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This is the sequel to What? Read What? before you read this.

You know, I think I'm just going to keep writing this story and mix in any story I want. Come to think of it, a good way to get people to sleep together with no major, major repercussions would be for them to have dragons and they mate a.k.a. Anne McCaffery's Pern... hmmm...

Taim is Taliesin, the current Lord Rahl; Nynaeve is a Mord-Sith who was made into a Confessor. I think dacras are cool, so although only sorceresses can use them, Nynaeve can. (Don't you love writing fan fic? You can do anything!) Oh yeah, a dacra is a dagger with a sharpened rod where the blade would be. All it has to do is penetrate your flesh anywhere, even your little finger, and with a flow of magic, the person dies. Do you ever get the feeling that your story kind of wrote itself? This story did. Therefore I can accept no responsibility for it! Yet again, do not take the story, I do not mean to violate any laws yadda yadda, you know the rest. Final notes. 1. I love the word sensuous and all its forms. 2. See if you can recognise the bit from Buffy. 3. Light, I love these three little dots ... ... OK one more time... ... ... YEAH!!

..."Nynaeve, this is Mazrim Taim, the M'Hael of the Black Tower, Leader of the Asha'man. Taim, may I present Nynaeve al'Meara, Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah." Rand muttered.

Rand expected shock, hatred, astonishment, perhaps even them physically attacking each other, anything. He had learnt the hard way that with these two anything was possible.

But probably the only thing that Rand wasn't prepared for were the looks of recognition that passed between them.

Taim smiled a small, ironic half-smile. "Kalika!" He paused. "Hello, pet."

Nynaeve smiled back, a very sensuous smile. "Hello, Taliesin.".........

She then straightened up languorously, giving him another lazy, familiar smile.

"I thought you were dead, Taliesin."

"Likewise, my pet. After Sohadra..."

Rand jerked slightly at that name.

"Anyway, you're an Aes Sedai? Ha. Blood and Ashes, pet, the things you choose to be!"

"What about YOU? An Asha'man? And the M'Hael at that!" Nynaeve retorted, slowly walking closer to him, still smiling a smile that was making Lan feel rather over possessive...

Rand just stared. They all stared. It was an impossibility that Nynaeve could act like that. Lan looked even more dangerous than usual...

Taim continued, seeming not to notice Lan glaring at him. "What IS with the 'I'm a lady' look, pet? Last time I saw you, it was skintight red leather."

"Last time I saw you... Well, you weren't taking orders from anyone. Then again, it's been a while."

"A lifetime."

"Or two, but who's counting?

By then, Rand had semi-recovered from the fact that these two knew each other, that Taim had actually smiled and his face was still intact, and Nynaeve was behaving almost like a normal person i.e. not sniffing or pulling her braid. "When did you two meet?" He said tentatively, not really wishing to find out how close they had been, desperately trying to get rid of the picture of Nynaeve in skintight leather.

Before they could say anything, the window shattered. A man fell through, in clothes of strange make. "Die, al'Thor!" the man roared in a slurred mode of speech, drawing a knife. The Maidens at the door called an alarm, and rushed into them room. "I will kill you, Rand al'Thor! In a few hours, my brother will destroy Matrim Cauthon, but I will kill you! You killed my Viranria!" he screamed in the full-throated cry of one who mourned the loss of everything. "I will kill you! I, Iseh'jei, Seeker of Truth, will kill you!"

With that he launched himself at Rand, only to have his feet kicked out from under him, his ankle broken and wrist snapped by Nandera and another Maiden. Before they could kill him, Rand snapped, "Don't!" They roughly hauled him to his feet, half-supporting him and forcing him to face Rand.

"What did you say about Mat?" Rand demanded quietly and dangerously.

The man barked out a laugh. "I am a Seanchan Seeker. You cannot make me tell you anything."

Amys, Sorilea, Alanna and Cadsuane all paused at the door to absorb that bit of information. Undaunted, they continued into the room.

"Interesting," Cadsuane observed. "You needed your Maidens to capture this man? Why not use the power?"

Rand's mouth moved silently, as he appeared to listen to an unheard voice. He smiled.

"Well Cadsuane," he said, "why don't you try to use saidar on him? Saidin doesn't work."

