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Carra continued to play and sing. To annoy Flame, she added a mocking little trill at the end of particularly meaningful lines.

"Softly, deftly, music shall caress you,
Feel it, hear it, secretly possess you,
Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind
In this darkness that you know you cannot fight..."

That line got a special flourish.

"The darkness of the music of the night."

She continued playing, but glanced up as a newcomer approached the hall. Singing with only half her mind, she looked speculatively at the woman. That couldn't be who she thought it was, could it? Why, yes. Every indication was that it certainly could.
She realised that she was nearly at the end of the song, and considered. A few of those last lines could be changed a little - as a special tribute to their guest.

"Let the dream begin,
let your darker side give in,
to the power of the rulers of the night -
the power of the Daughter of the Night..."

She stood up, still holding her guitar, and walked slowly toward the entrance.

"Let us toast confusion to the Light -
And welcome to the Daughter of the Night."

The guitar vanished as the last notes echoed through the hall, and Carra bowed with an amused smile.
"Good evening, Lanfear. I always wanted to meet you."

Not the angel, but rather the devil of music...


Another ally of the Dark, it seemed, had appeared at the party. Only fitting, Arie thought. It was thrown by a Dark Sister, after all.

Like her machinwarder, Arie had considered the Dark when she first came. The leather, whips, and stilettos were especially appealing. She sent Kir an image of those very things through the Bond and was rewarded by an... interesting... change of expression.

But now was not the time to be traumatizing her warder.

She watched the Dark Sisters greet the newcomer. It hit Arie that perhaps they didn't know exactly what they were to each other. Besides fellow...servants wasn't the right word...companions of the Dark. She really couldn't see any of these women being much of sevants to anyone, least of all an immortal, omnipotent (or nearly so) being who called himself Shai'tan.

Normally, Arie wouldn't have introduced herself to anyone called the Daughter of the Night, the reason being that their... prinicples were rather opposing. But then, she was at the Dark Palace (she thought) for a party and one the Dark Sisters was even a psychotice musician.

She waited for the others to introduce themselves before speaking. "Lanfear, is it? My name is Arie'Nerys. I'd say that I've heard a lot about you, but being from a slightly different universe, I can't say I have." She reflected that that was possibly one of the least interesting things she had ever said. Oh well.

Calichniye Lanfear!
~ Arie
bonded to kiriath


That ...interesting... change of expression stayed that way for quite long enough. Both sides of his persona muttered quite incessantly - she'd be mentioning pink ribbons next, no doubt! - and those other personalities even chimed in with a few compliments, insults, and "Oh Light Ilyenas."

Ah Lews, always up for a - Oh Light!

Wonderful timing, man.

Ain't it the truth, Ilyena?

The gleeman had heard awhile back that the ole Daughter had had counseling - stalker-women were always a charming thing, point for Dark Sisters - but opted to ask later, what with the swarm chatting with her.

Besides, he had his own eyes-and-ears in the midst of the proceedings, and if you couldn't trust your Sedai, who could you trust?

Another flash of those stilettos flew at him; Lews started gibbering a wise-sounding phrase about trust and Aes Sedai.

Eerie, a madman having a point.

Almost as strange as a stalker-woman taking counseling.

Sir Kiriath Machin Ni, Machinwarder to Arie
Trust is as trust does, and maybe even more.


Since Flame seemed rather irate and not quite sure what to do, Al'cair slipped away to inform Ulrike of the new guest.

He found her asleep in the bedroom and she didn't react too well when he woke her up. But her muttering and groaning broke off abruptly as soon as he uttered the name Lanfear.

"What? Are you sure?"

"Quite. Sundara and Carra have greeted her so. She is a beautyful woman as humans see it. Tall, fair skin, raven-black hair..."

Ulrike literally fell out of the bed. "Impossible! My sources told me..." She stumbled to the shower. "I need tea, Al'cair," she croaked over her shoulder. "Hot, strong, black tea with much honey. I need to wake up."

Al'cair's tail switched. Sometimes humans were just strange, even Ulrike. He went to make the tea - hot, strong, black tea with much honey for both of them. Maybe she would make sense to him afterwards.

~ Al'cair


A cold shower later and with a mug of scalding-hot, teeth-corroding-sweet, black tea in the hand Ulrike felt like a thinking being again. She had Al'cair repeating the details of the events for the third time and the young dragon looked harried.

"No,Ulrike. As I have said before, I did not pay attention if her dress hem and boots were also decorated with moon and star motives. Blood and ashes! I do not even know if she wore boots or slippers!"

Ulrike frowned at him and then at her reflection in the tea as if she could divine there her answers.

It couldn't be, could it? - Usually she would say no, but here... everything was possible around here.

"I will have to see myself." As an afterthought she patted Al'cair' claw. "Thank you for telling me, my friend."

He looked barely mollified, but Ulrike hadn't time now to care for his bruised feelings. Several persons, especially one, had to know about 'Lanfear', even if it might be a hoax. Quickly she penned some coded messages and sent out a half dozen pigeons. Then she started looking for something new to wear. She was going back to the Dark Palace.



It occured to Kiriath that the reason the party had slowed was because... gasp... it was the week of Valen'tine. What Valen'tine was, Kiriath had no clue, but for one tidbit that did remain in the fragments of his memories.


No, no. Ripples of giggling spilled across the bond. I din intend for those memories, Arie.

The giggling still kept going, though. Kir gave a faint chuckle himself and dipped off into more of the pure unadulterated Chaos crack...


