July 01-30, 2000
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Errant Friends

Melissande saw Allanon follow her out, and took the next side passage. Right now, Lightfriends were the last thing she wanted to deal with.

Then Sundara appeared at the door. No, on second thoughts, Lightfriends were not quite the last thing she wanted to deal with. She threaded her way through the maze of hallways and passages, looking for somewhere to sit and think.


"Are you hiding from me, sister dear? What a strange thing to do."

She followed Melissande through the palace, cloaking herself in illusion to be invisible to anyone passing, and wondered, amused, where the woman was heading.


The melody lopped off most ears, making an interesting mess. Intestines trailed to the ground, inner parts melding together to make even more strange demolition... eh?

Bad enough most ears had gone the way of the balefired, but now Melissande was wandering away. Sundara was strolling off - he could tell that alone - but his Stones board had lost track of her entirely; somehow, she had eluded even that.

When a Dark Sister wanted to be silent, apparently she stayed silent. A bit frustrating; but there were other ways to bother others. The gleeman, for once, utilized one of his agents - not intending to do anything, it merely watched the proceedings.

While Kiriath, of course, remained in the party hall - can't have ALL the hosts leaving, now can we? Then again, Carra must be around here too...

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
...and you thought the Creator avoided interference :>

Allanon continued to move down the hallway, finding nothing and no one. Damn the woman! Where in the world had she disappeared to? He simply wanted to talk, and offer her the opportunity to get way from this forsaken place.

It was all quite frustrating, especially to a man who's hold on his temper is slight at best. However, the only thing to do was keep on searching and trying to avoid any darkfriends if possible. It simply wouldn't do to run into one of the hosts and be found trying to steal a guest.

To that effect, he extended his senses outward so as not to be taken unawares by anyone. Sensing nothing, he continued on. Suddenly, a he felt a chill up his spine... the feeling you get when someone is watching you. He ducked quickly into a dark spot between corridors and scanned the area, his search yielding nothing.

Yet he was almost certain he was being followed or watched. It was rather irritating to a man not used to being spied on. He readied his defenses, both physical and otherwise. If indeed someone was following him, he would not give them an easy fight. Keeping a close eye out, he quickly made his way onward, trying in vain to find a way out of this maze and out of the damned palace... perhaps with a friend, perhaps not.

sometimes intuition is better than anything else

From the shadows, Kyree watched Allanon. He didn't really know why, he was just following him because his elven insticts told him too. He was keeping far enough behind so that Allanon couldn't see him in the shadows. Although he could not see Allanon himself, he feel his Aura. It was strange, like that of a man who had killed his wife, but didn't know it...

The tunnel was slowly becoming lighter, and he feared being seen....but whut cud he do? He cudn't turn back, he had to find out whut this odd fellow wuz up to...where wuz he going, why wuz he going? ...and even more importantly, WHY WUZ KYREE FOLLOWING HIM?!?


"Well, well," Sundara murmured within her aura of silence. Allanon following Melissande, and now this stranger following Allanon. Elven, unless she missed both her guess and her study of other worlds. The portals were more active than ever these days, it seemed...

She followed in turn, still lost in thought. Intriguing... Then she paused, noticing where the labyrinth had led them. The Dark Palace had no sharp boundaries, it just - blurred. Far from the centre, reality was not particularly stable.

And, as she thought that, she felt reality twist.

"Well, well, again."

The walls were slowly giving way to black rock. The air was drier, and hotter.

Events were definitely becoming intriguing. She continued to follow the three, wondering who would be first to realize where they were.

Sister of the Dark

{Hhmmm....} Kyree pondered. {the surroundings are changing, getting lighter, and...} he lost his train of thought when there wuz a loud (considering it wuz totally silent in the tunnel, this wuz quite loud) shuffeling from behind... or ahead, the echoes escaped his dection of location.

"Whut wuz that?!?" he whispered slightly too loud. The words just slipped out of his mouth. {!!!} He stood totally still in a small crevass in the rock - once again his slender body had it's advantages. Nothing. Apparently, whoever had done it, was just as afraid of dection as he. He stood still and silent for a minute longer, but still nothing.

