September 01-15, 2000
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Door to Chaos

Ares groaned again and looked up the man? elf? who was supporting him. "Arie. Arie was... screaming... like she was in pain. Then I felt a flash of... something, her pain, but voices, I know, don't feel physical pain." He looked around. He heard the woman ask what had happened. He only wish he knew.


Kyree looked at Ares oddly... "oookay...." he said still a bit new to this multiple-personalities thing. "Sorry, I guess you have to have felt it to really understand." he said thinking the look on his face might have offended the man(?) (can I have an aproximate age?).

He then turned to the half-fainted woman. "Oh, no. I wasn't talking to you in particular..." his embarassment mounted for some reason and he couldn't even finish the sentence.

Kyree let go of Ares feeling less pressure of weight, suggesting that he was able to stand on his own again.

"So, let me try to understand a bit better...You took Arie's body over and now SHE's in YOUR head instead of vise-versa? But then you heard her scream?.... SO how come this didn't happen to her as it did you?" He said feeling he finally understood...somewhat...

*yeah, so I changed my call name, I thot it'd be less confusing

(lets see, since Arie is 16, i suppose that would make Ares 16 as well!)

Ares tested his legs and found he could stand on them. "You got it. And, yes, she felt it before I did. I'm sure this never happened before.....when I was in her head." Ares sighed and rubbed the head in question. "This is all very odd. I think," he said, looking at the eccentric Kiriath, "well, Arie does, at least, that is has something to do with him and his eccentricity or the prophecy. Or maybe Carra's eccentricity and prophecy. In short, I have no just about no idea. Other than the fact that this is a huge shock for both of us."


Kiriath suddenly felt very old, if very young at the same time. Much different than his usual feeling of twenty-year form and who-knows-how-long mental, the gleeman boggled inwardly.

With that, his sudden aging stopped. And he was able to look around, with a new light, a light that did not and could not manifest itself, but a light that was nevertheless an unfamiliar one.

To Eval, Kiriath shook his head, cuing a bout of Skywalker whining. "It's not my fault! It's these bloody rings... they're an Eccentric angreal. Only unstoppable; the Door was the only thing that could contain it."

To Carra, he nodded. "'s the Door to Chaos, all right. That's where vacuoles come in; you won't bring the house down while practicing your art." The last word was delivered with a touch of emphasis, as the gleeman winked.

"The Chaos has calmed, if only for a moment, as it awaits the beginning of the true Age of Insanity."

Something *clinked* in Kir's mind. Not a *click* but more a clink. That's it! he thought. His very essence was sipping a bottomless Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

...and he never DID learn much about his lost love. Though that *clink* DID tell him something.

That lost love wasn't far off...

*clink clink*

Or were things just getting interesting?

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman

Sundara rubbed her eyes again as she looked around the room. Books, manuscripts and fragments of paper, some unbelievably ancient, were lying on the desk, shelves, floor and any other convenient surface.

In normal circumstances she would have considered this a paradise. Given unlimited time to read... But she did not have unlimited time! She had until Tarmon Gai'don at the most, possibly considerably less than that, and all she had so far were scraps.

Somewhere in all this had to be the key to understanding what she had found. Somewhere! And somewhere in a haystack there was a needle, too.

She sighed, and turned back to the pile of notes she had already made. Reaching across the desk, her arm brushed the inkwell and sent ink spilling across the pages.

An observer, had there been one, would have been shocked at some of the phrases that emerged from her delicate mouth. That observer would, moreover, have devoutly hoped that the young woman in question was unaware of the meaning of certain of those phrases. The observer would, incidentally, have been sadly disappointed. When she had finished swearing, Sundara went to see what damage had occurred.

She blinked. The ink had spilled - apparently with no outside influence - to stain the uppermost page with a perfect arrow. It pointed directly at a book lying on the desk beside the notes.

In theory, it was possible for randomly spilled ink to form a meaningful symbol. In practice, it could generally be assumed that some factor other than chance was operating. She picked up the book in question, and a piece of parchment promptly fell out.

Sundara snatched it up. It bore only a few sentences, and those written in an ancient language indeed. She furrowed her brow. "Door - door to Chaos - opening -" Reading it again, she puzzled over the unfamiliar script. In combination with the other information she had pieced together, and if she was right in translation, this meant -

"Is that possible?"

YES, LITTLE SISTER, a familiar voice responded. IT IS POSSIBLE. NOW...

