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The Darkness

The Darkness stirred. Cloaked among the shadows, in the deepest depths of the human imagination, it stirred.

Hmmm, it thought, very strange. He hadn't been called upon for ages, not since the Great Debacle in the time of The Grand Zaa when the humans had cowered before the world, least of all the races. Now, it seemed, as he streched his mind out to feel the world,that they were all that were left, besides the Ogier. So much had changed. Where they had cowered before, the humans now built grand cities. Grand as ever the cities built by the Lothlels were. Yes, much had changed. All except the Great Mistress. He felt her presence now. He remembered when he had served her, in ages past. He also rememberd when he had served her enemies. He was the last of his race, now. The only one left of his race, the elementals. He was the element of darkness. What could have caused him to be awakened? Only time would tell. He felt humans approaching, so he let himself slip back into the shadows. Soon, his coming would be known to the world. What would his role be this time?

The Darkness

Kiriath, skating along the ice with Carramaena - in that rather nice outfit - suddenly felt a shudder up his spine. He turned; apparently she had felt the same thing.

"Certain not the Great Mistress, then," said Kiriath, the SpyMistress shaking her head.

"Of course not. This feels ..dark.. of its own sort. Not Sis."

Kiriath's eyes whirled insanely, his Eccentric power working in full force. Carra began whirling on the ice. "Knock it off, Kir.. you're getting too hyper!"

The Intrigleeman stopped before his mind did things that he would regret. "All I know is that the Darkness is sentient."


"That's all my Eccentric power revealed. Apparently it wants to keep me - dare I say it - in the dark."

Carra rolled her splendid eyes. "Great ... now Kir's rambling has a mind of its own!"

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman
Darkness + Eccentric + Dark Family=...

Now this was VERY interesting. That one human had seemed to be able to detect his presence. Good thing he had pulled back his mind from probing the two before he was totally uncovered. One of them, the woman, was one of those rare few who could tap the true source. So, humans had finally discovered how to do that. The other... well, he couldn't quite put his finger (if he had a finger) on it. There was madness in that one.

Through his probing, he couldn't figure out who each of them served. Well, the world would know of him sooner or later. Why not sooner? He gathered the shadows to him, and shaped himself a body. He fashioned it after the styles of humans, though a little bit taller than most. He had to make himself look impressive, after all, he was the last of his kind. "Greetings," he called across to the two wanderers. They were looking at him kind of funny. That was strange, he thought that he had made the body just fi... ahhh, the clothes. Well, that wasn't hard to remedy. "Is that better? I am the darkness, and who might you be?"

The Darkness

Her yawn was quite impressive, after all it has been a long nap. Of course, she could never do it so well like her companion who stretched her limbs and whined softly. Her friend seemed to have a terrible hangover. That puzzled Flame until she saw the champagne stream. Though the scene had changed a bit. A white, soft mass covered the ground and there this lake was frozen!

Then she got a look at Kiriath and Carra. They were speaking with, with ... A dark man?

Curiously she picked her spears up and sneaked closer for a better look.

Greetings, Darkness. Do you want to dance with me?

Well, the humans didn't seem to know what to make of him. They seemed shocked and dazed, so much so that they could not respond. He had been gone for a long time. The humans didn't even remember his kind anymore. So much had changed over the years.

He was just about to make another try at communicating with them, when he felt another person approach. It was one of the females of the race, and one of those from beyond the Dragonwall, the Aiel. From other humans he had come across, he had learned of the Aiel, a warlike people who were called savages by the people on this side of the wall. He knew that they were not though. This one seemed to be smart enough to hide her mind fro him. Or was it... yes there was a wolf alongside of her. This must have been one of those that had the ability to communicate with the wolves. He remembered those from long, long ago. These humansof this age seemed to rediscover a lot of lost things.

Amazing. Leaving the other two to stare after him, he went to approach the wolf-sister.

The Darkness, who would like to dance but not the spears *grin*

From the battlements of her snow castle, Sundara watched the new arrival with curiosity. Kiriath and Carra were engaged in their normal incomprehensible conversation, Flame had just woken up and sauntered over, and the Black Cat was still napping under her tree - no, Sundara corrected herself as she saw the flicker of an amber eye, Cat was definitely not asleep.

She nodded, and snapped her fingers. Snowflakes started falling softly, building themselves up into a staircase. Sundara glided down it, and across the snow to intercept the stranger.

"Greetings, stranger, and welcome to my domain. I'm fairly sure that I didn't dream you, so you must be a guest of mine. But I don't believe we've met?"

Sundara, dreamwalker beyond compare, and always-gracious hostess

This ... man ... seemed to know her. Or rather he seemed to know what she was. This dark glimmer in his eyes when he saw her and now he came closer.

Very uncharacteristically she felt nervous. This living darkness unsettled her. Just as he opened his mouth to address her, Sundara entered the scene and he turned.

