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The Choice Will Be Made

"Someone made a reference to our being lost in our own insanity," commented Aginor, "I believe it was Elrys."
"I think he's right."
"How do we fix it?"
"Do we want to?"
Kiriath grumbled, pondered, and thought to himself as absently as he always had. Where did this Eccentric Power come from? His Ramblin'Sanity series from a long time ago, on a lengthy intermission, had once been a figment of his imagination. And then, suddenly, Osan'gar appeared during a fumbled dinner ---he still hadn't apologized to Ulrike--- taking him to the Tower of Ghenjei, where all of his previously imagined characters came to "life". But what happened to the Ramblin'Sanities themselves? Had they been tranferred to the spy organization created by the Eccentric Power? Slowly, his thoughts became more collected and centered on the continuing conversation.
"--don't need to change our ways," said Aginor.
"What's this?" asked the lead Intrigleeman.
"Asmodean and Padan Niall---"
"That's Pedron Fain!"
"Asmodean and the man of many names --don't say anything-- were complaining about how insane we are."
Kiriath grumbled, "Neither of you would so much as be here if it weren't for my feigned insanity!"
The two fidgeted, eyes shifting between Kir and the floor, "Oh yes. Yes. A bit. A bit."
"Now. Since that's settled, what's up lately?"
"Light Warriors. Fill us in, oh leader mon."
"Ah, yeah. Their numbers are being depleted fast. Bran rescuing Perrin helped, but they disappeared."
"They haven't even been noticed in our Monitoring Mirrors yet."
"Ouch," winced Kir," And Jandor's gone too, as is Agelmar." His eyes brightened, "At least Kerek and Serafelle are still around. Barid Bel seems a wild card, a mercenary for hire, but all in all, they're not going great." Kir made a mental note to get an update from Kerek at the next party, meeting, gathering, whatever. That council must be taking a beating, what with Jandor gone too.
"Agelmar," Aginor's yellowed clawlike fingers tapped on the handrest of his chair, "He's really the odd one."
Kiriath nodded, "He drinks so much that it's not really certain if he is in the Light or Dark. That bonding should help; along with that Turbo-Wax factory. We'll have to send agents there..."
As he said the last bit, Aginor tapped a few buttons on the handrest. "Heh. Or right now. Care to join 'em? You might be able to persuade him to come back to the Light again. A new name for that wretched force might help. Perhaps the Knights of the Bright Light?"
Kir chuckled, "It might work, Ag. It just might." Another mental note. "For now, I'll check out that factory. Just as long as one fellow comes with."

When Kiriath Skimmed to the Turbo-Wax factory located in one of those famous vacuoles (the Eccentric Power could override nearly any rule), on his personal platform of a cliched black spy chair (created so that he could operate the Intrigleemen from anywhere at all), he chuckled. This meeting should be interesting. Or at least the stake-out itself.
Alighting off his chair after a whole hour of manipulation and assigning, he cackled.
Mazrin Fain stood right before him, smiling crazily. Kiriath smiled approvingly. If anyone could turn Agelmar back to the Light, it was Mazrin Fain, and Lews Therin, Shai'tan, Gollum Fain, and Mordeth, the four voices in his head, all insane in their own way. Yes, this meeting would be interesting. If not extremely important.

Undercover Intrigleefulmaniac
Awaiting a critical confrontation...

Jani sat by the fire waiting. For what exactly, he didnīt know, but he did know that his life would never be the same again. He was also painly aware of the fact that he would be forced to make a decision tonight.

The Last Battle was approaching fast and he needed to choose his side. But which ones were to triumph, the forces of light or the friends of the dark? Jani was sure of only one thing; he wanted to be on the winning side.

He had been in contact with both parties before and tonight emissaries of both sides would pay him a visit and he would give them his answer.

Suddenly a feeling of queasiness hit him. At first he thought that it was the food they had served him at dinnertime. The Hefty Gal inn didnīt have a bad reputation but sometimes even the best of inns served meals that caused stomachache, especially during times like these.

When the feeling intensified, Jani alīKoski decided to go down and ask the innkeeper if she knew of anyone who could possibly help. Unfortunately, he didnīt get even halfway through the room when he fell down convulsing. A chill came over him and he felt like he was freezing. Jani knew it wasnīt possible in this kind of weather, but that didnīt help him a bit.

