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Ben T-Gaidin, Daylorn And Elrys

A soft yellow light spread from the globe hanging from the ceiling overhead, and illuminated the room, and the garments hanging in it. The only clear space was directly in front of the simple wooden door. Abruptly, the light in the area... twisted, for lack of a better word, and the space was filled.

A man now stood in front of the door, a Warder's fancloak hanging over his frame. He looked around in confusion, then spoke softly as a small grin played over his features. "What possible use could one person have for all these?" he said, fingering first a Whitecloak's cape, then an Asha'man's coat, complete with pins.

He turned towards the door, then stopped and untangled the hilt of his sword from a belt which was curiously wrapped around it. In the process, a small fern could be seen engraved on the pommel of the blade. He reached out, and grasped the handle of the door, then paused once more. A soft "Fwoosh" was heard from the other side.

With a twist, the man opened the door, and stepped through. Smoke faintly clouded the room into which he entered. Another man stood across the room, with a faintly puzzled look on his features. Both his eyebrows and his hair appeared singed, and soot lightly coated his cloths, and the floor in front of him.

"Excuse me, but I appear to have mis-Walked. Could you tell me where I am?"

Ben T-Gaidin
Relatively new to this Board
And yet another of Serafelle's Would-Be Warders *grins*

Blackthorne felt a new person enter the circles of this world, as she sat at her desk, figuring how to balance her checkbook. He was a Warder, a sworn warrior of the Light. His name was Ben T-Gaidin. He could be a formable opponent, one of the Light that she could have a real fight to turn to the Dark and the power of the Whip and Heels. She wondered if he meant to bring back the Light Knights, who had scattered to the nine winds when WOTA fell. And what she would do if he did.

Probably throw a party, she thought wry to herself. Still, there was proper custom when a newbie fell from the sky into their strange little world.

She got up from her hopeless work, better to let Darkhound or Nightfall deal with it; made herself neat and tidy to greet him, new black dress, new heels and a new black whip turned into a belt around her waist.

With a thought, she appeared in Kiriath's chambers in his vacuole, where a man was coming out of Kiriath's closet and Kiriath was standing speechless for once in the remaining smoke and ashes of his bedroom. She smiled; this was worth the trip alone.

"Hello Kiriath. It is good to see you again. You will be receiving an invitation to a party soon." He nodded in his Intrigleeman way. She turned to the young man. "Hello Ben T-Gaidin. I'm Blackthorne, the Great Mistress of the Dark."

The Great Mistress of the Dark
Dark Bonded to Nightfall
Ariella Reborn

Ben looked around, as another person entered the room. This one was dressed in an elegant black dress. He listened as she addressed the other man, Kiriath was his name. Then she turned and spoke to him. "Hello Ben T-Gaidin. I'm Blackthorne, the Great Mistress of the Dark."

Ben felt a look of suprise cross his face, but he quickly supressed it. "Hello, Blackthorne," he said, "Do I know you? You seem to have me at a disadvantage."

"I am, as I said, the Great Mistress. There are many things that I know. As for you, I felt you as you entered this world." Blackthorne looked at him as she replied. A thoughtful look, as if weighing him.

He returned the look, taking in the whip and heels which she wore. "Ah. That is interesting. Forgive me, Kiriath, if I disturbed you. I hope I didn't interupt anything important..." He grins, taking in Kiriath's slightly soiled appearance. Turning back to Blackthorne, he continued speaking. "Now, I believe you were saying something about a party?...."

Blackthorne opened her mouth to reply, and then a puzzled look crossed her features. "I'm sorry, but I have to go. I'll see you again at the party, then."

Before he could say another word, a gateway opened, and Blackthorne stepped through into a red walled room. "But, I still don't know what this party is."

He turned back to Kiriath, who ruffled his cloak with a breath of Air, and watched a few patches drift off.

Ben T-Gaidin
Another of Serafelle's Would-Be Warders

The Intrigleeman ruffled his cloak with a breath of Air, and a few patches flew off. "No bother," he muttered, some more appearing with a few shots of Earth into the patchcloth. Only after rambling in this fashion for seconds on end did he notice the new fellow.