Squeezing outa the crevass, he continued to sluth forward... {...and whut's going on!?!} he conintued his train of thought {I can't seem to feel ANY auras... ANYWHERE! But I just heard a noise, SOMEONE - or something - had to have made it, but I can't feel their presence(s)!!...}

*this does not bode well for our newly entered friend...or is he foe? The secrets of his being are sitll unlocking themselves...*

"Well come on, let's party," Carra urged. Linking one arm in Eval's and the other in Kiriath's, she led them out to the banqueting tables. "I'm sure the others will join us before long." When Sundara had finished having her fun with them, anyway. Carra's grin was ever so slightly evil.

Carramaena L'Var
Who doesn't know what Sundara's doing, but can guess

He kept his eyes peeled as he walked along, still searching in vain for Melissande and an exit to this place. The drier, hotter air and changing colors was certainly beginning to unnerve him a bit. It's getting a little too dangerous for a Lightfriend to be this close, he thought. At least for anyone other than the Dragon Reborn it was.

He stopped for a moment, pondering his surroundings and then turned back the way he came, only to feel those eyes on him again, stronger than before. It was as if they were right on top of him and he couldn't see or sense them. Damn this place! It'd probably be best to leave at this point.

He concentrated for the barest of seconds and a portal opened up in front of him, a portal unlike any other. It was a door into an ether of pure chaos, where energies flow and sizzle around you. Truly a most dangerous exit, even to one such as he, but certainly the best(and probably only) way to avoid being followed. No guts, no glory, he thought, throwing himself into the portal and closing it after him.


Sundara watched the newcomer for a while. Then, dropping silence for a moment, scraped her foot over the ground. Not loudly enough for Allanon or Melissande, further forward, to hear, but the elven man froze. He looked cautiously around, but since she had resumed the illusion, neither saw nor heard anything.

He continued to move, more warily now, through the tunnels - for such the previously broad corridors had become. She continued to follow him.

"Ohhh," she sighed, disappointed, as Allanon gave up and left. She had hoped for more entertainment from him. Never mind; there was still the strange elf, and Melissande was now so very close...

Sundara, amusing herself

Suddenly there wuz a bright glow coming from ahead. It lit up the whole hallway as far as Kyree could see. Instictively, he jumped against the wall, but quickly realized there weren't any shadows to hid in, so he decided to venture forward to see what was going on. As he poked his head around a bend, he saw the man whom he was following standing infront of a sort of portal... 'sort' indeed! The swriling red, orange, and yellow colours were quite menacing in appearance, but it didn't seem to deterr Kyree stalkee. The man walked confidently into the bright, lava-like mass. Kyree ran to follow, but the hissing sound that the portal made as it began to close seemed directed at the young elf, and Kyree let it ooze shut without him.

{well now whut?} Kyree thought {there goes my 'reason' for being in this strange place... well, I guess I might as well keep going the way I was... got nothing better to do...}

Not able to sense auras still, he was unaware of Melissande or Sundra. So he began to sing - whut else wuz there to do? As far as he wuz concerned, there wuz no one else arround.

"And the thing that gets to me"

"Is you'll never really see"

"and the thing that freaks me out"

"Is I'll always be in doubt"

"It is a lovely thing that we have"

"It is a lovely thing that we"

"It is a lovely thing, the animal"

"The animal instinct"

The swirling portal of chaos opened and Allanon was tossed to the ground, the portal sizzling shut behind him. He looked quickly around as he hauled his tall form up off the floor and groaned in dismay. He was still in the castle, albeit the much safer corridors, at least so far as a Lightfriend was concerned.

Strange, nothing of that sort had ever happened before. It was quite disturbing. It looked as if he would have to get himself out of this place by one exit or another, so he began walking in what he thought was the general direction of the entrance they had originally used(in this place its hard to tell). As he walked along, he still had vain thoughts of finding Melissande and getting out of here intact; both possibilities beginning to look slimmer by the moment.

not all that worried about the second possibility :)
Come on Sundara, you think I'd leave your radiant presence so soon?

