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They Are Gone

Sundara idly twirled a silver pen between her fingers as she sat, staring at the blank sheet of parchment on the desk before her and wondering what to write. The sweet scent of rambling roses drifted through the window. She’d planted the roses Eval had given her outside on her balcony; since planting, they’d grown nearly as fast as his rambles did.

In fact, her Naming day presents were all around the room. The carved dragons Ulrike had given her sat on her dressing table beside Daylorn’s silver rose, each petal sparkling in the early morning light. Carramaena’s painting of ‘Snow at Shayol Ghul’ hung just above the desk, and a carved wooden box held both Agelmar’s peace treaty - not that she needed that any longer - and the scroll with Egwene’s poem. Books from Haman, Mat, Jandor and the Prophet were neatly shelved in her library. As for Kerek’s Sharan wine - well, most of that had gone at parties, but there were a few bottles left for a special occasion.

She had used Tam’s club pass several times already, and greatly enjoyed the music - had danced to it, in fact, a couple of times, and barely escaped causing a riot. “‘Guess I’ve still got what it takes,” Sundara murmured, and laughed to herself. The lessons she’d learnt back in Arad Doman obviously still worked.

Black orchids from Darkhound had wilted eventually, but a few of the blooms she had had preserved and threaded into a necklace. It lay coiled in her jewel box now, alongside Taim’s silver headpiece, two exquisite necklaces from Cerise and Narishma, and a bracelet from Semirhage. A delicately carved statuette of herself stood in an alcove - a gift from Moridin. A ter’angreal, and a very useful one, though it was a shame he had made himself immune to it’s effects. Nightfall’s harp sat in a corner of her turret room: she had played it on occasion, though without his skill. Not that that mattered so much, considering the magic of the harp. It played sweetly with or without a player touching the strings; oddly enough, though, when Eval had tried to play it only sour notes came from the harp. Now was that a coincidence, she wondered, or deliberate?

“I’m just putting it off,” she sighed, and returned her attention to the parchment in front of her. A letter to all her friends, Light and Dark, on the BBS. Those, at least, who had not left already.

She dipped the pen in ink and began to write.

To all whom it may concern: I regret that I, too, must take a temporary leave of absence from the BBS. While I’ll still be posting now and then, increasing pressure at school, and study for exams, is taking up too much of my time to join in serious roleplaying. I’ll be back, with a vengeance, around December.
Meanwhile - I’ll look in now and again, and when Path of Daggers comes out, and should any of my pet theories be proved, I’ll certainly be around to gloat.
I know I could have said all this without the roleplaying, but please humour me. This is, after all, my last RP post in some time. And now, a few last words. To Eval: I’ll miss you. By the time December comes round, I might even miss your rambling. To Serafelle: feel free to borrow any books you like from my library. To Cat: reading my mind would not be a good idea at the moment, unless you enjoy being bored to death by maths and physics. Oh, and what a cute kitten! And to all of you: prepare for the party to end all parties, around December.
May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, and may the Creator - or, depending on preference, the Dark One - hold you in the palm of his hand, until we meet again.

Sundara, youngest Sister of the Dark, she who hates exams

Putting down her pen, Sundara rung for a servant to carry the letter downstairs. Then, with a sigh even longer than before, she kicked the door shut, turned the key in the lock, and used the True Power - yet another gift - to engrave ‘Do Not Disturb’ on the outside of the door. Reaching for a pile of books as high as her head, she sighed again, opened the first book, and set to work.

Saying goodbye for now, and a belated ‘thank you’ at the same time,


I can't speak for all, but I'm sure I represent a great many of the regular posters here, Sundara, when I say that you will be sorely missed. I think you were a breath of fresh air, and will miss your humour, passion, charm, youth, intelligence and above all, your parties. Always feel welcome on this board, and above all, here in the darkness. We shall keep a look out for your posts, and look forward to december as we look forward to Path of Daggers. Be well, Sundara, and good luck, though you won't need it I'm sure.


You certainly speak for me, Darkhound. Sundara gone? The BBS, and the Dark Palace, will be the poorer for it. But on the BBS we will look out for her posts, and in the Dark Palace, listen for the familiar sound of rioting that will tell us that our Domani Dark Sister is alive, well, and dancing on the tables again.

Eval Ramman

Cerise dipped the cloth back into the basin filled with cold water, squeezed it slightly, and smoothed the cloth back on her forehead. As she leaned back into her lounging chair, Cerise glimpsed her reflection in her engraved silver chalice as she raised it to drink from it. Sheesh, she looked like the Dark One's own Bore. Cerise grinned at herself. Oh well, it was okay to look a mess in this dreadful heat. Cerise took out her favorite pen and some slightly scented paper and began to write:

"Friends of the Light and Dark-

I will be leaving for a personal vacation from this lovely board. I am to lead a group of kids to a distant land called, California, to a teen-rally-type-thingie there. A few days after that return, I am to go back to my original place of orgin, Wisconsin, and visit my heritage, family, and friends there. I will officially be leaving on June 23, and returning on July 19th, or so. I may pop in on occasion, when Saidar Access is possible. I do hope to have an RP party, when I return, for I have much to say, and to Bond.. I mean do. As for the Council and in the Light of the Name Change. I am in favor of whatever is decided, as long as it doesn't have the word, Idiots, in it. As Kerek mentioned, Serafelle Sedai will step up to my place in the Light of the Council, while I am away. It will give her a bit of temporary power, so CouncilBoys, be nice to her. (*wink*)
My heart also goes out to darling Jandor, for he hath left us, but good luck within the Neutralismness. And as to all, behave yourselves, and relax, it's summer, even tho very hot. Take care all.

