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Random Events

Recieving word from Serafelle that she was still considering him as a possible warder was a surprise to Elrys. Having said, long ago, that he would gladly become her warder and having recieved no reply, he had assumed that she had chosen another. Going over all that he knew of Serafelle in his mind, and finding that he would still become her warder with no regrets, he decided to pay her a visit and sort out the possiblities that present themselves. Finding her whereabouts through the wolves, he left to pay her a visit.

Finding that Serafelle was apart from the Tower was a good thing. Being within the tower always made Elrys uneasy. It wasn't that being surrounded by Aes Sedai made him uneasy, it was being surrounded by numerous Aes Sedai who, being given half a chance, would stop and try to study him or, in the case of the Reds, try and Gentle him even though the Wolf-bond is not a thing of the One Power. As he came within the limits of the range of Wolf-thoughts he informed Serafelle of his presence.

"I got your message for those who would become your warder and in it you said that you would like to ask more questions of me. So I thought I'd pay you a visit and see what it is you would like me to answer." Along with the message, Serafelle got the distinct impression that Elrys was looking forward to their meeting.


Come now if you like, she thought through the network. And he heard after it, a muttered, worried-sounding "Oh dear..."

Elrys arrived at Serafelle's Study and knocked on the door. A muffled voice shouted from within, "Come in if you can!" Elrys drew his eyebrows together. He didn't remember Serafelle as being so standoffish. "If you can"? What the heck was that supposed to mean?

He found out when he tried to open the heavy oaken door. It wouldn't budge when he tried to give it a gentle push. So he pushed harder. It still didn't open. He pushed harder, but it still didn't give, so he gritted his teeth and pushed as hard as he could. The door grudgingly opened, screeching a nasty-sounding squeal.

Immediately as he stepped into the room, he knew why the door wouldn't move. An enormous stack of books lay tipped onto the floor, surrounded by scrolls and papers of all descriptions. In fact, the study was more cluttered than any room he’d ever seen before. And that was saying something. He looked around, apalled at the mess. Every square inch of the carpet was covered with books and papers. In fact, every square inch of everything was covered with books and papers. He could see Serafelle nowhere, until he looked at the big Domani desk. The desk had papers stacked on it so high that they almost reached the ceiling. A muffled voice from behind the papers said, quite clearly, “Please, don’t sneeze.”

“I won’t,” he replied.

“The trouble is,” she continued, still unseen, “that I have been awfully busy lately. And there were more applications than I expected.” She sniffed the Aes Sedai Sniff delicately. After all, her purpose was not to offend. The stacks wobbled precariously as she got up from her chair and went around the desk to talk face-to-face. He was surprised again. (Twice in one day is a lot for a wolf-brother.) She looked not at all like herself. Her hair was in a ragged jumble (as usual) but there were circles under her amber-flecked eyes, and far too much dust on her black dress. Her shoulders sagged as if they held up a great weight, but at the same time, she looked thinner and a little…unhealthy? No, he decided. Just as if she had been recuperating from an illness, or hadn’t been getting enough sleep lately.

“And then, I’ve had a bit more… other work to do lately as well.” She frowned a bit, and Elrys sensed an evasion there. He decided not to follow up on it, though; no use making her squirm. “Anyway,” she said, and smiled apologetically, “I really ought to wade through all the applications before I do the follow-ups. It’s only fair. I hope you understand?”

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah

Absently tidying up the chaotic mass of books, scrolls, and loose papers that cluttered the study while conversing with Serafelle, concern and unease filled Elrys as he spoke.

"Of course, I understand completely how swamped with pressing matters and duties one can become. You really shouldn't worry about it, as I'm sure every-one else will be understanding as well."

That Serafelle would keep her study in such disarray was not, in itself, what had caused his concern and neither was that she would wish for more time in the considering of Warder's applications. After-all, he had known many people who kept their rooms in such disarray and he had accepted from the start that there was only a small chance that he would be the one chosen to be her warder. From what he had known of Serafelle his impression had been that she would keep a neat, if not painstakingly organized study. Normally he placed great trust in his impressions of people and the current state of her study went againt what he had expected her workplace to be like. While he had been wrong about people before, this combined with her harried look and apparent evasions worried him.

