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Author: Sundara

The Rambling Roleplay FAQ (the Dark version)

Frequently Asked Questions about Rambling Roleplay

Q. What is it?
A. A very strange place, inhabited by very strange people, where insanity, intrigue and in-jokes abound. It is loosely, very loosely, based on the Wheel of Time, but Jordan would probably have a heart attack if he saw what we've made of his books.

Q. What's this Dark Family I've been hearing about, and who are the Dark Sisters?
A. The Dark Sisters are beautiful, charming, intelligent and very dangerous women who claim to be the Dark One's younger sisters. He doesn't dare argue the point. The Dark Family is their associated group of servants, lovers, and hangers-on. They all stay, when in residence, in the Dark Palace, a spectacular structure built atop Shayol Ghul and hidden by mists of illusion from the rest of the world.

Q. Oh. So who are the Light Knights?
A. The Light Knights are somewhat deranged individuals who think they have a chance of defeating the Dark Family.

Q. So which side are you on - as if I couldn't tell?
A. Excellent question! I am a Dark Sister, and my name is Sundara.

Q. Sum it up. Who's on which side?
A. The Dark currently consists of myself, Carramaena L'Var and Eval Ramman. The Light consists of Kiriath, Flame and Dune. The Black Cat and the Darkness are, despite their names, neutral, as is Ulrike, the creator and owner of this site, and her dragon friend Al'cair'rahien. Melissande walks in the Light, but we're doing our best to tempt her away from it. There are also such characters as Mazrin Fain, Samirhage and Notumar, who are some of Kiriath's agents. The number of characters does not equate to the number of roleplayers, however, as several play more than one character. There have been several more players in the past, none of whom are currently active.

Q. Are any of them channelers?
Yes. Eval, Kiriath, Ulrike, Melissande and I channel the One Power, Kiriath and Carramaena channel the Eccentric Power, and I'm the only serious True Power user.

Q. What's so special about this Eccentric Power? You all seem eccentric to me!
A. No, most of us are merely crazy. Eccentricity is a particular subset of craziness.

Q. What's rambling?
A. Rambling is the talent of getting your point across in the most roundabout way possible, a talent which has been raised to an art form by Kiriath and Eval Ramman, whom, however, ramble in quite different ways; for example, Kiriath would begin by starting a conversation with one or more of the voices in his head, who at some point would probably come out of his head to talk for themselves, whereas Eval would begin by introducing himself as a rambler, the rambler of ramblers, a veritable king of ramblers, who is here to demonstrate to you the fine art of rambling at which he is unquestioned master, and has the honour and privilege to address you, his audience, distinguished people all, upon this fine day… and so on.

Q. Was that really one sentence?
A. Yes.

Q. OK, that's impressive.
A. As the saying goes, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Q. How can I join in?
A. Walk up to someone and say hello. It's as easy as that.

Q. How can I join the Dark?
A. Just ask! We'll sign you up straight away, and we'll even throw a party to celebrate.

Q. Did you say party?
A. That's right. We of the Dark throw regular parties. Since the Dark One controls reality around Shayol Ghul, literally anything is possible. The wine flows freely, the food is guaranteed to be delicious and the music will have you dancing on the tables before the night is through.

Q. What about the Light?
A. This is a Shadow-sponsored FAQ. Why should we tell you how to join our rivals?

Q. Well, can I just stay neutral?
A. Sure. We'll still invite you to parties. We even invite the Light Knights to parties.

Q. But aren't you at war with them?
A. Well, technically speaking.

Q. How technically?
A. We argue a lot and spy on each other. Killing anyone is considered very bad form, but kidnapping is all right. Refusing to invite someone to a party is unforgivable.

Q. Where else can I find out about this roleplay?
A. You can read the FAQ created by Kiriath. You can read my treatise on the Eccentric Power (coming soon). You can browse through old RP posts from the boards before this one. All of these may be found on the bookshelves of Dragon's Library. Or, you can just jump in.

Q. Any rules I should know?
A. Have fun. Don't flame anyone. Don't write other characters' actions into your posts if it's not something they'd approve of - and try to err on the side of safety. In general, just have fun.

Q. Thanks for the help.
A. You're welcome. See you at the next party.

Sundara of the Dark Brown Ajah

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