~Cerise Sedai
Advisor of the Light
Lady-like Council Person

From his eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and other obscure and vulgarly mentioned sections of the human body through the Intrigleemen, Kiriath once again heard the latest news. "What was that?"
Aginor sighed, in command of the Ghenjei Installation since Asmodean had lately been ...busy... talking to someone named Kenny. He hadn't been seen since, although a few of the Intrigleemen had given reports of, "Oh my Creator! They've killed Asmo!" a few times. Aginor and Kiriath didn't know what to think; apparently Asmo was up to more than one thought. Perhaps the Eccentric Power was more eccentric than anyone thought, unless, of course, Asmo simply had social problems.
Aginor ahemed. "You here?"
Kiriath blinked from his absent-minded musings and nodded, "Yep. Just giving exposition."
"I hate Ex-Position!" sputtered Aginor, "It's almost as bad as the Ex-Terminator and his Ex-Ponential Ex-Girlfriends!"
"Enough, Ag, enough."
Aginor stood there in the Installation, seething and teething and foaming like a rabid madman ...which, of course, he was. Not bothering with this ...the 'Soon to Be Renamed' Warriors and the Intrigleemen had one thing in common at least ...both agencies were comprised of insane lunatics galore. Jandor had recently given up the Warriors, mused Kir as he remembered. Would he accept a place in the gleemen agency? For that matter, Barid himself seemed to be a skillful enough spy ..a gray man at that! Perhaps he'd care to join? Thoughts for another day...or sooner, perhaps...
Aginor was now running around the room, socking the hordes of Finns that never seemed to go away. "News? I've already relayed it to you twice now! And both times you didn't listen! Augh!" Punch Punch Punch.
"Once more, Ag."
"Listen this time."
Out to go onto another thinking spree, Kiri's thoughts were jolted back to the Installation by Ag's next punch. "Okay," said Kir, holding his bruised jaw, "Okay."
"Now then," said Ag, suddenly very normal and sane, "Cerise Sedai has ...Kiriath!"
"Look in your hand, you oaf."
He looked. In it was a letter.
"Yeah? So?"
"Open it."
He opened it.
"Yeah? So?"
"Shut up and read the bloody thing!"
"Friends of the Light and Dark..."
"Not out loud!"
A few minutes passed, Aginor punching obscure Finns and Kir reading the message, "So she's leaving for awhile. So?"
"She's a Light Warrior!"
"Oh oh."
"Yep. They're hurting now. They need you."
"Need ME? What in the Blight!?..."
"Of course. With Serafelle Sedai now in the Council for awhile, and you possibly able to get her to Bond you..."
"Heh. Bond..."
"No. Mat Cauthon already did that pun."
"Okay, okay. I'll call myself Kiriath Bond! No Kiriath Gaidin for me!"
"Enough, Kir. You're getting off track."
The loon sighed and calmed down. "Where were we?"
"If you can get her Bond, you may have an excuse to be a part of the Council. From the way Warders seem to act, you will want to be around your Sedai every chance you get, to protect her and carry her books and all."
"Aha!" A silence for a few seconds, Kir actually thinking for once. "What, then, when Cerise comes back?"
"Think again."
"Are you challenging my authority!?"
"No. Just think once more."
"Ah. That sounds better." A silence for more minutes and Kir continued, "Is a Warder able to be Bonded to more than one person?"
"I don't think so. Why?"
"Train of thought just choo-choo-ed by. Serafelle Sedai loses her position when Cerise returns, and then I lose my temporary spot in the Council, and ...."
"Slow down, Light-blinded fool." At Kir's glare, he grinned, "Sorry. Once a Chosen, always a Chosen." He continued nevertheless, "You may be able to Bond Cerise instead ...she mentioned that."
"Yeah? But that wouldn't help ...I can't protect two Sedai any more than I can one!"
"True. Who needs a Bond to associate in the Council of the Light anyway? We've got our Mirrors of Many Names."
"That works. Still, though, I'm a Warder anyway," said Kir as he created a Gateway to his room in the Lightly-Lit Palace.
"You are...?"
"Of course. I Ward my room, don't I?"
Kiriath heard a groan as he left the Installation, and chuckled heartily. As he had told the various voices in his head, "Once a punnist, always a punnist."

Kiriath, Founder of the BBS Ramble
Undercover Intrigleefulmaniac
Minister of General Insanity
(Light Warrior)
Male Channeler
He Who Could Combine These Titles Into One But Has Rambled Enough Already

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