Nynaeve inclined her head. "Saidar doesn't either."

"Interesting, wouldn't you say?" Cadsuane commented.

"Rather. What if-"

"WHAT DOES IT MATTER!" Rand roared in fury. "MAT'S LIFE IS IN DANGER! AND WHY DO YOU KEEP POPPING UP EVERYWHERE, CADSUANE!?!" He visibly calmed himself. "Well, Aes Sedai, Wise Ones, can you break a man in minutes?" he sneered. "We may only have a few hours to save Mat's life!"

Cadsuane shook her head. "We cannot. It is forbidden to do that with saidar. We therefore do not know how."

Sorilea said, "Yes, but at the very least in a day."

Iseh'jei gave a disbelieving snort. "I am a Seeker. You cannot begin to understand the tests of pain that I have had to pass. You pitiful people have little chance of breaking me."

Taim said slowly, "There is a way…"

Nynaeve interrupted. "NO."

Rand turned and looked at them both. "Tell me. Now."

"Kalika here is a Confessor, the Mother Confessor of the Midlands… She could take his Confession…" Taim trailed off at the glare Nynaeve gave him.

At that, Iseh'jei began to exhibit the first signs of fear. "The Mother Confessor…" he trailed off in a whisper of fear.

"No. I will not." Nynaeve said in the quiet tone of the supremely angry. "Lord Rahl, when you bestowed on me the title Mother Confessor, and the power of a Confessor, you gave me my freedom. I am no longer a Mord-Sith bound to the Lord Rahl. I am of the Midlands. You have no right to order me, Taliesin."

This speech had the effect of confusing the hell out of everyone else but Taim, and making Lan tense up, looking like he could kill Taim then and there. He was not happy, seeing that, that Asha'man all over his wife, and was even more unimpressed over the way that Nynaeve acted over him. Add that on to the fact that Taim was ordering his wife around… well he was going to have a long talk with her that night. In private.

Rand snapped, "Nynaeve! I don't care what you want! Do whatever; take his confession or something. Whatever you need to. Help save Mat's life. NOW."

"No. I won't."

Taim sighed. "Kalika. Please. My Black Goddess… I have never asked you to do anything before, -"

"Except that time in Aydinril," Nynaeve laughed, provocatively smiling and restored to better humor.

He grinned too, a slow possessive smile, which had such an underlying thread of sensuousness that Lan was a hair away from drawing his sword.

"Yes. Except that time in Aydinril. Anyway, Kalika, pet, take his Confession and I'll give you your Agiel, and your dacra back."

Nynaeve hesitated briefly before she said, "Done."

With that, Taim reached into the pocket of his coat. He pulled out a red rod that was about a finger width and appeared to be made of leather (her agiel) and a knife that instead of a blade had a sharpened rod, (her dacra) and gave them to Nynaeve.

She flicked the dacra into her sleeve, then Nynaeve spun her agiel into her fist with a smile of joy. "I cannot tell you how good it is to have it back. Light, I missed the pain."

Taim looked sad for a moment. "Pet, I'm sorry."

"Shut up. It is who I am now, and I am who I am. Being sorry will not change it, Taliesin."

Rand and the others still had no idea what was going on, but all Rand cared about was finding Mat safely. "Nynaeve. Do your little saidar trick, make him tell you stuff, let's go find Mat!"

"Actually," Nynaeve said, "it does not use saidar at all. It well…"

She walked over to Iseh'jei, who was sitting between a group of heavily armed Maidens, trembling and clutching at his broken bones, moaning softly. She turned to Taim and hissed softly, "I hate you." For the first time since Taim entered, Lan brightened up a bit.

"Confessors were made to be the final arbiters of truth. You know your duty, pet."

"I know, I know. You do not actually have to take the Confessions though. You don't know what it is like." Nynaeve sighed, and flicked her agiel into her other sleeve.

She said, "I would prefer to do this privately."

Rand consented. He told the Maidens to take the man into the next room.

As Taim, Lan and Nynaeve went into the other room, Nandera asked "Aes Sedai, how does this work if you do not use the power?"

"I destroy his mind."


