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Late Start

Upon my reentry into this realm that once was mine, an eerie silence imposed itself upon my senses. TRavelling the now dark halls of the Dark palace wih my companion Marle, the emptiness of the place tore at my soul. The Dark Palace, now truely dark, lay unkept in a state of dissarray, there had been no presence in these halls for quite some time, and theyt yearned for a return to the days of old. In my travels through this now empty land I have come to the inevitable conclusion that my once thriving world has moved on, leaving only memories to haunt the places that once were. With the many imaginations that gave them life, these places and people can only fade to a misty recollection of the better times in our past. Preparing for my exit from this land, and back into the parallell reality that is TAR for me, I sensed a longing for me to stay, a sense that if I could only stay then the others might rerurn. And yet, if this world, my world, had moved on, then so must I. But perhaps the others would come once again, but themn again, perhaps not. Leaving a sign in case the others should return for them to contact me, they would know my ICQ number of 12881097 and be able to contact me then. Fare thee well my world, fare thee well....

The wolf-runner Elrys, and the wolf called Marle faded away from the world, and into another. perhaps they would find others, more refugees, from this world there.

Elrys, Wolfrunner of another world.

Ulrike awoke from a terrible thundering in her head, or wasit at the door? "What... Who is there? Let me alone! Let me sleep? Oh Light, my head!"
She laid sprawled across ... hmm ...what? Al'cair? She couldn't remember how her party ended. It must have been great, considered the size of her hangover. Now, also her dragon friend stirred and she must get up. Slowly she shuffled along to the door. And got almost a fist in her face when she opened it.

"Flame! What's the idea of that?" The fiery Aiel forced her way into the room, Dune on her heels. "Do you know how long you both have slept? Meanwhile our realm is deserted. I got a message from Elrys, no one seems to be here anymore! I'm glad that I found at least you!"
"What do you mean ..." Ulrike glanced at the calendar and her jaw hit the floor. "Impossible, that can't be!"
"But it is so! We must meet Elrys and then find the others!" Flame practically danced for impatience.
"Err, well, that's right. I mean.. Flame, can't Elrys come here to the Library if you tell him, please. I.. We need a little time to make us ready." The answer was a disapproving frown at her desolate state and then a resigned nod.

"Good, come Alcair, don't grumble, we have apparently an emergency situation!"


"Hurk... urk... what's this, Mazrin?"
"Sir! Events have been frantically occuring at a pace of absolute nil!"
"I just woke up. Let go of the Eccentric for a few seconds and let me figure out what you just said."
A nanosecond and suddenly Kiriath jumped up from the floor of his Clash Chamber, agitated and in full garb of a spying gleeman, patchcloth cloak and everything.
"This calls for desperate maneuvers, Fain. I dreamed of Ulrike constantly ---my lurker instincts must have recently came to the forefront! She's still around ...time to get something done around here!"

A quick teleportation of the Eccentric ---ramblers can do very illogical things when they're agitated, Captain, even though it sometimes makes them more logical, making the illogical logical ...see?--- and he arrived in directly in front of Ulrike.

"We're losing ground, bookkeeper!" he said in a hurried manner. Calming himself with deep gulps of Tainted saidin, he continued. "Sorry for the abruptness. It just seems that unfortunate events have occured since I had awaken."

"Tell me about it," sighed Ulrike. "Elrys is ..absent..."

"Oh bloody ashes," muttered Kiriath. "Time for spy tactics. Oh, fellows," grinned the Intrigleeman. "I seek you."

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman
Actually, I was waiting for a post so I could respond!

Ben sat up, and looked around the room. The last he remembered of the party was Walking off, to deliver some packages. After that, it all started to blur together. No matter. If it was important, he'd remember sooner or later. Someone was probably out and about by now, though, so he had better go check. He turned and Walked to Ulrike's place.

He stood looking up at Al'cair. The rough drawings he had made during the party would be good, but he wished he had more time to examine him fully. Of course, it would still only give a rough idea of bone structure, and muscle attachments, but without a disection... Nah, better not to worry about it. Besides, he'd need bigger knives.

Ben looked up at the sound of voices. By the tones, they'ed already been talking for a while. He walked around Al'cair, and looked at the people standing there. "Oh, hello all. Is something interesting happening?"

Ben T-Gaidin
Warder to Serafelle Sedai

Carramaena opened her eyes, yawning. "Dark, that was a long party. Is it over? Where is everyone, and," as she got a fuller look around her, "what am I doing in the middle of the dance floor?"
She sat up and stretched. There was a stones board lying on the floor nearby, black stones alternating with iridescent ones. "Oh yes - that game. Strange, I don't remember finishing it. Hey!" she called to a serving girl sweeping up on the other side of the hall. "What happened last night?"
"Why, the party, of course, Dark Sister." The girl's mouth twitched as if she was trying not to laugh.
"That wasn't what I meant. What did I do last night?" She couldn't have been drunk. Dark Sisters never got drunk.
"Well, if you really want to know. You were playing stones with the Intrigleeman when your eyes started whirling, and you got up and started dancing the sa'sara on the top table. You weren't wearing much," she added helpfully. Carra covered her eyes and groaned. "Then you started making terrible puns and talking out loud to yourself. I think you'd just got up to arguing the Taimandred question with yourself before you collapsed." There was a definite grin in the girl's face now. "Everyone was quite entertained."
Carra winced. So that was what Kir's Eccentric Power did to you when you weren't used to it. "Where is everyone now?"
"The ones who have woken up are down at Ulrike's place, the rest are lying around unconscious in various places, and Sundara and Eval are out in the gardens. They started kissing at the New Year, and I don't think they've stopped yet."
"Ah, young lovers." Carra grinned. "Would you mind getting me some coffee? Then I'd better go see what's happening at Ulrike's."
Half an hour later, she walked into the Library. With a glare for Kiriath - he could have warned her! - she joined the gathering group. "I trust everyone enjoyed the party?" she inquired pleasantly. "Well, what do we do now?"

