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Real Reality

Kiriath shook his head, clearing it. Eight page research papers ...he already hated research, and having a paper devoted to such... well, it was torture.

No more. Hopefully. For a while. Until he got bored and started doing one on the video game industry. And hopefully a good ..grade? Kiriath smiled to himself. Grading. His eyes began whirling as thoughts began to formulate Eccentrically.

Moving a few Stones on his board, he steepled his fingers. A trio of agents were advancing slowly: Samirhage at one slightly raised corner, Samiam at the other. With Alvialiandrin in the middle, things were working out just perrrfectly.

Invasion," he whispered to the layout of the Dark Palace. He had a few surprises in store, but they could wait. For now, the previous quiet in the world could work to his advantage.

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
Be wary of puns: grading.

Melissande paced the floor slowly. It still seemed to be the location of her dreaming festivities, but surely she was awake now - and yet the dream continued.

Everyone had disappeared, leaving her alone in the giant room. The ter'angreal that had brought here here still refused to work, so her mysterious hostess must be still around somewhere - but she wanted to know where.

Being prisoner in a dream might have been intriguing for a while, but the fun was starting to pale.

Melissande Amaline Isten
Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah

(Hey! Someone come and let me out!)

The Darkness slowly took his eyes away from the window of the chamber he now occupied. The feeling of tensity and change hunge heavy in the air, as it had for weeks now. It was hard for him to keep his mind on anything else, always the feeling coming back to him to cloud his way of thought. The Dark Palace was quiet now, as it also had been for weeks. Gazing forth again from his window, he sent his mind across the landscape. It always helped to keep abreast of what was going on in the world, esspecially for one who had been gone as long as he.

The world seemed calm as the palace, but the feeling betrayed that air. The little snipppets of conversation that he heard from the humans as he passed through the towns and villages were nothing out of the ordinary, talk about harvest and their livestock. He pulled his mind toward the fortress of the light warriors, buried within dragonmount, hidden from most of the world that didn't see past their noses. But The Darkness saw.

Then, as he swept his gaze over the land he almost jumped up in surprise. For a second, he thought he had seen a tower, but it had immediatly dissapeared. This part of the land was not close to anything worthy of having a tower, but he knew he had saw something...

He pushed his mind towards where he had seen the glimpse of the tower, and met resistence. Whoever's place this was, they had it guarded strongly. Since he could not break through it with force, he tried stealth. Slowly he slipped his conscience through the barrier, and was in.

Inside, he glimpsed a very interesting sight. There sat that intergleeman Kiriath, his mind shooting off images that were almost blinding to The Darkness. He sat over a layout of the dark palace and was muttering about "invasion" with a wicked gleem in his eye. As always, the Eccentricity blocked his thoughts from being veiwed. If he could just get past it....

As he brushed the eccentricity, Kiriath turned. The Darkness quickly pulled his mind back to the dark palace to his body. He would have to be more careful. Not many now knew of his powers, and he wanted to keep it that way. For now, let them think him a bag of wind, not to be trifled with.

As for what Kiriath was planning, should he tell anyone? The answer came to him immediatly. No. His job was to serve the pattern, and until he was shown the course to take on this matter, it would be their little secret. Even if one party didn't know.

In the distance, he could faintly feel some person still in the dream world and seemingly unable to get out. He pulled himself into the dream where he saw that Aes Sedai from earlier standing.

"Well, greetings lady. I'd assume you need some help departing from ths dream? Well, since the party seems to be over, how about I help you out? I can't bring you back tothe white tower, so I'll have to bring you to the dark palace. The dark sisters seem to want you to stay near them."

And with that he pulled himself and the bewildered Aes Sedai back to his room in the dark palace.

"I'm sure you're free to go anywhere, so have a nice day."

The Darkness, making waves in the world..

Sundara wandered the world of the Dream. "Well," she murmured to herself, "thank the Shadow that's over. Four exams in four days..." She shuddered. "Sometime we must try and take over that world. I'm sure there's plenty of evil there we could use. Ah well, at any rate I'm glad to be home."

Still wandering, she came across the dream she had created earlier. Oops. She had remembered to free Melissande, hadn't she? Apparently not. But at least the Darkness - and what a mysterious person he was! - had done it for her. But she should probably go check on Melissande anyway.

Sundara woke up, and her dreams shimmered and dissolved like smoke on the wind. She stretched lazily. "It's good to be back!"

She dressed, and made her way down to the main living area of the palace. "Hi! Anyone else around?"

Sundara, Sister of the Dark
Sorry, Melissande. I was distracted.

Melissande was stuck away, the Darkness was freeing her -or attempting to- and Sundara was awake to boot. And this other ... presence... was jerking at his Stones board, waiting to be brought to life.

Things were definitely starting up. He'd sit out of it for just a little bit longer, waiting for Mazrin to advance from the front doors. He could probably withstand whatever they sent him -and if he was that double agent, well, there was an agent guarding him and an agent guarding that backup.

Matters were of extreme importance now. A single wrong move could throw the plans out of proportion. Now if only Notumar could pop up in a few moments, the plan would be completely executable.