Every single one of Melissande's instincts was screaming at her that something strange was going on. Well - stranger than what had happened so far, anyway.

Was someone nearby? She wasn't sure, but logic told her either Allanon, or Sundara, or both, had tried to follow her. Who knew whether they'd succeeded. But more importantly there was something wrong with - well, reality. It felt as if everything had changed around her, though she hadn't moved at all. Although, oddly, it was getting hotter...

She kept walking, wondering if she could find her way back, and noticed a light up ahead. A few more turnings, and it grew into a brilliant, orange-red glow that lit up the black rock of the walls. Then she froze.

Black rock. Getting hotter. Glow up ahead.

Oh, no...

"Blood and ashes!" she cursed aloud. "Burn you, Sundara! Burn you to the bloody Pit of Doom!"

Not happy

After her little concert (had that been a triet or a duet or what??) Arie'Nerys decided to wander a bit. She heard Sundara say something about supper and hoped to ask her more about this; she'd been eating emergency rations for months.


Now here was something strange. She could've sworn she'd left thru this door, but....

She peered down the corridor in both directions. There were a couple of others she'd seen earlier and... what?? and elven being?

This place was getting stranger and stranger.

Ares? Can you find Sundara? I'm really starving

Well there is a particularly evil feel somewhere over there, but its probably just one of those people, maybe the elf.

She shrugged, thanks for the help, she thought.

And what was Ares's problem with elves anyway?

Dark Sisters, Lightfriends, Intrigleemen, Elves...

Kiriath the Intrigleeman was led on by Carra, rather willingly - the elegant touch of being a spy was that whether or not you were there, you knew the events. And this was no different.

He had pulled his agent out - though it WAS Samirhage - as there was no telling what could happen down there. Instead, he sent his top recruits - excluding Mazrin, partly to shake up his command structure; definite things in rambling societies didn't fit the mold - to discuss the problem. That, of course, of Illusion. Was the Pit an illusion - and if not, could he dare sent agents into its depths? All-knowing surveillance was not easy to crack.


Kiriath blocked the thought off for another moment of Eccentricity; currently he was drooling at the thought of food. Something deep in his subconscious - a frightening place, for a rambler - made his stomach rumble. A rarity that; but then, rarities were not necessarily rare. Which made the other things the rarities and the rarities no longer rare. And, through process of continuation...

...the Intrigleeman began to ponder acting as a Light agent - never a Dark, even under disguise - but acting Light would throw everyone off as to his motives.

He rubbed his Rings of TAmyrlin absently; perhaps then Mashiara's Foretelling would come to pass. Join the Light, become a rarity...

...change the world...

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
Thinking... a fearful concept...

"Burn you, Sundara!" Melissande's swearing echoed through the tunnels. "Burn you to the bloody Pit of Doom!"

She laughed, and started to retort. Another voice, though, drowned out hers.

BUT, MY DEAR, YOU'RE SO MUCH CLOSER. A laugh filled with thunder and dark amusement. WELCOME, MELISSANDE.

Sundara's eyes sparkled. The elf was still blocking the path in front of her, so she slipped down a side passage. Reality, she knew, would twist for her again; this she had to see.

Sundara - she of the radiant presence and a rather dangerous sense of humour

"BURN YOU SUNDARA!.... burn you sundara..." Came the echoing yell of a woman.

Kyree shut up instantly. This wuz much louder than the shuffling sound earlier made by Allanon....or WUZ it Allanon? Kyree wasn't sure anymore... but the point is that this sound WUZ loud enough for Kyree to distinguish directions... it was coming from ahead.

So Kyree picked up his non-chalonte pace....which pratically not moving at all. He began to jog quietly but slowly as not to make any more noise than he already had.

{I can't believe I thot that man was down here for no reason!} Kyree scolded himself {I can't believe I let my gaurd down again! It's no wonder I'm here doing THIS instead of....} his train of thot cut itself short when the walls began to glow...no, they were just reflecting the light...but the rock wuzn't relfective! {There must be a really bright light ahead} he exclamed in his head.

