August 01-31, 2000
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Age of Insanity

An entrance

Glad to be done, and glad to be coming back, at least for a while, to the community he once knew, Elrys stepped out of the wolfdream and into the world known as the scriptorium.

Elrys looked around, noticing who's still around and who's not, It's striking how many of the old guard are still around *nods to Kiriath, Ariella (ahem, Great Mistress), Sundara, Eval, et. al.* and yet how few are aligned with the light. But appearances may be decieving, and afterall who is he to judge how things stand with just a glance. So Elrys wandered over to announce he was throwing his hat into the fray - for what result, even he had no idea.

"So Kiriath, looks as though reign unchallenged in your insanity in this much too sane world, eh? Perhaps we might have to change that..." Receiving a grin and a quizzical look, Elrys left the two to wander off and see how things actually stand.

okay, so I really don't have much of a clue as to whats going on - it's been a while afterall - but that'll change with time. btw: wasn't "age of insanity" a mud at one point in time? anyone play it?

Carramaena grinned down at Kyree. "Oh, you're forgiven, kid. Just don't do it again." She sauntered over to join the others at the table, filling her plate and cup.

"Well, I have a toast to propose." Her eyes danced mockingly. "To our dear, dear elder brother. Ladies and gentlemen - Shai'tan!"

Thunder rumbled above them, and mingled with the laughter of Carra and Sundara.


Arie'Nerys grinned. In her world, he wasn't called Shai'tan, but she thought she knew who Carra meant. She idly wondered what those not of the Dark would think of this toast. For once, Ares had nothing to say, and neither did any of the others. Sundara, at least, looked pleased with this, though a few of the others looked like they were going to be sick.

Arie'Nerys smiled at the party and raised her glass. "To Shai'tan!" A strange feeling passed through her as she said the name and the thunder grew.

~with voices in her head, no way to leave, and just named the Dark One

Kyree began to back off, but another crack of thunder stopped him in his tracks, as if it was saying "STAYYyyyyyyy!!!"

{Whut's going on?!?!?} his eyes were wide with astonishment.

The thunder rumbled again, LOUDER. SO loud, he actually jumped. He could have sworn it was right behind him!

"To Shai'Tan!" He heard another voice say, but never met eyes with it's sayer (is that even a word?)

The Thunder Boomed voilently and quite often now. Wasn't anyone going to do something! It was obvious even to a child as he that they were honouring some dark Gawd or casting a evil spell or something to the likes.

He once again creeped backwards... {I can just FEEL it. This does not bode well for my immediate saftey} he half said, half thought.


Allanon stood up quickly, having heard Carramaena name the Dark One. He strode purposefully towards the table, his hood down, raven black hair flowing behind him and down to his shoulders, the hard weary lines evident on his face, thunder rumbling deeply as yet another named the Dark One. Trying to panic me are they! We'll see about that!

Walking up to the edge of the table, sparing Melissande a passing glance, he picked up a glass and raised it high. "To Shai'tan, and his downfall!" he said smoothly and drained his glass, all eyes at the table on him, many with less than approving glances and some even with the fury noticable on their faces (maybe not noticable to all, but noticable to me).

The sky had blackened at his words... thunder roaring more loudly than any ears had ever heard. He remained steady, displaying a large grin. "Thanks for the 'humor' Carramaena. It's something we all needed so much of."

What, I'm not allowed to make my own toast? :)

"Downfall," Sundara repeated thoughtfully. "Do I know that word?" She turned in her chair and looked up at Allanon, eyes dancing. "But I'm glad you've decided to be so... humorous."

Her laugh was soft, and clearly indulgent. "Do come and sit with us, Allanon. We've had little time to celebrate, and you wouldn't grudge Melissande her party, would you?"

Why, of course you are, Allanon, we all enjoy a joke...

