Posted August 10-September 12, 1999
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Archangel's Return

There is a flash of light - like lightning, but followed by no thunder, and suddenly there stands a man dressed in a white linen robe, with a belt of the finest gold around his waist. His body was hard like stone, his face shined like lightning, his eyes were like flaming torches, and his arms and legs gleamed like bronze. He held in his right hand a razor sharp sword and had the look of a man who had recently seen combat.

"I have returned."


Sundara looked around at the flash, then laughed in sudden delight. "Archangel!" she exclaimed. "I never expected to see you again. The world's changed a lot since you were here." She smiled at him, a sensuous, Dark-Sister kind of smile that would tempt even - well, even an archangel.

"Welcome back. And welcome to my party."


"Welcome to your part? Hmm... Things HAVE changed! Mind catching up an old colleague?"


"Archangel, eh?" The Darkness muttered to himself, the afterblast of the entrance rippling his billowy blackness. " I seem to remember somone... Ahh, my memory doesn't hold up in this age like it used to."

Rising from his chair, he floated over to the White Shining man, Tendrils of his body trailing after him.

He nodded to Sundara, and began to introduce himself. " Greetings, Holy angel. I am the Darkness, an elemental created by the pattern, blah blah blah. Sorry, I've just had to explain it so many times. So, do you happen to be allied with the light or the dark? Or are you neutral, like me? It seems like it would be hard with all these dark sisters and their seductive smiles eh?"

The Darkness

"I am a servant of the Creator, and thus on His side - generally thought of as the side of Light. And I agree, the Dark Sisters do indeed make it difficult not to turn to the dark, but I pledged myself to the Creator long before the Wheel of Time was even set in motion, so I will stay with Him." *smiles*


" Yes, well all the luck to you resisting the dark." The Darkness said to the angel, thinking hard. "It's been hard for me." It was a lie. Humans really didn't tempt him all that much. He had studied them too long, from when they were ignorant savages, to when they reached the peak of their existence.
"The creator's a nice guy, a little stiff... just kidding, my good man. Don't know his holiness myself. Like I said, I serve the pattern. And, in our own way don't we all?"

Always the one to leave with a comment of profound wisdom, the Darkness removed himself to a dark corner to think. He would have to keep an eye on this angel. You never know where somone fits into the pattern until you study them.

The Darkness, the most knowledgeable piece of air around

Ni! Ni! Ni! Kiriath's reality shifted, his head whirling. His olfactory lobes went out one end, his cerebellum flying out through the now open space in his --bah. Dang psychic rambling energy. Now then, what brought on THIS surge?

Making mental contact with his Stones Board, he whistled, turning his eyes to the new appearance. "Archangel!" He chuckled. "Sorry I didn't greet you sooner; you warped my reality --you know what THAT does to a rambler!"

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
Ramble ramble ramble...

"Yeah, I do - I was known as a rambler on the WoTA Board myself (though only on an amateur vs. your professional status)." *smiles*

"Why I've been told that I can go on and on and on about absolutely nothing! You wonder how this can be? Well, I doubt YOU wonder, but the average person might wonder! Anyway, you (again, meaning the "average person" you, not the "you" you) might be wondering how omeone could just ramble on and on and on about nothing - simple. You just don't realize your doing it! Why, I could be doing so now, and wouldn't even have a clue! See what I mean? I'll have to find a time when I was rambling (being an amateur, I can't simply do it on command - I just have to hit one of those times when it comes out and often don't realize it till later) and then I'll show you what I'm talk about. Until then, you'll simply have to take my word on it. But my word is good! I'm an honest and upright person. I hope one day to be as good a rambler as you, Kir, but that's an aspiration that I can only dream of - the never reachable goal...

Sure, you could reach it, but you're Kiriath! You are THE rambler! YOU can do anything where rambling is concerned! YOU are the one who people will tell their grandkids, "grandkids, Kiriath was one ramblin' man! No one could outramble him!" They'll tell their grandkids that! Seriously! I certainly will! And... what's that you say? I'm rambling?? Oh good, I've shown you an example of it then! See what I was talking about?"


"Well, there was no need to be rude about it!"

"LOL You have a good one, Kir."


The Darkness surveyed the room, his eyes seeing more then appeared in sight. The party had slowed down considerably, most of the music being played by the harpist was repeted. The Darkness felt that it was time for him to leave, It was a little bit too long to be inside Somone else's dream. Grabbing hold of his body, he pulled it out of the dream and back to his room. There, he pondered the pattern and it's choice of time to re awaken him. Nothing Important seemed to be happening, and yet ... the pattern always woke him for a reason, and usually it was big. Why now? He let his mind wander over the world, taking in the human places. What was to happen now? He almost felt it in the air, like war brewing. Why had the light been so quiet lately? Were they planning something?