He slowed a silent tip-toe peering around each corner, just as taught when in this sort of situation. The light grew birghter....brighter.... He poked his nose around one more corner, and no more than two inches in front of him wuz someone's back! His eyes nearly popped outa his head, and he swirled silently back aroun the corner again. {did he/she see me?} he wondered, he'd seen such a close up of the back, he couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman.

He reached for his knife just in case he needed to defend himself, he wouldn't make THAT mistake again, he thot touching the scar on his left shoulder with his free hand.

*knife/dagger, whutever y'all wanna call it.


Carramaena looked around, and saw Arie'Nerys wasn't with them. She let go of Kiriath and Eval. "Go on ahead - the table's just under that tree. We're missing a guest."

She hurried back inside. Now where - there, she could hear talking inside-the-mind.

"We're out here!" she called out. "Supper's ready. Don't go down that way, you'll never find your way out."


Arie'Nerys glanced around the corridor one last time before following Carra's voice. She'd never find her way out? Now there was a thought. Not that she doubted her, of course. This place wasn't....

Right? Ares supplemented.

There's an understatement. But yes, that's what I meant. I wish I knew how I got here, though. But that's a train of thought for another time!

She went in the direction she thought the voice had come from and suddenly stepped into an open space. Where was it....? Oh yes, there was the tree. She sighed in relief. Now at least, she could get something to eat.

Arie'Nerys~glad for some real food!

Melissande's swearing trailed off as shock, and a healthy dose of fear, took over. She wasn't really where she thought she was. Was she?


Oh. She fought down an impulse to say "Oh, Light" on the basis that it would probably do no good, and sound pretty silly besides. "You are -" She swallowed. "You're -"


"You had to come here sooner or later," another voice said in a conversational tone. Melissande wasn't as surprised as she should have been to see Sundara sitting on a nearby rock. "You're not doing badly so far, you know. Most of the Chosen were on their knees by this point."

"That's not reassuring. And what's a Chosen?"


"Well, its nice to feel superior. But it doesn't help much." She drew a deep breath. "All right. Why am I here?"

Who's not going to let any Forsaken beat her,
but would definitely like a way out of here

{TWO ppl!} Kyree thot {well, good news is they didn't see me, whoever they are... but whut's this buisness about chosen and forsaken?} The two women were obviously aquainted with one another, although Kyree could not tell whether they were friends or foes.

They talked some more, before Kyree let out his breath slowly and silently. He needed to pant from the jogging and the fear, but he forced it away. But then things became slightly quiter. He could still hear the two womens' voices chattering, but could not make out the words -- kind of like when you're falling asleep... {sleep...} Kyree repeated in his mind {...sleep! ah!} He took a few quick deep breaths. He had almost passed out from not breathing enough. He decided to back up a few steps so he could breath freely - without fear of discovery. {No! I musn't get caught -- who knows whut these humans may do...I remember those stories the Elder used to tell!}

*If one of you ppl doesn't discover me, I'm gonna hafta show myself in a blaze of glory! (don't worry, I won't go THAT far over-board)


"Why?" Sundara shrugged. "For two reasons. The obvious one is amusement. The slightly less obvious one is that you need to get used to it. While we're on the subject of amusement, however - you!" She pointed an imperious finger at the figure lurking at the mouth of the tunnel. "Come here. Or leave in a hurry, your choice."


{AH!} "just my luck..." Kyree kicked the dirt as he cautiosly wandered over to the commanding woman. He clutched the handle of Knife tightly in fear.

"Yeah, Whut?" He said in a false tone of confidence...but he knew the woman cud see right thru it as she stared him down.

"Whut are you doing?!" She demanded

"uhhhh...whutever do you mean?" Kyree played dumb

"Don't play dumb! You've been following Melissande for a while now! Don't think I didn't know!" She snapped "And Allanon before that!"