The world seemed to turn black as he slowly lost consciousness. All his worries seemed distant now. Maybe he wouldnīt have to make his choise after all. Maybe the Pattern had made it for him.

Just before he blacked out he heard a knock on the door. "Master alīKoski?" a voice asked. Jani tried to answer, but it was too late. Everything went black.

Jani alīKoski
A very sick man right now

Before he knocked again, Jandor heard a low, dull thump. He sighed. "Why do everyone I meet fall down somehow?" he asked rhetorically of the heavens. Opening the door, it was just as he had supposed. There was al'Koski, passed out on the floor. He set his Woodsung staff against the wall,and blending Air and Spirit, Jandor looked into the man in an attempt to see what was wrong. He _became_ al'Koski.. or the next best thing, with the Sight.

Images assailed him. A heron of indeterminate color winged towards his eyes, beak gleaming. A great, black pit opened at his feet, and he teetered at the edge of destruction. Armies clashed for control. Chaos, it seemed, reigned here.

It was too much. Jandor withdrew, gasping. As Jani writhed on the floor, still unconscious, Jandor panted, managed to gasp out, "Next time - I think I'll stick with the Healing!" Gathering his strength, he reached both hands, splayed fingers, and prepared again to battle for control of his Power.

At that moment, Jani al'Koski's tortured writhing stopped. He coughed once, and sat up. Seeing a man he didn't recognize, his eyes closed and looking grim in his plated armor and various weaponry, his mind cried out, "Move!" But he was paralyzed. Then, the man opened his eyes. He raised one eyebrow, lowered his arms. Arching one eyebrow, he pushed his hair back and said, "Well, I guess you're up anyways."

Jani got to his feet and demanded, "Who are you? Are you an enemy? An emissary? For which side? What do-" The man waved him off. "I, Master al'Koski, am Jandor Kirencin." Jani interrupted, "Ah, a Light Warrior!" Jandor grimaced and replied, "No longer. Now, I serve no one, am no messenger except for my own desires." He paced around. "And I mean you no harm. But I am here to give you a message." He was then silent.

"Well?" Jani asked impatiently. Jandor half-grinned and said, "I have seen the chaos within you, al'Koski. Trust no herons, by the way." He rubbed his chin. "Now, here's my message - more advice, really. Experience." He stared intently at Jani. "Choose your own path. Groups, though common, mean nothing. Though you may fight for Light or Dark as you choose, do it alone, or with allies if you must. Groups are prone, vulnerable. Agelmar demonstrated that quite nicely. But choose your own path."

Jandor turned around, and walked for the door, picking up his staff as he left. Over his shoulder, he said, almost lightly, "Oh, by the way, I recommend Light, seeing as how if the Dark wins, the entire world gets destroyed. But hey - no pressure." He laughed as he shut the door.

Jani shook his head. An odd man. Well, he would wait as he had before. There was still the decision.

Jandor Kirencin
the Dawn Warrior

Kerek waited in the main hall of the home of Jani al'Koski, his meeting signaled the hopefully joining of another Light Warrior, Kerek sat in waiting, but he didn't expect to see Jandor walk out from a side room
"Yo J, long time no see, what you been up to?" Kerek asked.
"Nothing" and with that he opened a gate and dissappeared. Jani entered the room and did stuff, I'm no good at actual stories so I'll say that I explain the glories and fun of being a light warrior and Jani considers it.

Kerek Stormshield
Light Warrior

PS: as to the LW name change how about Guardians of Twilight?

Confused and still weak from what had knocked him out earlier, Jani alīKoski sat down to think about the messages he had received. Clearly there was dissention among the ranks of the Light Warriors. And who was this Agelmar that Jandor spoke of? Maybe he could shed some light into this situation.

He had heard of an independent faction, but nothing had proven that it existed before this. And Jani couldnīt deny the fact that Jandor spoke very convincinly. On the other hand, Kerek had been sure of their destined victory over the forces of the Dark One.

The night was still young and he hadnīt met the last messenger yet. Pouring himself a glass of wine to soothe his nerves he continued the wait.

Jani alīKoski
Feeling better already *g*

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