"Eh? Oh. Greetings," he said, extending a hand. No newbie would dare grab his Ring.

"Greetings," responded the newbie. "Ben T-Gaidin. And you?"

"Kiriath." Last name unavailable for awhile. "The Grand High Rambler." Before the gaidin could interject, Kiriath chuckled softly. "You seem to have Walked into my disguise department."

"That explains all this," replied the gaidin.

"Yep." Unfortunately, it also explains that some new ones need be worked on. No ... wait ... there's still that other room... A dangerous look appeared on his features, but trailed back into his ordinary mellowness. "You seem new?" The fellow nodded, and Kir chuckled. "'Tis a long story. Over in...." Kir thought for a second and pointed. "Below this world of the Society Alliance, you will discover a FAQ written by my own hand. It would suit you well to read it."

"Thank you," said the fellow. "Any chance I'll be meeting anyone else any time soon?"

The Intrigleeman's features became sly. "As a matter of fact, I've heard that Ariella ---you've heard of her?" Chuckling at the circular motion of the fellow's head, he continued, not sure whether it was a yea or nay, "She's the controlling factor of our world right now, and planning a party. One of immense proportions, most likely, and even more gigantic if others can be nudged to return." Really big. What with agents running to and fro. And a red-eyed DarkHound. Danger, [W] ild [R] ambler, Danger!

"What I was going to ask you, actually, was where you got burned from."

Kiriath suddenly noticed that he was a bit charred, and quickly Healed himself with some Eccentricity. "A Gray Man. Don't ask how. Even I don't." Actually, he did know somewhat, but misleading secrets were always chaotic.

"Care for a sample of my FAQ?" The fellow nodded, and Kiriath Gated the two of them to his waiting lounge, magazines scattered amongst the floor. "It's here somewhere. Here, actually," he commented as he retrieved a small sheet.

"Thanks," said the fellow. As he began to read, Kir telepathed with a fellow agent and discovered that Sammael and Mashy were no longer in the Pattern, it seemed. "Odd," he murmured quietly, but observed the room. A rather nifty dust bunny with Big Nasty Pointy Teeth was in the corner, but then there was also the residue of a Gateway, a grimy little substance from the True Power. TP never fully did the job, remembered Kiriath, and stood there.

The newbie simply sat, absorbing the FAQ and noting one of Kir's most famous oddities: simply standing and staring at nothing. That is, seeming to be that way.

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman
No, I'm not staring at the Killer Dust Bunny Rabbit!

Ben sat reading the FAQ that Kiriath had given him. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Kiriath standing there, and waited to see if the Dust Bunny was going to move.

After a minute, he stood back up, and handed the sheet of paper back to Kiriath. "Thank you. This does explain somethings that I had been wondering about."

Kiriath remained standing, staring at nothing for a few moments longer, then turned and looked at Ben. "Oh, are you finished already?" he said, taking the paper from his hands.

"Yes. I've always been quick at picking things up," Ben replied, looking over at the Dust Bunny, which appeared to be dreaming of eating small rodents. "I suspect that you might know a bit more about this party. Would you, perhaps, be able to tell me anything else?"

Ben T-Gaidin
Another Would-Be Warder

"Tell you about it?" asked Kiriath. The newbie nodded, but Kir simply chuckled softly. "I suppose if it were needed, I could lead you over to Ulrike's library or Serafelle's Record books, but in general, parties are unpredictable."

The newbie perked an eyebrow, and Kir nodded. "Exactly that sort. You don't know what they're like until you get there. Bloody ashes, we've had the loony things from over in the Dark Palace over to Barid Bel's joint, and, most likely, a few that I can't remember at the moment!" He chortled for a moment, so much that Ben backed away --okay, Fain was taking over for a few-- until the Intrigleeman calmed down.

"Just wander into the Dark Palace," said Kiriath. "Wait until the party though ...we can't have her Powers striking you too quickly."

The newbie nodded, absorbing it, and Kiriath shrugged. "It shouldn't be too long, what with Shai'Dara," he flinched, "Sundara, that is. You felt it, too?"

