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Author: Kiriath

Kiriath's Roleplaying FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Rambling Roleplay

Q. What is it?
A. That's exactly what all of us have been trying to figure out. It originated in a discussion about Red Ajah - you really don't want to know - and ended up with the Great Mistress of the Dark controlling the board through her continual parties. The Light Warriors, now Light Knights, were formed by Kerek Stormshield to stop their advance before the whole board succumbed. Ramblers were in both places, a group of spies known as the Intrigleemen being created by the original rambler, Kiriath. Wolfkin hold out in their own ways, Elrys the most prominent. Brown sisters abound - it makes sense, in a world of words - such as Sundara (who thought up the phrase, "Insanity, intrigue, and in-jokes," a fitting term for it all) and Serafelle, the owner of this board.

Q. What are the Dark Sisters and what is the Dark Family?
A. Shai'Ariel, better know as Ariella, the Great Mistress of the Dark, and sister to the Dark One himself, was the first one released from their brother's Bore. Many more have followed, among them Sundara (Vice Mistress and Brown sister), Carramaena L'var (Dark Regent and Spymistress), and more. So many people have followed in their path, the more prominent being DarkHound (the board Brit, and having the wit), Eval Ramman (so far, the longest-paged Rambler), Nightfall (the resident drunk), the Prophet (not Masema ... this guy actually has a whole book of prophecies), and even the defected Agelmar Jagad (from the Light Knights)that a term has been arranged for the whole of them all, the Dark Family.

Q. What and who are these "Light Knights"?
A. Their history is not as recent as the Dark Family, but is recent enough to give them a run. They were originally named the Light Warriors, a group founded by such members as Kerek Stormshield (channeling block: sock puppets) Jandor Kirencin (man of many strange words) and Agelmar Jagad (Lord of Fal Dara, and, more importantly, Turbo-Wax. He's got a whole factory of it now). Of the original three, only Kerek remains true to the Light, with many other names appearing within the ranks. Names such as Serafelle Sedai (Brown sister), Cerise Sedai (Blue sister and bonder of two Warders, unusually), Daylorn (one of the more calmly militaristic minded) and Kiriath (Intrigleeman, undercover within the ranks).

Q. What in Shayol Ghul are these Intrigleemen?
A. Created from the mind of Kiriath, the Intrigleemen are a wandering group of spies, a interlocking network of gleemen, all reporting to Kiriath, the respun leader of them all. His antics have made him a dangerous fellow, not to mention the Eccentric Power that he wields, a Power available to any rambler. That is, of course, if you know how to use it. And, also, if you are on his good side.

Q. What Powers are there?
A. Five, so far. Saidin, Saidar, Eccentric, Whip, and Time. Saidin and saidar should be self-explanatory, assuming you've read the Wheel of Time. [If not, read it! You'll be glad you did.] That done with, saidin is Tainted, forcing the male channelers that use to it go insane and rot away, and saidar is for females. The Eccentric is given to certain ramblers, the Whip is the natural power of any Dark Sister, and Time power comes from Blackthorne, Ariella Reborn. She came via Time-Traveling and held all the Nine Rods of Dominion. When she did, she discovered that she was Shai'Ariel Reborn. Of course, the Great Mistress has a power of her own. When you say her true name, Shai'Ariel, a sudden flinch comes upon you. It should be obvious why.

Q. Do the neutrals have their own faction?
A. No. In a way, they do, but overall, the neutrals are themselves, perhaps allied to the Light or Dark rather tentatively. Here lies the wolfkin (Elrys, Flame, Dune, and Marle; as far as we know, all of them are allied with the Light) and others, including Jandor Kirencin (a Light Warrior who finally gave up, it seems), Jani al'Koski (a male channeler whose block is that only the voice in his head can channel), the Wanderer (a fellow that not many know much about, aside from his penchant for quoting movies), Ulrike and al'cair'ra'hien, better known as Alcair (Ulrike is a female channeler, and holder of the Roleplay Bookshelves. Alcair is its guardian), and, last but utterly not least, Barid Bel (a Gray Man, and Ulrike's warder). Recently, a new fellow, TrueDescender (of Shara) has surfaced.

Q. Yes, yes. But how do I join?
A. Just make a character. Unlike some roleplaying, we don't require the typical biographies and full-fledged details ..we're just a group of fellow loonies. Just have a mellow sense of humour, lighten down on the vulgarity - if you fluently utilize words that are Not Approved, Ariella will flame you for it, calmly and eloquently - and just come in. You don't necessarily have to side up with any given faction; you don't even have to make your motives all that clear. Simply let us know who you are - parties, of course, would be the best place to introduce yourself - and join in our insanity. Expect to see requests, though; the Light Knights have less members, so far, and the Dark ... well ... you'd have to experience them to fully understand them, and by then it would be too late.


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