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Let's Have A Party

Carra wondered what was wrong.
The sun had set. It was dark outside. Her clock said 8:30. All the indications were that it was evening. So why could she not hear a party going on downstairs?
Venturing downstairs, she found only a few servants listlessly sweeping up. "Where is everyone?" she demanded of them. "Why isn't there a party? Where's Ariella?"
The serving woman looked at her blankly. "The Great Mistress is not here, Dark Sister."
"I can see that! Where is she?"
"I don't know."
"Well, where's Sundara?"
"I don't know," came the reply.
"What about Smoke Ashalen? Or Egwene2? No, never mind," she added as the woman started to say she didn't know. "Aren't any of the family here?"
"No, Dark Sister."
Carra muttered something uncomplimentary, wondering why Ariella didn't hire better servants, and stalked off. A search of the palace revealed none of her Sisters anywhere about, and their rooms empty, except for Sundara's which was locked. Carra wondered what to do next. It seemed she would have to take over her Sisters' duties until they returned from wherever they had gone. Well, the first step was...
An hour later, music boomed from the Dark Palace, and guests were beginning to turn up. Carra, in a dress of black satin with jet combs in her coppery hair, waited on the stairs to welcome guests. "Since I seem to be the only Dark Sister around," she explained, "I decided I had to take over as party-giver for the time being. Enjoy yourselves."
As the last guest entered, she jumped up on the nearest table, and started dancing...

Carramaena L'Var, acting Great Mistress of the Dark

The dark sisters have asked me to convey their apologies at their absence - they are busy conquering other universes. As soon as they have gathered enough new slaves, they will return. Until then... can I have first dance, Lady Carramaena?


Once again, the eyes and ears and ..we've gone through this before... relayed the message to Kiriath, although this time they didn't even have to because he had already heard the blaring music from far away? Weaving a gateway of the normal Power, Kiriath alighted himself onto the floor of the dance hall. Strangely enough, no one else was there.
"Where is everyone?" he asked Carramaena, the only other resident of the room.
She looked around and got off the table, realizing the guests' absence. "Uh they were supposed to be here."
"They're not."
She frowned. "I can see that. I could have *sworn* I heard some music just now."
"You probably did, since I did too."
"So where IS everyone then?"
A uneasy silence held the two in thrall for an unspecified amount of time, until, "We're in here!" could be heard from an adjoining room. Carramaena and Kiriath rushed to the door and there were the guests. Both became confused and interrupted one another a good many times, but the obscure giant of a cross between an Ogier and a Trolloc (shiver) guarding the door laughed. "Calm down. Tell me at a time."
Kiriath tried to tell him the full story, "Carramaena and I, or would that be I and Carramaena? Or me and her or her and..." he trailed off and the bouncer sighed.
"Carramaena, you tell me. This guy'll never get finished."
Carramaena nodded, for more reasons than one, and told him without rambling too much, "Both of us thought we heard music blaring and I came to the dance hall. I saw guests ...until Kir here walked in."
The bouncer hmmmed. "Illusions."
"Apparently," agreed the other two.
"But who made them?" questioned the bouncer.
He and Carramaena both turned to the gleefulmaniac in their presence. "Kir?"
"Did you make those illusions?"
He blushed a deep red, his nose seeming to grow, "No, I didn't."
"You sure?"
The nose returned to its normal shape. "Okay, okay, I did."
"How in the *heck*????"
"It's a long story. One you probably don't want to listen to." That received two prompt nods.
Asmodean, through Kir's ear network, whistled. "That was close, man. REAL close."
"Right?" asked the two others in the doorway to the hall.
"Right. Just a weave of the Power ...I'll do anything to get into a dance," he winked, "Right, Asmo?"
Carramaena and the bouncer sighed, "You are one odd gleeman, Kiriath."
Kiriath nodded frantically, rolling his eyes around crazily, and the two others walked into the hall, leaving Kir to guard. Which was fine; he could still turn around and examine the proceedings, along with letting any late-comers in. Along with talking to "himself", of course.