The usual nod and Kir grinned. "'Tis the way to tell when someone's coming to the land of Rand from an extended vacation over in a Domani vacuole. At least, I know that's where I'd take my vacation," he winked. "Nevertheless, the party should be soon."

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman

Daylorn seized saidin for what felt like the first time in months. He looked at his calendar. Well, close enough to months. Opening a gateway at random (for randomness was the only way to find new lands), he stepped through blind so as not to force a choice on the gate (a twist on classic chaos theory). Letting the gate close behind him, he found himself in a land that felt... strange. Almost like home, but not quite. This must be a mirror World, or else another Age... was it possible to Travel through Time?

Pushing saidin away, he took care to study his new surroundings. He appeared to be in some kind of hedge-maze. He started walking. Perhaps someone would find him and explain what had happened since his departure.


Blackthorne felt another person enter the Pattern and the hall of the Dark Palace; two in one day, just her luck. Why did everyone decide to come when she had important plans to take care of? Customs were customs though, so she got up and went to greet her visitor.

He was a tall man with dark eyes, a large regal nose. He was dressed all in dark colours. There was something about him that made her think of Warders. Maybe it was the way he wore his sword on his back. Maybe it was the way he stood, looking at the maze. Regardless of whether he was a Warder or not, he was dangerous, for he walked in the Light and wore the emblem of the Light Knights on his dark cape.

He turned around quickly to face her, hand on sword, which he immediately released when he saw it was a lone woman. He was a veteran of the Ageless battle; he still held the One Power.
He frowned at her. "Do I know you?" He had a deep voice. She shook her head.
"Not yet anyway."
She held forth a hand. "I am Blackthorne, Great Mistress of the Dark Reborn."
He looked at it for a moment before shaking it. "Does Ariella know about this?" He asked her cautiously. She had to laughed. "Of course! I am Ari's avatar, because..." He listened carefully and asked no questions. "...And that is how it is."

A long moment passed between them. Finally he spoke.
"Do you want me to release saidin?"
She spoke without thought; "Of course. You been holding it the whole time that I have been speakin with you. I dislike rudeness in a guest."
His jaw dropped. She was on the verge of explaining when he finally found words.
"Ariella! It is you! Are any of the others here? Kerek? Jandor? Please forgive me for having a doubting heart," he added, "but I have seem many strange things on my journey."

They talked as she led him out of the maze. No, he was only Light Knight that was here now. Yes, Jandor still visited now and then, and Cerise too, but they were not major players in her games. Finally, she was able to get in a question of her own: his name.

"Oh," he blushed lightly with the shame of his overeagerness for news. "I am Daylorn Keth'al, Lord General of the Light Knights, First Servant of the Creator, Bearer of the Ring of the Tarmylin, Highest of the Council of Light."
She nodded; she felt like she had already known his name and titles. "And Tarmael now; the Light Knights needs to be brought back." Tarmael meant Bringer of Hope in the Old Tongue. She nodded; there was no point in ruling without some opposition.
"I suggest that you go and meet Ben-T, a new arrival here. He seems to be interested in becoming a Light Knight."
He nodded. "I have much to do before the day's end." He bowed politely. "Blackthorne, until we meet again."
She acknowledged him with a nod of her head. "There's a party coming up here soon."
He smiled. "I will come then of course, Blackthorne."

He embraced the One Power and made a gateway to leave. He step through it without a backward glance and left for a room covered in books and old papers.

That reminded her of her own paperwork. Something that he had said had intrigued her. Bearer of the Ring of Tamyrlin. If he was the bearer of the ring, then what about Kiriath's ring?

Great Mistress of the Dark, Reborn
Keeper of the Whip
Wearer of the Heels

"Good surveillance, Semirhage," smiled the Minister of General Insanity. An Eccentric weave and he was directly outside of his Light Knight quarters, warded notes lying about and a laboratory in the corner speckled like new. Of course, he also considered himself the official research coordinator.

The other half of his room, however, was rather dusty from lack of use. One of his patented Air flows, and the whole of the place was cleaned, the dust flying away. "Daylorn is returned," said the Minister to himself.

