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It was raining - like the other days. How depressing!

She gave up her window seat and started to pace. There were weeks since she heard a word from the warring parties. Actually she only knew that Ben T-Gaidin entered the fortress alone under the eyes of Eval Ramman - what he wanted to accomplish was beyond her understanding - and since that nothing. Not one rumor about the lightfriends or the Dark Sisters and their allies.

At first she had enjoyed the quiet. Finally she had the time to sort through her notes, copy some manuscripts and continue unfinished research. Her collection of books grew, lately she had added a few exquisite scripts of a gifted writer. She has been content.

But now the silence became unbearable.

Sighing she decided to visit Al'cair. He had build his lair in the basement of the library. He wasn't so good company lately, apparently he didn't like the weather too. Or he was nearly bored to death, he wasn't even interested in this otherworldly power - 'magic' - anymore. But to her surprise she found him in good mood.

"Hello, Ulrike." He showed her the scrolls he was reading. "These are good. Do you have more of them?"

She glanced at the titles. "They are new and I believe you have them all in the claw. I hope to get more from this author in the next time. You like them?"

"Yes, of course. I am so glad I have found them on the shelf, I was gnawing on my claws for boredom."

"This is my cue! Did you hear anything about our war playing friends?"

"Nothing, unfortunately. Or I had not to fight boredom, had I? Maybe we should go and see that they are doing."

"I don't want to be involved. This place is and stays neutral, and we too."

"Maybe they have ended this war and are already in stupor after the obligatory victory or truce party." Al'cair's smirk showed too many tooths.

"Nay, they are not so impolite to have such a party without us. I would rather believe they lie dying around."

"We should look after them, a short visit to see if all is alright."

"You want to do it, don't you? Be careful!"

"Don't worry! I am not a little hatchling anymore."


It was a grey and stormy day. Not at all the best weather in which to be besieging one’s enemy - not bad at all, though, if you were the side being besieged and had plenty of resources and a nice warm fire.

Sundara opened her eyes and looked at the clock. “Have I been out that long?” Well, she was now up-to-date with what could be learned in the Dream. It was now time, she decided, for a new course of action. She dressed carefully, donning a gown of clinging silver silk and the diamond necklace Eval had given her. With a glance at the weather, she added a cloak of snowy white fur before going out on to the battlements.

Outside, Shadowspawn armies were lined up to protect the Dark Palace - it hardly needed protecting, but that was part of the game - and Ben T-Gaidin at the bottom of the walls and Eval Ramman at the top were shouting insults at each other, and from all she could see, enjoying themselves immensely.

“I hate to interrupt,” she observed, “but if I might have your attention for a moment, gentlemen?”

The pair fell silent, and Eval turned with a formal bow to her. “My lady Sundara.”

She inclined her head gravely in return. “My lord Eval.”

“How fare the affairs of war in the Palace?”

“Why, Carra still hunts for agents of the Eccentric, and Blackthorne still plots, and the Black Cat still amuses herself, and Darkhound is still nowhere to be seen. All that being so, it seems to me time to do something new.” She turned to Ben. “I am calling - ah, not a peace conference as such, but a gathering to consider the possibilities of declaring peace - for now. And of course, if we decide not to, we can go right back to war. I suppose that you might even call it a party.” Sundara smiled. “That suggestion coming from me didn’t really surprise anyone, did it?”

“As to location, I am a dreamwalker, so I created myself a dream-domain of my own - somewhere in between Tel’aran’rhiod and my personal dreams. I invite you all to be my guests in this realm for as long as the party lasts. Ben, would you please tell the other Lightfriends? The entrance will be right here for anyone who cares to come.”

She snapped her fingers, and a gateway appeared. Beyond it lay a land of snow, and yet strangely, one in which trees grew, laden with both fruit and blossom. A setting sun painted the sky a thousand shades of red and amber, colours that were reflected from the snow. Far off to the north could be seen a castle, and to the south the distant glitter of an ocean.

“It’s rather whimsical, but I like it.” Stepping gracefully through, she glanced over her shoulder with a smile. “Champagne is on offer - from the stream right there - and there are goblets growing on one of the trees. Don’t be too long, will you? Oh - and don’t worry about the snow. It’s quite warm.” Taking off her cloak to demonstrate that impossibility, she sat calmly down to wait.

Sundara, Sister of the Dark, whimsical dreamwalker

Al'cair circled above the Darl Palace. It has been amusing to watch Eval's and Ben's insulting contest. How long were they doing this now? He was sure they worked at an Encyclopedia of creative Invectives and Expletives.

Then Sundara appeared. He met her statement with delight. Until now he had enjoyed this 'battle', but like Ulrike he was glad if is doesn't came to bloodshed. Plunging straight into the fun he found the champagne stream very delicious and the fruits sweet and...

Suddenly he remembered - Ulrike. Blood and ahes, she sat at home, surely worrying herself mad because he hasn't returned yet. How could he be so stupid and mindless! Hastily he dove to the gateway.

"Sorry, I go fetch Ulrike. We will be here soon!" Sundara waved absentminded, she was busied to exchange kisses with Eval.


She pounced him as soon as he landed. "What happened? Did you find them?"

"Yea, they are fine. Do you come? They have a party!"

Her face lit up. "Peace?"

"Not exactly, more a break for the fighters." He couldn't suppress a giggle.

"What do you find so funny?" Ulrike asked as she mounted him. "Al'cair? Alca'ir, wait! You are drunk! Stop! I don't fly with a drunken dragon. AL'CAIR!"

To late, he thought, next stop is at the champagne river. Hicks.