Carramaena L'Var,
Overdosing on Eccentricity

TrueDescender stumbled out of the gateway in front of his house. His eyes were red, because of loss of sleep, and his mind was dizzy. Here it was in the middle of the day, and the sunbeams hurt his red eyes. Turning around, he saw the glow of the Sharan sunset as the gateway closed. He dragged himself toward the door, but fell asleep as he crept over the threshold.

A lot had happened in Shara. A new party had been starting as he had left, and he had no idea of how many parties he had missed during his two months long trip. But surely they had good news to tell him. TrueDescender’s trip back to Shara had started so well. He had refound his brother, Mosk, and they’d had a great time together.
They’d talked about good old times, and then TrueDescender had told Mosk about his new life many miles to the west.
There had been some traditional feasts too, where they had eaten, drunk and danced a lot. Mosk had also taught him “tomt’ed’ansen”, and according to the many beautiful young women dancing around them, he realized that “tomt’ed’ansen” was the male similarity to the female “sa’sara”.
TrueDescender had also been thinking. Searching inwards into himself, he had found the truth... but he didn’t understand the truth yet. At least, it had given him a calmness, and he was now a stronger and happier man.

But Mosk had hidden some facts from him... and after a month he revealed to TrueDescender that Shara was not longer as it had been before. Corruption had grown and the people started realizing that the Ayyad-women was the actual power in Shara. TrueDescender knew that Mosk had a big part in this, because Mosk wanted to break the power of the Ayyad-women, the Ayyad who had made his life to an eternal hiding and fleeing. And now Mosk was too much wanted, so he’d decided to stay with TrueDescender during this month of feasting. He had agents doing his work anyway.
But things started growing out of hand, so Mosk had told his brother about it, and asked him to join him when he went back to the capital. So, they had both gone back to see what was going on. But disaster awaited them. TrueDescender saw chaos everywhere, and even the weather was bad. There’d been a very bad harvest and many signs of starvation was seen. People lay dead on the streets, either because of starvation or attacks by the Ayyad. Because every day, there was protests against the ruling of the country, and anarchy ruled in some places.
TrueDescender had worked all day long every day, but one month later he saw no signs of Shara cooling down, so he’d decided to return to his new home. But Mosk stayed... he would never leave Shara...

Someone came walking up to TrueDescender’s house.
“Hey TD! Wake up!” he shouted.
No answer.
“TD!!! It’s me, Nightfall!”
TD grunted and opened his eyes... but closed them again as sunshine hit his face.
“I’ve come to say goodbye.” Nightfall took his hand and pulled him up. “I’m leaving now, and I don’t know if I ever come back.”
“What!?!” Suddenly TrueDescender became awake. “But... but, you can’t just leave like that... what’s wrong with you!?!”
“Calm down. There’s nothing wrong with me. We all have to take decisions in our life... and the path of my life don’t go here any longer. I’ve decided to leave... and there’s nothing you can do about it. But I’ll miss you and everyone else here...”
TrueDescender hugged Nightfall and sobbed. He was loosing a good friend.
“But I’ll be waiting for you if you ever return... and remember all your friends here.”
“Sure... well, now I have to go.” Nightfall started walking away. “There’s some people at Ulrike’s... perhaps I’ll pass them to say goodbye... and when you’re awake, you can go there too... farewell, TD!”
“Farewell, Nightfall!” He saw his friend disappearing down along the road.

TrueDescender decided to sleep another time, and Travelled to Ulrike’s place. There he met some of the old friends, but not all. Ben T-Gaidin was there, who probably was bonded to Serafelle now, although she was not to be seen. Ulrike was there and she stood close to Al’cair. Elrys was there as well... and Kiriath of course. But glaring at Kiriath stood a woman that he’d never seen before.
“Greetings, my name is TrueDescender.” he said and bowed.
“Oh... I’m Carrameana.” she answered and knowingly turned her head away from Kiriath, though she continued glancing at him sideways.

TrueDescender had heard old storeis about her, but he didn’t remember much. And what would happen now that Nightfall, one of his channeling teachers had left him... and Kiriath seemed to be too dangerous to trust, or...? He really wished for Jani al’Koski to show up now... And what was Blackthorne actually doing? TrueDescender sighed, because he had lost so many of the latest news, that he didn’t even know who was together with who, but he hoped they’d give him the answers.

Harbinger of bad news
King of “tomt’ed’ansen” etc.

Carra tapped her foot impatiently, looking at the blank faces around her. "Ahem! We are here for a reason, I presume?" There were a few startled looks, but she went right on. "What I haven't quite worked out is why we're all standing around. If this is a Light Knights' convention, I can leave. If it's a party-planning committee all I can say is you're suckers for punishment, and if there's another reason I'd appreciate knowing what it is." She tilted her head inquisitively as she regarded the rest of the conscious members of the BBS.

Carramaena L'Var
Acolyte of scandalous behaviour (Sundara's the high priestess, obviously...)
Spymistress of the Dark

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