As if by request, the fellow wandered into the room. "Ah, Kir," said Daylorn genuinely. "I knew you were still around." Literally, or not? No matter.

"'Tis nice to see you again, 'Lorn. Perhaps now the Light Knights will return to our old position. Lately, events have been rather ..chaotic.."

"So I've heard," chuckled Daylorn.

"Not only Blackthorny Ariella," grinned Kiriath. Daylorn looked inquisitive, and the gleeman continued. "Nightfall recently bonded a freelance crazy lady by the name of Mashiara, DarkHound is still around, and even Sammael, the Forsaken himself, has returned."

Daylorn blinked, "Times have changed," he said simply.

"Truly they have. It's getting so that even I'm not sure where all the alliances are going."

"I can see times really are changing," replied the Lord General.

"A party's coming up, soon. Maybe, finally, our battle lines will become clear once again. All we need now is a few more Light Knights."

"Even with us, we can reclaim our glory."

"Undoubtedly. There's a newbie in the other room; you always the better recruiter between the two of us."

Daylorn nodded slowly, taking it all in. "Later, Kir. I can see there's a lot to catch up on."

Daylorn wandered off, and Kiriath finally realized that the Lord General had a ring nearly identical to his own. The only difference was that his own ring had the ancient symbol of Aes Sedai, the ring of Tamyrlin, and the other, the Ring of Amyrlin, had it reversed. A curiosity in itself, though Daylorn's only added to it: his had the ancient symbol alone.

Kiriath knew, from the way this was going, that someone was probably on to his rings by now. It would be high time to ward his dreams and sleep in the war room. Besides, sleeping over your plots was like learning homework by sleeping on it. Unusual, but sometimes it worked.

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman
Curious curiosities...

Serafelle walked through the halls absently, trying to remember what she had come there for. She couldn't even really remember where she was, exactly. Some kind of a library.

Aha! That was it. The Light Knights Library, of which she was the Chief Librarian. Daylorn had come back, that was it. He needed to be welcomed, of course. If she could only find him!

The Brown Sister knew she'd been a bit absent-minded lately, ever since her meeting with the Creator. She'd really need to tell TrueDescender and Jani al'Koski about the results of that meeting. It was really rather interesting, in her opinion. There was a price to pay for the favour she'd asked of Bela, but it was a good price. It was worth what she'd gotten in return. Or rather, what the two men would get in return, if she could ever find them to tell them.

But right now, she was looking for Daylorn. It would have been nice if she could have found all three men, but Daylorn was her primary objective now. She felt somehow that she'd been forgotten; now why was that? Oh well.

Serafelle Ismene al'Cormiere,
Sister of the Brown Ajah
Chief Librarian of the Light Knights

TrueDescender came closer and saw that the cloud of dust was raised from the ground by many women hunting a man. There were lightning striking at him and some balls of fire too, but they seemed to hit an invisible shield protecting the man.
“So, the women must be of the Ayyad.” He murmured to himself. TD knew the danger. He counted them and saw eleven channeling women. “Not too dangerous, though” he said and walked away from the seldom-used road.

Suddenly he came to think of the women as a hoard of bulls. Angry bulls. Bulls with horns that were aimed on one spot, the man’s behind.
“Oh… poor man.” TD smiled.

He continued in among the trees, to where the man and the women should be by now. He stepped very cautiously, not to make any sounds. A small part of his mind was very calm, so he let it flow out over his mind. It spread and the nervousness vanished. TD thanked the calmness.

The man had fled quite a long way. TD hadn’t seen or heard then for some minutes now. But as he came to a clearing, he found them. But he stopped abruptly. All women were lying on the ground. Their faces were ageless. Aes Sedai, not Ayyad women. Beside them stood four people. They couldn’t see him, with their backs turned toward him, and many trees in between them. There was Barid. TD couldn’t understand how such a catlike man could be so ordinary-looking. And there were two men that must be twins. But one of them more seemed to be the shadow of the other man. And finally there was Mashiara, a woman he had heard so much about, and even seen once before. Visible chaos was spreading around her and TD shivered. No aura of good around her at all.

