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Wolfkin Gathering

She had covered the far way to northwest together with her four-legged campanion and was near the Dragonmount now. The wolves guided them to the man Elrys.
"I see you, Elrys."
"I greet you. You are Flame?" She nodded. That was her wolf name and enough for this time. She didn't know yet, if she could trust this wetlander, even if he was a wolf-brother. The man continued. "I'm glad to meet you. The Dark Sisters gain ever more followers and the Light Warriors seem paralyzed since their former leader, Agelmar Jagad, defected to the Dark. Something must be done!"
"That da'tsang should die! You let the wolves spread a message. That was some time ago. We are here. Do you have made plans in the meantime?"
Elrys smiled. "I have some ideas, what we could do against the influence of the Dark Family. First we should build connections with some Neutrals. We need informations, what the Sisters sheme at the moment. The librarian Ulrike has a new companion, a dragon. Like us he can send his thoughts, but to all living things and very probably he can read other's casually thoughts.
I don't want to meet him personally because my attitude is known to the Dark Family. Thus it is better, if someone unknown approaches him. Surely he will side with the Light, after all he is a dragon."
"You want that I go to him. I rather would meet him outside of this Dark Palace. Still better, if I draw none attention of the other side."
"How you make the contact don't interest me. Only the success counts."
"I'm very curious about this strange creature." The humans listened to the sandy-colored she-wolf coming from the greeting with the local pack.
"Then we should get to know him, Dune."


Having an assortment of contacts from the Tower, Kiriath perked an eyebrow at the voice in his ear ...and, yes, males can. It's a rare talent, apparently.
"Gleeman agents have given us information about Elrys," relayed Aginor by way of the dreaded Eccentric Power.
"Report, then," replied Kiriath, appearing in the Tower suddenly through a Mirror of Murky Mists that he had put in his obscure little room. The same room from where he operated the ministering of general insanity from, rambling posts placed on his walls (which, of course, were not thumb-tacked but held to the walls with tied-off weaves of Air). The back side of the papers were warded with a separate weave. If a person understood where to place a weave of Earth, the papers would turn around and reveal all of the current assignments of the Intrigleemen. For those occasions in which a visitor to the room might wish to turn the papers around, the gleeman had simply put wards on the backs also; carefully placed weaves had caused the rear end of them to be blank to any other being but Kiriath himself.
The multi-talented gleeman was now fully in conversation with Aginor. Now to the convo, already in progress...
"Now, then, say that 'agin', or..." punned Kir.
"You know I hate that," commented Aginor.
"I know. Why do you think I ...ack!" Blushing furiously and turning the camera away from his face, Kir continued, "You know I hate having my personal discussions overviewed."
The camera operator, hovering above him, replied, "Yes, I know. Couldn't resist."
Kiriath tapped his foot impatiently, "Now that that's done with, let's continue."
Osan'gar nodded, "Yes, let's, operator, or I'll sic a Gaseous Wraith on you."
The operator scoffed and laughed heartily.
"You asked for it. Aurgh!"
"Bounce him."
Aurgh chased after him, the operator yelling one certain word, also a name of a character in a ramble, while Running Away! If you can guess it, you win ...your very own "Ni!". Even if you've already got your own, which you can have now. "Ni" on all of you :P
Now that's that done, we can continue with the RolePlaying Lunacy.
"Where were we?"
"The agents were reporting..."
"Oh yes."
Aginor travelled over to a Mirror, "Elrys, and this ..Flame.. of his were discussing possible ways to infiltrate the Dark Family."
"They were? What did they think up?"
"Conversing with Ulrike's ...Caldazar, dragon, whatever the final idea for its name was."
"I think," said Kir, "That if that dragon is in Ulrike's library to begin with, he just settled in there for the fun of it, unless, of course, he truly is a spy for the Light. DarkHound, among others, did seem to be wary of him."
"True, true," replied Aginor, "But you never know. He could be from the Great Lord himself."
"Oh, Light," sighed Kir, "I hope not. If he comes into this..."
Aginor jerked up suddenly, a thought striking him, "The Great Lord did say once about taking control of the 'dragon'..."
"Calm down," commented Kir, "You're thinking of the wrong one."
Aginor groaned, "Rats."
"So, then, what's our final decision on the dragon?"
"I'm thinking he's probably just a wandering neutral, though there's always the possibility that he is in league with the Dark Family completely. If that's the case..."
"We're in trouble," finished Kir, "The Light is dwindling, the Dark Family is dominating pun originally intended there, no matter how well it fits.. and the Neutrals, are, well, neutral in the matter. Let's hope that the dragon is from the Light."
"And may the Dark itself shadow us in its incredible ruthlessness," said Aginor.
"Just as the Light shall illumine us until we again meet, Aginor." He was about to give the Rimmer salute of the Red Dwarf, but stopped, "One last thing ...keep an eye on your 'Great Lord'. Never now what he's planning."
Aginor nodded, marching into a different room ..the room with his Very Own One Power Construction Set. With angreals (Power tools), genetic engineering (cute little, seemingly harmless, voodoo-type dolls) and, of course, his very own Finnsters. Kiriath left the Tower of Ghenjei, leaving the Rimmer salute to itself, and aligned his rear end with the chair in the midst of his room.
"Here's to the Intrigleemen, the (hic) Light Warriors, the Dark Family, and (hic) the Neutrals."
He downed his glass and promptly passed out. Must be a common thing for the Light Warriors to get drunk. The last thought Kiriath had before he passed out was this:
"There (hic) weren't nearly (hic) enough (hic)s in that last (hic) statement. Maybe (hic) with this one, I (hic) could learn to be the Danarchy (hic) winker of (hic) hic land."