Pulling his mind back to his room,he thought about al that he had seen since he had reawoken, all the while the feeling of war crackling in the air about him.

The Darkness, it's been too quiet for little ole me

Eval looked around and saw the sister introduced as Melissande standing by herself. He approached her and bowed.

"I would speak with you if I might, my lady. But you seem somewhat disoriented here. Would you prefer to sit down? There are seats in plenty."

At her nod, he guided her to a cushioned chair at the side of the hall, and seated himself opposite. Behind them, the musicians struck up another song - one that had been very popular once, back when he had been a student at the Collam Dam. Eval leaned forward. "My lady, I understand that you have not come here of your own will, but I assure you no harm is meant you. You must surely have questions about this place, this company? Ask if you will, and I will tell you what I can."

Eval Ramman, ever-courteous lord of darkness

"Questions?" Melissande fanned herself as she thoguht.(A fan had appeared as soon as she had noticed the heat, a very pretty one in blue lace that matched her dress. This was one heck of a dream - although heck was not quite the term she thought.) "Oh, I have questions all right - I'm just not sure which one to ask first!" She laughed.

"Suppose you start with yourself? You've been exquisitely courteous, but Sundara introduced you as "Chosen of the Great Lord." Surely that can't be right. As far as I know, that name is only used for the Forsaken."

"I never heard of a Forsaken called Eval Ramman and I certainly never heard of one being bonded as a Warder. So who are you, where did you come from and, for that matter, where is this?"

Melissande Amaline Isten,
Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah

"Hello, Melissande," came a voice from behind. She whirled almost as quickly as his eyes were whirling. "As we have stated, this is an alternate universe." Melissande stated blankly at him, though the gleeman could tell she was quickly becoming adjusted to this world. "I suppose you knew most of that already, though, didn't you?"

He chuckled. "Pardon the Eccentric rambling.. you see, Miss Sedai, that Eval Ramman is currently the longest-paged rambler in this world. And when two ramblers coincide..." he looked up at Eval, smiling, his eyes whirling. "It is nice to see you back, good fellow. Just.. don't steal any of my rambling titles." With that, he waved to both and switched bodies; back he was with the musicians, surveying the room. Being away for too long does strange things to a rambler's mind and body and ..*cough*.. that's far enough.

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
A short ramble, but this is an odd computer.

Eval grinned. "Glad to see you again, Kiriath - and the rambler's code strictly forbids thieving. Your titles are safe from me."

He turned back to an even more confused Melissande. "Where was I? Ah, yes. As Kiriath said, this is an alternate universe, or rather a place where universes meet. In one universe I was called Balthamel, died and was reincarnated in - odd - manner. In another, I did not die, but ended up here, and reverted to my original name to avoid confusion. As for the Warder bond - well." He shrugged.

"It is a law of nature that the most powerful man may be rendered powerless when one specific woman snaps her fingers. I was never renowned for monogamy in my former life, but one night in my dreams, I heard those fingers snap. Thus did I end up a Warder, and I can't say I ever had reason to regret it..."

He smiled at Melissande. "And you, my lady. How did you come to be here? I arrived late, unfortunately, and was not here at your arrival."

Eval Ramman
Bonded heart and soul to the dreamwalker Sundara

"I wouldn't mind knowing that myself." She touched the ter'angreal in her belt pouch; it still wasn't working, and hadn't since she'd found herself here. "I was planning to have a look around the Tower in Tel'aran'rhiod, but I ended up here instead, and the hostess doesn't seem inclined to let me go. I do understand the principles of hospitality, but this really is taking it a bit far."

Melissande of the Blue Ajah

Sundara overheard that last comment as she approached the pair, and laughed softly. "But Melissande, hospitality is so very important," she chided. "Besides, we're enjoying your company - and I still haven't given up hope of converting you."

She gestured widely. "Here you are, in the heart of the Shadow's forces, with all you want provided - well, except a way out - interesting company and the chance to say whatever you want to Elaida with no recriminations. Tell me honestly, aren't you just the least bit tempted?"

Sundara, Sister of the Dark

"Tempted?" Melissande exclaimed. "Of course I'm tempted! Immensely tempted! Especially by that last. But if the Dark wins, the Dark One's going to destroy the world and remake it. I kind of like it like it is. So I'll stay with the Light unless you can come up with something more to convince me."

Melissande - a sorely-tempted Aes Sedai

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