June 01-29, 2000
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Psycho Music

Arie'Nerys considered. Someone actually wanted to hear the Psycho Music. "Well, if you insist. I'll have to tell Ares he has a request. He'll be flattered."

Ares, you have a request.


Is there anyone else here named Ares?

I suppose not. But who... oh, never mind.

And so it began. Ares summoned the other voices. After the quiet murmur that always had preceded the Music, it started. It started as a harmonious melody that seemed unnaturaul in its beauty. Then Ares joined in. Immediately, the Music changed. An irregular rhythm grew in intensity as harsh pitches at intervals danced in and out of the rhythms. Then voices began singing no recognizable words. Or even language. Instead, the voices blended with the tones. Then Arie'Nerys took over. With motions similar to those of an expert weaver, she appeared to be grabbing threads from the air. And it came together. It stopped increasing in volume, though it seemed to resonate until it filled the entire space and vibrated.

Arie'Nerys stared. It had never vibrated. The other powers nearby explained that. And no one appeared to be going stark raving mad. Surely some, if not all, were already, but still. A strange occurance; as strange as the Music itself.

"Well, now you've heard the Psycho Music...."


"Well, hey." A grin flashed to Carra's face. "Now that is what I call music!"


Ares suddenly cut off. Now that was a reaction he'd never had before. Usually, it was something to the effect of "please, for the love of everything holy and good, please, for the love of life, stop! I will do anything you desire, just please make the hurting stop!!" Sometimes the victim threatened to kill him and desecrate his remains in many very creative ways. Never, though, had anyone grinned after it.

Arie'Nerys grinned inwardly. Well, what did you expect from a Dark Sister who can hear you?


Melissande stared across as the woman began singing. And such singing! A slight shiver ran down her spine, and she was suddenly glad of the Shadow's protection. Alone, she would have been more than just shivering. Bloody ashes, she thought, joining the little cluster. Was that pleasure or pain? Carramaena certainly seemed to like it, but then, she was hardly sane.

"Intriguing," she observed aloud.

A very new Dark Sister

Allanon sat there, watching the expressions of those around him, and doing his best to resist the temptation to cover his ears. Screeching is more like it, he thought, the song bordering on a strange combination of pain and ecstasy. But then again he had never been much of a music lover.

"It's certainly different," he said, so as not to be completely rude.

This place is getting stranger and stranger by the minute.

wondering if anybody in this place is sane?
(finals are finally over!!!)

"Intriguing," Sundara murmured. "Different. That it is." She had not failed to notice the expressions on others' faces. From Melissande's shiver, she had just seen one advantage of being a Dark Sister. The most in-control Aes Sedai would have been writhing on the ground by now.

"In fact, I have to say I like it," she continued, and smiled as she saw a number of people shudder. "Carra, do you have your guitar here? I wonder if you could play a duet. That would certainly be - different."

That remark brought even more shudders, and she laughed aloud.


Arie'Nerys laughed aloud along with the woman. "Different" was the understatement of the century. A guitar? Ares had always gone... how did that phrase go? Ah yes... a capella. But then again, he'd never had anyone enjoy his music besides herself. Poor guy, he was actually quite good. He just drove most people out of their minds. But a guitar? It could be fun.


Eval slipped an arm around Sundara, lightly caressing her slender waist. "My dearest," he remarked softly, "you are beginning to frighten me. Semirhage herself would have hesitated to make such a suggestion."

The comment did not appear to discourage Sundara; indeed, if anything her smile widened. Eval grinned.

Sometimes he pitied the Light.

"A duet would be a fine thing," he agreed. Depending of course on who was listening.

Eval Ramman
Lord of Darkness

"Then a duet it is!" Carra snapped her fingers, and a guitar materialised in her hands. She glanced at Arie'Nerys. "OK, Ares, take it when you're ready."

She strummed the guitar, coaxing out a strangely eerie melody that brought shivers down a few spines. After a moment she started to sing. Softly, but sending her voice a few places it probably wasn't humanly possible to go.

She waited for Ares to join in.

Just another psychotic musician

Kiriath chuckled, loving the sound. Mellow, noisy, chaotic... heck, even Psycho and Eccentric all in one. It was quite pleasant to Eccentric ears - much more pleasant than the curse that was the Boy and Girl Groups. Of course, the Psycho music WAS that, in its own fashion... oddly enough, there was a touch of it. Undoubtedly, there was some piece of it that annoyed everyone - but that is the heart of Eccentricity.