With a growing patch of carpet showing through around him, he glanced up from his idle movement of lessening the chaos that was her study and their eyes met. Seeing a tiredness to her eyes and sensing that there was conflict there too, he decided that he should let her be and hope that whatever her troubles are, that they would soon be solved.

"I guess I really should be letting you get back to your work. I'll be in the area for a while yet. Maybe I'll see you around."

Suspecting that she was having problems with finding a balance between the world she had always known and the new, wolven world, which was slowly opening up to her, Elrys added, "Should you ever need my help in any matter at all, all you have to do is send word.". As he left with the door swinging easily shut behind him he could only hope that Serafelle would be able to find that precious balance between losing her humanity to the wolves on one side, and fighting the wolf-bond at the cost of her health on the other.

Wolf-runner and Kisain

Carenna was running.  It always started out that way, with the running.  She was always wearing the same clothes- a child’s warm woolen dress, brown in colour and stiff in texture.  She ran, and it began to snow.  That always happened too.  She was so out of breath she couldn’t scream, but tried anyway.  All she could manage was a croak as the chill wind entered her throat.  The snow was coming down harder now, so hard she couldn’t see in front of her.  It didn’t matter.  She kept running anyway.  She was gasping for breath now- long days playing Catch-Me with her friends had not prepared her for this kind of a run.  Despite the cold, she was hot from running, and the sweat was beginning to run down her face.  But Carenna didn’t stop, because if she did, They would catch her.  She wasn’t sure exactly who “They” were, but whoever it was, They were going to get her if she stopped.
      She was tired now.  She tried to put on an extra burst of speed, but it only worked for a second or two.  She was terrified, and exhausted, but she could not stop.  She ran harder, and stumbled on a snowbank.  She scrambled to her feet desperately, and began to run again.  She ran, and ran, but stumbled again, this time on a rock.  She started to get up, but an enormous hand reached out of the swirling snow and grabbed her arm roughly.  Her black hair whipped in the wind as she turned to see the face of her assailant.  Her green eyes widened in despair as she saw…

Carenna ay’Irella woke up, gasping for breath and covered with damp.  She shuddered, remembering only the beginning of the dream, as she always had.  Aes Sedai were supposed to have protection against such dreams, she thought irritably as she washed her face.  Why did it not work for her? Perhaps it was because she was so newly raised Aes Sedai in the first place.  And perhaps, the dream comes from within.  She dismissed the thought with a shudder, and went to get dressed.
      She had three favorite colours, and, since she was going to spend the day inside the Tower, she decided to wear a long, black dress. It wasn’t terribly fancy, but it was of a fine cut, and looked expensive.  It was the newest style from somewhere (she wasn’t sure where), but that didn’t really matter to Carenna.  It fit well, it was comfortable, and it looked more than halfway decent on her.  She chose silver jewelry to match, including a silver locket necklace.
      The necklace.  She sat on the bed and opened the locket.  There were two pictures within, so tiny and delicate she could hardly see the details.  The man had dark hair and a dark complexion, and he grinned at Carenna playfully whenever she examined the miniature.  The woman opposite him was as beautiful as the man was handsome, but she did not smile.  She looked sad, almost tragic, with her pale face and golden hair, and a dreamy smile.
      Carenna shook herself out of her reverie and stood up reluctantly.  She would never know who her parents were, in all probability (or so the Whites assured her).  She had business to take care of in the library, and sitting around thinking wasn’t in a Green’s job description.
      She had always loved the library; the way the books smelled, they way they felt as she turned the pages.  It had been a difficult decision when she chose the Green Ajah rather than the Brown, but in the end, she decided that the Battle Ajah’s job was more important.  And she did not want to be stuck in any one place, not even the library, forever.  She still had many friends among the Browns, and nearly as many as she had within her own Ajah.  In fact, the only Ajah in which she did not have friends was the Red, because for some reason, they frowned on inter-Ajah friendships.  That was rather odd, Carenna thought as she paged through a book about the history of the White Tower.  Why should the Reds be any different?  But they were, and apparently had been for a long time, and in the minds of many Aes Sedai, tradition was far stricter than law.  Even Tower Law. She decided to research the subject.  And then decided against it, just as quickly. The last thing she wanted was trouble with the Reds, and they would definitely find out about her research.  They had an excellent eyes-and-ears network, even within the Tower.  
Carenna thought a bit, and decided to watch the Warders practice instead.  She didn’t have a Warder herself, which seemed rather ridiculous- a Green without even one Warder!  But she enjoyed watching them in their sham-fights.  Carenna had practiced with them in her youth, dressed as a boy, and had learned much from them.  She had shown no aptitude whatsoever with a sword, but could probably still put a dagger more or less where she wanted it.  Hopefully she would never have to put one in a person, but she would be able to, should the need arise. She watched the swordsmen silently, admiring their skill and reflecting on days past.  Carenna had been abandoned on the steps of the Tower when she was only a child, and a servant had taken her in and raised her.  She knew nothing of her origins except her name, written on a little piece of paper found with her, with no other information at all.  Except the silver locket, of course.  
She’d been an errand girl for the cooks until an Aes Sedai had Noticed her.  Carenna always thought of the word with a capital letter, because it had changed her life forever.  She was immediately bundled off to Novice quarters and made to learn about the One Power.  Not that she wasn’t grateful, of course; it was just that it had been difficult for her and her adopted mother and aunts.  The cooks were like her aunts, and had always treated her like a niece.  Well, since she could remember, anyway.  She still stopped by every day to visit them and gossip with them.  It was her favorite part of the day.
      In fact, why not go there now?  The kitchens always made Carenna recall her childhood, and the atmosphere there felt like home.  Sometimes, she even cooked a bit herself; she’d been taught a little baking before being taken away to be taught.  It wasn’t much; nothing nearly as complicated as the enormous feastday cakes and tarts the older cooks could make.  But it was interesting and it helped her concentrate on anything she was having difficulties with.  And a good gossip would do her good.
      On her way to the kitchens, she ran into a man in the hallway.  Literally.  He’d been holding an armful of papers, and they’d unfortunately fallen all over the floor when the two collided.  He was darkly handsome, despite the scowl on his face as he knelt to pick up the papers on the floor.  Carenna apologized profusely and began to help him pick up the mess.  He growled wordlessly at her, so she stopped trying to help and stood up instead.  The man muttered something to her she didn’t quite catch and strode purposefully down the hallway again.    