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleefulmaniac
Minister of General Insanity
Sir Told-in-this-Tale

Blaring music woke Agelmar up. He never got enough sleep these days, what with poring over ancient tomes, and especially using the state-of-the-art fitness equipment available in the Dark Palace. (although everyone else just refers to it as the "Torture Chamber" for some odd reason...) After quickly dressing, Agelmar walked downstairs and into the main hall. He could see Kiriath standing by one of the doors doing whatever it is that he does (talking to himself probably) and a little ways away was Carramaena. But there was no-one else, yet. Sighing, Agelmar sat himself down at the bar, where the bartender immediately got him a drink.
Agelmar would get up and onto the dance floor.....eventually.....

Agelmar Jagad
Dark Avatar
Sir Plus-Army-Stores

Ceralic jumped from the gateway in to Tel'aran'rhiod just as the odd incarnation of some dreamwalker's imagination attempted to come into the real world. It dematerialized as the Dreamer fell to the ground. He looked up about 30 feet at the gateway that should have been on the ground. He cursed and stood up, wondering about the blaring music from within the palace. He sighed, wondering what would happen during this party. He kept saidin long enough to change his clothing to a pair of tight black trousers and a loose crimson shirt, with ruffled sleeves, that was tucked in to the pants. He opened the door, exposing the outside to blaring music, and stepped inside. The great hall was virtually empty, with only of his Sisters. At least there was SOME family here... He walked leisurely to the bar, getting a tall, thin glass of something green.


The Wanderer stepped lively. The stairs that climbed to the entrance to the Dark Sisters' palace seemed to go on forever, the loud music growing louder but no end ever in sight.... until with a sudden abruptness he was looking at a tall door, wide open. He mopped his forehead, more froem relief that he had arrived than from want to cleanse his less than faint persperation. Entrances, he had learned, were important.

If only for the reason that no one could ever enter, otherwise.

And what would the world be like if no one could ever enter? He felt a certain inclination to ramble on the subject, and sure enough, Kiriath was within, channeling through a doorway into darkness. Or was it the true party?

No, this was where the party was, because a Dark sister was in attendance; Carramaena was lounging on the bar. Literally on it, with a devil-may-care grin on her face as she conversed with Ceralic and Agelmar. Whatever it was Ceralic was drinking, it made him talkative; and as Kiriath's Eccentric Power caused unwary minds to speak at random, Carra and Agelmar could only listen as the Dreamer continued his oratory.

The Wanderer was again in black, as only befit the Man in Black. But he was not one of the MEN in Black, and so his cotuming could afford to be rustic and draw attention. His boots were intricately worked so it was impossible to say whether they were gold worked on black or the other way 'round. As was the gold torc he wore round his neck. his shirt was plain. He wasn't a fashion model, after all.

Dressed in black so, he ghosted half way across the floor before Carramaena spotted him. Ari would have known he was at the door the instant he arrived, but Ari was not here. Yet Carra was doing very nicely, and looking very nicely, too. Her grin barely faltered when she saw him approaching, and proping herself up she interupted Ceralic.

"Welcome! And you would be...?"

"No one to be trifled with!" the Wanderer said with a certain unrestrained glee. How he loved that line! He added, "that is all you ever need know" in a sinister untone.

"Hey, you used that line LAST time," protested Agelmar. "At my induction party."

"A good line never fails you, but you have a point; I'll have to come up with something better next time. But for now, let's party!" He dragged Carramaena onto the floor, the others following. "Hey look, there's four of us. Let's square dance!"

(of course, what would you call it if, say, Kiri joined in? Peantagon dancing? Isn't taht against the law or something?)

The Wanderer

It had been a strange set of circumstances that had led up to Nightfall's entrance to this party. It had been very long since the Great Mistress or any of the Dark Sisters had decided to party and enjoy themselves. Nightfall could only imagine that his former self had some part to play. He always was one to crash parties and ruin things. But still it was eventally night. His chambers had been ransacked, and some of his ale confiscated for by parties unknown. Finally Nightfall had walked do to the main hall and found that indeed a party was going on. With that, Nightfall decided it was indeed high time to celebrate. Things had been to serious for a long time. With the final thought of finding Prophet and challenge him to some cards, or stones, or something, Nightfall wandered on.