Whilst her short speech she could not resist to poke his backside with her spear. Amazingly the spear point met no resistance. The darkness whirled around the steel. She was so perplexed she didn't notice that he stared at her with something alike shock or bafflement.


He turned as he heard the new woman speak. Dream? He was in dream? How did that happen? Well, he did live on the border of reality, so he must have been awakened by the vividness of the dream and was immedietly drawn to it.

Just then, he felt something pierce his form. He spun quickly and saw the aiel wolf-sister with her spear inside him. What was she doing? There was no way for him to be injured by that. His form now might look like a human, but he was still not a carbon based being. As he saw her face, though, he realized that she was just curious about him. He smiled kindly, trying to set her nerves on ease.

"Well, trapped between two beautiful women, and not a cora-sa to fend them off with". He waited for a reaction to his quoting of the great poet Hislarmi but then remembered that there was no way that they would no anything by a man who died more than 20,000 years ago. "Well, anyway, I am the being known as the Darkness. I mean none of you any harm. I was created by the pattern long ago to be a balance in the war between light and dark. Most of the time, I was to serve the dark, but then there were more of us. Now, I don't know who I am to side with. Any ideas?"

The Darkness, Sometimes it hides what you don't want to see

Two whirling, psychedelic eyes appeared out of nowhere -apparently, the Intrigleeman had been resting in the stasis known as Real Life.

"Just call me the Cheshire Eccentric," he smiled, patchcloth cloak melding into the air. The Darkness raised an ethereal eyebrow, whereas Flame simply rolled her own eyes.

"I heard you were curious as to who to join?" asked the Intrigleeman. The Darkness kept the eyebrow up and nodded. The gleeman chuckled and bowed, "Join the Intrigleemen! You'll learn to ramble and bugger the spies of the Dark Sisters!"

He coughed, clearing his throat. "Sorry for that outburst; sometimes my own rambles get to me. But then, speaking of rambles, there IS another faction," he said, looking around, "including the matter of my Dance Dae'mar partner; she's of the Dark, so you may like her."

Kiriath smiled, his whirling eyes vanishing. "Watch for Carramaena, good fellow. And watch out for her charms."

Kiriath, Eccentric Intrigleeman
Really rusty rambles :/

"One Cheshire-catlike creature is enough, I would have thought," Carra observed, also stepping out of nowhere. She looked curiously at the stranger. "Well, you say yourself that you usually serve the Dark, and your name certainly fits it. So stick with what you're used to."

She grinned at him. "I'm Carramaena, a Sister of the Dark; Sundara's likewise; and we're both quite ready to welcome you to our side. The offer stands open." Then she blinked, eyes whirling slightly. "Oh, Kiriath - I meant to ask you about long-term effects of hanging around with Eccentrics..."

Carra, here and back again

" Yes, it wold seem like I was meant to be with the dark." Still, he was not so sure. He was meant to bring balance to the war. This time, it seems, the dark has a great advantage over the light in this struggle.

" I will have to stay undecided for now. In the meantime, does anyone no where I could stay. I haven't needed a home in 10,000 years." Yes, the dark's charms COULD be seductive, but who would know that better than he?

The Darkness

"But of course." Sundara smiled. "You can stay here and party with us - or if you're tired, just step through the gateway there," she pointed, "and you'll find yourself at our palace in Shayol Ghul. Tell the servants I sent you and they'll get you settled in."

Sundara - I told you I was a gracious hostess...

Yes, he would stay at Shayol Ghul for now.

" I thank you my, lady. I will take you up on your gracious offer, But I should tell you. I do not get 'tired', not like humans. When I..I guess you would call it sleep..when I sleep my mind is still awake and that's when I usually check up on..certain things." He smiled at that. " And also, I do not want to sound un-gracious, but I do not need a gate way to travel. See?" He shimmered as he disasembled his body and reasembled it in the palace. He looked back through the gateway at the gathering who were peering around in the night looking for him.

"Again I thank you." Their heads whipped around as he spoke. Good. He couldn't let them get too comfortable with him. " I will be seeing you around I guess"

As the servants lead him away, he noticed that they were still looking at him, so he let half his body pass through one of the collums. They were startled by that to. He really didn't like scaring humans with petty tricks, but sometimes it was necasary.

The Darkness, thanking his gracious hostess, and saying to all that they could talk to him when they were curious.

"Neat trick," Sundara commented. She blew him a kiss and turned back to the others. "Well, would you like to go back too, or shall we party some more? Any other unexpected guests likely to turn up?"

Sundara - that finished too soon, let's see some action!

Flame crossed her arms and muttered angry. "Yes, you have reason to party. Another one recruited for your clique. Are there no people here who know honor? You Darksider only do what you want, no thought about ji'e'toh."

Sundara and Carra laughed outright about her sullen face. All that she could do was not to stamp her foot. Somehow she felt like a sulking child, not an Aiel warrior. Dune kept glancing sidewards at her. Why?


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