She walked down the hallway with a new sense of purpose, and let the visit to the kitchens slip from her mind.  There was work to do.

Carenna ay’Irella
Sister of the Green Ajah

Slowly she walked through the dark halls. An uncomfortable feeling of ... unreality filled her. She half expected that her sorroundings dissolve the next moment - like a dream. Yes, that was it. It felt as were she in a dream since her return. But she hasn't entered tel'aran'rhiod, she was shure of that.

It was so quiet, nowhere a living thing to be seen. Finally she heard voices. Serafelle and Elrys, she thought. When she came nearer, the strange feeling lessened, reality got more substance. She waited in the shadows, simply listening to them. Catched up in their own problems, they noticed nothing, not her and not the fragile state of their world. They gave it just stability, because they were here and lived on. Ulrike smiled. Maybe only she got this impression and there wasn't even a problem. In any case it was good to be at home again.

"Hi, friends! What was going on in my absence? Anything interesting?"


Elrys was out the door before Serafelle could try to stop him. He moved very quickly, and her mental reflexes were getting a bit slow, due to the lack of sleep. She sat down heavily in an enormous overstuffed chair. She wiped her face with her sleeve, and grimaced at the messy room. It desperately needed a good cleaning, and she would take care of that. Just as soon as...

She blinked. And then blinked again, but the third time Serafelle blinked, she did not open her eyes for about five minutes. Then she woke up, sprang to her feet, and began to clean frenetically. The circles under her eyes had disappeared, leaving only a determined expression. It took less time than she expected, because apparently Elrys had been tidying when she wasn't looking. The man was the epitome of what a Brown's Warder should be. He was definitely one of the top candidates for the job now. She cleaned until the room was spotless and then washed her face and hands in a basin, threw the water out, and went to the closet.

Serafelle didn't spend much time in the walk-in (and in, and in, and in) closet, going immediately to where she'd put her favorite dress after its return from the drycleaners. She was in a hurry, so the deep red was practical as well as beautiful, because, well, you never knew when those Domani dresses might slip, did you? So she changed the obsidian daggers to silver, and brushed her hair, for once deciding to leave it down. The silver jewelry went on quite quickly, except of course for the item that she'd been missing ever since that episode with the short guy that kept saying Agelmar was a "kender". Whatever that meant. She'd probably find the thing eventually; she was always misplacing items here and there, only to find them again later when she wasn't looking for them.