Nightfall and letting the good times roll.

The Intrigleefulmaniac looked ...and blinked. Square dancing? In a party with a Dark Sister? Just seems ..odd.. although, in his memory, he had never danced in one of these parties before. Not yet, anyway. Leaving an Eccentrically Powered ward upon the door (effects completely unpredictable), he strolled over to the group need to Airth this time, not in a dance hall.
He stood there for a few moments, tipping over at regular intervals to greet the fellows who came by ...if they bothered noticed or not... and waving his cloak in the weave of Air he had brought in for a neat wind effect. He took his warding seriously, having Woven his cloak to fancloak his patchworks when the time came. As a result, the Eccentric Power caused his patchworks to shift colors (though his cloak was nothing like what a Tinker would do with a fancloth cloak *shiver*) and join in his surroundings when the time called for it. Kiriath removed himself from his Rambling Void (it's like the flame and the void, only it's got a whole load of words instead of a flame ...the emotions are fed into the words, and so the Rambler using it talks ..and talks.. and talks.. with all of his emotions flowing out of it in no particular order at all. Some fellows have more emotions at certain times, or simply are better at the Rambling Void). Watching the square dancers interestedly, he was ready to join in. All they had to do was ask; he had an Illusionary Verin Mathwin ready to dance along as his partner, if needed.

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleefulmaniac
Voted Most Likely to Do Odd Things in a Party

Serafelle was home at last. She'd left the wolf-kin meeting early because she'd heard that the Darksisters were having a party. She'd been to the last one (albeit for a short time only) and had enjoyed herself greatly. So she began to get ready. She looked down at the dress she was wearing, and noticed a dark, damp spot on the deep red fabric. "Blood!" she swore angrily. "Trolloc blood, and bloody ashes too, probably!" She'd had an encounter with the Trollocs on the way home from the wolf-kin meeting. She hadn't had much trouble killing them (or the Myrdraal), but it had been a nuisance. And now there was blood on her favorite dress! She gritted her teeth and Channeled the stuff off. But there was still a mark on the fabric, so she strode to the closet to find another dress.

She rummaged through the closet. Most of her dresses were long and fairly conservative, merely because she was of the opinion that the more you concealed (to a certain point, of course) the more mystery and fascination you held. There were a few very revealing outfits from a Domani seamstress, but she brushed those aside. She kept digging through the closet. Finally, she came out with another red dress (after all, it was one of her favorite colors). This one had a filmy see-through material over the opaque satin part. It seemed revealing, but actually, it was just as conservative as her other dress (stained by trolloc-blood!). She put it on, Channeled nail polish to match, and swept her hair up. She secured it with a silver clasp, and hoped that this time, it would stay that way. (It never did. A few strands always escaped, no matter how she tried to contain them.) She chose some jewelry (silver and garnets) and some low-heeled shoes. She replaced the several golden daggers she had concealed about her person with silver ones. No use clashing, even in a fight, she thought. She looked in the mirror, and noticed that her normally dark brown eyes had amber flecks in them. Hmmm, she thought. Probably a side effect from the wolves. She dismissed it from her mind. She was ready. She made a Gate, and stepped through.

Serafelle stared in disbelief. The Darksisters were... squaredancing? She blinked hard a couple of times to make sure she wasn't seeing things, but the dancers didn't disappear. She was a bit bewildered; she'd never thought of the Darksisters as being the types to squaredance. Oh well. She walked over to the bar, and saw a familiar face. It was Agelmar Jagad, and he looked a little tipsy. She sat down beside him anyway.

He also looked a little depressed, she realized. He didn't even notice her at first (and after all her pains to get ready, too!), just clutched his drink morosely. His normally handsome face was looking haggard and drawn. Serafelle felt sorry for him.

He looked up and noticed her. He said belligerently, "I'm a Darkfriend, ya know." His voice was only slightly slurred, which was amazing, considering the number of empty bottles sitting on the bar. She replied softly, "Yes, I know." He didn't look any happier. "A traitor to the Light." She answered cheerfully, "Yes, I know." He seemed to brighten considerably. "You don't care?" he asked incredulously. She considered briefly, and decided to be nice. "Not really," she answered truthfully. She waved away the bartender, and Channeled herself an iced tea.