Kiriath, Founder of the BBS Ramble
Undercover Male Channeling Intrigleeman
Minister of General Insanity for the Light Warriors
He of Many Titles

"The truth be told, I have been waiting for more of our number to announce themselves before acting but it appears that no more are forthcoming..." Elrys said, his mind puzzling over the arrival of Flame, Dune and their pack, and trying to find the best course of actions. "I agree with what you have said and have been contemplating which of the neutrals to approach before your arrival. I had considered approaching the neutrals Barid Bel, who appears to be dedicated to preserving a balance through his being a member of all three organized groups, the Prophet, who appears to be a very influencial personage who has remained aloof of al issues so far but who will, I believe agree that something must be done, and had considered possibly approaching one the members of the Gleefulmaniacs although I'm not quite sure about them as they appear to be quite lost in their own insanity. I had not considered the dragon as one to approach but you are right, he could be a very powerful ally." Flame, her companion Dune, Elrys, and his four-legged friend Marle discussed the options of whom to approach. Eventually they came to an agreement as to who to approach for help in returning the balance between the Light and the Dark.
Elrys felt the familiar contact within his mind of the leader of the pack with which he was associated (and whom he had rescued as a pup from a villager who had killed her mother). Not making a demand to be heard, but not begging either, Marle made a contact with Elrys's mind. A brief image of a wolf standing in front of a lake of crystal clear water with the reflection of a lightning bolt forked wavering in the water over the wolf's shoulder flashed through Elrys's mind as Marle informed him of her decision to accompany Flame and Dune when they approached the neutrals they had agreed to approach. "I will make the arrangements for you to meet this Dragon, but you should arrange the other meetings while I am doing this, It will go faster and I feel that you have a better chance than I in convincing them that they should meet with us and help us. I will ask the dragon to meet you in the abandoned stedding in Malkier's fallen capital. It is a neutral place of meeting that I know well." Elrys sent through the link that the three others involved in the planning shared with him. Along with his message was unconsciuosly sent his identifying image of the seven fallen towers of Malkier superimposed over the Golden Crane accompanied with a feeling of great loss and great anger at a betrayal in the past.
With that Elrys turned and left Flame, Dune, and Marle to make their final preparations. He had known Marle all of her life, he had even given her the name Marle, who had been his only sister and who had been killed during the fall of Malkier. She and her pack were his only family now, and he knew he could trust her to see that all things worked out with the meetings ahead. Later that night after the three had gone he attached his message addressed to the golden dragon to a pigeon raised in Ulrike's libraries pigeon coops and set it free to carry his request to the dragon.

~Elrys, a survivor of the fall of Malkier

Alcair'rahien was curious. A pigeon had arrived carrying a message for him, not for Ulrike who had welcomed him here so warmly.

"Greetings, Alcair'rahien!
We must speak to you in a most urgent matter. Meet us at this marked place in the next days. We trust you to see the Light in our approach and and to have confidence in it."