Though one piece annoys one, the rest of it mustn't annoy that one. So it seemed. The gleeman became slightly disgruntled at the offer of a duet - what was a gleeman that couldn't make music? His alternate form couldn't make music pleasing to the ears - but this form could. He wasn't a gleeman for nothing.

Out came a flute with holes here, holes there... He wouldn't use it. Quite yet.

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
There's multicellular organisms, how about multicellular flutes? It works, but didn't sound right...

Arie'Nerys grinned happily in anticipation. The music coming from the stringed instrument wasn't what she'd expected, but it was perfect nonetheless.

You heard her Ares, take it away.

He hadn't quite absorbed the fact that these people wanted an encore performance.

Yeah, yeah, I heard. It's just...

You can't do it?

What? Of course I can... watch me.

Arie'Nerys giggled. Now, how was she supposed to watch a voice.

Oh shut up... you know what I mean. Okay, here I go...

The music was different this time. More fluid, yet more chilling. Like being surrounded by a dark forest with eyes and footsteps all around you, trying to keep up hope and sanity. The guitar and the voices blended together perfectly. Hey, she's pretty good, Ares thought.


Carra grinned across at him. "Damned right I am."


Sundara leaned against Eval, enjoying the music. It was so very... dark.

"What do you think of it?" she asked him softly. "And for that matter, I wonder what the Light would think of it..."


She kept singing, letting their voices weave around the guitar, which she strummed with finger-twisting melodies. An old memory touched her thoughts - something from one of those worlds that she might have come from, or might not - and she smiled secretively, and just for a moment let words rise out of the formless tune.

"Turn your thoughts away, from the garish light of day...and listen..." her voice fell to a low almost-whisper, "to the music... of the Night."


A haunting flute melody brought itself within the room - though having never tried in that Other World, the rambler's tunes were nevertheless nothing short of pure haunt.

The tunes seeped into the collective consciousness of all who listened - be they sane, insane, Psycho, or Eccentric. The music brought rambles into the minds - not a song of pure mood, it was more a song of pure thought. Pure and relentless and neverending thought that brought everyone's ears to the haunting mood of it all.

Perhaps there was mood, reflected Kiriath in the midst of his melody. Perhaps there was a definite beat and noise and sway and whatever else inspired a creature to begin its foray to the madness of Eccentricity.

Perhaps it was all in Kiriath's minds. Perhaps others were thinking other things, though brought on by the same methods.

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
Power supply of comp was shot for a bit.
Back in action.
Psychosisness: What a fun word.

Melissande shivered again. She tried not to listen and found herself listening anyway. It was dark, it was beautiful in a frightening sort of way, and it was utterly insane.

And if she listened for a moment more, she was going to go out of her mind. She slipped as quietly as she could out the door.

Out of her mind, out of her depth, out of control

Allanon's eyes followed Melissande quite closely as she crept out of the room. Honestly, he could not blame her. This strange, psychotic mixture of music was more than enough to drive a normal person insane.

The only reason he had stayed so far was to prove to the dark sisters that he could stand up to their madness. It certainly took effort, but the music could be shut out.

Suddenly a thought bloomed, if Melissande is so affected by the music then she must still have an affinity for the Light! With this thought in mind, he stood up and quickly(and quietly) made his was towards the exit Melissande had taken.

hoping to once again show some the grace of the Light

Carramaena watched Melissande leave, and Allanon follow her, and shared a smile with Sundara and Eval. She was impressed they'd stayed for so long.

She let the music trail off and stood up, bowing in response to the remaining listeners' applause. "It was a pleasure playing with you all," she said to Kiriath and Arie'Nerys (and others). "We must do it again sometime."

In control, well in depth, out of her mind anyway

"Well played, friends," Sundara called. "Well played, sister. Or should I follow your lead in lines? Bravo, bravo, bravissima!"

She turned her smile on Arie'Nerys, and presumably Ares behind her eyes. "Talent indeed. We are not normally in the habit of making our guests sing for their supper, but you've surely earned a feast. So come outside, all of you, a banquet's set beneath the stars. And I will be back in just a moment." She laughed. "Just as soon as I find our errant friends."


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