He spoke again, saying, "Hey, who are you anyway? You seem familiar." She smiled mysteriously, and replied, "Oh, I'm no one in particular. Call me Serafelle." "All right," Agelmar said, and began to turn on that famous charm of his, despite his inebriated state. They sat in silence for a moment, and he said suddenly, "Hey, would you like to dance?" She arched an eyebrow. "To...that?", she asked, sounding incredulous. "No," he said, and suddenly the music changed. "To that."

Serafelle thought for a moment. The change seemed awfully pat to her. Did he Channel? Or was it a coincidence? If he had Channeled, what Source did he use for it? The wolf in her head, Scar, rolled its eyes in derision, but she ignored it. She smiled at Agelmar, and answered his question. "Yes." It was a slow dance, and, to her surprise, he danced very well. Especially for having drunk that much.

To her surprise, she liked him very much, and was saddened by his betrayal of the Light. But she figured that he'd had his reasons, and let the matter lie. They made small talk, and then he began flirting with her disgracefully. She stifled her first impulse, which was to slap his face and then do something humiliating to him with saidar. She told herself that it was the alcohol talking. She smiled up at him, and said instead, "You're very brave, you know. Most people wouldn't flirt with an Aes Sedai with my reputation for cynicism and standoffishness." She almost laughed aloud at the look on his face. To say that he was surprised didn't even go half-way to the mark. She looked up into his eyes (mentally cursing her shortness), and wondered uneasily if those were little specks floating across his eyes. She decided in a split second to do something nasty with the Power after all; she could be quite ruthless when she chose. She reached up with both hands,grasped his face, and Channeled him sober.

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah

Cerise watched her gateway snap shut behind her, and hurried thru the front hall. She quickly smoothed her tight lavendar dress and glanced at herself in the mirror. I am quite tired, but I might as well get this RP Post in before I leave in the morning, she thought. She pushed some of her auburn curls out of her eyes, tucked them behind her ears, and entered the main PAR-TAY! Room. It was well that she had made a quick appearance. Across the room, she could feel Serafelle wielding Saidar and could see the flows of Healing going into Agelmar. Cerise slipped off her sandals, and hurried barefoot across the room. She seized Saidar and pushed a block between Serafelle and Saidar. Serafelle turned to face Cerise with a bit of fright in her eyes.

S: Unblock me, NOW, Cerise!
C: Serafelle, I will, as soon as you release Saidar.
S: I will do no such thing.. release me..
C: Oh hush. Listen, there's something you don't know. When we come to parties, especially when they are hosted in the Great Fortress of the Dark. We are to never to channel against or in help, in this matter, against or at a member of the Dark Family. You might end up causing a slight upset between the peace treaty of the Light and the Dark. I ask of you again, please release Saidar. I do apologize for doing this sort of.. rudely. It's meant as a way of helping you keep out of trouble, friend.

Cerise felt Serafelle release Saidar, and quickly unblocked Serafelle from the Source. Cerise blinked. Where was Agelmar? He had disappeared during Serafelle's and her quick conversation. Oh, there he was, sitting against the wall with his tub of turbo-wax open.

"You must excuse me Serafelle, I have some.. business to attend to.." Cerise said calmly and walked towards Agelmar. As Cerise approached, Agelmar looked calmly up, and gave her a knowing look. She took him by the hand, and let him to the front of a palace, channeled a gateway, and stepped thru with Agelmar on her arm.

Cerise glanced about at where she had taken Agelmar. This seemed appropriate of a place. The sign above the monstrous building above her read, "Agelmar's Turbo-Wax Factory."

A: What's this, Cerise?
C: This is the present you will recieve in a few moments. Are you ready?
A: A factory? WOW. Yay turbo-wax! I'm insane, and ready as I ever am, you know that.
C: Good, pet. Now hold still.

Agelmar bent down on his knees; Cerise seized Saidar. She took his head into her hands, and channeled Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Spirit into Agelmar, intertwining the weaves, as she had seen done once before. A tear slipped slightly down her cheek. She finished the first weaving, and started a second. A slight trap for anyone who would try to Bond Agelmar or take her Bond against her will. Cerise helped Agelmar to his feet, and released the Source. There within her mind, she was aware of his thoughts, his body, and his thoughts. He smiled his insane smile at her.