A map was sketched on the paper strip. He was sure to find the way. The door opened and Ulrike came in. A tiny flame burned the message to ash. Here everyone had secrets, Ulrike too. It seemed connected with this Light and Dark thing they had tried to explain him. A sort of game he thought. Well, he would take part. Surely there was fun in it. Curiosity was ever a great weakness of him. Shortly he wondered why he knew that, he couldn't remember. Anyway he would attend this meeting.


Serafelle watched silently from the shadows of the stedding. She shifted her long blood-red skirts silently, and hoped she'd made a wise decision in coming here. She wasn't comfortable being in a stedding, of course; no Aes Sedai ever was. But this time, the need to be there outweighed the risks. The man she'd spotted the other day reminded her of someone. She tried to remember in vain, and at last decided to follow the man with the yellow eyes. Yellow eyes! That was what the deja vu referred to. Serafelle had had dealings with another man with yellow eyes once. Elyas Machera, his name had been. So long ago! She remembered him, recalling every detail of his appearance. She remembered the day he'd told her about the wolves. She'd been so puzzled, and begged him to let her take him to Tar Valon. He didn't want to, of course- he'd heard stories of the Red Ajah, just like everyone else. She managed to persuade him anyway. At Tar Valon, she searched every scrap of each scroll in the library, but could find nothing. Elyas was becoming uneasy- wolves don't like enclosed spaces (like houses), and then the Reds had been giving him strange looks. So Serafelle had bonded him to her as a Warder. She'd never had one before- but she liked it. Someone to carry things for her, and someone to argue amicably with. Of course, all that ended when the Reds finally made their move. They were going to try to gentle him. Serafelle knew that it wouldn't work. Machera was not channeling to the wolves; it was something else entirely. But the Reds could hurt him. So she helped him escape, and gently undid the bond. She did not sever it, merely untied it- this entailed no pain for either the Warder or the Aes Sedai. Serafelle could still sense him sometimes, though the bond was untied. He seemed happy. The wolf-thoughts still disturbed her sometimes...

She snapped out of her reverie with a jerk. The yellow-eyed man was staring right at her. She opened her eyes very wide as a single thought raced through her mind: I'm in a stedding. I can't channel.

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah
Holder of Many Titles

Alcair'rahien sat on the window board ready to travel south as Ulrike approached him.
"Do you think that you can bear such a small person like me on your back when you are flying to your meeting?"
"Yes, I ... But how do you know?" Imagine the picture of a very baffled dragon!
"Come on, Alcair. If you live a few months here, then you get used to plotting and sheming. And as neutral one I'm interested in the balance between Light and Dark. You are meeting with someone of the Light Side, aren't you? Else this would happen here in the palace."
"I thought you tends to the Dark Sisters."
"Maybe, maybe not. I like Darkhound, I like Egwene2, they are intriguing people. But let us say I'm rather frustrated at the moment. First Moridin and Egwene2 promised me to teach the use of Saidar and now they let me in the lurch. What now, do you take me along?"
His deep, resigned sigh filled the room.

A ride on a dragon is an exciting experience. In a short time they arrived at the agreed place. While Alcair looked for a fitting spot to land Ulrike saw an approaching woman with two wolfes. Her fiery mane catched the eye. In some distance another two persons awaited them. She breathes deeply. What would they propose?


When Flame with her two wolf companions got near the lost city of Malkier a great winged creature sweeped past her to the stedding. That must be the dragon! He elegant flew across the the area and then moved in a circle over the stedding, apparently looking where to land. If she looked right, he bore a rider. Whom he had taken along?
Trotting to the meeting place she spotted Elrys scowling at a woman. Dune grumbled a warning in her throat. But Flame saw already the ageless face. A spy? From which side? Her hand twitched to the black veil.


She gaped at the yellow-eyed man. He was awfully big up close, she thought irrelevantly. "Oh, dear", she said. It was a useful expression that Serafelle often utilized when she got into trouble. She suddenly realized that her mouth was open and that her hands were shaking a bit. Most unbecoming for an Aes Sedai, she thought. She tried to pull herself together; her face regained some of that Aes Sedai calm. She took a deep breath. "Excuse me? I'm Serafelle, Sister of the..." The man wasn't even looking at her, but was, instead, scanning the ruins and trees behind her. How rude! She continued anyway. "Brown Ajah. Um, may you?" She peered behind her into the woods, as he did.