A gateway opened up in front of the table. A few gasps were heard has Eddie stepped out. In his hand he wielded Callandor. This better work, he thought. Picking up a glass he raised it and said "To the downfall of Shai'tan and all the Darkfriends. You all should be proud you'll be the first to die."

Holding Callandor high above his head he took hold of saidin.


...and was hit in the middle of his forhead by a large, well-thrown rock by Allanon, who quickly jumped up and over the table and to the ground beside Eddie, picking Callandor up in one huge hand.

Kneeling next to the man, he spoke quietly, "I don't know exactly who you are or where you got this, but I do know it doesn't belong to you, so I think I'll hold it... for now. At least until I can return in to it's rightful wielder. I don't know what you hoped to accomplish here, but I certainly think it would've ended in all our deaths when you lost control of yourself and killed us all, yourself included. I may not be afraid of death, but I WILL NOT die in that manner." Allanon readied his defenses, physical and otherwise, preparing himself for some possible retaliation from the obvious channeler.

Rising, he sheathed Callandor in a scabbard under his cloak(not the first magical sword he's dealt with :p) and walked back towards the table, ignoring the inquisitive looks he was being given. "Now, if you think you can be a little more calm and civilized, then come and join the party. I for one have had enough of arguments for the day. And though this party is not for a reason I like, I'll most likely ride it out until it's end..."

sometimes the old ways are the best :)

The man who went into the portal put a hold on things with his toast against this "Dark One".

Kyree watched the slight scuffle from the sidelines, and rather enjoyed this "Allanon" fellow. He seemed to be like a rogue (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yer fer the light, blah, blah, blah). The way this man caused strife was kinda funny. It seemed like he couldn't make up his mind on what he was going to do.

{what wuz this calander? And how cud IT be so powerful?} *gee, who's not the WoT-er here?* Kyree thought as Allanon's aura grew increasing red and stronger. But he just took a step back making room for his fallen foe to arise. Nothing more. Kyree had expected some sort of attack...but still none, and the fallen man layed a second longer.

Feeling safer now that the thunder was dying down. Kyree straggled a few steps closer to get a better look at the new happenings. He felt angre raising in the air amoung all these people...normally he would've expected a big brawl, but they seemed more civilized than least from whut he'd seen so far...


Eval was on his feet in a heartbeat, saidin flooding into him. He did not release it, even when the stranger no longer held the crystal sword.

"That was a fool move, Asha'man." His voice was soft, but a snarl hovered just below the surface. "I take it your M'Hael failed to notice the signs of encroaching insanity in you. But sane or mad, you are a fool if you think to fight us here."

Eval Ramman

Eddie knew that his plan was gonna work. They had already fell for fake Callandor. All it would take would be a short zap and they'd all be there. But instead he opened a gateway to The Black Tower.

"M'hael sir?" HE said


"I have found a social meeting of Darkfriends and I need some help destroying them."


Eddie stood by Taim's side as he addressed the Asha'man.

"Today we shall go and wipe some scum of the face of the Earth. Eddie here has discovered a meeting of more thean 20 Darkfriends and we are going to go destroy them. Today is a turning point in Tower history, today we will prove our worth to the world. Come know let's kill!!!"

With that soldiers, Dedicated and Asha'man alike began opening gateways and pouring out into the Darkfriend party.

"What know Darkfriends?" Eddie said as he heard sceams has all the Darkfriend channelers were shielded. Raising the ter'angreal of a man holding an orb above his head saidin filled him. So much saidin was like swimming in a pool of endless power. Without much more than a thought he could kill all here.

"Mhouhahahahaha!!" He laughed has he prepared weaves.


Sarah Sedai just walking in saw the delema, and knew she had to do something!!! But what?? She had already discovered that she could not shield Eddie, she had to do something!!

She tried reaching for saddar, a light seemed to come over the world as the sweet life of Saddar flooded into her. looking at the manic she ran out of the room to avoid discovery, how could she save the party?? "Please someone help" she wispered

A gateway opened in front of her, a beautiful woman came out making Sarah feel ugly and old.

