March 08-22, 2000
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Late Guests

Carra took in Melissande's outfit. Tight, decadent and the perfect colour for a Dark sister. In other words, Melissande was learning fast.

"The party's right here, when the guests turn up. I think learning about another Dark Sister scared the Lightfriends off. But they should be here soon. In the meantime - " Carra looked around to make sure Kiriath wasn't nearby. "Has anyone told you about "Dance Dae'mar"?"

(No, spectacular outfits are as old as Dark Sisters in this RP. But I'm starting to wonder where everyone is. Kir?)

Ready to party - so where are the guests?

"You mean Daes Dae'mar, don't you?" Carramaena shook her head. "No? Then I have no idea what it is."

She glanced around as well. No one seemed to be coming at the moment. "Tell me, then."


"Dance Dae'mar is the ancient game of the Light and Shadow. Just as Daes Dae'mar is the Great Game, this is the Great Dance. It could be considered a specialised variant of Daes Dae'mar. On the other hand, the Great Game could equally well be considered a somewhat limited version of it."

Sundara sat down on a conveniently low tree branch. "We all play it, constantly, but parties especially are full of intrigue. On the lower levels of both Shadow and Light, the dynamic is that of a battle. Here at the Dark Palace - and at the Light's not-so-secret fortresses - we play a game. We plot and scheme, make bargains and break alliances. And we always dance, because it's a wonderful way to talk with no one hearing and to have fun at the same time." She smiled. "Hard though it is to believe to most people, we don't really want to kill each other. And we don't want to destroy the world - any more than a grandmaster breaks his board after one game of chess. Wait, you don't have chess in this Age, do you? Stones, then. Ask Kir and Carra, they know all about that game..."

She laughed. "Basically, Dance Dae'mar is about enjoying yourself as much as possible!"

Sundara - in Brown Ajah lecture mode

Kiriath's eyes focused into existence, realised they were not where they seemed, and arrived into the land of the virtual living. Or was it the real living? A philosophic rambler is a philosophic rambler, reflected by the warped mind of a pointless ramble that has no meaning to this topic, though it is debatable if a topic ever existed not to be or to be...

His eyes whirled, the Cheshire-Cat effect bringing him to the center of attention at hand. "Dance Dae'mar? Don't listen to her," with a motion at Sundara for Melissande's benefit.

"Dance Dae'mar is, in most actuality, a ramble that can not end and will always be." Kiriath grumbled, having to admit a bit, "Sundara had some of it correct; Dance Dae'mar is a reflection of our very purpose. We strive to drive others completely insane, bringing our Eccentricity to its fullest while still..."

The gleeman scratched his rhetorical head with a fifth hand. "Wait. That's the purpose of Eccentricity, not Dance Dae'mar." With a triumphal but not cocky grin, he laughed something akin to Lucca from Chrono Trigger. "See? The two games are so tightly entwined that you can hardly tell one from the other!"

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
Ever played Chrono Trigger, any of you? :> Better than most RPGs.

"Yes," Sundara agreed, "that's another way of thinking about it." Then she pointed a stern finger at Kiriath. "You, gleeman, are late. And not just late, but late to a Dark Sister party. What do you have to say for yourself?"


"I'm not dead yet!"

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
Ever the Python fanatic.

"Avoiding my party is a good way of getting that way."

Melissande, of the slightly darker Blue Ajah

Sundara smiled. "There you go, Kiriath. I'd advise you to apologise to Melissande before she takes it into her head to do something - Dark Sisterly."

Sundara, of the distinctly darker Brown Ajah

"First I have to be completely sure she IS a Dark Sister, Shai'Dara." Kiriath flinched, winking.

"I humbly apologize, Shai'ande." Kiriath flinched again. "It was never my intention to miss the party, much less be late for it. Better late than never. But then... in this universe.. you're never late..." Kiriath blinked. "But I just was, wasn't I?"

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
I have no point, of course. :>

He had looked Myrddraal in the face. He had schemed and plotted to survive the equal schemes and plots of his fellow Chosen. He had walked the toothed path to the Pit of Doom.

But it still strained his courage to arrive at the Dark Palace that night.

"A fine evening," he remarked.

Four faces turned to look at him. A nervous-looking Kiriath, and three Dark Sisters not looking particularly amused.

"Eval," Sundara said in a voice of silk and steel, "you're late."

