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"Hello, everybody," Carramaena commented, walking through the gateway into a land of snow and flowers. Sundara and Eval were lounging by the stream drinking champagne, and Flame appeared to be sound asleep. "Mind if I join you?"
She picked a goblet from a nearby tree - how convenient! - and dipped it full from the stream. She sipped it. "Nice." Then she reached out, picked up a handful of snow, rolled it into a ball, and threw it over her shoulder. An indignant exclamation told her she'd scored.

(All right - who did I hit? Anyone want to continue from here?)

Carramaena L'Var, Sister and Spymistress of the Dark

Ben shook himself, brushing the snow off his fancloak. "Hey, watch where you're throwing those things!" He grinned.

"If it weren't for the fact that I already conquered your Palace, I'd have to do something serious about that." She laughed at that. "Hey! Just because it was in an unoccupied dimension... I still conquered it!"

She just smiled at him, then lesiurely bent down to scoop up another snowball. He watched curiously, until she straightened suddenly, and launched it into his face. "Ack!" He sputtered, brushing snow off his glasses.

"Just wait... One day, when you least expect it..." Carramaena smiled. "You'll what?"

He thought, hard. "I don't know... But I'll think of something." Then, he grinned.

Ben T-Gaidin
Once and Future Warder

Kiriath sat, musing on no particular thoughts. "Sundara has returned," came suddenly. Putting himself in rambling stasis - a dangerous thing, but a thing to pass the time until new chaos ensued - a sudden twinge brought him back to Virtual Reality.

"Carramaena, it is you," he said softly. "Finally."

Taking a glance at his stones, he smiled craftily, sending out a squad of Intrigleemen, with him leading. Being a rambler is always nice - a snowball fort was created by the Power of Eccentricity.

"Come! Infiltrate!" he laughed, atop the highest tower of the impromptu snow palace. An easy way to learn their tactics and use them against them, no? Ah, rambling is fun.

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman
The trouble with stasis: rambles get rusty.

"Now just a minute!" Sundara jumped up. "This is my dream and if anyone's going to start a snowball fight it's going to be me!"

Four snowballs spun themselves from the snow and hurled themselves through the air, hitting Carra, Kiriath, Ben and the still-sleeping Flame in quick succession. Simultaneously, a second snow palace built itself up around her.

"Pit your Eccentricity against my Dreaming, will you? We'll see about that!"

Sundara, dreamwalker extraordinaire

Be wary. Kiriath's eyes began to whirl insanely, multitudes of color warping him. "Of course!" he yelled from his turret. Time for fun!

Catapults? Giant crossbows? Burning oil? Not burning oil - but oooh, the perfect way to drop a snow palace! Naw ... too dangerous. A more handy method is needed in this case...

Abruptly, the tops of two other turrets on his castle turned into albino hands and began pelting Sundara's palace with catapulted snowballs. "You have to hand it to me," chuckled Kir, Eccentricity taking over.

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman
Rusty rambles with puns intacts!

A dream, is this?" Ben muttered to himself, ducking a volley of snowballs. "Usually my dreams are a little more under control than this..." He didn't quite dodge, this time.

Sitting back up, off to the side now, he watched the flurries fly back and forth from the snow forts. He had an idea, but first... He would need a model. He began rolling a snowball together, ignored for the moment.

When it was done, he rolled another, and lifted it on top. Soon, a snowman stood before him. A flurry of snow obscured his vision for a moment, and when he could see again... A band of snowmen stood before him.

He smiled. This was more like it... Unsheathing his sword, which was now a giant icicle, he waved towards Kiriath's snowfort. "CHARGE!!" And then he ran forward... Behind him, the snowmen lurched forward, following him into the still-flying snowballs.

Ben T-Gaidin
Once and Future Warder
"Snow Goons are bad news"

Snow Goons? Bloody and bloody... deftly Kiriath moved the hands' targeting to massacre Ben's troops. Unfortunately, it didn't work - the troops were only growing from the snowballed catapults!

"Flaming ashes!" yelled Kir, eyes whirling as he said it. The perfect suicide mission for snowball warriors - the gleeman jumped off his high tower, floating in the air and taunting his opponents somewhat akin to the French Taunters. All that remained before he vanished into wintry air was his whirly eyes. The Cheshire Kir?