"You need help?"

"Are you..?"

"No, Lanfear of course not. A darkfriend yes, foreaken no."

"Can you help me, I can tell that your very strong?"

"I wish I could but you have not sworn any oaths to the Great lord of The Dark."

Fear gripped Sarah Sedai, would she die here, by a Darkfriend? She fell to her knees almost weeping.

The Darkfriend laughed, "Get up girl. I'll not kill you, when you are trying to help the great Lord of the Dark."

"What w-will you do?"

"Well since I can't openly help you, I can teach you some tricks, do you learn fast?"

"I was one of the strongest Aes Sedai in the Tower." she said that without the sense that she was bragging, it was just fact, "But you are stonger then me, and so are alot of the people in that room."

"Well, look." A gateway opened and Sarah looked in awe."Thats called Traveling, use it well."

Sarah looked stuned "Thanks. I'll just wait here untill the other darkfrieds catch on, Eddie does not know I'm here."

Sarah Sedai
maybe red ajah maybe green maybe back, who knows???

Kyree scratched his head. There was still no fighting, but portals were opening everywhere, and some people were entering them... and one had a person leave it.

"What's going on!" He tried to shout above the rumble of voices, but alas, no one seemed to hear him. He had to be closer... he was afraid, but figured 'tis better to end up in trouble with others, than be alone.

So he walked up behind one of the women who had just entered the grove (that'd be you Sarah, if you weren't sure) and tapped her on the shoulder. "Whut's going on?" he said as she glanced away from the other woman to look at him.


Allanon stood frozen in shock, as gateways materialized out of the thin air all around them. The shock was momentary only and he was quick to recover. Readying his magic, he quickly began to burst the shields on the other channeling party members, who were already straining against them (and nearly breaking them themselves), until all were freed.

The Asha'man who seemed to be leading, the young one whom they had let escape from the party, looked at him in shock, his face showing obvious fear. "You can't shield someone who doesn't channel you little fool!" he screamed in rage. "And for your information, not all here are darkfriends, myself included!"

He could feel the power swelling in those around him, their anger brewing completely to the surface for the first time he'd ever seen. "If you want a battle that bad, then I'm sure my 'friends' here will be happy to oblige."

With that, he threw himself against the Asha'man, Eddie did he call himself? Lightning flared from his fingers and struck out at him, but fizzled away into nothing. Suddenly, he felt his defenses being attacked. But, holding strong, he threw himself forward again, physically grappling the much smaller man who was no match for him in that department. Allanon pulled Eddie against his chest and slowly began squezing the life out of him. He kept up the pressure, his utmost effort, until he felt the Asha'man sag into unconsciousness, then letting the man fall to the ground and giving him a powerful kick to the head, just to make sure.

His eyes then looked around frantically, trying to see how the others were faring(against the ill-trained Asha'man/Dedicated/Soldiers who don't have the knowledge from the Age of Legends that most members of the party have I might add).

what the hell are you thinking boy!!!

Sarah heard the commotion outside and opened the door, seeing the Asha'man beaten she opened up a gateway, "throw throw them threw here."

The Darkfriends smiled and threw the remaining Asa'men into the gateway.

Wiping her hands Sarah said, "Okay now back to the party, I'd like to raise a toast, to the Defeat of the Asha'man!"

Sarah Sedai

That was it they were all gonna die after this. getting up and unsheathing his sword he opened a gateway. Sneaking up behind Allanon he stole Callandor back. He was gonna show them. He quickly opened a gateway to the stash of angreal in the tower. He took 30 male angreal and reopened a gateway to the party.

Channeling through the angreal he too the ground and sank it 5000 feet into the earth. He Weaved a shield out of Air, Fire, Water and Spirit around the party so no channeling couls affect it and used the power to raise his voice "You wanna party you can party, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES!!!!"


Arie'Nerys stood, watching this spectacle. This young man spoke of shielding, but obviously that only affected those who could channel. Arie'Nerys had never needed to... channel.

