Posted on June 27, 1998 on WoT Alliance BBS
Category: WoT Alternate Reality


Ulrike laid down her pen and massaged her right hand. It was hurting like fire. The meeting with the Wolfkin had ended satisfactory. Their agreement was very favorable for her, she would give much for informations and in this case she must do nothing else as she did before. Alcair's role was greater and risky in her opinion, but he wasn't a hatchling anymore and could do what he wanted to do.

No, this meeting wasn't the reason that she seethed inside. Usually the recording of the weekly events gave her such profound pleasure that she easily dismissed cramps in her fingers, but today... It was better to solve such problems immediately. So she took up her pen again and chose a fresh parchment.

Ulrike, Librarian of the WoT Alliance BBS, to the Light Warriors, the Dark Family, the Neutral Ones and every Associate of any side, greetings.

It has come to my sad realization that the bad habit of boasting with a ridicolous number of titles spread over our BBS. What started as little joke is meanwhile degenerated to an annoying disturbance for the interested reader. He or she, who wants to know more about the community of the WoT Alliance and the occuring events, is bored by a long list of fancy titles, often without any substance or claim, under a short note of real importance.

As an ardent supporter of Free Speech I do not intend to forbid someone the use of these titles. Though I find myself compelled to do something in favour of my readers.

Know that I have decided and by this my present letter confirmed for me forever that in future my records list at best three titles in addition to a name. If a list exceeds the number of three then I will list two and indicate all other titles by the abbreviation 'etc.'.

Under the Light and by my hope of salvation and rebirth, I, Ulrike, swear that this rule shall apply to everyone who lives in the Light, in the Shadow or in the Twighlight, regardless of being winged or not, regardless of having any number of legs or other limps, regardless of owning a body at all or not.

My friends and foes, I hope that you understand the reason for this action and hold that not against me.


Dropping the pen she called a servant to deliver her letter to the public bulletin. Soon all citizens would know and maybe this habit will vanish. She could hope. With this done she could weary shake her head over some especially exaggerated phrases: 'Grand High Librarian'. Really, theses things people come up with.

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