Then, a man’s voice coughed behind TD. He turned around, with his sword already striking down toward this man…
…and was trapped in flows of Air.
“Greetings, TrueDescender!” Jani al’Koski smiled at him.
“I see you’ve learned a lot since I last saw you. Be lucky for that!” TD made a reliefed sigh. Killing his friend would have been worse than never seeing his brother again. He wondered where Mosk was right now.
“Yes. I’ll show you how to weave with threads of Air. And I’ve learned something that you desperately need.” Jani looked at TD’s worn shoes and smile. “This is a Gateway”…

Daylorn saw a vertical line appear in midair, turning and opening into a gateway.
“Hey, Kir, do you have drop-in here?” Daylorn said. He saw two curious young men looking back at him through the gateway.
“What?” Kiriath answered. But then he saw the men coming through the gateway. “Ahh… they’re Lightfriends. I teach them some new weaves every now and then. They’ve just started channeling, although Jani is very promising already.” Kiriath didn’t teach them much at all, because he feared that he might slip some of the secrets of the Eccentric Power, by mistake.
“So, what do you want here?” Kiriath demanded. He looked down at Daylorn’s and his own rings. “Are you here to join the Light Knights?”
“Well…” TD answered. “…what to do to become a Light Knight?”
“Hmm…” Daylorn looked at Kiriath…

one who wants to join the resurrected Light Knights...
One who is very curious of what Serafelle has to say...

Carenna opened a Gate and stepped through to the Light Knight Headquarters. She was back, after a lovely vacation. But it seemed that much had happened since she had left.

Carenna ay'Irella
Sister of the Green Ajah

Blackthorne always hated the feeling she had before parties, especially her parties that she had no idea about. All Nightfall had said was that it would 'one to remember' and he would take care of everything.

Now she regretted giving him a free rein on this. She wanted it to be perfect. She wanted to know what he had planned. Of course, if she really wanted, she could read his mind, but where was the fun there?

She tapped her foot impatiently. It seemed like she had been waiting days for this. The shadowy Domani dress she had borrowed from Sundara fit her curves like a hand in a gloves. Her hair was tied up in an intricate pattern that left wisps of hair at her neck so elegantly. The new stiletto heels added the finishing touch.

Finally, it was time. She summoned Darkhound to make himself presentable. With a last look in the mirror, she left her rooms to see what her party would look like.

Great Mistress of the Dark (Reborn)
Let's get this party started!

It was with a breeze and sigh and suddenly the entire fabric of reality shifted one more in the place where it was often twisted around like spaghetti. In the midst of the Great Hall, the smell of fresh wildflowers permated all the walls and even up into the shadowed rafts. Birds of all sizes and variety flocked and clutters, peacocks of very lavendar and deepest blue muted the more outrageousness of the bright yellow and reds of the catoccos and parrots. Torches on poles along with some sands blasted by heat to almost obsidian black mixed well with more white sands. The band, Sea Folk with strange drums made of metal played some weird and mystical tunes, while servants wearing almost next to nothing in some cases, paraded around with all manner of drinks.

In a small round hut made of palm leaves and decorated with roses, orchids and even the strange tulips all shaded black, Nightfall sighed and started to mix up the drinks. It was true he had taken a LONG time. Longer than even he had expected. Still he hoped that Blackthorne would approve of his choice. Certainly he had thought something a little more chilly, cold weather suiting his more icy disposition at times, but Nightfall thought of all the other parties and figured that a beach party would be just the thing. Suddenly Nightfall remember he hadn't put up any water at all. With a lazy though, a fairly large jacuzzi and a small isle in the middle of a deep blue green sea surrounded by reefs and on which a fablous treasure shone instantaously appeared. "Perfect" was Nightfall thought as he mixed up drinks and had the servants ready themselves. With a bounding leap, Nightfall, dressed in flannel with red palm trees and fairly short pants and leather sandels, crossed the way to the great doors which opened up to the outside. There, the man of the hour emerge and with his usual grin of mirthful mischief, bowed and said "Hey everyone! Come on in the waters great! Let's Hang ten Dudes!"

As the crowd flocked in, Nightfall could only let his grin go wider, "Yep, always wanted to do that..." he thought as he managed to cruise his way back towards the bar.