Mere insanity worked just as well. And from what she knew of Asha'man, the taint was insanity waiting to happen. Ah, the others were unshielded now. She grinned to herself.

Ares, do you have any way us poor souls could escape this... overzealous young man?

I think the others and I could arrange something.

Arie'Nerys gestured at the others she knew could hear Ares. "What do you all think?"


A response came. Not though, perhaps, in a voice that Arie'Nerys had been expecting.


The ruins of the Dark Palace shuddered with the thunderous voice. So did most of its occupants. The Great Lord of the Dark noted, however, that his youngest - "sister" - had not bothered even to rise from her seat.

OH, BUT IT SEEMS TO HAVE DONE SOME DAMAGE. As reality shifted, the shield dissolved. The Palace rose again, star-shaped itself and glittering in the light of countless alien stars. The silenced musicians began to sing again from beyond the trees. At a whim, the song they played was now one of victory. AH, MUCH BETTER. I WOULD NOT DEPRIVE MY SISTERS OF THEIR PRETTY TOYS.

The Great Lord of the Dark laughed. It sounded like mountains falling.

NOW, CHILDREN, PLAY ALL YOU LIKE. And the thunder faded, and was gone.

Sarah opened a gateway and stepped out, alone. She looked around at her new surroundings, she was in a brightly lite room with colorful tapistries hung everywhere.

"I'm getting good at this traveling thing."

Using a weave that she had seen somewhere, she made it so her vioce could be heard in every corner of Randland.

"This is an invitation to every man, woman, and child (even Eddie if he can behave), come to my get together to that I can formally meet everyone here!! Besides isn't this Eddie thing getting a bit old???"

Pulling up a chair from the table in the middle of the room, Sarah sat and waited.

"Plus," she mumbled to herself, "I've got some ideas."

Sarah Sedai
Can you guess my Ajah???

Eddie walked into the room Sarah had invited everyone to come to. This might be fun. After all he was going insane and he might as well make insanity fun. He giggled. He liked the effect. He giggled again. Another good thing about insanity you could giggle and not look retarded. Using the weave Sarah had he raised his voice "I admit it I am mad like the rest of you!!!-" He giggled. It was getting to be a habit "- Y'all better come cause this is a jolly old good fun party!!!!" With that he made a gateway to a storehouse and brought back food and wine. "FREE FOOD!!!!" giggle. He sure liked being mad.


She stepped gracefully through a gateway.

"You must be Sarah?" Extending a hand to the other woman, she smiled warmly. "I'm called Sundara. You've already met my Warder, Eval - the one who shielded that irritating Asha'man." She looked around, and saw the very same irritating Asha'man nearby. "And hello to you, too." Her smile this time was slightly different, the mischievous, mysterious one that made men think they were being dared without knowing quite why. "Put all that down for a moment, stranger, and pour your hostess and I some wine." She turned back to Sarah. "So you decided you wanted to meet us all? Any particular reason?"


Sarah takes Sundara's hand and says, "I just wanted to say Hi! to everybody."

Sarah Sedai
still gussing my ajah?

The portal opened, bright flares of red and orange bathing the room in an unnatural light, as Allanon stepped out of the realm of chaos.

Pulling down the hood of his cloak, letting his long black hair spill out, he made his way across the room(and quite a nice room it is), pausing long enough to give a slight nod of his head to Sundara and a menacing glare at Eddie. Something about that man irritates me, he thought.

He stopped, bowing deeply to the current hostess, a lovely "young" Aes Sedai. "Thank you for the invitation my lady. My name is Allanon..."

I should've entered this party with a shirt 'Lightfriends Wanted' -minimum wage, crappy benefits, long hours... oh wait that wouldn't get many people would it? :)

"Thanks for coming, Allanon, besides its better then messing with that Asha'man."

Sarah Sedai
No Black Ajah today!!!!!
I am lightfriend!!