[ Events happened in a parallel reality - or say Serafelle's Society (Bravenet forum) ]

Ben looked around as everything faded back into reality. He didn't know what had happened, but when everything started disolving, probably it's not something good.

He looked around the place, trying to see if anything was still gone. It wasn't. He sighed, and set off into the Dark Palace again.

Ben T-Gaidin
Warder to Serafelle Sedai
Lone Lightfriend

[ Events happened in a parallel reality - or say Serafelle's Society (Bravenet forum) ]

Ben sits in the abonded Dark Palace, leaning back in one of the padded chairs, his feet sitting on the desk in front of him. He slowly toys with a little flag in his hands, occasionally waving it slowly back and forth. "Whee."

Finally, he sets it down, and writes a note on the Dark Palace stationary:

To all it may concern;

Being the sole occupant of the Dark Palace at this time, I hearby declare victory for the Light Knights. All are invited back for a celebratory party, to be held whenever the first people show up. Thank you for your time and effort.

Ben T-Gaidin Warder to (the absent) Serafelle Sedai Lone Lightfriend

PS - Please come back? It'd be boring without you.

[ Events happened in a parallel reality - or say Serafelle's Society (Bravenet forum) ]

Kiriath clasped his fingers together from within the Vacuole. "Nothing of circumstance has happened lately," he mused. "Nothing at all. It seems time to observe the occurences in person," he realized. Mashy herself had ...vanished... into thin air.

His agents were now running amok through the halls of the Dark Palace, with no one else to guard its halls. "Beautiful," thought Kir, "but ultimately distressing." Earlier he had noticed Ben's presence within the Palace... perhaps he had an idea of what was happening?

Following Ben's life force, Kiriath perked an eyebrow. He was sitting with his head upon his hands. Likely, the worry about his Aes Sedai was affecting him fully by now. "Ben?" inquired the Intrigleeman, nervously.

"Serafelle must have fuzzed her bond, or something," explained Ben.

"I think the world was broken by some force," pondered Kir. "Not the Dragon... but not one of the two Ultimate Combatants. Once again reality has intruded upon our virtual lives... it seems high time to renew the lunacy within the Palace."

"But how?" asked Ben, voice flailing with slight --perhaps more?-- depression.

"I'm not quite sure," replied the gleeman, "but I have an idea. There have been a scant few, at least, fellows appearing on this board as of late. You could sense them, correct?"

Ben nodded feebly. Kiriath continued, "It seems a gamble, or a bit of complete Eccentric mayhem. Perhaps those others would enjoy joining in our Rambling Roleplay? They seem a bit more... sane... but they might be able to be converted."

"If nothing else," spoke the Intrigleeman, eyes whirling Eccentrically, "we may be able to have a new faction to conspire against."

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman
Would the DragonMount personages dare join our insanity?
If need be, I have a FAQ ready for Rambling Roleplay *chuckle*

[ Events happened in a parallel reality - or say Serafelle's Society (Bravenet forum) ]

"That might work..." Talking to himself. "Yes, that would work, possibly. I'll attempt to contact anyone previously active that I see, as well, but we will need to bring new blood in, I think."

Ben T-Gaidin
Lone Lightfriend

Ben stood in the light of the window, looking extremely confused. "But... If I won there... Can I at least claim a victory?" He grinned at the thought.

Ben T-Gaidin
Warder to Serafelle Sedai

Eccentricity can be taken away at some times --this time seemed to be one of them. Being in no world for an unspecified amount of time had caused Kiriath to suddenly lose track of his Intrigleeman. Strangely, most of them had been missing on the last board after the Breaking of the World - how many times had the Dragon fought by now? However many, the gleeman was certainly in a new land.

This was a board, that much was definite. It had the infamous feeling of one, but it also felt ..different. This place felt more ...more... It felt as though he had moved through a Portal Stone. He knew he had not, but the feeling of movement was identical.

Suddenly the stones on his board began moving, each represented figure continuing as the person's life force was found anew. "What is going on?"asked Kiriath. Even his Eccentric power was having difficulty in these surroundings.

"You are in a new dimension," whispered a voice - Ulrike! "This Portal Stone world, as you consider it, is a land where many dimensions join together."

Not a normal world, then. Kiriath stared at his stones, the board beneath them moving of its own accord. His eyes opened, revealing frantically whirling swirls, the sign of the Eccentric power. Finally, his rambling had told him what was the case.

"Return to my vacuole," Kiriath intoned telepathically to his punned Intrigleemen. "We are in a new world." He took a deep breath, "This is no ordinary world - the Broken World must have created a rift... so now we are within Ulrike's library."

He smiled, clasping his fingers and laying them on his board. "It's open grounds for everyone," he said softly."Everyone for everyone - and no dominates."

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman
O brave new board...

Flame shivered and stumbled again. Left she held buckler and spears, her right hand had a death grip in Dune's fur. She was tired to the bones, but they needed to find shelter. Shelter against the last ripples of reality shifting and shelter against the icy rain.

She didn't know where she was. That wasn't so unusual for the Wolf's Dream, but right now it meant, that she trusted blindly her friend's lead and didn't care about her location. She longed for a warm and dry place, for sleep. How ironic was it that she cursed all the falling water, in the Threefold Land it was precious beyond anything, now she had simply to much of it.

First she didn't realize that it became warmer and brighter. Then Dune stopped and with a start she noticed the strange scene. There were Sundara and Eval and there Ben! A party, yes! But didn't she go to dance with the Dark Forces?

Later, that could wait. Now, it was warm and dry and she could sleep. She dropped to the ground besides one of the strange trees. Ben, looking a bit forlorn neared.

"Hi, Flame. What happened to you? I..."

"Tell you later..." she murmured and slept.


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