Surf man extrodinare, Master of the Flock of Raven, Lord the Night and Mister "I know, I know, I took long enough but hey Rome wasn't build in day you know?"(smile)

Ben sat waiting in the empty room of Kiriath's vacuole. Or, at least, almost empty. One could hardly ignore the killer Dust Bunny that lived there.

He sat in one of the chairs, reading another of the papers that had been lying on the table. While the information didn't make sense now, perhaps he would find a use for it later. Then the room was lit by a brief flash of light. A folded piece of paper lay on the table. He leaned over, and picked it up.

He opened the parchment up, and looked at it. The lettering appeared to be burnt in to the paper, somehow without setting it alight. Reading it swiftly, he then set it down, and leaned back. "So, this mysterious party is started. Perhaps I could meet some of these people there."

With that, Ben stood up, and looked around the room. Spotting a Glowbulb on the wall, he stepped towards it, and disappeared.

The landscape outside the Great Hall seemed dark, and bleak. Only a small ray of light seemed to filter through the gloom. Then, the light seemed to twist around itself, as Ben appeared outside the great doors. "Sure, make it hard enough to get here..." he muttered to himself. A few other people stood nearby, but before he could walk over to them, he heard a slight footstep from beyond the doors behind him.

Then, suddenly the doors were opened. A flood of light and tropical scents poured out. In the doorway, a man stood in a decidedly strange garb, while behind him, the sounds of Seafolk music played. The man bowed, and spoke, "Hey everyone! Come on in the waters great! Let's Hang ten Dudes!"

Ben followed the group of people inside, and stepped on to the beach. He looked around at the surroundings, and then down at what he was wearing. "I appear to be a little overdressed," he said to himself, and then shrugged. Oh, well. It wasn't as if he had known that he would need to change.

He looked around then, and spotted someone interesting. His fancloak drifting behind him, he walked across the sands. This would be a fine place to meet people, after all.

Ben T-Gaidin
Another Would-Be Warder

In a gray room, with a gray ceiling, gray floor, grey furniture, grey... well, you get the picture. Anyway, in this remarkably grey room, as the words "Damn you!, you've done this to yourselves, Damn you!" faded from the air, the TV screen flickered back and forth once, twice, and three times between the static hiss of electronic snow and the colored bar screen before finally settling on the multicolored bar screen signifying that yes, the station had gone off of the air....

A high pitched keening wail gradually awakened Elrys from his trance-like state. As he groggily lifted his head, motes of dust cascaded down off of his head and stirred themselves to life in the air, swirling bits of dust catching the light just as they caught his feeble attention. He tried to wage what was definately a losing battle to regain awareness of his surroundings. Eventually his trance was shattered by a harsh sneeze, and then two more after the first. As it turned out, he was allergic to dust mites.....

Becoming more aware now, Elrys noticed the high pitched, keening, wail made by TV's when the station they are turned to has gone off of the air. Then he realized that it was himself who was making that wretched sounding noise and the noise stopped.
"Nooo!" he yelled and then broke down sobbing..... The Planet of the Apes Marathon had ended at last. The origional movie, Planet of the Apes, and all of it's multitudes of sequels played back to back, nonstop. And then repeated. Again, and again, and again. Finally they had played the first in the series one last time as a way of signing off and saying goodbye. With the famous line "But you're just so damn ugly." playing one final time within his head, he abandoned all hope and dejectedly returned to harsh reality.

Remembering where he was, in Barid's place, and the party that seemed like it had been in full tilt just a few seconds ago, he wondered what time it was, then by the feeling of his stomach churning itself into a highly acidic ball, he wondered what day and even week it was. With a short query to his wolven friends he found out that just about two weeks had passed, give or take a few days as the wolves had a hard time remembering such things in the human concept of time. The wolves live in the now, with little thought as to the past or the future.
Getting up on unsteady legs, he used his quarter-staff as a crutch and, with every step seeming to take more energy than he possessed he left barids and set off in search of food and information of what has been happening in the past few weeks.