He interrupted her with a growl, fixing his eyes (those yellow eyes!) back on her face. "Who are you? How many are you? What are you doing in this place?" He didn't leave any time for her to answer in all that mess. She was beginning to get annoyed with him, despite that big, nasty-looking dagger he held in his hands. She faced him (my, he certainly was tall) and retorted through her teeth, "Like I said, I am Serafelle Sedai of the Brown Ajah. There is no one with me. And what are YOU doing in this place?"

He grimaced at her, and his strange eyes glared. "I asked you first." She glared back. "I was following you!" He looked even grimmer as he spoke: "Then you admit that you're a spy!" Serafelle rolled her eyes. "Do you know what happens to Tar Valon witches who spy on people in steddings?" He grinned wolfishly and shifted his grip on the dagger. She was infuriated. "Spying on YOU! HAH! Why would I ever spy on YOU!, you!" She was really getting angry now. And he was too. He looked even bigger when he was angry, noted a small, terrified corner of her brain. But she paid it no heed. She was going to say more when she saw a tiny red speck in the sky. It was growing nearer.....

Serafelle felt that aura that always came on before a wolf-thought from Machera, or one of his friends. It washed over her like a flood, waves and waves of the...strangeness. Since the Bonding to him, every once in a while she had strange headaches, and rarely, she would faint dead away. When she awoke from these faints, she would remember voices that spoke, seemingly in her head. They all had names, such as Hopper, or Singe. From what Machera had told her, they were wolves. It was a strange side-effect from the Bond, but it seldom affected her. The Untying of the Bond did not, however, lessen or abate these effects.

She felt it coming on. The man saw it too, as Serafelle turned deathly pale, and the change in complexion was accentuated by her dark dress and chesnut hair. She swayed a little, and the man, who just previously, had been scowling angrily at her, looked confused and a little concerned. But she didn't have time for that now. It was only a moment. She just had time to gasp, "Oh, dear..." before she blacked out.

At the edge of consciousness, she heard voices. Wolf-voices. And images, too, this time. "Does she hear us?" one said. The second replied, "No. She....Wait. I think she does. Who is she?" "I say we should eat her and be done with it!" growled another. "No", said the fourth voice thoughtfully. "I don't think that would be wise. Do you want to bring a whole clutch of Aes Sedai down on us?" The fourth voice had an image different from the rest. It wasn't a wolf...but it was. He (it was definitely a male) identified himself with two names. The first she didn't quite catch, but the second was Elrys Morai. The tiny corner of her mind that still worked noted meticulously "That name sounds Malkieri." It then saw the thought-image, and said, "That is the man you were talking to." Serafelle told herself to shut up. She needed to think. And, maybe, to hear what they were saying in the wolf-thoughts.

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah
(Provisional) Keeper of the Scrolls, Books, and Documents
Light Warrior

"No, we don't kill her. We let her live, so far she has not done anything to give me the impression that she is hostile. And besides, I think I know who she is." Elrys sent through the wolves' network of thoughts. Then specifically to Serafelle and no-one else he sent, "We know you're awake so you might as well put aside the ruse of unconciousness Serafelle. When you blacked out you lost your controll of the growing link between you and the wolves. When you blacked out I caught the name of Elyas Machera, an old friend and the one person to whom I owe my life to. He told me of his experiences in the white tower and you were the only name mentioned without hate. Whether you were concious of supressing the wolf-link or not, that is what caused your blackout. The process of becoming like us was started by Elyas years ago and inevitably it will be complete and you will become one of us. Since you are already here and there is nothing we can do about it, you might as well join our meeting, at the least, and if so inclined, join our cause." Serafelle opened her eyes and took Elrys's offered hand to get to her feet.

Serafelle made her introductions to the others who had arrived, Flame she greeted somewhat warily as she was sure that that Flame was the one who had argued for killing her, Dune and Marle she greeted through the wolf-thought-network thingy. The five of them then turned and waited in silence for the arrival of the dragon Alcair'rahein and the woman he had brought along who were approaching from the direction of the Blight...

Elrys, wondering if this rp is dead... and hoping that others will post to prove that it is not...

Flame stared suspicious at the Aes Sedai. She didn't trust her entirely. Sure, no Aes Sedai could lie except the Black Ajah. But if she was... And had she said something definitively? No, she would be careful around this woman. Aes Sedai tried to manipulate, to capture, and to break her Car'a'carn. They didn't know Honor. This woman shied away from her hard glare.

