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Just A Meeting

The summer sunlight shone brightly on the gravel road, the damp of heat made the air above it shimmer. Not much people were on the road, it was simply too hot. Nemene wished that they could just fix the weather again. She remembered how happy she had been when the summer began, but now she really wished to end it. Though the sun on her bare arms felt quite nice, as she traveled in her open jo-car. The warm wind played with her hair. She drove the jo-car with a slow speed, there was no need to be hasty, she had all the time in the world. The University had been the one to ask her to come, not the other way around.

She had been tested three months before if she could channel, and passed easily. Of course she had passed, she taught herself those little tricks a while ago. Channeling was not hard at all, with a sister who had returned from Univerity a year ago. Nemene’s sister had not been a very good student, but enthusiastic enough. She had taught her little sister the basics of channeling, and Nemene had talent enough to pick it up really soon. She had been practicing all the time on people, and found quickly she was really handy with Restoring. Or with making it worse, when she did not really like the person. Of course she was always careful, when she had been playing with pain, she always Restored the person so well that he forgot she had tormented him or her a little. Or he or she thought it was a part of the Restoring. Nemene liked to play around like that, and of course the Aes Sedai had noticed her talent.

The University was happy surprised to find someone with as much talent as she had, and asked her to study. Nemene had been more than happy to go, and here she was, on her way. She enjoyed the ride, enjoyed the last moments before she would dedicate herself to her study. She was determined to become the best Restorer of the Body the world had in centuries. She knew she was capable of it, and she wanted to Restore. It was a great passion of hers to see bruises and wounds disappear because she wanted it. If felt wonderful to play with the human body like that.

Suddenly, there came out of nothing something that hit the jo-car with a smash. The jo-car slipped, and spun 180 degrees until Nemene could react with using the breaks. Panting, she closed her eyes when the jo-car stood still again in the grass at the side of the road. It was something she did not expected at all. An accident! She had an accident! The front of the jo-car was all bruised and bashed. Light, that must have been a hit, she thought, absently checking if she herself could find any damage on her body. She felt alright, just a little dizzy and shivery from the shock. What hit me?

She stepped out of the jo-car, to find a body laying only a few paces away. The body of a girl of her age, struggling to get up.

"Are you allright?" Nemene asked, kneeling at the girl.

"Yes, I suppose I am," the girl answered calmly. She run her hands through her curly blond hair and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. "My head hurts."

"Shall I Restore you?" Nemene offered with a calm smile. "I am a student of the University," Nemene explained.

"Well, me too. I am just on my way."

"By foot?"

The girl’s face darkened, but she did not lose her temper. "No you fool, with my jo-car of course. But the bloody thing broke down a few miles ago. I was looking for a communication centre."

Nemene nodded understandingly. "I see, but you should not have found one here. This road is empty for the following thirty leagues."

"And how should I have known? I should have walked, or made a Gateway if I had been teached already." The sunnyhaired girl was certainly not very friendly. Nemene did not think that was because of the accident. The girl just seemed to have a bad temper. "So you are a first year’s student too?" Nemene asked, still as friendly as she could manage.

"Yes. I am going to be the best Restorer of the Mind that the world has ever known in the turnings of the Wheel of Time."

"Well, you seem determined enough to become it," Nemene said with a slight smile. "I think we shall share a lot of our classes together. I will study Restoring, too. Restoring of the body."

"If you will, then you can Restore me. I think I hit my head a bit too hard on your jo-car."

Nemene smiled at her and placed her hands on the girls blond hair to Delve her. She embraced saidar as her sister had taught her to, and combined the flows. The girl shivered, and winced when Nemene gave her a little pain just to remind her to be nice. The girl’s temper was just too picky.

"Well, if we are going to the same place anyway, why dont you get in my jo-car? I will drive you."

The girl eyed her suspiciously. "Was the pain necessary?"

"Yes." Nemene stepped in, and turned around. "Well, are you coming or not?"

"Yes, of course." The other girl walked to the jo-car and stepped in at the other side. "What is your name?" she heard her ask when they got on the road again and the sun made the paint on the jo-car shine.

"Nemene Damendar. Yours?"

"Kamarile Maradim. Do you think that we will gain the third name of honour when we study hard?"

Nemene looked shortly at the blond girl sitting next to her, before she turned her gaze back to the empty road. "Of course we will. We will gain more honour than you will ever imagine. I just feel it."


Both girls became indeed honoured students of the University, and gained their third name. Their full names were Nemene Damendar Boann and Kamarile Maradim Nindar. They joined the Hall of Servants, and became the most famous and the most skilled Healers of their Age, both in their own way. They achieved their goals in any way they wanted to. But there was more.

Nemene’s sadistic traits came out soon, and Kamarile’s bad temper made a serious turnaround after the destruction in Collam Daan. Both for their own reasons, they joined the Shadow in the War of Power.

Nowadays, both girls, both Aes Sedai, have names people use to frighten children with.

Their common names nowadays are Semirhage and Graendal.


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