With a slightly more humble entrance, Kyree knocked at the door and pushed it open.

He bounced over to Sarah on a sugar-high or something, "Hi!" He said cheerily with a bit too much energy, "I'm Kyree" ^_^ He extended a hand to shake with Sarah. "Nice ta meet ya."

He looked arround and asked "So whut's up? Big party or something?" he said noticing the food and drinks brought by Eddie.


Eddie put up the sign for his party outside his rooms. The sign said quite vividly in neon PARTY!!!! Eddie hoped that all would come. There would be door prizes ranging from sa'angreal to silk boxer shorts. There was enough room for all to come and have fun. There were even private rooms for the closer couples. In the main dining hall there was a long table with snacks ranging from crackers to tabac and kaf to cocaine for the insane people. There was a stage on one side of the room and on it was a brand smacking new karaoke machine.

There were party favors and confetti every were. A sign hanging down from the ceiling said cake and ice cream when door prizes are announced!!!!

Thiss was gonna be the best dragonlibrary party ever!!!


A raven circled above the building. With beady eyes, it scanned the windows and spotted one opening onto a room decorated for festivities.

It swooped.

The loud screech of claws on glass was heard, and the window hastily opened. A card fell from the raven's beak, embossed with silver script that gleamed beneath the neon lights.

While the invitation is appreciated, I have much to do elsewhere at the moment and duty, for the time being, must take priority over pleasure. I expect my Sisters will turn up before long - but for myself, may I take a rain check?

Incidentally, if you really mean this to be the best party ever, you have high standards to try and beat.

Sister of the Dark

The raven cawed and flew away.

Sorry for missing a party

Arie'Nerys looked up from the scrolls she was studying, the archives of this place. A party would be welcome, she thought, after sitting still for so long. But the best ever here? She glanced at the scrolls.

Now that would be something.

Finally, some action. I've been sitting here doing nothing while you've been reading all that stuff...

Arie interrupted her own voice, Ares of course.

Ah be quiet. You can't sit or do much of anything, you know. And I know you were interested. Especially when one of teh Dark Sisters was mentioned, she added maliciously. In fact, I think there's one....

Ares said, frantically, "Where?? I, that is, ah, I think we should leave, it seems dangerous here, and, ah...."

Once again Arie interrupted him. "Aww, you're just scared, aren't you? Remember, at least one of them can hear you." She grinned. They seemed like very interesting people to her...

~ready to party~


~terrified of the Dark Sisters~

Sarah Sedai entered the room looked around, "This had better be good. Where do I sign up for the door prizes?"

Sarah Sedai
Party Ajah

You don't hafta sign up for the prizes just be there. Door prizes will be given out the last week of August or somewhere around there. I don't reallt know whether this'lll be the best but I hope it is!!! BRING FRIENDS!!


Kyree entered, "Yeah, hey," He said raising his hand in greetings. "This'll probably be the best party I've been to at least... being a newcomer and all, so ya got my vote." ^_^


...and thus Kir's eyes whirling in their sockets, nearly mindlessly in their search for the great and mighty power of the Eccentric. It had succeeded so far, quite well, but one last trouble remained - both a calming influence and a source for more rambles.

A Foretelling given by a friend of his, by the name of Mashy, sprung to his already springy mind -

"This I Foretell, by the Turning of the Wheel.
You will find your Lost Love,
but all will not be as it once was.
The barrier may seem insurmountable,
but the Rings are the key to the locked Door."

A Love. A dreaded word, but one that was needed to sustain the rambles forever. Although he doubted the basis of that earlier Lost Love, the curiosity remained - as did the Rings of Tamyrlin, one placed upon either ring finger.

What was the Door? How could the Rings unlock the Door? The true question, however, was this:

How could things that were not as they were not be as they were, while be, by their very nature, the identical same?

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
The answer, my friend, lies near...