She went to the now-immaculate desk and began inscribing invitations. The party would begin tomorrow, she decided. And began to write as quickly as she could, to everyone. She jumped about a mile into the air when Ulrike came in and startled her.

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah

Barid Bel stepped out of the shadows, blinking in the strong lamp light. It looked like there was a party beginning, but as always he was ahead of everyone else. Grey Men was never been good in waiting, and Barid Bel was considerred hasty even among them. Servant's walk quietly, carrying food and wine. Barid Bel snatch a cup from one of the trays. The servant stared right pass him, as always, he wanted to trip the man. But Grey Men power wasn't for that sort of mockery. Stabbing him in the back, on the other hand... He shock his head off those thought, not that it wouldn't be enjoyable. But all his other suit were in luandary, and he didn't want blood staines of the new one. I have some poistion somewhere, he thought, but Seraffele wouldn't be pleased if he kill one of her servants. He add a mental note to his diary, killing a Trolloc or dozen always improved his mood. He sat down on the floor, there was still quite a time before the other would gather, and he hadn't slept much lately.

~Barid Bel

Cerise channeled slightly, and her huge yet simple trunk sailed neatly through the doorway, and rested beside a dingy, small desk. She sneezed suddenly, and looked about her new home. A fairly large room, Cerise thought idly. She channeled a few flows of Air, and opened the windows. A canopied-bed, that she'd have to have the darn canopy removed later, a large closet, a desk, a stout chair, and a few rugs scattered the room. Channeling Air and Water, Cerise quickly gathered the dust from the room, and flung it out the window. Releasing Saidar, she flipped back the lid of her trunk, and started to remove her belongings. In a matter of a few minutes, her clothes were neatly tucked away, items put into and onto the desk, and a picture of Saldea in the winter was hung on the wall. Ho-hum, she thought to herself, I might as well see who else is around. And with that, she opened the door.

~Cerise Sedai of the Blue Ajah
Advisor of the Light, Aes Sedai to Agelmar Jagad of Turbo-Wax

On this day, Kiriath could have been mistaken for Semirhage. Not that he carries around the traditional items of Great Mistresses, but his personality certainly was the same way. Cruelty was fun, in small and careful amounts. Besides, he had to get away to think about Carramaena somehow. She did end up being banished --nearly completely-- from his thoughts for awhile, nevertheless. The bloody Red Ajah were too fun to taunt mercilessly. True, they would murder him in no time at all if they sensed him, but they couldn't from his patchcloth cloak and Eccentric Power. Threading his words into weaves to toss at them, they had no idea what was happening. It was great, seeing as how the Eccentric Power was even more addicting than saidin. Perhaps a comparison of caffeine to cocaine worked? Cocaine had a tendency to have a person coming back for more, whereas caffeine had a tendency to make the fellow thirsty. The Eccentric Power was more like caffeine with cocaine fragments mixed within.

While he rambled about it, the gleeman neared the Tower itself. Red Ajah became boring occasionally, and the Warders got tiring too --jabbing them in the sides now and then got tedious-- so he planned to, perhaps, annoy one of the more prominent fellows. His informants had warned him Mesaana was somewhere in the immediate presence, perhaps one of the Sitters, but he didn't bother. Not yet, anyway. For now, a different Sedai was on the mind.
His Intrigleemen truly were resourceful, though they never seemed to do anything quite right, but they did give him at least obscure bits of information. Being their respun leader did have benefits, one of which was knowing where to go on your everyday stroll, which, at the moment, happened to be the study of Serafelle Sedai.
Being a friend and fellow Light Knight, he wasn't about to charge on in ---he never even charged in on Red Ajah; their habits when alone in their private quarters were almost as bad as the Seanchan--- so he politely knocked, occupying himself during his wait for her answer by noticing a rather good-looking Green. Considering pinching her rear end, he decided against it; too vulgar. A Red was coming up; he gave her a few Eccentric slugs. Flaming haters of male channelers.