As he tiredly concentrated on placing one foot in front of the other so as to make it to his destination Elrys realized something. His cache of supplies would most likely no longer be where he had left them and it would be much quicker to step into the Wolf-Dream to get there. Stepping into the Wolf-Dream he vanished from this reality.

Instantly popping into TAR, his wolf-friend Marle materialized at his side. With a playful gentleness the wolf chided him for being here in the flesh, for although he knew what he was doing, it was always a dangerous thing to do for those not born a wolf. As Marle was finishing chiding him, he figured that as long as he was here in the flesh he might as well make use of a few of the little tricks that are intrinsic to the dream world. First he far-stepped to the kitchens at one of the inns where he was on good terms with the innskeepers, stepped out of TAR, and ordered up a good hearty meal to help him recover from his apparent trance-like state for the past little while. Finishing up, he decided that he'd better figure out what's been going on lately and stepped back into the Wolf-dream. Letting Marle know what he was up to, he focused his need for information within his mind and the surroundings blurred around him. Coming back into focus, it appeared that the answer to his need was to be found here, at a desolate and isolated beach. Wondering exactly why his answers would be found here, he stepped out of TAR and into the midst of a beach party and the wolf, Marle, materialized beside him.

Noticing Ben-T, a friend from elsewhere, he went to go and say hello to the warder, and to figure out what exactly Ben could tell him about what has been going on lately, well, what he knew from his recent arrival.... Afterwards maybe he could get a hold of Kiriath and inquire about possibly joining the KNight-Lights err, Light-Knights, and about whether it is possible to become a member of this Intrigleeful insanity thing he's been hearing about....

...Sa souvraya niende misain ye... (maybe I'm not lost within my own mind but within the Movie?)

Kiriath smiled at his two students, resolving to teach them more. The Eccentric power could be disguised if need be, in simple doses of rambling. What else was the Eccentric but a ramble of its own, just enhanced in a mind trying to organize itself but not succeeding?
He sighed and peered at TrueDescender. "You truly wish to be a Light Knight?" The Sharan nodded, and Kiriath absorbed this. "Good," he said simply.
"Agelmar, one of the first founders of this organization, had a long detailed thing you must say to join, but it seems too ..Whitecloakish; and besides, he's not here for the time being."
Daylorn stood by, pondering and just standing there, as though for a formal occasion. In itself, it was. "Since you walk in the Light, TrueDescender, and have no full ties to the Dark Family, pun intended, you are officially integrated into the Light Knights. Mind you, the full joining will take time. In general, however, the only requirement needed is that you walk in the Light."
Daylorn nodded at this and Kiriath continued. "Since you are a Light Knight, you cannot have any blatant ties of any exquisite sort to the Dark Family. Friendships and all are fine, but full integration within their society would ruin the full effect. Simply said, once you join us, you are either with us or with them. And seeing as how you chose us," Kiriath laid a hand on the Sharan's shoulder, "You are now a Light Knight. Our one sole point is to keep the Dark Sisters from domination of the whole board, and to hold the traditional balance of the Wheel."
Carenna Gated in abruptly, and Kiriath smiled at her. "There is now another official Light Knight." TrueDescender bowed.

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman

Ben walked forward towards Elrys, and started talking to him. "Well, then! Fancy you being here. So what have you been up to?"

Elrys shrugged. "I've been around, but I missed much of the goings on that have happened lately. I was hoping that you could fill me in."

Ben reached down and petted Marle while taking. "Well, I'm not quite sure myself. I just arrived, but I've picked up some of the major events. It's amazing what you can learn by just keeping your eyes and ears open. Of course, some of Kiriath's papers were a help, as well."

He continued speaking. "Blackthorne has taken over the position of Great Mistress, and seems to be settling in quite well. Mashiara, an agent of Chaos, and Sammael have ended up bonded. It's a long story." Ben rolled his eyes, and then resumed speaking. "Nightfall has become Blackthorne's First Servant, and Darkhound has returned to serve her, as well."

Elrys listened as Ben finished reciting the recent events. "Those of us who walk in the Light seem to have become conspicuously absent, but Daylorn has returned, and begun organizing the Light Knights again. Anyway, this is Blackthorne's 'Coming Out' party, so we can probably learn anything else we need to know."