"I am a Confessor. I am the Mother Confessor. The Confessor power is that of love. We touch the person and destroy their mind by the power of complete and utter adoration. The person touched by a Confessor will blindly worship the Confessor to the point where they exclude everything else. Nothing else matters to the person. They would do anything for the Confessor."

Dead silence met that speech.

"Now you know why I dislike it."

She commanded the Maidens to step back, and they did. Nynaeve reached out for Iseh'jei, who had managed to stand. In a corner of her mind, she relaxed her restraint on the power and, as she had done countless times before, it slammed into the man's body. There was a sound of thunder without lighting in the air…

Iseh'jei went down on his knees, eyes brimming with tears. "Mistress! Command me!" he said, breathlessly, in adoration.

First Nynaeve Healed him. Then she said, "It would please me very much if you could tell me about Matrim Cauthon and what you were going to do to him. It would most displease me if you mislead us."

"Oh, no mistress," he babbled. "My brother was going to kill him. There were three hundred of us who were going to rebel against the High Lady Suroth. This land was large and different, there was a chance at freedom. If we killed Matrim Cauthon, the High Lady would be in trouble. I was to kill Rand al"Thor. That would create even more chaos." He burst into tears again. "Forgive me, mistress. You could have been hurt. I would have killed your friend." He continued to sob loudly.

"That's all right, Iseh'jei. Now, where is he being kept?"

"Mistress," he beamed, "he is being kept in Palace in Ebou Dar. Please, mistress, command me!"

"Follow me."

As he bounded after her like a lovesick puppy into the next room, Nynaeve lurched a little. All three men tried to catch her before she righted herself.

Taim said briefly to her, "Pet. You were wrong. As much as you deny it, you are of D'Hara. And you first and foremost are a Mord-Sith…" She said nothing, only looked slightly weary.

Rand jumped as they walked into the room. "So soon." Cadsuane looked at Nynaeve thoughtfully.

Nynaeve dismissed Rand with a look, and turned to Iseh'jei, who was waiting for her orders like a faithful dog, worshipfully concentrating on her. "It would please me very much if you would tell these people where Mat is."

"Yes, mistress," he said, tears falling down his face at being able to obey her command, "he is in the Palace at Ebou Dar. Forgive me mistress, I do not know where in the Palace."

Nynaeve smiled at him and said, "Thank you, Iseh'jei," before she turned to Rand and told him, "There you go. He is in Ebou Dar."

Rand shook his head in disbelief. NO ONE could break a man that fast. Lews Therin cackled in his head, then told Rand: Indeed, Kalika could, but she had not. Not sparing any time to think that Lews Therin seemed to know Nynaeve personally as Kalika for some reason, he shoved that thought out his head. Mat. Ebou Dar.

While every one else was staring at her, in shock and a little fear, Nynaeve asked the Maidens to take him to somewhere where he could rest. She also told them that technically, he was not them same person that tried to harm Rand, and they were not to hurt him. She then said, "Iseh'jei, it would please me more than anything else would if you went with these women and got some rest. NOW."

Elayne said, "Rand, I can Travel to the Palace, or at least Skim. I've been there before."

Avienda added her voice, saying that she could also Travel to the Palace.

Rand brightened up.

Cadsuane snapped, "That is a needless risk of your life. Plain foolishness…"

As Iseh'jei raced off to do her bidding, Rand brushed by her. "Goodbye. Going to get Mat." As he raced out the door, Cadsuane glared at his back but still followed. All the other women cast amazed and stunned looks at Nynaeve, but followed Rand out, until the only people left were Lan, Taim and Nynaeve, who was swaying slightly on her feet.

Both the men were seizing each other up, and neither seemed to particularly like what he saw in the other man. Before they could say anything to each other, Nynaeve collapsed. Both men lunged for her, and since Taim was closer by a fair margin, he just caught her in his arms. As he delicately picked her up and stroked her hair, he said gently and lovingly, "Where is her room? I'll carry her," all the while looking at her affectionately.

"I think I can manage. She is my wife." Lan replied stonily, on the verge of sudden violence.

"WIFE?" Taim spat out in a stunned, extremely jealous and ultimately angry tone of voice. "YOU married HER? You married my Black Goddess, my pet, my, my, MY Kalika?’

To be continued…

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