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman
Ever an Eccentric Saidin wielder...

"And just what are you doing here?" a woman's voice said from behind him.
Kiriath jumped and spun around. Regarding him coolly was a rather pretty woman in a green Taraboner-style dress, with a Great Serpent ring on her finger, a green-fringed shawl over her shoulders and copper-gold braids to her waist.
"I thought you couldn't channel!"
"Consistency is the defence of small minds." Carra shrugged. "Anyway, I can't. I fake it. Most of being an Aes Sedai is keeping your nose in the air and being able to raise one eyebrow. If you tell any I said that, I'll deny it. What brings you here, Kiriath?"

Carramaena L'Var, keeping Kir on his toes

Barid Bel spotted Kiriath as soon as he walked out of the sleeping red sister's room. And the pleased smile faded, what was any man doing here? The red ajah only reason to keep man alive was to make sure that their would be more female. That was the reason for some of them, others weren't even aware for the simple facts of life. He had, long time in te past, had caught a red sister for a chat. It was amazing how fast a frightening woman could talk. And it wasn't his daggers that frighten her, he got desperate at the end and carried her to some distant farm, he meant to leave her there until the farmer would return from the fields and release her. But for some reason she was sure that he left her there so a mad male channeler would rape her. Reds weren't strong in logic. Not ever, male channelers usually enjoyed killing reds very slowly, and the very idea of touching a red sicken them. Not even a mad man would have raped a red. At the end he left her there, she screamed all day long, until the farmer released her, and the shield held her long enough to let him get away. He suddenly had to jump away from the path of a short red that tried to walk through him. Grimacing after the woman, he send his leg and tripped her. The smile returned to his face, it didn't really mattered what Kiriath did, he could find all about it later, Kiriath wouldn't miss a visit at Serafelle's rooms if he was already in the Tower. He leaned on the wall, close to it, he didn't want other to try walking through him, sometimes there were few disadvantages for being a gray man. And waited. It tooked less than half an hour. From the room he exit a scream came, and then another, and another. High and pitched screams. The smile he had only widen. A perfect day he thought, the red had awaken to find a man cover in blood from head to toe in her bed. He wasn't sure why she screamed, for the blood or for the man. But when her sisters would come, and would find the doll he had painted red... Not all Aes Sedai stopped playing with dolls, and Reds were known to like them very much, though it was kept in private. That red would have much to explain. And Barid Bel enjoy keeping the reds tensed. The smiled began to hurt his lips, but he couldn't stopped smiling. Avoiding others' eyes he went toward Serafelle's room.

~Barid Bel, The Soulless.

From the shadows, a figure watched Barid blithely strolling through the halls. Ever so slowly, so as not to miss a single detail, the eyes of a statue followed him, until his figure was far enough down the hall not to notice anything this far behind him.

Jandor looked the other way, too - caution was always a good thing for a cat in a doghouse - but, seeing nothing, he heaved a small, silent sigh of relief, and dropped the Mask of Mirrors. The statue shifted from a king kneeling to an Aes Sedai into a wary man in a black coat with a high collar.

What could Barid find to do in the Tower? Jandor wondered, then amended, The White Tower, of course. There was always something to do back home, whether you could channel or not. Keep your mind on the business at hand, Kirencin! he scolded himself. It would do no good to be caught after all his time spend in caution.

Taking one last look around, and again seeing nothing but the white walls, Jandor took a deep breath - and quickly and silently entered the Aes Sedai's quarters, drawing his short sword - just in case.

The only way to describe his reaction to the scene was, well, amusement. There, one of the more powerful of the Red Sitters, Alayia Duncastle, huddled in the corner of the room facing the wall, curled up into a ball, and all dressed up in her red shawl and silk dress. The only odd thing was, Alayia wasn't on the floor. She was on the ceiling. Jandor let out a soft chuckle, unintentionally, but it came out. I always did like Barid's work.

Alayia's head snapped up - down, to Jandor, causing her to spin wildly in midair. Jandor let out a full fledged guffaw as she screeched, "You, guardsman, get me down from here!" Thinking to himself, Why not? Jandor grinned and sent a little flow of Air and Spirit to a small, unnoticeable, carved chip of wood directly underneath the Aes Sedai. Alayia crashed to the ground.