Arie eyed Kir and his whirling eyes. That was one thing she had never seen before. Oh dear, she thought, I wonder what causes that. She hoped it wasn't catching though she figured she was pretty well screwed as it was. Ares (for the one who asked, he is a voice in Arie's head, along with many more). The light in the room *or where ever we do be* flashed to the two plain rings on the man's fingers. There was something strange about those, she thought sleepily.

Suddenly, the day's events caught up with her, and she nearly fell unconscious on the floor. Quickly she wove a cushion of bubbles under her and fell asleep promptly.

Ares, however, did not go to sleep. He had been waiting for this opportunity for a while...

~if Ares killed me, would that be homicide or suicide?

Carramaena gazed at Kiriath, deep in thought. Her eyes blinked rapidly.

For those unfamiliar with the Dark Sister Carramaena, it should be noted that her version of blinking does not include the eyelids closing. Instead, the purple eye turned silver. Then the silver one turned purple. Then they switched back. And again. And again.

Deciding to be undecided about Kir, she looked at Arie'Nerys, who lay asleep on the floor. Except that *her* eyes were still open. Carra thought that was sort of interesting. She had an idea why, too.

"Hello, Ares. How are you today?"

Carramaena, Eccentric Dark Sister

Ares was startled from his reverie. It was very difficult to stay awake when Arie was sleeping, but he had been practicing.

He hadn't gotten used to the fact that Carra could hear him. "I am doing quite well, thank you. I was just... thinking... about things." He paused for a moment. If he'd had eyes, he would've eyed Arie nervously. "I hope she doesn't wake up. What I'm... thinking... about she can't know, and its hard to have her not know my thoughts when she's awake."

Arie, thankfully, did not wake up, though she would be tired when she did.

~the lead singer of Arie's Psychotic Musicians~

What was that about RPing? Kir's eyes focused in and out as the new world impacted. It was an awful feeling, himself distanced from himself yet part of himself. Okee, not *awful* but bloody odder than good odd.

Everyone could hear Ares, at least in this incarnation - he was in full control of her body. For a moment, Kir reflected upon Mazrin or Notumar controlling HIS body, reflected away. Far away. Not a pleasant thought by any means.

Ponderously, Kir whirled over to the thing that was now Ares - any Farscape nuts? I feel like pulling a Rygel float - and just thought, though more calm than the decided usual. Just to see how Eccentric the sort truly was. Or Psycho...

Too bad there wasn't a time on that Foretelling. Would be interesting to know when it would fulfill...

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
Would it be homicidal suicide?

Scheming? What fun, oh what fun. "And just what are you thinking about?" Carra inquired, eyes dancing (and no, they don't dance in the normal way either).

No, it would probably just be confusing.

"What am I planning? Some way to get free, of course. Nothing truly evil yet, for if I killed her now, and I believe I could, I would die along with her. But if I can free myself somehow, or just take her over, I can..." he stopped suddenly. He felt a strange presence in his head and wondered what it was


Kyree was still following the group of people he'd first met. He had no idea why, but he was. Maybe cuz he thot that in time he cud be their friend or something?

His ears pirked at the Deeper male voice coming from the sleeping female. "Whoa! That's totally freaky!" he said before realizing whut he'd said and that he'd said it out loud. {Well, might as well ask a question of my own.} he thot.

He approached a bit more to talk to the sleeping woman. "Why would you want to be free in the first place?" He questioned. Of course he had to ask the stupidest question... "I mean, in there, you don't have to worry about anything - Everything is taken care of for you. Don't you think that's better than being on yer own?"


"Because I am worse than caged. I see and hear all that Arie does, but I can't do anything besides speak and when I do, usually only she and the others with me can hear me. You know? Its like watching the world, dreaming about what you could do, but you can't because you can't get out there." [kinda like tv, ya see?] He felt the strange presence again. What is that, he wondered. Suddenly, there was a panicked voice in his head.

Ares, whats going on? I... I don't feel right.. its like I'm..