"Alas, so I am, and from the bottom of my heart I apologise. I have been away carrying out various missions, but had I been aware of this occasion I would have cut all of them short in order to be here. My lady Melissande, please accept my congratulations and best wishes on your elevation."

She raised an eyebrow. "Nice speech."

"It has always been a gift of mine - but I would not waste this evening with mere words." Eval bowed. "My lady, may I have the privilege of the first dance?"

Eval Ramman

"Good idea. You two dance." Carra snapped her fingers to set music playing. "And you, gleemaniac, get to dance with me. Aren't you lucky?"

She didn't give Kiriath a chance to answer, grabbing his hands and spinning around. "C'mon, dance!"


"Of course I'm lucky!" grinned Kiriath. "Not as lucky as Matrim, of course, but close enough for my tastes." Which, of course, he was. Carra had literally pulled him into her arms. The gleemaniac's Gargle Blaster had given her four, however, at least from his vantage.

"You lead, I suppose," he chuckled. Carra just grinned in that Dark Sisterly way. The old passion for Dance Dae'mar was beginning to weasel into Kiriath... that look implied that something eventful was about to occur.

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleefulmaniac
With Carra leading, it seems. *chuckle*

Carra tossed her coppery hair back, smiled warmly up at Kiriath, and kicked him in the shin.


"Just getting your attention, Kir. I think you've had too much to drink. Rhyme unintentional. But can you play Daes Dae'mar drunk?" She grinned at him. "Because if you've lost your edge - you're going to be in trouble before the night ends."

Her eyes flashed, the grey one violet, the violet one grey, in her version of a wink. "Enjoy the party, Kir."

Who else should be leading?

He took a deep breath and walked forward. Waiting longer would do him no good that night, nor bolster his courage any further. Being the only lightfriend at a party such as this can tend to make a person nervous.

"Pleasent evening all."

The dancing stopped momentarily and everyone turned towards him, Kiriath and Eval with looks of pity on their faces.

"Before you say anything, I know quite well that I'm late, and to my first Dark Sister party nonetheless."

He turned first towards Melissande. "Although I cannot say I am pleased with the recent turn of events(definitely not pleased), I am incredibly sorry that I am late this evening."

He took a step back and turned to the hosts. "I am sorry to have missed any of this marvelous event of your doing. It truly is, despite the circumstances, quite magnificent. Thank you very much for the invitation."

Lastly, holding his hand out to Sundara,"It seems to me that you could use a partner m'lady. Would you do me the pleasure?"

~Allanon, a somewhat lonely lightfriend
(how else is a person supposed to find out information around here without eavesdropping?)

Sundara laughed. "Well," she said lazily, "normally you'd be in trouble. But we did declare a truce between Light and Shadow for the occasion, I suppose we're obliged to forgive you."

She took his extended hand. "And yes, I'd love to dance."

(Actually, you're not the only Lightfriend - Kiriath is too. Just somewhat confused.)

"Ah, a party! So, everything as per usual, I see..." The cat-eyed woman smiled as she watched the dancers. Another point for the Shadow, and, in the only possible consequence by Dark Sister logic, another party.

And, indeed, what was wrong with that. If it kept the Dark Sisters amused and out of her fur...

Cat laughed. The six dancers looked around with varying expressions of startlement, puzzlement or irritation.

"Not you again," Sundara sighed.

The Black Cat smiled. "None other."

~The Black Cat~

Carra also sighed. The Black Cat was fun, entertaining and could be charming when she wanted to be. The Black Cat was also downright annoying at times.

Oh, well.

"What happened to your kittens?" she asked. "I haven't seen them since my adoption party."

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty...

Kiriath's eyes whirled. Another random player in the plots had returned. Now things could get downright extremely enticingly interesting.

With a wink at the Cat, he winked at Carra with the same eye at the same time. Even his rambling didn't know how he pulled that off. "Now things get really good," he grinned. "Especially if those kittens do resurface."

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
We all know the drill: the more, the merrier! *wink*

"Oh, they're around!" Cat's smile was wicked. "You'll spot them sooner or later - most likely sooner," she added as a tiny 'meow?' was heard from the shadows.

A red-gold kitten, a silvery-gray one, and a little black one - or, as they blinked, two girls and a boy with red-gold, silver and black hair respectively.

"We came to join the party, too."

~The Black Cat - and Ginger, Silver and Blackie~

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