A: Is it done?
C: It's done, friend.
A: When shall you return? I will wait, and play with my new Factory.
C: Look for me the 20th of the month of July. Now, you must go. Tell the Dark & Light family that I hope all is well with them.

Cerise watched Agelmar open a gateway back to the palace, and she then opened hers to go. Who knows what people will think of this, she thought. But she had her reasons for Bonding him. Light, she was tired. The gateway snapped shut behind her.

~Cerise Sedai
Advisor of the Light

p.s. see you all in mid-july, have a good summer.

Back in the Dark Palace, Agelmar started walking the halls, giving himself time to think. On the upside, he was now Bonded, and already he could feel the changes that it had wrought upon him. Also, he had a whole new factory with which to mass-produce TurboWax and then sell it in foreign markets at a ridicuously high price...but that can wait till later, he thought. Serafelle's Healing had left him sober (well, partway) but it was enough for him to realize just how blitzed he was earlier. Flirting with Serafelle? Agelmar shook his head ruefully. What was I thinking? Maybe I should check into rehab or something...

Already his footsteps were inexorably taking him back to the great hall. Agelmar decided to have some fun, so he stopped by Kiriath and allowed his mind to slip away, leaving Agelmar with his usual insanity, which mostly consists of laughing and then saying phrases that make no sense, nor pertain to the topic at hand.

Agelmar Jagad
Dark Avatar
Gaidin to Cerise Sedai

Serafelle was annoyed. She hadn't known of any treaty. But then, that wasn't the point. the point had been to talk to Agalmar Jagad about some rather important issues, such as his defecting to the Dark. She'd wanted to write down his thoughts on the matter for the book she was planning to write (Provisional title: The Dynamics of the Interactions Between Light and Dark: The Misperceptions of Both Groups), and she certainly couldn't get those without having him sober to tell her. Oh well. Now she'd just have to do without Chapter 12: Defectors, and How They Feel About It. She'd been planning to ask that other fellow who'd become a neutral, too, but, without Agelmar's help, the chapter would be pointless.

What was really bothering Serafelle was how she'd let Cerise get the better of her. She'd been taken a bit by surprise, and had very much wanted to injure Cerise. She could have. But she sensed through the wolf-bond (she didn't like it, but it did have its uses) that Cerise meant no harm, and had let her cut her off from saidar. One of the things she most hated. It was like being in a stedding. She'd felt helpless. But that wasn't it. Serafelle had let her cut her off, but could have stopped her at any moment. She'd pretended (quite convincingly, she thought) to be afraid, but actually, she could have broken throught to saidar at any time, and perhaps spitted Cerise on one of the daggers she always carried. But Serafelle was not that stupid. Cerise intended no harm to her, and so she let it go. She was also an Aes Sedai, and therefore a Sister. And though you fought with sisters, you did not hurt them. It still irked her, though. Because, now, her book would only have eleven chapters. And she sensed that people had lost respect for her, from her apparent wimpy behavior.

She went back to the bar. No one was there now; apparently Agelmar was still with Cerise. No- there he was, across the room, apparently talking to that Kiriath person. She glared belligerently at them, but then rolled her eyes and thought, hey. It was my own fault. I should have just waited for him to sober up naturally. But then it occured to her that that might have been a very long wait indeed. She sighed. It was too bad. She liked Agelmar Jagad, and hadn't even minded much when he'd flirted with her. He was kind of good-looking, really. She sighed again. She decided to go and see if he would even talk to her, sober. Probably not.

As she got nearer, she saw saidar connections on him. He'd been Bonded as a Warder. Hmmm. She wondered absently if Cerise had warned him fully of all that the Bond entailed. After all, he had been mildly drunk when she'd Bonded him, because she'd interrupted the Healing mid-way through. Oh, well. It was none of her business, anyway. As she got even closer to Jagad, she noticed that he wasn't talking to Kiriath. Or anyone. He was talking to himself, with a rather glazed look in his eyes. Serafelle was confused. Was this what happened when you interrupted a Healing? She wouldn't know, it had never been done before in her prescence. Or, was it possible that this was his normal state?