Ares interrupted, his inner voice soft with wonder. I think, he said slowly, I think you're in my head.

As he spoke, the sleeping woman's shape flickered back and forth to and from that of a standing young man. Finally, the sleeping woman image faded permanently, and the body was that of the young man, Ares.


Kyree stampered (is that a word?) back. "Whoa!" he said...unsure of what else he COULD say.

Not wanting to make the new man feel akward... or at least no more akward... he moved back to his original postion, and extende his hand "Hi! I'm Kyree!"


Ares looked at his outstretched hand a moment before remembering something he had seen and shaking it. A curious sensation this was, he thought.

Arie laughed faintly. So is this. Its... strange... like ... she stopped

Ares shook his head. How had she dealed with so many voices?

"Seeing as how I named myself after the God of War, a rather evil not to mention rather good-lucking, guy, I feel I should do something God of War-esque" He looked around the room and found a barrel of some sort lying around. If he had known about such things, he would have known it as a remnant of a Dark Sister party. He eyed it for a moment, and suddenly a rapid succession of fire balls shot out from his hands at the barrels, which exploded quickly *no, he can't channel. just god like powers*

"That was rather interesting," he remarked.


Cough splutter... *cough* Kiriath was actually surprised! "What... what?" Ow. Ahem. "Wha...?" Kiriath frowned inwardly; his inner being stood straight at attention.

"Yes, sir!"

"Stay wood, boy. Stay wood."

"Yes, sir!"

"Stop that..."

"Yes, sir!"

Kiriath now proceeded to pummel his inner being, stopped only by the blast. "Bad enough my voices come out, but to take over? What happens when she wakes up?" he pondered to Ares.

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
Things are brewing. Mm... brewing...

Ares considered this for a moment. Arie seemed to be conscious at the moment, as she was talking to him every so often. But what about when he went to sleep. Would she do the same to him? Or was she even fully awake yet? Doubtless it seemed a dream.

"I, ah. That is, I don't quite know, yet. I've never had this happen or even heard of its happening. " He knew that he would not be able to go back to being a formless voice, yet he felt like a part of Arie, for indeed he was. "I suppose we'll find out sooner or later."

the Psychotic Musician, freed

Kyree stared at the smouldering barrels... {What POWER!} He thought as he gawked in amazement. It was taking more and more from these people to impress him, but he never seemed to be disappointed. O.O And he couldn't help but wonder what had happened to give them these thing was for sure in his mind... THAT was how Ares had taken over Arie's body... the question was... HOW STRONG IS ARIE IN COMPARISON?

But despite all this, Ares seemed somewhat insecure or confused or something to the likes of not understanding quite how things worked and/or happened.

{Hmm...} he thought, still staring at the charred barrels. {If this power could be harnessed or somehow taught/learned....} He was intruigued...

He had been visited the night before with his mission, and now knew what he had to accomplish, the knowledge he had to aquire, and the pressingly little time he had to do it in...

*Why do the kids always get the important roles?

~Angyl~....I can actually spell! ^_~

Eval leaned back against a shadowy wall, and simply watched. Carramaena seemed to have things well under control - still, this little cluster definitely bore watching.

Eval Ramman

(I do?)

"That looks like fun," Carra remarked as Ares' fireballs hit. This really was getting interesting. A discreet eye opened in the back of her head and looked around for other Shadowsworn, eventually spotting Eval watching from the darkness. Then it promptly vanished as she realised that eyes did not grow in the back of heads.

Oh dear. Kiriath's effects were spreading. Kiriath... She remembered something. A sentence had popped into her mind, perhaps in the Eccentric version of a Foretelling.

"Kiriath." He looked back at her. Two sets of kaleidoscopic eyes met each other - fortunately only two.

"Kiriath," she said softly. "The door.Call on the door.

Remembering something Kir said, a long time ago

Call on the door.

How did she know? Kiriath's thoughts came to a standstill for a moment, much of the chaos in the room stopping quietly, an uneasy silence.

