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Category: WoT Alternate Reality
Author: Sundara, Kiriath, Carramaena

A Treatise Upon The Eccentric Power


(dedicated to Carra and Kir...)

Unlike channeling the One Power, which is a talent one must be born with, or the True Power, bestowed by the Great Lord of the Dark upon those few whom he deems worthy, the Eccentric Power is (at least in theory) accessible to everyone.

Certain people appear to be more vulnerable to the addiction - and make no mistake, addiction is what it is - than the saner majority. These are not many. To date, only two channelers of the Eccentric Power (hereby referred to as EP) are known to exist, although due to the problem of multiple personalities (see the following list of symptoms) numbers are not easy to determine.

The symptoms of EP addiction are varied, and no two individuals are affected in quite the same way. That being said, it is still possible to make generalisations, and the more common symptoms are as follows.

The EP can be used to manipulate objects and events, usually through the medium of some sort of tangible metaphor such as a stones board or an ever-changing painting. Whether seriously or not, it has been suggested that the universe itself was the creation of a particularly Eccentric channeler using the well-known metaphor of the Wheel and Pattern.

Such speculations are the province of scholars, but there is one fact that everyone should know: EP addiction is incurable. Should you believe a friend or relative is experimenting with this Power, it is vital that you get help for them; they may be one of the few who are incapable of limiting use of the EP to a reasonable level, and without help will eventually go completely insane.

For two of my friends, alas, it is far too late. Don't let people you care about become like Kiriath and Carramaena. Call the EP Addiction Hotline NOW.



It has come to my many attentions that a certain group has arisen to counter the Eccentric ramblings that we have been sworn to protect. The Eccentric Addiction Hotline dwells among us, waiting for the day in which it can destroy our very essence - EAH is a fitting acronym; any self-respecting being would scream as it deletes any portion of insanity -the only true sanity- from the being in question... or would that be answer? I digress, as such IS a requirement...

As you were, Mazrin! EAH is, it seems, a renegade faction of our own agents. This is a paradox in itself, further proving the fact that all Eccentricity affects other of its kind - and even when strife within the ranks occurs, it still affects everyone! No one is safe... eventually our final plan will succeed. Ahem... not that anyone but me ..we!.. know about it... them!... that is.

It appears that my own Eccentricity is taking control of me. Notumar seems to have no effect on this matter; although his Eccentric body-changing has threatened my well-being numerous times, I nevertheless keep him around. Though it seems that his anti-Taveren skill is beginning to affect my Eccentricity, I hope I can succumb to my own rambling before... er... ah, blood and bloody flaming...

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
I am not crazy! I'm just Eccentric :)

*Carra grabs the phone*

0800-INSANITY...ring, ring...

"The EP Addiction Hotline, how can we help you?"

"Hi. I'm frequently told that I'm the second-worst scandal in the Dark Palace. Should I be worried?"

"Don't worry, that's perfectly normal behaviour for Dark Sisters."

"Ah. THank you."

"You're quite welcome, feel free to call any time if you need to."

"Incidentally, I also have whirling eyes, my paintings keep changing without my doing anything, and I talk to people who only exist inside someone else's head."

*pause* "Is this Carramaena L'Var?"

"Well, yes -"


I don't think they want to talk to us, Kir. Ain't that sad?

Carramaena, eccentric and proud of it

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