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Alright. This is my first attempt at fanfic. I love the WoT. (Duh. That goes with out saying) I also like The Sword of Truth series. So I thought, why not do a crossover! Kalika is/was a Mord-Sith and Taliesin is the current Lord Rahl. (Those characters and their identities and pasts are completely mine) For those that haven't read the Sword of Truth series, as a Mord-Sith is a person who captures the magic of other people and tortures them. The Lord Rahl is the Master of D'Hara, and is a wizard. The Mord-Sith are bonded to the Lord Rahl, but I thought that obedience was a bit boring so I decided that the Lord Rahl created Confessors and Kalika was the first. Oh, yeah, Confessors are women who have a power. Basically they touch the person and they destroy their mind by the power of complete and utter adoration. The person touched by a Confessor now blindly worship the Confessor to the point where they exclude everything else. All other things that meant something to the person don't matter to them anymore. One last thing. I own nothing, I don't mean to infringe on anything, don't mean to violate any copyright laws, don't pinch my story, the idea I own, yadda yadda.

Elayne, Aviendha and Nynaeve walked up to the Palace Gates of Cairhien. Of course, no one would recognise them, seeing that they wore complicated, inverted webs of disguise, as well as elaborate weaves hiding their ability to channel. Several paces back, Birgitte and Lan followed them, also in disguise.

They had had a long - heated - …discussion… on the topic. Elayne wanted to see how Rand was without him knowing. And to also see how many Aes Sedai there were close to Rand. Elayne had read the notion in a story, she said. After their …discussion… Nynaeve finally agreed. AFTER three days. The plan was that they would go to the gates and announce themselves as Aes Sedai, wishing an audience with the Dragon Reborn. Nynaeve grumbled that it was a stupid plan. For once, Birgitte and Lan agreed with her, but Elayne and Aviendha were so desperate to see Rand that they overrode them after a long while.

As soon as they announced themselves as Aes Sedai, the guards turned pale, but then let them continue through, only saying, "The Dragon Reborn is giving a public audience today. You will be welcome in the Great Hall of the Sun, Aes Sedai." As they passed all three of them noticed that the Maidens and Sovin Nai that were at the entrance sent a message to the Wise Ones and to the Aes Sedai Cadsuane, to inform them that there were what appeared to be two Aes Sedai, an unknown Illianer woman and two warders coming to the public audience, where the Car'a'carn was. Aviendha smiled, thinking that it was a great joke that even her former spear sisters couldn't see her.


Rand was sitting on the Dragon Throne, appearing rather relaxed. Which he was most certainly not. Sorilea, Melanie, Amys, Bair and Cadsuane had all come in and informed him that there were two Aes Sedai appearing at his pubic audience. A few brief minutes later, Kiruna, Samitsu, Niande and all the other Aes Sedai in the palace and in the tents of the Aiel were in the Hall. As well as that, there were two men in black coats, Narishma and Logain. None of the Aes Sedai or the Wise Ones even understood why a mere servant and clerk of the Black Tower, who couldn't even channel anymore, was allowed to wear a black coat. When Bera inquired, she was told by a straight-faced Logain that it was an honor that was bestowed on him by the M'Hael himself who was also a False Dragon.

Elayne, Aviendha, Nynaeve and the rest had reached the doors of the Hall. Yet again, Nynaeve mumbled, "This is a stupid plan."

"Too late now!" said Aviendha and Elayne together, both obviously wanting to see Rand now that he was so close. It was too late. Already the doors were opening and a man was announcing them in a loud clear voice. "Lini Sedai of the Green Ajah and Elnore Sedai of the Yellow Ajah."

Rand leant forward. There were only two who claimed to be Aes Sedai. Then who were the other two women and who was the man? The other two women might be able to channel as well, but this time there was no danger of what happened with Galina and the others occurring again.

As Elayne or "Lini Sedai" and the others made their way up to the front of the Hall, Min moved closer to Rand. She couldn't see anything yet in their auras, but if they came closer…

As they were almost close enough for her to view them, Kiruna snapped harshly, "They can't channel. What are you two doing pretending to be Aes Sedai?"

Cadsuane stepped closer. "That is a good question. And when you have answered it, you will spend sun-up to sundown squealing for a long time! No one is fool enough to pretend to be Aes Sedai again when they are finished with by a real Aes Sedai!"

Min stared. And then looked again. It was Elayne! The other one must be that Aviendha. She could tell. Min saw the images. They were the three that would fall in love with Rand. She squinted at the other Taraboner woman. That was Nynaeve! She burst out laughing. Everyone in the Hall turned and stared at her.