"Now, get out of my rooms! I don't know what nerve you possessed to enter, but under the Light, if this happens agai.." Jandor grinned. She had finally noticed the distinctive black coat of his office. He could tell, by the way she had paled noticeably. Jandor's grin deepened. He slammed shields thrice about her, one of Air, one of Air and Spirit, and a third of Air, again. "Honor to serve, Aes Sedai!" Jandor chuckled, and proceeded towards a small chest next to the overly opulent bed.

"You... what..." Alayia sputtered hoarsely, then regained control of herself as Jandor sifted through the chest and recovered a carved wooden rod with large ruby set in the end. "What are you doing, Blackcoat? Do you think to steal a Sitter's rod? Even if you should, there is still the matter of escape. And there are others, so you could not even think to do anything. Your stupid Black Tower plans are for naught. Do you really think that this accomplishes anything?"

"I guess not, unless I stole them all, like this," Jandor said casually, and opened a black cloth bag widely, showing eight other such rods, and shoved the ninth in quickly, tightening the drawstring. "And, I guess there is the matter of escape," he added mock-mournfully. "Oh, well, I suppose I would have to do this" - Air, reflecting light in a different way - "so that I can't be seen, and then just walk out." Jandor smiled. "Oh, wait - that was my plan! How silly of me." He walked towards the door, shaking his head at the so-called omniscience of Aes Sedai. Of course, all the Aes Sedai saw was the small ripples of his invisibility.

Alayia was a little frantic as she gasped out, "You can't leave me like this, stuck to the wall! The.. the others will realize your presence! They will, right away! You cannot thumb your nose at the Tower, Blackcoat!"

Jandor snapped his fingers. "You know, you're right. Thank you for aiding the Black Tower, Aes Sedai!" His courtly bow would have infuriated her, had she seen it. Jandor then released his shields, and propelled Alayia across the room. To any normal viewer, the Aes Sedai was watching the Warders, as many did, although surely no Red would. Weaving saidin again, he held her in place. He inspected his work a moment, then tied off the flows, and chuckled once more. "Tai'shar Baerlon. Truly thick-headed as only a southerner can be."

Suddenly, the door clicked softly behind him and he heard a gasp of surprise. The jig is up, Kirencin!

Jandor Kirencin, back in the thick of it.
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"I'm sorry, I didn't intend to take you by surprise." And it is not polite to watch unnoticed someone changing her clothes, she chided herself silent in her mind. "I want to ask if something ... strange ... happened? I feel so uncomfortable, like I were in dream, ... I can't describe it better. The feeling has lessened, but still ..."

Serafelle regained her composure immediatly and listened to her stammer. "No," she replied finally, "nothing was uncommon in the last weeks. Not that I noticed anyway. - Except", and she smiled mischieviously, "that we had not a decent party last month. It's time, don't you think so?"
Ulrike grinned back, she was glad about some distraction. "You are right, because a party is the best place to amuse oneself with our warders." The grin became a broad smile as she saw Serafelle slightly blush. "Oh yes, warders! Excuse me, Serafelle, I must find Barid. We see us at the party."

She hurried to the Great Hall, she thought that she sensed him there last. But he wasn't there anymore. She concentrated deeply, sought the odd sensation of her 'second body'. Using this as anchor she opened a gateway.

She stepped on a marble floor. Where was she? Turning she caught a movement. A man entering a room. Barid? She followed him. As she opened the door she realized that her warder was in another place. But the scene she saw surprised her and she gasped.



Barid Bel jumped as he felt the charging of emotion in him. He had all but forgotten about it. You can get use to anything, with time. And Ulrike was so far away, for so long, that he sense practicly nothing through the warder bond. He was bored, and he learned long ago to be worried every time he was bored. He was never good in waiting, and the things he somtimes did to ease the more boring moments of life scared even him. The last thing he did, shaming the entire red ajah, considered light compared to things he sometimes did. There were things he hadn't thought for ages and for a reason, a good reason. For now he settled down spying after people. The things he saw was sometimes more than amazing. But now Ulrike was back. And that mean that the fun would return. He didn't bother to hide, that was one thing the border bond gave her. The ability to see him where ever he was. "Ulrike, it was long since I last seen you." He said pleasantly. He had no idea whatsoever how his power to avoid other's eyes worked, only that it did. But now he unraveled the mask that hid him. Ulrike's eyes were already on him. And Jandor's eyes already turned to him, shock seen on his face and gone on a flash. He would have a lot of explanation to do. And Ulrike wasn't the kind of person who would let that kind of amusement pass without some sharp comment. Something about privacy, or some such. Sighing, he turned to face her. For now, all he could feel from her was stunned shock.