Carefully observing all around him, Kiriath let himself drop to the ground, still patchcloth camouflaged. A quick telepathic command and now Mazrin was on the ground. "You take Ben--" Kir was starting to wonder about loony ole Mazrin.

Mazrin, the Eccentric agent that he was, followed Kir's commands to the letter, not even bothering to listen to the gleeman's response. All for the better - what he doesn't know can't hurt him; he DID come from my mind, after all.

Kiriath was still worried about that double agent - just in case, he kept Mazrin away from his new targets: the two Dark Sisters.

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman
Hooked on Patchclo -- *glurb* -- Dang clothes hanger...

"Hmm, not bad... but not all that good, either..."

With a thought, a second army of snow people jumped up from the ground to engage Ben's troops. As for Kiriath - if she remembered correctly there was a second champagne stream somewhere under the snow - and just as she thought that, a splash told her where the invisible gleeman was.

Sundara laughed. "Watch out for the corks!" she called, just as several shot up, narrowly missing him. She laughed again. Corks from bottlenose dolphins, of course.

"He who lives by the pun..." She shrugged, turned on her third opponent and launched a flurry of snowballs at Carra.

Sundara, Mistress of the Dream

"You shouldn't have done that," bellowed Kiriath. A bottomless chalice was in his hand... "You've given me an idea!"

He took a long swig, blinked and stared, and took another. Two can play at, "A whale of a game, Sunny!" Just a few Eccentric anipulations; the bottlenose dolphins were now screwdriver whales. Who needs any hammerhead sharks, at that. In a few seconds, they were already changed and moving steadily back to Sunny's castle, ready to unscrew a few bolts.

And even if her castle didn't have bolts, they were Eccentric whales.

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman
Puns are returning...

"Ha!" was Carra's response. Not to anything in particular, she just felt like saying it. She ducked a snowball. "Hey, Dara, I'm on your side, remember?" The flurry of snow halted, her petite sister shrugging an apology before launching another at Kiriath. And she wasn't even bothering, Carra noticed, to use her hands.

"Hmm - well, I may not be a Dreamer, but there are other ways of manipulating a world." The Dream wasn't entirely under Sundara's control, obviously, or else she just wasn't using it, but either way... Carra concentrated, and suddenly the snow between the fortresses hardened into a smooth sheet of ice.

"Kiriath!" She stepped out on the ice, and was immediately clad in ice skates and a glittering costume. "Tell me, have you ever tried ice dancing?" Without waiting for an answer, she started to dance...

Carramaena L'Var
Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, won't you join the dance?

Kiriath stared, blue orbs slowly whirling. Slow upon slow upon... Carra, in an ice skating costume... "I'm in!" he cried, his eyes starting back up almost as though they were a Terran car engine in the cold of an unintentional pun.

In a second, he was on the long patch of ice, slipping and.. there was an Eccentric patchcloth aura around he and Carra. "Perfect for a bit of sabotage, no?" In another moment, he and Carra slid along the ice to Sunny's castle, Kiriath focusing Eccentrically on one particular hole, caused by a snowball.

"Wonderful," whistled Kiriath. "Since we can play with everything else..." He tried the Eccentric. Nothing. "How could it - wait a moment." She had warded against the Ramble, expecting it. But then... suddenly, the hole grew into a palace-warping black hole.

"Saidin," smiled Kiriath. "I hope Sunny does something about it." That last said with a devious wink.

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman
Planning. Shudder.

... suddenly, the hole grew into a palace-warping black hole...

...and out of the black hole leaped a sleek, furred black form, which landed neatly on all four feet. The hole closed behind it.

"Snow?" Switching to woman-form, the Black Cat looked disdainfully around. "A dream where you can have everything to your liking and you pick snow - I will never understand humans. At least it isn't cold." With a flick of one clawed finger, a snowless spot appeared beneath a tree and Cat sat down, curling up lazily.

"Don't mind me," she purred, spearing a fish from the nearby stream. "I'll just watch. By all means go on with your game - I find it quite entertaining."

~The Black Cat~

"Mind you? Now why should we mind you?" Carra pirouetted on her skates, spinning out over the ice. "I guess that attempt failed, Kir. Try again?"

Carramaena L'Var - Not a cat fancier

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