"..." Kyree just shut right up, stared off into the distancebehind his interrigater

"T-E-L-L M-E!" she boomed "TELL ME!..tell me" it echoed

The other girl eyed him with a smirk that just screamed "boy are you gonna get it"

"Well..." Kyree gave in "I really don't know." Sundra's eyes seemed to fire "HONEST!" Kyree insisted in a begging voice "I was just sent here by the town Elder! He told me I'd get my instructions here... but he never even told me from who! I'm totally NOT lying!" The young elf was almost in tears. His interrigater let go of the angry frown, and her face went blank - he wasn't sure whut she was thinking now, and that made him even more afraid.

{Great, I just spilled my guts to a perfect stranger in the middle of nowhere!} Kyree thought, forcing back the tears and hardening his face to at least match Sundara's.


Sundara glared at the boy for a few more moments, until the calm face he had resumed started to shake. Then she startled him with a sudden soft laugh.

"So you arrived here without even knowing where it was? You innocent!" She laughed again. "Melissande, this is an example of those intersections I told you about earlier. This youngling stepped straight out of another world entirely." She turned back to the stranger. "But you stepped into the wrong place. Guests are emphatically not welcome here. But you can join the others, if you like. Perhaps one of them will have... instructions... for you."


The gentle laff told Kyree that she her harshness wuz as fake as his calm. With that he gained confidence and shook off the little-kid-face of sadness and fear, and with it, the slightly-higher-than-normal pitch of his voice.

"well... thennn..." he stammered "whut do you want me to do? Can I come with you or do I have keep going?" he asked in a tough voice... which he instantly regretted.... he shud have stuck with the higher, more kid-like voice.

"Well, you can't stay here. And I'd be surprised if you managed to find your way out of this maze, considering how much it keeps changing..." She reached out and took him firmly by the hand. Shayol Ghul shimmered and dissolved around them.

It was replaced by a green glade, lights shimmering in the branches and occasionally floating in the air. A table, laden with food and wine, was set up in the middle of it, and people lounged all around.

"Carra," Sundara called. "Look after this child, will you? I found him wandering around lost." She gave him a gentle push. "Go eat, boy. I'll be back soon."

The landscape dissolved again, and she returned to the Pit. "Hello again, Melissande. Miss me?"


"Hpmh! Whut a bitch! Thinks I'm not old enuff to play with her!" he said angrily at no one in particular "STUCK-UP SNOB!" He shouted where she once stood.

"HEY! Watch the language little boy!" Carra snapped "And that's my friend, don't talk about her that way!"

Kyree turned and faced the woman. He wasn't afraid of HER, she lacked the poise, the integrity, and total force in her voice to shake him like the other woman had.

"Look lady, I'm may LOOK young, but I'm actually 12..almost 13! I don't need to watch whut I say to anyone!" And with that he turned and started to storm off. But Carra grabbed his arm tightly, and pulled him back.

"Look BOY, I don't know who you think you ARE, but I'm certainly NOT gonna take that from YOU!" she tried to restrain herself from yelling.

"Say it, don't spray it!" He snapped back, yanking free. He felt an uncontrolable urge to be mean to this new lady.

With that, he went over to one of the trees and slumped down under the shade. {This kid sure has an attitude problem.} Carra thought, watching the boy chew an apple he'd picked up off the ground {well, I guess I'll let him cool off before trying to talk to him again.}


Speed. A fearful word, in terms of Eccentricity. His eyes whirled and whirled ... finally they stopped whirling, but only for a second, when he chuckled at Kyree. "Greetings," he said to the ...elf, I am correct? I merge IC and OOC - so attempt the same. Kiriath winked, thoughts whirling and picking up things he did not know were there. "I am called Kiriath, the Eccentric Intrigleeman - Eval Ramman could explain rambling, but I shall. You see, Kyree, I was its originator."

Presumably Kyree put on a skeptical expression, but the gleeman continued nevertheless, as though nothing had happened. Which, possibly, had not had happened. "Rambling is the power of wordy chatter, which, is essence, is the power of all powers combined into one - it drives a fellow mad, madder than the Taint could ever hope to perceive. The Taint, in actuality, is akin to Eccentricity and rambling - but not part of it. For all we know, Kyree," the light shone on the gleeman's whirling eyes, "...you could have a trace of rambling...

"Within /yourself/."