~Barid Bel

Suspicion was beginning to creep into Kiriath's nerves. Carra here in front of him, a slight movement had recently been in his peripheral vision - Barid, most likely; the Gray Man gave patchcloth cloaks a difficult hurdle - along with Jandor himself wandering around somewhere - he didn't know how he could tell, but he could sense it, perhaps a sensing of a near Eccentric lunatic - and the Nine Rods of Dominion had somehow been lost, his gleemen had reported. Strange; perhaps the Nine Moons could be an effective counterpart. Either way, thought Kir, smiling, desperation could be used. He barely kept himself from rubbing the dual rings upon his middle fingers. One the real Ring of Amyrlin, one the real Ring of Tamyrlin. Two could play at the trickery game, he thought, and with that, his thoughts were turned back to the present.

Before him was Carramaena, spymaster - or so it seemed to the Intrigleeman - of the Dark Family. A few seconds were taken absorbing her carefully searching features, and then he responded to the question that he realized she had asked.
"I'm here for no particular reason," he said. And added, "Just paying a visit to one of my close associates." She already knew about the Light Knights, but words had to be chosen carefully nevertheless. Sometimes he was surprised that he had been born in Ghealdan, a whole country or two away from Cairhien. Sometimes, more often, he was not.
"Now for the fun question," he said, grinning, and hoping that her answer would not be what he expected, "Why are you here?"

Kiriath the Eccentric Intrigleeman
Curiosities abound...

"Congregating." Carra paused, wondering how a single person could congregate, and decided to rephrase that. "Everyone from the BBS seems to be congregating here. I decided to join in. Nice rings, by the way. Where did you get them? But I suppose it doesn't really matter. At any rate, I saw that there are too many Light-oriented people around, so I came to even the scales a little. A shame neither of my Sisters seem to have turned up, but I'm sure they'll find us in time. This speech is getting as long as one of Eval's." Carra shook her head, and then stopped as her multiple braids bounced everywhere. Next time, she decided, she would pick a non-Taraboner disguise. "Let's go find Serafelle, shall we?"


Strange scents wafted into the air, as Cerise strolled down the corridors. She nodded to a few other sisters of the Tower, and touched her blue-fringed shawl lightly. None others were wearing their shawls, of course, but Cerise couldn't help but to touch hers. It had been twenty years since she was raised to the shawl, to the day, yet everyday she wore it since the day it was given to her. Cerise glanced down at it and grimaced just slightly and remembered the price of acceptance.

Picking up her pace, Cerise walked quickly, if not hurridely, towards the outer doors of the Tower. She looked at the west gate, and hurried towards it, and unlatched it with a few minut flows of Earth and Air. She could feel him, closer to her than he had been in months. Her eyes strained the dimming horizon, and then she saw him. Casting her eyes down, Cerise quickly smoothed out her lavendar skirts, and looked up, to watch the distance grow closer.
She could feel him. Feel the soreness between his shoulder blades, the tiredness of his body, the pain, the old wounds and new wounds, but most of all, she could feel apprehension with a smear of fear.

And suddenly as that, he was off of his horse, and kneeling in front of her. Cerise placed her hands on his head, and Healed him. He did not shake anymore, nor refused her Healing, but accepted it. She murmured softly to him, "Rise, Drangel Gaidin." A man in his mid-forties rose quietly, and looked at Cerise and said in a Mayener accent, "My Sedai, I live to serve."Cerise bit her lip and nodded, and offered a hand to help him to his feet.

She felt Agelmar at a distance, and smiled faintly. Quietly, they walked back to the Tower, as Cerise contemplated what the others would think of a Blue having not one, but two Warders. The Price of Acceptance was high, in the Tower, but she had overcome other.. hardships, and was going to see this one through.

~Cerise Sedai of the Blue Ajah, Advisor of the Knights of the Light, and eagerly awaiting some roleplay, with her second Warder.

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