Kiriath gave Arie a mental hug across the bond - a three hour one, if one wanted to be picky - and smiled as she in turn gave him a round of robotic cockfighting with metallic figures.

Something like that; the memories were joining with reality, and you know what happens when that happens.

Or do you?

"The mental mutiny will take place,
With the wounding of a female's mace.
Things will come to a literal head,
Something confusing will then be led."

The arrival of Lanfear's living legend must have thrown all of Kiriath's circuits; else that or the Taint-spiked Galactic Blaster. One never knew, especially when the party was quiet for a bit.

Never trust the quiet, knew the spy. The party had something in mind.

Sir Kiriath Machin Ni, Machinwarder to Arie
Start posting spamit!


Kyree Knocked on the Library door. It'd been so long since he'd last been at this place...at least...it SEEMED like it...he had no real account for time. Quite frankly, he couldn't remember much from before, all he could was of some strange man throwing fire bolts, and calling himself Ares. Ares was cool... ^_^

Still no answer as he stood at the door waiting. He could hear music from within. Sounds he'd never heard coming from his small, secluded elven village... but this was actually quite pleasent... well... the musical instrument at least... the voice was atrochious!

He rapped the door harder.

He could remember a bit more now. There was a party here when he left too... was this all these people did?? (not that he could blame them) ^_~ Some other faces were coming to him... still no names though. Two were women, and one a man. He remembered he didn't like the man...or at least he thought he didn't...it was quite fuzzy...

{OHK!} Kyree thought {They can't hear a thing over that music and "singing", I'll bet!...I know I shouldn't do this...but oh well. Carpe diem!}

Kyree didn't quite remember what the Village Elder said that meant, but he know when to say it... when you're about to do something stupid, that you'll probably regret in the end. ;P

He pushed the door open a smidge...there was a mass of people...{I bet no one will even notive if I slip in, and pretend I've been here since the start} he thot.

So he quietly entered...not that he needed to over that music...and that HORRIBLE singing! He felt like taking the spotlight, just to end it.

Inside, he watched from the back. He picked out the two female faces he remembered..but couldn't find the man. Then...THERE! It was Ares! ^_^
Kyree couldn't figure out why he wasn't doing any cool destruction... being the God of War and all, but assumed it had something to do with the party.

....uhhh....but why was that woman (one those two faces he remembered) stuck(?) to the ceiling??? o.O

Sooner or later, someone will notice him, and he can ask questions then... but until THEN...FOOD!!!! *^_^* He'd been starving.



As the lightning snapped and flashed above, a cat prowled the dark mountain. She walked in the form of a woman, a tawny-eyed, black-haired woman with a black cape flowing from her shoulders - but she was, nevertheless, a cat. And she was looking for prey.

She found it, not for the first time, at the Dark Palace, in the shape of a small elven boy. A boy whose thoughts were disturbingly loud. She dipped delicately into them, and smiled a small catlike smile at what she found there.

Strolling through the hall, she gave Lanfear only a passing glance. Instead, she tapped Carramaena on the shoulder, and smiled as the Dark Sister jumped.

"Your little friend Kyree is back, Carra," Cat said lazily. "He has less than flattering opinions of your singing. I believe his word was 'atrocious.'"

(OOC: For those unfamiliar with her, the Black Cat is my alter ego. She's a shapechanger, mind-reader and general agent of chaos, and does her best to annoy as many people as possible.)



"He what?" Carra spun around, dropping to the floor as she did so and only then realising she'd been floating. "Hey, you little brat! What's wrong with my singing?"



Kyree stood motionless... despite being pretty, she was still quite scary too... o.O'''
"uhh... uuhh... Ga... I... uhh..." he stammered "oy..." he let sigh in defeat.

"well... uhh... HEY!! wait a minute! How'd you know what I was thinking?!?!" Kyree snapped out of his red-faced position, offended at the obvious invaision of privacy that had taken place. He leaned perhaps too closely (although not really in realative terms) to Carra... after all... she was bigger... and most likely stonger... and... uuhh... more vocal... oy... {She just heard THAT too, didn't she...} *sigh*

How do I ALWAYS manage to get myself into these situations? oh yeah! I just remembered... you mind-reading bunch!


"I told her, elfling," Cat said patiently, as if talking to a not-quite-bright child. A tone perfectly calculated to annoy anyone it was aimed at. "Of course, I don't think too much of her singing either, but I'm not the one who's scared of her."

She smiled blandly at the glare Carra turned on her. "Oh, come now, Dark Sister. Why should I be scared of you? I'm a cat."

~The Black Cat~

(OOC: Flame, Dune and Al'cair are alter egos of Ulrike, the same way the Cat is of me. As far as the RP is concerned, they're completely separate people. And what's happened so far in this thread is that Lanfear arrived and various people have recognised and greeted her. Then you turned up and we decided to pick on you instead. Sorry about that.


Melissande divided wary glances between the two strange women. The name of the first had sent shock racing down her spine. Lanfear? But Lanfear was dead! Still she could not deny that the newcomer met every detail of the Daughter of the Night's description.

As for the second - human she might look, except for those eyes, but every time Melissande looked at her she had the unnerving feeling she was looking at the cat the woman said she was.

She smiled tightly. Albeit a cat with excellent taste in music.

Melissande Amaline Isten
Aes Sedai of the Medium Blue Ajah
President of Elaida Haters Worldwide

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