"Shall oysters take over the world? No, that would be too horrible to contemplate," he said, with a shudder. He saw Serafelle and turned around. She wondered what he was going to say.

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah
The Penitent

Agelmar didn't get the chance to talk ..not yet. Kiriath turned at the same moment that the he really Lord of Fal Dara? A guy like this being a Lordude really is hard to picture. Maybe all Shienarans are drunken maniacs. If they're all defectors, though, is Semirhage popping into Shienar instead of Saldaea at regular intervals? Enough with the rambling, thought Kir, and looked curiously at Serafelle.
A Brown? She's better than Verin, however it goes, thought Kir, and popped off the fake Verin for the time being. Good thing it was only an illusion, but still, Serafelle inquired, albeit after taking an inquisitive glance at Agelmar, who was, of course, still entraced by nothing, "Verin...." and peered curiously at Kir, "She was your partner. What happened to her?"
Kiriath stammered for a few moments, hoping that Agelmar would take the spotlight off of himself, but that didn't happen ...the fellow was either drunk or simply not all there. If he wasn't Dark, absently pondered Kir, he'll fit in perfectly with the Intrigleemen.
"She was an illusion." Truth always is the safest approach.
"Illusion? Is there a weave of Saidin that makes an illusionary human?"
Kiriath chuckled, "But of course, dear lady." Putting himself into the Rambling Void, he quickly weaved a fake Verin using his Eccentric Power, but disguising the weaves as simple Saidin.
"Interesting..." said Serafelle. For a moment, Kiriath was afraid she'd imitate the real Verin and begin to scribble something in her notebook, but the gleeman couldn't detect one on her at all. Possibly he was just blind, but Serafelle simply stood there, looking at Kir and Agelmar both with the same expression, or so it seemed to Kiriath.
Mind made up on what next to do, Kiriath bowed courteously, his cloak waving in that still-eccentric wind, and looked at her.
"If you are not taken yet, fair Serafelle, may I have this dance?" Even if it was a square one ..the music seemed to have a tendency to change at the oddest times. Once a square dance, once a really weird-toned one, and back to a square dance.

Kiriath, Undercover Intrigleeman
Hoping to, finally, dance.

"Why, certainly", she answered. "But I must keep an eye on Agelmar. I really would like to talk to him. And maybe even (here she grimaced) apologize." She thought she detected something...odd in his manner, but decided to ignore it. They began to dance.

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah

"...WOO ha ha ha ha ha ha....and then.....heh there the tree went and ate my cheese flavored ice cream....hooo should have seen the look on its face...." Agelmar half-coherently rambled on, but soon enough he noticed that his audience had left him. Shrugging, he went back to his home away from home, the bar. He then nodded to Sam Malone, who sent a fine glass of good old beer his way. Halfway through the glass Agelmar noticed someone sitting down besides him. Looking up, he couldn't recognize the person.
"Who are you?" Agelmar asked.
"I'm a figment of your imagination," it said.
"Oh no you're not," Agelmar replied, "you're just a plagarized hallucination of my drunken mind, and if you don't leave soon, I'll be sued for copyright infringment." The figment looked abashed, then disappeared.

"You know, Agelmar," Sam Malone said, "that isn't beer you're drinking."
"Well then what is it?" Agelmar asked.
"It's Horace's Hallucinatory Hogwash. Whenever you start drinking it, you begin to have crazy hallucinations. For example, you now see me as an ex-Red Sox pitcher who runs his own bar, but I'm not!"
Agelmar looked suspiciously at his drink, then shrugged. "Oh well, doesn't matter. It's getting me drunk, and anyways, what's the worst that could happen? Me start seeing dragons and dwarves and elves and such? I'd like to see that!!! HAHAHAHAHHAWAHOOOOO!!!!"

