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"Now that is interesting." Sundara leaned forward slightly, a movement which nevertheless managed to convey the impression of a Brown sister carefully writing in her notebook. "Since you died - that is not entirely unusual among us, but if you are not Shadowsworn... And you are thought to be Rand al'Thor reborn? Last time I checked he was still quite alive..."

She turned to Ulrike. "Could this be an example of time travel, do you suppose? Has your study covered anything similar?"

Sundara, Sister of the Dark,
currently in Brown Ajah mode


Something akin to understanding dawned in chance's mind, when a memory detatched itself from the mad jumble and unfolded before him. It was quite a sight to behold, Memories unfolding and all. Unfortunately only He, and possiblely the Black Cat could see it. It was his memory after all.

"I should explain this much, which I Know to be true," Chance began, taking ona lecturing tone. "I am lately dead. How lately is difficult to say, since I have resided in the World of Dreams since my unpleasant end. Time is a somewhat mutable thing there. Now the World is a singular. In an infinite number of patterns with an infinte number of Creators, there is still only one World of Dreams. I have always been skilled with Traveling, and I often find it fun to step out of the World Dreams. It's much easier than you'd think." He paused for a handfull of Cheetos. "Since the World touches all possible patterns, I can step into any relaity from the World of Dreams. Even this one. It's a bit Paradoxical, but you get used to it. If I am, in fact, Rand al'Thor, then I am, and I am not the young man you know. Because He is in a Pattern and I am technically, even now, in the World of Dreams. If he were in the World of Dreams, He would be me, and I him. But he is not, so We aren't. Make sense?"



"No, please not that. The idea of time travel, as mad as it is, sounds better," stated Ulrike flatly. "If I have to imagine an indefinite number of Rand al'Thors existing at the same time I will go crazy. Especially with the tendency that parallel realities, worlds whatever cross over at this place."

She turned to Sundara. "How many Dragons could this place accommodate, what do you think?"

She turned back to Chance. "Although it is an interesting question. Assumed that in nearly each of the parallel realities we can reach via portal stone a Rand al'Thor may exist, does that mean that there are more than one soul of Rand al'Thor, the Dragon? It was always my understanding that a soul is unique, or we have the theory that the dragon is always the same soul reborn to kiss goodbye. A soul can't split only because the reality did it, can it?"

Ulrike shook her head in bafflement. "Now I have confused myself. Maybe there is even a time travel involved." She looked to Sundara for help. "You have read and written more than I on the topic. I am out of my depth here."

~ Ulrike


"Oh!" Sundara was slightly disappointed. "Reality shift. Yes, such things have occurred here in the past. I would hypothesize that the instability of this region - the Pattern is thinnest here, as you probably know - tends to draw them." She turned to Ulrike. "While it's usually a valid principle, the uniqueness of the soul does fail to hold under occasional strange conditions. Eval Ramman, for instance - where is he anyway? coexists with Aran'gar, with no apparent difficulties. This seems to be a somewhat similar case."

"A pity," she sighed. "I was hoping for time travel."



Chance looked a bit confused, and for once it was only a bit. "Souls can not be split," he said carefully, "Which is a good argument for my NOT being Rand al'Thor. Unfortunately that is not at issue. As I said before, my presense in the World of Dreams is a Paradox. I hate be the bearer of bad news, but you are all subject to said paradox. It's really rather disturbing to realize that not only is there a 'you' in other dimensions, but that you is actually you."

He grinned, "The up side is that since this is all paradox, you can pretend it never happened, and in a sense, you would be right. AND since my world is appearently a possible future of your world...You are from the same world aren't you?..You could call it time travel. Since for all practical purposes, it is."

"And," he added with a sagely pause. He remembered being good at sagely pauses. "You need not worry about infinite Dragons popping in. There are, after all, an infinite number of this place. The odds of a large number of Dragons showing in one palce are infinitely small. Which in infinite universes means that it has happened somewhere, but I think it's safe to put the thought out of your mind."

Mostly because if it should happen here, all life in the immeadiate area will end shortly after, he did not add. After all it did not matter, and if the pattern wanted them to hear that statement, the Black Cat would cetrainly repeat it.

Fun with Paradox...


"It will?" Cat said with interest. "Really? How many Dragons would be necessary for that?"

She wondered if the experiment was worth trying.

~The Black Cat~
(Ethics, what ethics?)


Kiriath was vegging out and quite tempted to follow that voice - Black Cat was coo but confusing, Chance was intriguing naturally he's the Dragon ... where's Arie?

Then he heard it.


"That's why you ring a bell!" sputtered Kiriath on his blaster, nodding frantically. Anything he had said earlier left his mind rather quickly as the one word Paradox entered his mind.

From all the eyes converging upon the Eccentric gleeman, he was at a sudden standstill in the rambles. Even his voices were quiet.

They were good at taking advantage of that.

Voices flew at him from here, from there, from the Tower of Ghenjei, even a few across the Bond and he could have sworn he heard the Rings talking to him.

It took him a full minute to beat down the voices - of course, no one was particularly astounded; they were used to that by now - as he grinned meekly at the group. "This is my category," he explained to Chance. "Where the Eccentric goes, you see, no one really knows."

Was Mashy working in there somewhere?

High time for a mind trip.

Tower of Ghenjei, gleeman. Kiriath shrugged, eyes ready to warp out. That voice was getting rather annoying - and what better way to go on a mind trip then in the Tower of the really odd sorts?

Sir Kiriath Machin Ni, Machinwarder to Arie
...who just got diverted...


