, although other details were similar, the Dragon Reborn was female. Do such worlds in fact exist?"

And does a taint on saidar explain the Dark Sisters? she thought to herself.



Chance, The Dragon, cringed at the sylables strung together. Someone had used the words Reborn, Female, and Dragon in a sentance. He truely hated when that happened.

Being something of scholar himself, Chance concidered answering the question, but instead, choose to change the subject.

"A world that "might" have been?" he asked, knowing full well what was meant but taking the statement out of context anyway. "Is that safe? I mean, if it MIGHT have been, then it is certainly possible that it wasn't. You see? It either has or has not been, the might have only suggests that we are not sure if it was. If it is, in fact, not and we attempt to go there, what would happen? Someone could get hurt. Someone could lose an eye."

He stuffed another handfull of cheetos into his mouth and using old skills, imaged himself into something less... Aqua. Why everyone else was slapped into Pink Pajamas and he ended up in a light Aqua wet suit (With yellow spots)* was beyond him. But he wasn't about to stand still for it.

"Where exactly might you have in mind, dear?" He asked, pretending that he was pretending not to notice the Pink, and picking imaginary lint from his silk Armani suit.**

* Chance is, of course, ta'veren, odd things tend to happen to him, and around him.
** one of the more unfortunate effects of being in a mutable reality is that imaginary lint actually exsists.

Chance Sherad


"Well, I'm taking suggestions. But," she said to Melissande in particular, "I too would be interested to visit a world with a Female Dragon. Alas, I don't know how to target a specific world. To do so, I think, you have to know the world beforehand. But think of the thrill of the Unknown."

She looked around.

"Now, who is coming?"

Al'cair pushed forward. "I am," he said looking slightly hostile at Arie'Nerys. He was still busy to remove shreds of pink silks from his scaly skin.



Sundara drifted back into reality.

"I am, of course." She switched the filmy dress to something a little more practical for exploring. "Yes, a world with a female Dragon is perfectly possible, and therefore has almost certainly happened at some point. We may find one. I shall be interested to see the differences."


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