And at that exact moment Agelmar thought he caught a glimpse of a small dragon flying by, but was distracted by a tug at his sleeve. Looking over to his left was a small man with a round nose and a big beard. "Say there, you big kender you, mind if I sit here and have a drink?"
Now Agelmar was instantly sober. "Now listen here you little dwarf," Agelmar yelled, "you're nothing but a side effect of this drink," (hmm...who could have left this coin pouch on the floor? Better grab it before someone steps on it) "and as soon as it wears off" (what a nice ring, I could really use one of those) "you'll disappear. And I'm NOT a kender, whatever the hell that is, I'm a Shienaran!!" (hey that pipe on the bar there is nicer than mine, I guess the owner just left it there. Better hold on to it so I can return it to them later)
"Sure you are, you gigantic kender you," the dwarf said.
"Okay, that does it, I'm going to bed!!" And with that Agelmar stumbled in the general direction of his room.

Agelmar Jagad
Dark Avatar
Gaidin to Cerise Sedai

Serafelle and Kiriath continued to dance.
"Do-si-do your partner..."
Square-dancing. Serafelle was still surprised that the Darksisters squaredanced. It seemed so incongruous....Oh well. It was fun. The dance ended, and she had started to walk off the floor, thanking Kiriath sincerely, when she spied Agelmar, heading for the door. He was talking to an extrememly short man who was beginning to look a little irate. She gave Kiriath her excuses and ran to catch up with Agelmar, as the thought occured to her that maybe, just maybe, the symptoms of insanity had something to do with his defection to the Dark. Maybe he had begun using the True Source. She wasn't sure if those had been specks floating across his eyes or not (Cerise had stepped in before she'd gotten a good lok). She caught up to Agelmar, just as the short bearded man walked off in disgust. She tried tapping him on the shoulder a few times, but he didnt even appear to notice her. All he said was, "Bloody illusions!" So, she finally just grabbed his shoulder and spun him around.

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah

Tam entered the palace to hear loud music blaring. That only could mean one thing. PARTY-TIME. Tam quickly went to the party rooms. There were tones of people. Hmmmm, who to talk with first? Hey there was Agelmar. Tam went to the bar. 'How are you this fine evening, Brother?'
A: Fine, you want a drink?
T: No, thank you! Remember what happened last time?
A: Lossen up you baby.
T: No, I would rather be up-tight. Bartender, how bout a mountain dew?
Tam turned for a moment to study the crowd. Agelmar tapped Tam on the shoulder.
A: Your drink is ready (mufled lafter).
T: Thank you.
Tam drunk his drink. Algemar thoughtfully ordered another for Tam 'just like the last one barkeeper'
T: Thanks for getting me another that just what I feel like.


Some time latter a much more Lossened-uped Tam left the bar. He made a round of the room, danced alot and eventually ended up meeting Darkhound.
"Oh, what a cute puppy."
Tam grabbed Darkhound head and continued with the baby talk......


Ceralic set down the tall, thin glass that had been repeatedly filled with the green liquid. He looked over at Agelmar, and felt instantly sorry for him. So easily drunk, and now having that woman bug him. Then he smiled, a faint smile. He might as well help Agelmar out. A quick bit of Spirit and Fire, right there... As Ceralic rose from his seat at the bar, Sarafelle yanked her hand away from Agelmar with a screech.

As Sarafelle looked at her hand, a quick weave of Air turned Agelmar around and gave him a push toward his room.

"Ah, Sarafelle, good to see you unoccupied," Ceralic said as he put his crimson clad arm on her back and started to lead her away from Agelmar. "So, I'm interested in talking about your book..." As he talked on a bit, he sent a little message to Agelmar's dreams. You're welcome. Sleep well! He chuckled a bit at the slight glimpse of Agelmar's dreams

Brother of the Dark

She gritted her teeth angrily. Thwarted again! She was never going to get her book finished if THIS was all the cooperation she was going to get. Oh, well. At least this...person matched her outfit. Red and red. He was handsome, too, in an unpleasant, smug, fashion.

The wolves performed their equivalent of laughing at her frustration. That didn't help. She was very annoyed.

So she lashed out in a fit of dripping sarcasm, "Oh, what about the Treaty? Was that an act of war? How silly," she added sweetly, "A war, over l'il 'ol me."