Were his effects that powerful? Were his thoughts now seeping into the minds of others? Scratch that - they always had, however indirectly.

This was direct. His thoughts were becoming psychic, feeding into the others.

Call upon the door.

The gleeman doubted that anything to do with his lost love would ensue for the moment - to begin with, how was he to call upon the door?

Call upon the door...

As the thoughts impaled the gleeman upon their wonderfully painful edges, his two fingers itched. He stared at the rings in Eccentric surprise as through him, by him...

...something disappeared.

Not a door in any literal nature; how could a Foretelling - Eccentric at that - be literal? It couldn't.

A cloud vanished in his mind, a brick wall leaving his thoughts. It was a step toward his lost love, he knew.

With that, he knew.

The rings were an Eccentric angreal - by their very nature unstable. Quickly Kiriath calmed his own thoughts - the rings were funneling it all.

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
Long has it been since I have seen a thread this long *anywhere*...

"Call on the door." Carra seemed to be speaking in the midst of a dream. "The Rings are the key to the Door and the Door is the Door to - to -" She faltered. The world seemed to be whirling around her. "What? What am I - who am I hearing -"

"The Door is the Door to Chaos..." she heard herself saying, as if from a great distance, as she felt herself falling into unconsciousness.

Carramaena L'Var, experiencing Eccentric Foretelling
Is someone going to catch me before I hit the ground?

Ares stared at the woman, but it wasn't her dreamy speech or unfocused eyes that caught his attention. It was the sensation that he was hearing her on two levels-the physical *one he still was not used to* mental. It was like she was in his head, too, but not like Arie was. The last words he heard were "...Door to Chaos" before a powerful pain gripped his head like a vice. A flash of heat shot through his head, like a flame and he nearly fell to his knees with the sensation.

"Lord, what fools these mortals be!"

Eval listened tensely as Carramaena spoke. Carra's behaviour was often odd, but this went beyond odd. She stood there as if she had forgotten to move, gripped in some kind of prophetic trance.

"What - What am I -" She swayed on her feet, the farseeing look momentarily replaced by confusion. "Who am I hearing?"

Eval left the shadows, moving swiftly to her side. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the shapechanger - Ares? stagger as though struck by some powerful force, but that was not his concern at the moment. "Lady Carramaena?" he said sharply. "Carra!" She looked at him with unseeing eyes.

"The Door is the Door to Chaos..." she whispered, falling forward into his arms.

Holding her upright, he spun to face the others, glaring. "What is going on?" he demanded. "Kiriath! Are you responsible for this?"

Eval Ramman
Playing his part

Ares moaned and dropped to his knees, grabbing his head tightly.

Kyree rushed oved to the poor man, whom he felt almost sorry for in some odd way, in his deranged little mind.

"Are you okay? Need some sort of help?" he asked, not sure what he cud do (think before you act Kyree! ;) ) But all he got in response was a short uttered sentence muffled by a moan, and Kyree couldn't understand it.

Kyree looked arround at the others, Carra in Eval's arms and neither of them paying any attention to him, And Kiriath was just standing there with a smug smile! "Fine! Don't help then!" He snapped at the others, turning back to Ares in hopes he could say that again - more clearly this time.

*If it's the mortals who are so pathetic, how come YOU"RE in the pain? ;P

Carra looked blankly at Kyree. "What are you talking about?" she said. "What just..." She looked around, suddenly alarmed. Ares was groaning, Kyree was glaring, Kiriath was - well, Kiriath was being Kiriath, and Eval was holding her upright. She thought about moving, then decided against it as a rush of dizziness washed over her.

What was going on? Just a second ago she'd been - what had she been doing? Talking to Arie. No, to Ares. But something else had obviously happened since then. Was she suffering amnesia? "What in the name of Darkness just happened?"

~Carramaena L'Var
Shadowy, eccentric and now amnesiac

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