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
All bets that he does. We're all ramblers, in a fashion :>

Eval listened to the stranger snarling at Carra. This was not acceptable. He rose to his feet and walked over to the tree.

"Young man." He crouched down to look the boy in the eye, dark gaze unblinking. "You are a guest here, and the Lady Carramaena is your hostess. If respect for a lady does not dictate more courteous behaviour, then that fact should." He overrode the boy's sullen look and opened mouth, and continued. "And if those do not, then I will. Sundara would not wish you harmed, but she will not have her sister insulted either."

He regarded the young stranger with a mixture of curiosity and amusement. A brave traveller, if a small one. "And if Sundara is not so very much older than you, still she has the knowledge of many centuries beyond her years. I was born millennia before her, but this is her world and not mine, and if all I know of her were not enough, I defer to her by that alone. And if necessary, I will teach you to do so. You may begin by exchanging names with your hosts and fellow guests. I am called Eval Ramman."

Eval Ramman
Lord of Darkness

Kyree looked at Eval. "I'm Kyree" he stated flatly, and then turned his head away -- not all that fast, but still in a annoyed manner none-the-less. He looked back, without moving.

He saw the man's mouth move "you know...." "no, I don't know!" Kyree interrupted him.

"YOU KNOW...." Eval repeated "Maybe I didn't make myself clear enuff the first TWO times!" Kyree cut him off again "I may not deserve the most gentle, happy tone, but at least you cud not talk to me so patronizingly~!"

With that, Kyree stood up. He stretched before leaving the other man behind him. He knew this wuzn't gonna get him any smurf-points, but right now he really did just want to be laft alone unless someone wuz gonna be nice to him.

He went and sat down under another tree and watched a pair of children play around a out-jetting rock. It seemed to calm his nerves, and soon he fell asleep in the cool shade.


"You're always missed Sundara," Allanon said as he stepped out of the tunnel and into the pit, the slightest hint of a smirk on his face. Sundara turned to face him, an irritated look on her face, but she said nothing and if she was surprised, she did not act it.

He stood up to his full height, near seven feet, and steadied himself. "The time for games is done. You've had your fun, but now it's time to let Melissande stay or go as she pleases and it seems to me that she does not wish to stay here."

"Don't get me wrong, I'm no Dragon nor do I wish to be, but I won't stand aside and watch you play games with us any longer. It's time someone finally stood up to the dark sisters. I've no real illusions of surving a battle in the pit, but if it's a battle you want then it's a battle you'll get. And who knows, you just might not survive either. So what'll it be Sundara?"

probably more rash and stupid than brave :)

"If nothing else, it will certainly be interesting." She looked at him curiously, trying to put the puzzle together. Could it be that he really didn't understand the nature of the place? "A battle? I assume you have a few powers of your own, then, if you're prepared to fight me. But you won't be. As you say - this is the Pit. And reality here is not as elsewhere."

The great cavern was darkening ominously. Just on the edge of hearing, thunder rumbled.

"Threaten me," Sundara said pleasantly, "and it is my brother you deal with, not me. I suggest you leave, Allanon. Now."

I'm not the Dark One's sister for nothing, you know...

"Death comes to us all in time. It's how we choose to face it that makes us strong or weak." Go Melissande, go! Allanon practically threw that thought into her mind as he began to gather his strength around him, concentrating them to protect himself and Melissande first and formost.

"As I said Sundara, I have no wish to fight you... or your brother, but the time for games is up. What I ask is simple, let us go peacefully. As far as I've learned, it's not your policy to hold guests unwillingly, and a truce was called for this event if my memory serves me."

"Ah, and one more thing you forgot Sundara," he said in a voice filled with menace," your reality is NOT MINE."

interesting indeed... and JUST a little bit dangerous

"Your reality is not mine." Sundara's tone was silken. "But this one is."


Melissande looked from one to the other, eyes widening. Allanon's face was hard and definitely menacing. Sundara was smiling. She wasn't sure that wasn't worse. And, almost beyond her range of hearing, thunder was rumbling ominously.

And neither of them had looked at her once since Allanon's arrival.