Sundara listened tensely for a few minutes. Then she took hold of the True Power, black specks shooting across her eyes as she tore a gateway through the weave of the Pattern.

Moments later, the youngest Dark Sister strode into the midst of the gathering. Her voice was cold and controlled.

"Carra. Eval. Come with me, now."

Sundara, Sister of the Dark
Wouldn't you like to know what's going on? Me too!
For the record, Kyree, I'm 19.

Carra looked at Sundara's face, and decided it would probably be a good idea to do what she said. "Got it," she agreed, stepping toward the open gateway. "I hope you know what's going on, little sister, because I sure don't."

Eccentric Foreteller

"As you command." Eval glanced at Carramaena, who still looked somewhat more than unsteady. "Excuse the familiarity, Carra, but this may be faster..." He simply picked her up and carried her through the gateway, setting her down gently on the other side.

As Sundara stepped through and closed the gateway behind them, he turned back to look at her. "My love, I assume you have a reason for summoning us - is it connected with what happened just now?"

Eval Ramman

As the gateway closed behind them, Carra collapsed thankfully into a chair. She looked up at Eval and the still-glowering Sundara.

"Will someone please tell me what just happened?"

Eccentrically confused

"That's not a bad question," Sundara told her wearily, taking a seat herself. "And yes, what just happened is the reason I called you here, or part of it. I take it you don't remember anything?" She sighed. "In that case, Eval, before I explain would you please sum up what happened back there?"


Kyree looked from the vanished portal's place, to Ares, and back again.

"oooouuuukay...." Kyree said turning to face Ares once more "WHAT was THAT all about?" He asked totally baffled. {and what will arise as a result of it in the near-future} he wondered.


Ares shrugged. "I have no idea whats happened to me, let alone around me," he said with a wry grin.

He brightened, "The fireballs were fun, though. I think I'll do that again." Seeing the look on Kyree's face, he added, "Later, of course."

He looked at Kir who had been rather quiet since Sundara had whisked the other to Shadow-sworn away.

"Lost love, eh? And a Locked Door?" He pondered this for a bit.

*yes Kir, even Ares ponders* *l*

"Well, I know that in Arie's head I always felt like I was behind a locked door. Of sorts." A thought struck him, one that filled him with an odd sort of pity. "I suppose Arie feels that now."


Eval considered for a moment, gathering his thoughts. "As far as I could see, Carra was in some kind of prophetic trance. She spoke as if she was asleep and dreaming." He repeated the Foretelling.

"While speaking, she seemed to become disoriented and eventually fainted. For some reason the shapeshifter, Ares, also collapsed."

Eval Ramman

"Shapeshifter?" Sundara demanded sharply. "Explain that one. I understood Ares was a voice in Arie'Nerys' head."

They explained. She sighed. "Another one. All right, then. Before I explain, though, give me your word; none of this is to go beyond us three without my express permission." She glanced at her sister. "Yes, Carra, I said permission. This is an emergency, and for its duration - both as senior Dark Sister and as the only one not affected by the EP - I'm taking command. Unilaterally. Do I have your word on it?"

up to something... as always

Kyree turned to Kiriath. He'd totally forgotten about him.

"sooo...." he said slightly intruiged "What's YOUR take on this whole situation?"


"It was a time of legend, a time of mess. It was the ...second? third?... world from the beginning of it all - and an event would occur that would bring this on.

"A friend and later unofficial intrigleeman, Lady Chaos, Shaidar Mashiara, would give me a Foretelling for the sheer fun of it. It warned of a Door and these Rings," both ring fingers lifted up in his own version of the Other Fingers, "...the Rings being the key to the Locked Door.

"It would seem that the Door itself was to pure unadultered Chaos - perhaps my experimentations led to your own current position, Ares? Partially, I'd gander..."

Kiriath shrugged. "My Rings," he chuckled possessively. "...and you're not taking them."

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
Deliberately playing the air of quiet... reading too much Ludlum lately ><

Kyree eyed Kiriath with a raised eyebrow...

"...I see..." he said, obviously deep in thought (trying to weed out the answer)

"hmmmm..." he said, having found his answer. (can you guys tell I'm short on ideas right now?)

Suddenly, Kyree thought he heard another voice... but where? He looked around without moving, as not to arouse anyone's supision. He could definietly feel another aura... but it was faint... almost like it's owner knew he sense it, and didn't want to found. But despite it's dim prescence, it was definitely powerful enough to have caught his attention...