Min stood up and went over to the Ebou Darian woman. She smiled and embraced her. Rand stared.

"Do you know this woman, Min?" He demanded roughly of her.

Min giggled. "Yes. So do you." She laughed at the confusion on his face.

Allana grimaced. "That still doesn't excuse her from pretending to be Aes Sedai."

Min grinned again. So did the other women. The man kept the same stone-faced expression.

"Oh, but they are Aes Sedai!" she laughed.

"Ridiculous. They can't even channel," someone else sniffed.

The Ebou Darian woman and the Taraboner woman both began to laugh now. In fact, all the women were in hysterics.

Rand snapped, "Min. I've never seen these women before in my life. Who are they?"

Min said to Nynaeve and the others, "All right, can you undo what ever you did?"

They did.

Rand went pale. "Help, all three at once." he said under his breath. Unfortunately, the room was a still as a tomb, so his words were clearly audible. Elayne, Aviendha and Min all glared at him.

All the Aes Sedai in the room were silent and frozen like rabbits. Most of them couldn't believe how strong they were. And then they began to wonder. How did they disguise themselves and their ability to channel like that?

Amys and the other dreamwalkers were less obvious with their reactions. They smiled at the women. Even though they had never met Elayne or Nynaeve, they knew them from Tel'aran'rhiod, and they hadn't seen Aviendha in an age (Excuse the joke!).

Merana sniffed. "That you can channel doesn't prove that you are Aes Sedai. After all, you don't have the ageless face. You, Lini, aren't old enough to be Aes Sedai."

Elayne answered icily, lifting her chin in a haughty way, "Indeed I am Aes Sedai. We were both raised to the shawl in Salidar, when Egwene al'Vere - who is my age - was raised to the Amyrlin Seat. And I am not Lini, my name is Elayne, and I am the Queen of Andor."

"And I am Nynaeve al'Meara," added Nynaeve. Suddenly she and Elayne looked behind them. "Oh. Sorry, I forgot," they both apologised. Then, standing there behind them were Lan and Birgitte. "Lan! I thought you were dead!"

Lan answered briefly, "No. I am now Nynaeve's Warder. And her husband."

For the third time that day Rand thought he was going insane. He bowed his head.

"Well, um. Congratulations."

Melaine, Amys and Bair added their congratulations, although Nynaeve looked rather odd when Melaine said, "Aan'allein needs a strong wife."

Rand suddenly lifted his head and stared at Birgitte. His mouth dropped open.

"Birgitte?" he queried in a soft voice only audible to Amys, Nynaeve and Elayne.

"Lews Therin," she replied even quieter. Amys stared at Birgitte in amazement. He shook his head in disbelief. THIS was definitely pushing it.

"Are you sure I'm not insane?" he asked loudly of no one in particular, all too aware of the silence those words created. A voice in his head answered with a mad cackle.

The silence dragged on until Rand said to Min, Aviendha and Elayne, "Come. We need to talk." As an aside, he said to the Aes Sedai, "You will ALL refrain from pestering Elayne, Aviendha, Nynaeve, Lan and Birgitte with questions." The hardness to his gaze had returned. Those statements weren't a suggestion. They were an order. The three women tightened their lips and sniffed, all looking so similar that Rand nearly snickered. The four of them left the Hall. Birgitte stayed, looking rather amused.

The Aes Sedai began to leave, grumbling slightly under their breath. Cadsuane, Samitsu and Wise Ones remained. As the Hall emptied - of all but the three Aes Sedai, the Wise Ones, the Asha'man, who remained at the back of the room, and the two warders - Nynaeve broke the stillness, addressing the Wise Ones.

"I understand that you have several -stilled- Aes Sedai in your care?"

Sorilea nodded and said, "They are dat'sang."

"What? Never mind. I would ask your permission to study them," she said rather stiffly.

"Study them? Why?"

"They were stilled, I would like a chance to study them."

Cadsuane laughed. "Girl, stilling can't be healed. You should still be in novice white, learning. I don't care how strong you are. Whatever those fools in Salidar let that child Amyrlin get away with so that they could control her is irrelevant. It is impossible to heal stilling. Even Samitsu cannot, and she is the best healer living, perhaps the best ever. She has a lot more experience than you as well, girl." She stressed.

Nynaeve's head went up and her eyes blazed. Her hand waved markedly near her braid before she replied fiercely, "ONE, I was never a Novice. I was raised to Accepted a week after I arrived in the White Tower, by order of then Amyrlin Seat. NUMBER TWO, I have already healed stilling."