"Wait a moment!" She was surprised at how cool her own voice was. "I don't believe my opinion has been asked here." She gave Allanon a level look. "I know precisely two things about you. You claim your name is Allanon and you claim you walk in the Light. I have no proof of either statement. Do you expect me to trust you on that basis? For all I know, you're simply another trick Sundara's playing on me now."

She didn't really believe that, but it was possible. Just about anything had to be possible in this place.

"Furthermore," she continued evenly, "I don't remember asking for help. If I ever do need it I will be glad to have an ally, if ally you truly are. Until then, you may consider me capable of making my own decisions."

She turned to Sundara. "Very well, you have made your point. If there is no further need to remain here, and since we have established that reality here is at least partially under your control, perhaps we may return to the gathering. Provided that music is no longer in evidence."

*points at herself* You're forgetting ME.

Allanon shifted slightly, his gaze falling upon Melissande, eyes boring into her. "Trust me on one thing Melissande, if I had forgotten you I would not even be here. If you are unwilling to trust, so be it. I just hope for your sake that you NEVER need my help again."

With that, he turned quickly and moved towards the tunnel, or at least the current position of the tunnel. Without stopping, he called back to Sundara,"you may be able to manipulate this reality, but it cannot manipulate me (or at least my powers)."


"My, my," Sundara drawled with a tone of amusement in her voice, "it seems our Light-blinded friend is a little put out." She laughed. "So you wish to return to your party? By all means. Sister dear."

Reality melted and faded once more, and the lights of the party gleamed all around them. Soft music whispered from instruments hidden in the trees, played perhaps by the wind, and perhaps otherwise... "And did you miss us?" She smiled at the various guests. "My apologies for our absence. But now, let us celebrate -"

She paused, raising a delicate eyebrow, and turned to Allanon.

"Or would you prefer not to? You may stay or go as you wish."

Rubbing it in

Allanon turned to face Sundara's slurs and spoke, his voice icy,"thank you for your 'permission' to leave, but I think I'll stay for a bit longer."

He looked around quickly then, finding the perfect spot, went to sit down under the shade of a large oak. There, he let his thoughts and temper brood, trying to keep control of both.

(you can't get rid of me THAT easily) :p

Carra looked at the now-sleeping Kyree. To Eval she said calmly, "That is one bratty kid."

His lip quirked. She took that as agreement.

"He's not exactly the brightest bulb in the chandelier, either." She blinked, and wondered where that metaphor had come from. What was a chandelier and what did bulbs have to do with it? How could bulbs be bright, anyway? They all looked much the same until you planted them. Never mind. "Eval, I don't think Sundara would mind if you taught this brat a lesson, once he wakes up. Or before." She looked at him thoughtfully, dozing in the sun as if he didn't have the faintest idea who he was dealing with. He probably didn't."

"Did you miss me?" Sundara materialized in the middle of the glade, Allanon and Melissande on either side. Melissande looked, as usual, wary. Allanon looked furious. Sundara looked - amused.

"Why, little sister, we always miss you," Carra said as Allanon stalked off icily. "Wherever have you been, Melissande? You missed the music." She grinned, then sobered up.

"Sundara, that boy is the brattiest kid I ever met, bar none. Mind if Eval and I teach him a lesson or two?"

Don't worry, Kyree *chuckles* we won't hurt you.

Kyree woke up to the clanging of a spoon and glass. He stretched, yawned, and looked around. He saw the woman who'd brought him here, and the other woman she was with.... then he saw Carra, and remembered whut he'd said.

{oh oh...Man, I wuz sure nasty to her... and that other guy... where is he anyway???} He looked a bit more but didn't recognize him anywhere amoung the croud.

[*yes, I'm aware he IS there, but KYREE doesn't know that*]

"well," he said as he stood up "I better go apologize right now. I hope she believes that I'm really NOT always like that. I dunno whut came over me." He walked over to Carra slowly. He wuz really uncomfy. He now noticed all the other ppl standing around having fun.

"uhh...hi...I'm, I'm really sorry for saying that stuff and all...About you and your sis." He said...but there wuz an akward silence, and odd look on her face "And if you see that other guy" he had to fill the silence, it seemed to deafen him "can you tell him I'm sorry for telling him off too?"