It might have been any of these, but it was only one of them. Well, it was kind of one of these....

"Can you hear me?!" a voice asked quietly, yet desperately. Yes, this was the prescence Kyree *and maybe others* had felt. Not Ares or another of Arie's voices, but Arie herself!

"If you can, please help me. I...I can't stay like this! I don't know how the others managed for so long, but I can't do it! Please....." the voice trailed off, for Arie was too hysterical to think of anything else to say.

Did Ares know about this?

Will there be a monumental battle to the death between the two?

Will anyone be able to stay awake thru my next post?

Stay tuned and see!


Kyree's ears pirked...He could only barley hear Arie...He wondered if anyone else had, and if it was so quiet for them too. He was able to make out all of it after a second of filtering (for lack of the right word) ^_^'

Kyree felt so bad. He felt SOOO guilty because he couldn't free Arie, and more so because he didn't want to...he liked this new Ares-person. He wished there was a way to give Arie her own body and still have Ares around... {There just HAS to be a way!} he thought {I KNOW one of these people knows how to - and can - do that...the question is....WILL THEY??...}

First facing Ares, then turning to Kiriath "Did you two hear that too??? How can we help her???" He asked in all sincerity.


Carra scowled.

"Power-plays now, Dara? I am not a child. Nor am I going to go insane any time soon. Well, probably not. Well, maybe not. All right, chances are I am. But I don't appreciate you ordering me around on that basis. Just because you know what's going on and I don't is no reason to take over. All right, it is. But I still don't like it." She stopped to breathe. "In other words, yes, damn it, you have my promise. Now will you please tell me what's going on?"

I'm not sulking, either!

"Why, of course I will, Carra!" she said sweetly. "You only had to ask." As Carra spluttered, the familiar mischievous glint flickered in Sundara's eyes. "I'm sorry," she apologised, smiling.

"It is serious. But it's rather funny, too." She leaned back in her chair.

"Where to start?"

"At the beginning?"

"What a novel idea. Very well, then. The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass..."

Carra rolled her eyes, something she always did well. "Not that beginning, little sister."

Sundara sighed. "To be brief, then. The Eccentric Power is a manifestation of a greater force, which existed before either Light or Shadow, and can be most aptly summed up as chaos. With the coming of the universe into being it was - compressed. In a time beyond time and a space beyond space, chaos is locked up. The lock is starting to rust, and I'm sure you've noticed some of the results." She arched a delicate eyebrow at Carra. "The EP is one. As are the instabilities in the Pattern that let people from other realities drop in - starting with you, Eval, and lately speeding up dramatically. As was that Foretelling. As are, in short, all the strange, kooky, and just plain weird things that have been happening to us lately."

She waited for further response.

Sundara, still and always up to something


Rather than Akira, this was nevertheless a telepathic noise... from Arie? Likely not, though something was impinging upon him from her for quite some time - the only thing he knew is that his Eccentricity was getting to her. And hers his, however that worked... This ping was not her, that much was definite. Nor was it anyone else previously experienced. It was new.

It had a touch of darkness amidst the feeling of complete confusion, as though the molecules knew themselves to be together but wouldn't merge.

Time for the Stones board, mused Kir. Not that it would help overhear the Dark Family - they had vanished from the bloody thing.

Bloody vacuoles and whatnot.

Only fun when you're the one in them.


Time for the Stones board.

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
Vacuum vacuum! Dun ask.

Light, I am so tired! Ulrike got up and stretched her stiff limbs. They felt so leaden after hours of working. But now it was done - for the time being at least. It had helped, she mused, that her loveable, but usually noisy winged friend had left to play with Flame and Dune. She had enjoyed the almost forgotten peace here at the library.

She wandered slowly in the direction of the kitchen. Time for a cup of hot tea. And then, she decided, I will find out what the Dark Sisters have been up to.

Probably they had party after party, she thought as she poured the boiling water in the pot. That's probably the reason that Al'cair didn't return yet. I could use one too, now.

She sipped her tea slowly. How long had it been since her last visit in the Dark Palace. Weeks? No, months! She shook slightly amazed her head. Time to change that.

Not bothering to abandon her tea she opened a gateway and stepped through.


An discreet cough caused the player to look up.

"Kiriath, where are they? Most importantly, where is Al'cair? I can't find him!" The grip on the steaming mug was white-knuckled

I'm finally back!

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