"Impossible," Cadsuane snorted. "Anyway, if you have healed stilling, why do you need to study the stilled women? I stress, it is impossible."

"Impossible?" Nynaeve shot back. "Well then, go tell the former Amyrlin Seat and the former Keeper of the Chronicles that stilling can't be healed, so they can't channel. Oh yes and tell Logain here, that stilling can't be healed, so that the fact that he is channeling is impossible."

Logain strolled forward. He smiled politely and said, "Indeed. Tell me that. And as I wrap you up in flows of air and dangle you out the window, I will laugh. Nynaeve healed me. Been meaning to thank you for that," he added as an aside to Nynaeve, who nodded and smiled in acknowledgment.

Nynaeve said to Cadsuane rather patronisingly, "The reason I need to study the stilled women is because when I healed Logain, he went back to full strength. When I healed Siuan and Leane they didn't quite go back to their full strength. Oh, and if you don't believe me about that, you'll never believe that Elayne can make ter'angreal, will you?"

"WHAT?" That came from Samitsu, who had been watching the exchange with a mixture of jealousy, amazement and shock. The Wise Ones only stood there with blank faces.

"Yes. Anyway, may I study the Aes Sedai?"

After a very long discussion, the Wise Ones agreed to let Nynaeve study the stilled women.

Later on that night, Rand, who after being bombarded by Aviendha and Elayne and the stories of what they had been doing for the past few months, actually got the general gist of what they were saying. One thing that stuck in his mind, the fact that Nynaeve had healed something that was supposedly impossible. All my thoughts are dizzy, a mad voice said in his head. Rand shook his head wryly. For once, Lews Therin made sense. The women did make him unable to think straight. He went to bed, much later than he anticipated, after arguing with the three women who would stay where. Those women had no modesty. They all wanted to sleep with him! His last coherent thought was that his side hurt. He would ask Nynaeve to see if she could heal him.

The next day, Rand spend with Elayne, Aviendha and Min. He was surprised that they weren't clawing each other's eyes out. At least that would have been more interesting than sitting down, while Nynaeve stared at his scar. Rand still wasn't comfortable with saidar being used on him, so he was tense, which irritated Nynaeve, who kept telling him to relax.

A few hours later….

Nynaeve continued to glare at Rand's wound. "Hmm. I think there might be something I can do now. With your permission, Lord Dragon." she added sarcastically. Nynaeve rose and made a gateway. Through it the Royal Palace in Caemlyn could be seen. "I'll be back. I need to get Elayne's angreal. Is that all right, Elayne?" She said distractedly. Lan went through the gateway first, followed by Nynaeve.

Rand sighed. Another delay. He wanted to get rid of his wounds. He couldn't stand another day of the taint reacting with the evil from Shadar Logoth. The wounds of the two evils were tearing him apart.

There was a slight noise at the door, with the Maidens currently guarding the door. Mazrim Taim strolled into the room. Rand looked at him in a cold fury. "I told you not to come back here for a while," he snapped. Taim only shrugged and handed him a note. Rand opened it. It said:

Rand al'Thor.
We have Matrim Cauthon.
I wish very much to speak with the one who is the supposed Dragon Reborn. We must talk later.

The High Lady Suroth

Rand ignited the note with a flow of air. He turned coldly to Taim who flinched back slightly from the harsh light burning there in his eyes. "Where did you get this?"

Before Taim could reply, a slash of silvery light, then a gateway appeared. Lan stepped out, warily searching the room for possible danger. Nynaeve followed him out, let the gateway dissipate and went straight to Rand without so much as glancing at Taim, who was assiduously studying the floor.

Rand looked at them both. Of all meetings between Aes Sedai and Asha'man, he did not want to be there when these two people with extremely bad tempers met for the first time. I don't want to introduce these two to each other, he thought. Both liked being the dominant person. Both did not react well to orders from a higher authority. He sighed mentally.

"Nynaeve, this is Mazrim Taim, the M'Hael of the Black Tower, Leader of the Asha'man. Taim, may I present Nynaeve al'Meara, Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah." Rand muttered.

Rand expected shock, hatred, astonishment, perhaps even them physically attacking each other, anything. He had learnt the hard way that with these two anything was possible.

But probably the only thing that Rand wasn't prepared for were the looks of recognition that passed between them.

Taim smiled a small, ironic half-smile. "Kalika!" He paused. "Hello, pet."

Nynaeve smiled back, a very sensuous smile. "Hello, Taliesin."

To be continued… Why?


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