Carra grinned brilliantly. "Paradox?" she said. "I adore paradoxes. From my point of view" - her eyes switched colours again to illustrate that point of view - "they make perfect sense. Looks like you've come to the right place, Chance."

"Chance," she added thoughfully. "Chances are fun, too."

(And take that whichever way you like.)

the girl with kaleidoscope eyes


Ulrike eyed the Black Cat uneasily. What did she mean with that statement? Do I want to know?

"I'm not so sure about the infinite numbers of this place," she replied to Chance. "It appears to be rather a nexus, a point where different patterns meet."

~ Ulrike


"That's true. The Bore, of course, remains constant among realities. And the reality of the area surrounding the Bore is -" Sundara shrugged. "Somewhat less than certain. Since Shai'tan is outside the Pattern, the vagaries of its weaving mean relatively little to him."

She smiled, and decided she had been scholarly long enough.

"But I forget hospitality. This is a party, Chance, I should not keep you here talking of serious matters..." She swept an arm to indicate the musicians and the expanse of floor. "Would you care to dance?"



Arie smiled. She had nearly forgotten that this was, indeed, a party. She had been wondering where her odd dimension fit into all this, but the thought was swept away as the musicians (not psychotic, but still good) started their next number.

She took a glass from the table where the Cheetos had been discovered. She wasn't sure that she was ready for whatever it was Kiriath seemed to enjoy so much. Speaking of, she realized that despite being bonded to him, she had never danced with him. She decided to take this opportunity.

When she approached him, she noticed he was looking at her oddly. She looked down and saw, with a start, that she was wearing a silken ivory dress. The top was laced up and decorated in gold thread. She blinked. She was not sure how she felt about clothing appearing randomly (or worse, disappearing randomly).

"WHere do you suppose this came from? Hmm... Oh, and would you like to dance? I assume that's what this is for," she said, smiling.

machinbonded to Kir
horribly insane and loving every minute


"Dance!" Carra grinned at the word and decided it was time she did something about it. "What a fine idea." She nodded to Chance. "I claim the next one. But in the meantime - "

Eccentrically produced illusions filled the room with rows of elegantly dressed dancers.

"I'll find my own partner." She laughed and ducked into the middle of the illusionary crowd. "We play here by Eccentric rules."



The room had suddenly gone silent. Had she missed something?

She looked over at Ares. He shrugged. She glanced at the others, but they didn't seem too responsive.

Later, she couldn't say what had motivated her. Maybe the influence of the Dark Sisters and proximity to their brother. Maybe the sudden change in her mental state. Maybe some natural evil despite her Light standing.

It was possible here, she had found out, to manipulate objects-to bring things into being that hadn't been there in the first place. Normally, she would not have tried this, not the least because she doubted it would have worked at all had these people been conscious. But as it was... she imagined the fluffiest, the cutest, the PINKest, pajamas she could think. Complete with the vile pink fluffy bunny. She shuddered just thinking of it. Then, she pictured the room in her mind with everyone in it, and imagined those pajamas on those people. Just to make it complete, she gave them all hideously matching slippers.

She opened her eyes and laughed. They were all in... PINK!!!!

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Then, she made herself scarce.

machinbonded to Kir
horribly insane and loving every minute


Ulrike couldn't have said what made her zone out and even less what let her awareness return, but...


It was horrible, a nightmare: PINK! Frantic she drew on the One Power and channeled threads of fire that burned the offending clothing away. Taking a relieved breath she only then realized that nearly everyone was in the same predicament as she had been one moment before. Except...

She narrowed her eyes at Arie'Nerys and Ares. Their grins seemed to split their faces. Her mood soured even more as Ares started to chuckle. With an angry blush she channeled once more and wove the illusion of her usual clothes, boot, leggings and shirt.

"What were you thinking," she started in a dangerous tone.

~ Ulrike


Sundara turned an icy glare on the pair, before reverting her clothes to their normal standard.

"I believe," she drawled, "that they were thinking of ways to liven this party up. Well, that they have. But as the old saying goes, turnabout's fair play."

She gave reality a few suggestions, and when reality failed to cooperate, reminded it that she was after all a Dark Sister. Reality promptly changed.

"You look just lovely in that dress, Ares," Sundara said sweetly.

Sister of the Dark
Who does not wear pink



Pure pink pajamas.


The alliteration was getting to Kiriath, so he decided to shudder. Nastiness. A rather darker shade of the color was wonderful - ah, red - but pink itself ... no. Please, by the Creator and his equivalent of the Forsaken, no!

Pink was just pure wrongness.

Arie laughed in his head, and somehow his gaze turned to Ares - oh Blight! His Sedai had truly gone overboard.

If it weren't for the fact that he was attempting to change his own attire - a patchcloth cloak was somehow able to confuse his clothing with its original power - the gleeman would have doubled over laughing.

As it was, he flicked a truly pathetic glance at Arie. Dressed in a pink 'patchcloth' cloak it but added to the effect.

You're mad. You ... you truly are . .

She just giggled.

Sir Kiriath Machin Ni, Machinwarder to Arie
They might be blue, they might be pink . .


Nice dress?

He was almost too afraid to look.

But he did.

And turned a shade that nearly matched.

He zapped it with a ball of flame. Unfortunately, said flame burned through his clothing as well. He sat down abruptly and tried to pretend that he didn't care.

Arie had pity on him and a silver studded black outfit appeared in her hands.

He wondered sourly why a dress hadn't appeared on her.

Probably because it wouldn't have been as hilarious, someone answered him.


Someone hears me think.

Someone outside my head.

He glanced at Arie.

She just giggled.

~ Ares

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