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
(Music from Apocalpyse Now)

Carramaena sang along to the music of her guitar, improvising on a poem from a truly Eccentric book. "Black Cat said to a mouse, That she met in the house, Let us both go to court, I will prosecute you. Come, I'll take no denial, We must have a trial, For really this morning, I've nothing to do." She hummed for a few bars, thinking up some more lines.

"Said the mouse to the Cat, You won't get me like that! For I know Court In Session's A kangaroo trial." That was good. She strummed a few wild chords. "Oh well, if you insist, Said the Cat, and she hissed, And ate up the mouse with a satisfied smile!" She strung out the last few words, laughing. Perfect. She must remember to sing this sometime when the Cat was around.

"Hi!" a familiar voice called from below. "Anyone around?" Carra slung her guitar over her shoulder and raced down the stairs. "Hey, Dara! What's new? Apart from insanity, intrigue and in-jokes, that is."

"Not right now." Sundara laughed. "But I like your song!"

Carra grinned. "Ah well, it's just a little thing. Maybe I'll play it at the next party, if Cat decides to come. So if nothing's new, sister dear, what shall we do now?"

Carramaena, having fun rereading Alice in Wonderland

"Actually," Sundara said thoughtfully. "I've been thinking about something. It's a while since we've done any active work ourselves for the Dark, and the Chosen really aren't doing it very well. I think we should take a hand again. The Tower needs sorting out, for one, and maybe we should step up recruiting."

"You're thinking of Melissande?"

"I was, as it happens. If we could tempt her... Aran'gar's busy already, and Delana's frankly pathetic. We could use another contact among the rebels." She frowned. "Besides, I've spent a long time building up my cover in the Tower. I don't want it blown now. If Melissande won't join us, we'll just have to keep her here."

Carra pursed her lips. "But can we tempt her? And do you mean as another Dreadlord, or as one of us?"

"I think so. And as for the rest -" Sundara smiled. "We'll just have to see."

Sundara - the Dark One's little sister

Melissande turned to the strange man who had rescued her. "Thank you," she said politely. "But could you..." He was gone, and she shrugged and left the room. It opened out onto a wide hallway, with stairs leading up away from her.

She recognised the two women standing talking at the base of the stairs, and sighed. This was a very strange world she had stepped into.

"Hello, Melissande!" the redheaded Carramaena said brightly. "We were just talking about you."

Uh-oh. That sounded like trouble...

Melissande Amaline Isten
Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah

"Don't look so nervous!" Sundara laughed. "We just want to talk, for now. Let's sit down." She snapped her fingers, and servants immediately brought chairs for the three of them.

When they were all seated, she leaned forward. "Listen, Melissande, you've worked out some of what's going on here, and you know we can't possibly let you go. So - I'll offer you a deal. Join us and you have your freedom plus power, knowledge, whatever you want -" She shrugged. "Or refuse, and stay here. I can quite easily ensure that no one will miss you." A little Compulsion, a few altered dreams... "Take your time to decide, but in any case you're staying here until you do."

She leaned back again in her chair, and smiled. "Well, sister Melissande, do we have a deal or not?"

Sundara - hunting new recruits

They just wanted to talk for now. Melissande was more than a little uneasy about that 'for now.'

She didn't much like what they talked about, either. To be honest, she was completely out of her depth. Black Ajah she had heard of, Forsaken she had heard of, but these two she knew nothing about at all. She had seen and spoken to Sundara, apparently a very ordinary Brown sister, dozens of times without suspecting a thing.

"Why don't I think about it?" she said carefully. They might seem charming, but she chose her words carefully anyway. "If you're not in a hurry - well, your offer's tempting." And it was! "But I don't know anything about you. So if you can make up some reason for me to be gone, that no one will worry about, then maybe one of you two, or someone else, can explain a little more of how things work here."

That should do for now. She didn't really want to join the Shadow, although it was indeed tempting, but there was no harm in playing for time until she had a better idea of what was going on.

Melissande of the Blue Ajah

Eval paused for a moment to listen to the conversation, then moved smoothly out of the shadows to join the three.

"Forgive me for interrupting, gentle ladies." He bowed to them all, then turned to Sundara with a deeper bow. "And forgive me also for mine long absence from your side, but I have had much to do in the world. I am instructed, also, to carry to you this message; your brother summons you and the fair Carramaena to meet with him in Shayol Ghul's heart. It occurs to me, then, since you are called away and as we have already become somewhat acquainted, to offer my services as guide and guard to the lady Melissande." He paused. "I would warn you, heart's own, to be wary when you do confer with your brother. Events of late have put him in a foul temper."

Eval Ramman, Chosen of the Great Lord in some other reality - and talker of great renown

Sundara raised an eyebrow. "Oh, have they now? Well, if he tries losing it with us, he may just find himself trying to conquer the world with the like of Cyndane and Moghedien to assist him. I'm sure, given that possibility, he'll see our point of view." She rose and opened a gateway onto the slopes of Shayol Ghul. "Be nice to Melissande. I think she's a little overwhelmed at the moment. Coming, Carra?"

The gateway closed behind the pair, leaving them standing at the edge of the Pit of Doom. Sundara smiled and sauntered forward. "Well, elder brother. What's up? Bored already?"

Sundara - the Dark One's pesky little sister...

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