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The Darkness swirled into existence in the dream of Sundara. He greeted the hostess with a graciuos bow, and for effect, reached into his billowy blackness to pull out a bouquet of pitch black roses. Then, sauntered over to take a seat in the corner. It's time the party got a little more exciting...

The Darkness

"Presents?" Mashiara echoed, and laughed her characteristic mad, all-encompassing laugh. "Oh yes, I love presents... And I know just exactly what to get you." The Eccentric's eyebrows shot up. "Oh?"

"Of course." Her grin betrayed a certain evil element in her personality, but there was a good side to evil, and an evil side to good, so what did it matter? A dark side of light, a light side of dark... Mashiara leaned forward until their faces nearly touched, and whispered into his ear a single word.

His face broke out into a grin, and as she stepped back, she reached up and ruffled his hair. "Good enough?" she asked, and tried to stifle a giggle, unsuccessfully.

Mashiara Shaidar
Lady Chaos

The Darkness, lounging in the air in the corner of the room thought this a dull party indeed. Nothing like the Kora used to throw. Why, the cheese dip was just so...

Suddenly, it hit him like a stampede of cattle, threataning to shake his mind apart. It was all he could do to show no outward effects of it to the room.

Then, just as suddenly it subsided. He knew who to serve now, the choice had been made.

He spotted Sundara across the room, and darted over to her.

"Why Darkness, what a pleasant sur..." she started untill he cut her off.

" There's no time left. I need to speak with representitives from both sides, light and dark. You will do for the dark, could you help me to find a representitive for the light?"

The Darkness

Kiriath smiled, forming an invisible Eccentric hand to ruffle Mashy's hair in return. His hands were full; whether Melissande was still here or not, he was dancing with something. "I like the sound of that," he grinned. "The more Eccentric the present, the better the presented present will be presented to the person it should be presented to." Did he just say that? Two Eccentrics in the same room added to...

Holy smeg. Eval Ramman, at Sunny's feet. And the Darkness moving. No wonder his Eccentricity had gone off so abruptly. Two eyes appeared in the back of his head, both whirling. One caught Mashy's own, one peered curiously at the Sunny area. This could be interesting.

"Very interesting indeed." Did he say that out loud? He sighed; even a master rambler couldn't control a ramble when two fellow ramblers rambled their way into an already rambling ramble.

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
Holy smeg, I like that word!

Mashiara smiled innocently, giving the effect of a shark about to go on a feeding frenzy.

Then she whipped Kiriath around suddenly, abruptly taking his hands, and waltzed him away from his other partner. Then she moved one hand to the back of his neck, grabbed his hair, and pulled him quite close to her, until she could whisper into his ear. "Kiriath, darling, don't touch my hair again. Unless of course I give you permission to sign an affidavit or seven."

She grinned innocently again, and achieved the effect of a wolf about to tear the throat of a newborn lamb out with its teeth.

Mashiara Shaidar,
Lady Chaos

"Hmmm, well there doesn't seem to be anyone that could represent the light here..." Sundara stated, seemingly unhappy about him cutting her off like that. The Darkness suspected that that did not happen often.

"Well, no matter. I think this would work better."

He started to pull in all the shadows to him, the pure unlight making him stronger, making him grow to a huge size.

He intoned in a deep booming voice " The choice of the pattern has been made. I am to be on the side of..." All eyes hung on him, even those who knew nothing of what he was talking about." Neutrality."

"First of all, I don't think that neutrality is a word." Sundara said, a look of dissapointment on her face. Most likely she thought he was to side with the dark. " And second, weren't you already neutral."

The darkness released the shadows back to their corners, shrinking back to his normal size.

"My most glorious lady, I was formaly undecided, not neutral. Now, I am to help whoever I feel needs it. Now, who's up for some dancing? I got my dancing sh... well I'm ready to dance."

The Darkness,
Have YOU ever danced with the darkness in the pale moonlight

Kiriath chuckled nervously, forming an Eccentrically holographic clone to dance with Melissande. If she came to - she seemed rather dazed at the moment; perhaps his eyes were able to do that? - he planned to return. For the moment, however, there was business.

"Okay, okay," he said, twisting away from the wolflike Mashy. "No more playing with your hair." He'd just have to find a different area. No, not THAT one, nasty..