The annoying man (she knew somehow that his name was Ceralic, but wouldn't give him the satisfaction of saying it) looked blank and said, "What treaty?" He honestly didn't know what she was talking about.

Serafelle was dumbfounded. She muttered to herself,"She lied to me. She LIED to me. She lied to MEEEEE!!!!!" Ceralic backed away a bit. She turned to him and said, through gritted teeth, "Never mind that. I've been having some trouble writing my book, and I need Agelmar's help. His viewpoint was going to be the cornerstone for Chapter Twelve. If you have anything useful to say, say it. Otherwise, I'm going to chase Agelmar all the way to the Bore and back, if I have to!"

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah

(annoying? ANNOYING?! *lol* Ok, I deserve that...)

Ceralic was amused. "I think you may have a bit of trouble with that one." Ceralic thought a bit about Agelmar's dreams, as well as the help Ceralic had given him in sleeping. "No, he won't be wanting to wake up for a WHILE. Perhaps you should worry about your book later. Enjoy the party! Dance! Drink!" With that, he walked off, thinking about something totally different. He was looking for Carra, he needed a dance.

Brother of the Dark

She was still angry, but at least that...buffoon was gone. She went back to the ballroom, discouraged. She looked for Kiriath among the crowd, and could not find him anywhere. At least, she could have square-danced with him again, and the evening wouldn't have been a total loss. Now, it was. She considered trying to find Agelmar again, but decided that it wasn't worth the trouble. It was really too bad; he had been fun to talk to. Oh well. She sighed, Channeled herself another iced tea, and sat down at the bar to wait. A vague thought percolated through her mind. Where had that irate, short guy gone? He'd followed Agelmar... Hmmm... She hoped Agelmar wasn't in any kind of trouble. That short guy had been carrying a big, nasty-looking axe... That was when she decided to ignore Ceralic's advice, and try to find Agelmar anyway. He could be in trouble, especially if Ceralic had put some kind of a sleep Weave on him and that short guy meant harm. He definitely hadn't looked pleased with Agelmar, she recalled, with a trace of uneasiness. Hmmm.

She set down the tea absently, and went to the staircase. It was a big staircase. In fact, it would probably take some time to climb up it. She hoped she'd be in time to help Agelmar...if he even needed her help, that is. But if he was asleep, and the short guy wanted revenge... She sighed again, and started up the steps.

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah

When she got near the top the short man was there.
S: What are you doing here?
Dwarf: I am bloody following that Kender.
S: Kendar?
D: NO, Kender, you doorknob!
S: I don't know what a kender is but I do know that you are following Agelmar. Why?
D: Boy are you dense. If I don't keep an eye on that ken-Algemar, who knows what sort of troubble he will cause?

Tam Al'thor, also a Dragonlance fan

Serafelle rolled her eyes. "Look, buster, I grant you that Agelmar can be a troublemaker. But he's just been put under the influence of some very strong sleep-weaves, and that would ordinarily make him defenseless against people like you." The short guy grinned toothily and shifted the axe. She ignored him and continued, "But not in this case." She bent down and grabbed him by the collar before he could react, and held him up in the air. She spoke through grated teeth:
"Listen, you little imbecile. If you even think about spitting Agelmar on that axe of yours, I will personally shred every square inch of your skin until you BEG for mercy! And that will only be the beginning, my short little friend. Oh, yes, I know what you're thinking. Is she black ajah? No, you moronic fool, I'm not. You see, it isn't against the oaths. I won't use the power. I won't need to. So just leave Agelmar alone!" She set him down. He looked angry and a little afraid. He backed away and started down the steps, muttering "Kender..."

Serafelle had lost sight of Agelmar again, but she knew he was up here, somewhere. Suddenly, it occured to her that the wolves could help her. There was at least one in the house somewhere that she could sense (besides herself, of course). She asked the other if he'd smelled Agelmar anywhere, and the reply was most satisfactory. In fact, come to think of it, she probably could have followed his trail herself, had she thought of it. She sniffed the air experimentally, and picked up the right scent. The Healing hadn't been complete; he still smelled of... whatever he'd been drinking. She wrinkled her nose, and began to follow him again.

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah
The Single-Minded

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