Eval's eyes glinted with amusement.

"I am standing right here, boy. Are your eyes as well as your manners failing you?"

His mouth curled into a smile that customarily made men step back a few paces. "Your apology is accepted. But." Flows of Air abruptly jerked the boy off his feet, floating at eye-level with him. "You know - that if you address Sundara or Carramaena in such fashion again, I believe I shall take her suggestion about a 'lesson.'"

He let Kyree drop lightly to the ground, and turned to Sundara. "You have been away long, fair one. Will you not join us at table?"

Eval Ramman
Dangerous when provoked

"Surely." She laid her arm lightly on his, allowing him to escort her to the head of the table - which, after all, was where she should be. Pouring herself a glass of wine, she turned to her neighbour at table, which happened to be Arie'Nerys.

"We have a chance to talk at last, so you must forgive me my curiosity. Where are you from, and how have you come here? I have studied the intersection of worlds, but I haven't yet pinpointed yours."

The ever-curious

Arie'Nerys looked around. There were several people here she could have sworn weren't here a minute ago. Maybe just the effects of... performing. No one else seemed to be touching the mouth watering food laying around. She raised her glass and tapped it with a spoon. The clear note reverberated and grew louder and louder till everyone turned to look at her. She smiled innocently and raised her glass. "I propose a toast! Here's to... er... well..."

Ares smirked. Maybe you should've thought this out better.

Damn, you're right.

"Um..anyone have anything they want to toast?"


{ACK! T-H-A-T wuz the guy?!?!? Man, I must have totally mis-recalled whut he looked like!} Kyree wuz sure the ppl laffing in the background were laffing at HIM.

As Kyree followed the two to a table *If Eval DIDN"T invite me...oh well, another embarassing moment for Kyree I guess* He began to think {...how in the world did he get lifted off the goind??!! This man (Kyree assumed it was him who did it) must be a shamen or something...but all the magic users and Shamens/Shamenesses he knew all had to at least recite a short incantation to manipulate the wind like that... perhaps he was a gawd?} Kyree couldn't be sure, so he kept his contemplations to himself and acted normal... well more-or-less anyway... as much as he could under such circumstances.


Things had been turning for the interesting - not saying, of course, that things were not always not interesting, which they possibly were, if a hyper rambler can withstand his own ramblings.

Only in the day of Mashiara ...ah, Mashiara... had tempers flared so vehemently. Apparently some newbies took more time to adjust to than others, reflected Kiriath. He had known that, never fully experienced it.

...and then there was this other noise, a kind of static. The world was shaking, splitting... ending?... no, this was a static of existence. It ..no, too impossible... yes. It was alive! Posts upon posts whirled in his mind, more hallucinogenic than any concocted drug. Posts were created, posts were read, some from the very beginning of the world.

It had returned, smiled Kiriath, eyes whirling as they had never - never? possibly some other time - whirled before. Remnants of memories flooded his mind.

The Alliance, the Society, the Library... it almost hurt, the beauty. Even a new person rivaling STRAWN had appeared. No offense, Bob, if you ain't that way, you just seemed a spammer.

Kiriath laid back in his chair, watching the mayhem around him; chaos was erupting so heavily that posts were springing up by themselves, engineered by the immortal Creator himself (thank you Eddie).

One thing was certain, however long it would take the rambler to collect his thoughts and think straight (as much as he usually did) again.

The stories are long,
New threads begun.
Naysayers were wrong,
The Wheel goes on.

Did Kiriath just bard? I think he did. Go figure - it's pathetic, but lines come out on their own in this mood.

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
I go on vacation for three days...
...and the place prospers! :)

Sundara smiled at the Intrigleeman. "Kiriath, Kiriath, did you ever doubt? Have more faith!" She laughed. "When did madness ever die?

"We're passing through Ages, no more than that. There was the Age of WoTA - then there was the Quiet Age - and now we're approaching the Age of Insanity!"

All around them, the board spun with activity.

Turn, Wheel, turn...

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