A sudden twinge forced his rear eyes to overlap his front ones, while he turned his entire head to the Darkness. The Stones Board could follow life forces, but this was different...

The Darkness proclaimed his neutrality and Kiriath smiled, rather akin to Mashy's earlier expression. He turned back to her, his rear eyes returning to their Eccentric state. "A male dancing with a male wouldn't be right, Mashy.. feel like showing him a bit of Eccentric neutrality?"

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
I'm a non-neutralized neutral.

Mashiara's vivid blue eyes widened. "You read my mind," she said, and smiled. "Of course, that doesn't surprise me, or you, apparently. Eccentric minds think alike." With an evil, evil grin, she left Kiriath's side and went over to the Darkness, who, or what, she had never met, nor seen, before.

She wasn't sure whether to put out a hand, or bow. Her skirt was too short and tight to curtsy with, so that was most definitely outů She settled for an introduction. "Hello. I'm Mashiara Shaidar. Care to dance, O fellow Neutral?"

Mashiara Shaider,
Lady Chaos

"Of course I will accept. I never turn down an offer to dance with a beautiful woman, even if they are just a bit insane."

And with that, He swirled around the young girl like a whirlwind, lifting her into the air with him. She seemed to enjoy it, so he left part of him under her so they could dance in mid-air.

These "eccentrics" probably thought to get to him through this, but he had know worries. No humans could rattle him enough for him to join them, cats were another matter, but like he said he never turned down an offer to dance with a beautiful woman.

The Darkness

"A bit?" repeated Mashiara, after a while. "A bit more than a bit, me thinks. Insanity isn't just a hobby, with me, you know. It's a way of life. The moment I came into this world, I knew the Eccentric Way was the way for me. So much more amusing than sanity, you know." She grinned a soul-devouring grin.

"So, tell me about yourself. I've never met you before, I want to know... everything. And if you want, I'll do your fortune."

Mashiara Shaidar,
Lady Chaos

" Very kind of you to offer to tell my fortune, but tis not needed." The Darkness said, the tendrils of his body pulsing with vigor." My future is not for anyone to know but me. And as for telling you everything, I am quite tired of doing that. But I will tell it one last time for you because you remind me of somone I used to know... well I can't remember how long ago."

"I, and others like me, were created by the pattern to balance the batle between the forces of light and dark. As you probably heard earlier, I am to be neutral, that was the choice made by the pattern and I have to follow it. I am an elemental. I am comprised of the pure element of darkness. I have recently re awakened and that must be because something momentous is to happen. My powers are not small. In fact, you might say they are grrrreat!" From the look on her face, she must not have understood the pun. It was so hard to remember what of their history the humans knew. " Well, anyway, that's the jist of it.

"Oh and by the way, I apoligize for saying you were a bit insane. You truly are mad, though not quite as loony as Kiriath, I must say. Could you and him pleace turn down your eccentricity. The mental images you're sending into the room are hurting my ey... well my vision. These human phrases you have do not seem to work on me at all, do they? Again, thank you for the dance and enjoy the rest of your evening." and with that, he floated his way through the crowd, leaving the woman Mashaira staring after him with a half confused half sly look on her face.

The Darkness
Pure Dark, NOT pure evil

"Neutrality for the Darkness, hmm?" Sundara shrugged. "It seems rather a contradiction in terms - but never mind, I haven't given up on Melissande yet." She turned to Eval. "Which reminds me, I don't think I've introduced you to our other guest?" She took his hand and pulled him over to the Blue sister.

"Melissande, I'd like you to meet my Warder Eval Ramman, Chosen of the Great Lord of the Dark and rambler without compare. Eval, may I introduce to you Melissande Amaline Isten, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah and a woman with the excellent good taste to detest Elaida." She smiled. "Enjoying the party so far?"


"How am I?" Melissande repeated. "I've been kidnapped by Darkfriends, taken to a party hosted by a Black dreamwalker with very strange taste in friends -" she glanced down at the blue gown she had found herself wearing - "although pretty good taste in fashion, told by a Maiden of the Spear that it's not polite to shed blood even of age-old enemies, met several people who seem completely insane and proud of it, and now introduced to your Warder who just fell out of the sky and seems to be a Forsaken I never heard of before, and you ask me whether I'm enjoying the party?"

She took a breath. "In one word - definitely. I haven't had this much fun in years."

Melissande Amaline Isten

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