Sand shifted under Elrys' feet as he straightened. Then, he spoke. "I had heard of the return of the Light Knights. Would you be interested in joining them, as well?"

Ben considered for a minute, then signaled his affirmative. Elrys spoke up again. "Well, then. This is a party, after all. He will be around."

With that, they set out across the sand, with Ben's fancloak once again drifting across his back, and Marle walking at Elrys' side. Daylorn would be here, somewhere.

Ben T-Gaidin
Another Would-Be Warder

The Intrigleeman, for once, was associated, lounging on the beach and watching the surfers crash. He had never truly enjoyed water; swimming made him paranoid, and wipeouts no less. Perhaps that was part of the reason his talents in Water weaves were not too strong.

He shook his head and looked around, smiling in his gleeman way at all who passed, a more friendly grin towards those he knew well. Ben and Elrys, noticed Kiriath, were wandering around, so a smile was turned their way. The party atmosphere allowed him to overhear their conversation without any weaves. No matter, that. They were friends and the gleeman already knew what they were discussing, from the looks of it.

A genuine smile was turned Elrys' way and he strolled over. "I've met Ben," interrupted Kir before the wolfbrother could get in an introduction, "A rather splendid fellow." Ben grinned, and the gleeman continued. "How's it been since last we spoke?" This directed to Elrys.

The wolfbrother shrugged, "Not much, really. I was stuck in a virtual vacuole and that tee'vee was starting to act up."

Kiriath nodded and pondered for a few seconds, tossing around ideas in the amount of time needed for a rambler, "TrueDescender's a Light Knight now, Daylorn's returned, and Sera's still around. Times are good."

Ben coughed slightly and Kiriath turned. "I was hoping to become a Light Knight," he said, slightly quiet.

"Nothing to be worried about, aspiring Warder," chuckled the gleeman with a lighthearted grin, pun not intended. Ben's look increased to a smile.

"An account of this, hold on a moment." He weaved a few threads and focused saidin on each of his friends' Eccentric stones, the Power going to their essence and giving them each a thought, a thought to turn to the party and that an impromptu meeting was about to take place.

Elrys and Ben blinked. "Just a reminder for an impromptu meeting. With any luck, we can get everyone together and organize the Light Knights anew. You two will be part of the agenda, of course; new recruits always are."

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman

Sammael appeared on a beach. He was ammazed that everyone was not trying to kill each other openly.

"Anyone wanna go for an underwater tour?" he yelled out.

He channeled, and a bubble appeared in the water.


Cerise squinted up the beach, trying to avoid the sun. She could see Kiriath rambling about as well as a few others she knew. But who were the two other men with him? She shrugged slightly, and opened herself to Saidar. Immediately she could feel Agelmar's bond a bit stronger. He was well, which was all she expected. The second bond strained a bit farther away. Drangel was well, he seemed to be in good spirits. Soon, she'd call them both back to her. She could smell the salt of the water, and almost see it as she glanced out at the blue/green ocean. She channeled a few simple weaves of Air, laced with a bit of Fire, letting the weaves gather her belongings for her. It'd been a good vacation, but it always seems that Kiriath finds her when her vacation is ready to end. Oh well.

Flip-flopping through the sand, Cerise wandered down the beach to Kiriath. Too bad she wasn't wearing her itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot-bikini today. Then again, Kiriath would expect that.

"A meeting is in order, I do believe," she murmured to Kiriath and then smiled at the new recruits. "We always need more to fight with the Light, against the Dark." With that Cerise sat down on the beach, soaking in the sun, waiting for more to arrive.

~Cerise Sedai
Sister of the Blue Ajah
Bonded to Agelmar Gaidin and Drangel Gaidin

Daylorn stepped through the gateway to the Dark Palace... once he entered, though, he found... a beach scene?

He waved to a few people as he headed over to greet Blackthorne. Paying one's respects to the hostess was always something to do immediately, here.

"How have you been, Blackthorne?" He asked, fairly at ease. While he waited for a response, he scanned the crowd. Ah, some Knights of the Light, he'd have to spend some time talking with them, especially the new recruits.


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