Then the Dragon came. She admired him, had never seen such a beautyful creature in her life. Beautyful and strong - how fitting that the Aiel were the People of the Dragon. A woman sat on his back. Their eyes met each other. The surface of her - it must be Ulrike the Librarian, near-sister to Alcair'rahien - was deceptive gentle, but her eyes... Curious, seeing all, registering all.

The emotion drifting from Dune told her about awe for Alcair'rahien and wary respect for Ulrike.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Elrys stepped forward to greet them.


Serafelle still felt a bit groggy. The wolf-thoughts were a bit disturbing, but she was handling them well. At least, she thought so. Occasionally, however, the Bond would lapse and she couldn't "hear" any of them- and then her head would ache terribly again, until the voices came back. They were waiting for the red animal to get there. The wolves called it "Dragon". Serafelle wondered if it had anything to do with Lews Therin Telamon, and decided that it probably didn't. She would ask the rider when the beast landed. The group continued to wait in silence, and the wolves were quiet inside her head (but still there). The red-haired woman scowled at Serafelle menacingly, and kept fingering that veil she wore. She was beautiful, but she looked as if she'd as soon kill someone as look at them. Serafelle recognized her as Aiel - probably Maiden of the Spear, she though. The Brown sister itched inside, not being able to touch the Source. She knew that the vague uneasiness she felt was due to that, and that it would not go away until she left the stedding. The creature landed. It was beautiful, with red scales and golden wings. It looked rather like a snake, with a lizard's head, and with batlike, but scaled, wings. It had very large teeth as welll. Its rider dismounted. Serafelle walked around the creature, trying to memorize every detail so that she could write it all down later. She began to talk to herself. "Gold eyes, red scales...hmm...strange. Feet with five claws, one of them can grasp...interesting. What are you, you pretty thing..." She was talking to herself, and was surprised when it answered.

"I am a dragon.", it said. "You can talk!" she answered unintelligently. "Yes. My name is Al'cair'rahien. How are you called?" She blinked, and said absently, "Oh, Serafelle, Sister of the Brown Ajah." She peered at its mouth. "How do you talk? You're not moving your tongue!" She peered down its throat, past rows of gleaming teeth. "I don' You're not really hearing me, you only seem to hear me. I have projected into your mind that I am talking, so it seems to you that I am speaking aloud. But I am not." She wasn't sure she understood it properly, but answered, "Yes, of course. Where are you from?" But Serafelle never heard the answer. She turned around and saw another woman standing there, and regonized the rider of the Dragon.

She was a bit startled. "Oh! Um, I'm sorry. I didn't notice you. I tend to get a little...distracted, sometimes," she added ruefully.

"Oh, it's all right", the other woman said, and smiled. Serafelle's eyes narrowed in thought as she gazed at the other woman. "What's your name?" the Brown asked thoughtfully. "I am Ulrike", the other replied. Serafelle nodded, still thinking. She said slowly, "I am Serafelle. realize, Ulrike, that you have the Spark? Have you been taught the use of Saidar? Because, if you don't get taught, and pretty soon, you could hurt yourself."

Ulrike looked surprised. "I've been told, but all my teachers deserted me." Serafelle sighed. "I can teach you, but it better be fast, because I leave next week."

Elrys Morai started the meeting. It turned out that the meeting was a call to the wolves for them to throw in their lot with the Light. She was already with the light, so she gave her regards to everyone and left, adding that she agreed with Elrys. She strode to the border of the stedding and was confronted by three trollocs and a myrdraal. She looked helpless as the myrdraal rose its sword, only to block the weapon at the last possible moment with the knife she'd been keeping up one sleeve, and killed it with her other knife. It twitched on the ground as she killed the two trollocs, more quickly than she'd taken out the myrdraal- after all , she was in a hurry.
There was a party going on, and she wanted to be there. She Gated home, to get ready.

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah

Ulrike was surprised, really. Did everyone know of her talent? "How did she realized that, though we are in a stedding?" she mused aloud. Elrys stared to her perplexed and Aiel woman apparently wanted to pursue Serafelle on the spot. "Or she knew it from someone other." That thought didn't comfort her. "From whom?" Not so much possibilities existed, mainly Moridin and the Dark Sisters.
The Aiel said in a tight voice: "The Aes Sedai was very eager to leave us. Why?"
"I got a strong thought about a party in the Dark Palace. She wanted to take part in it." Alcair replied. The Aiel - Flame? - snarled furious while Elrys said calmly that these parties were liked by all.
"If you noticed that, Alcair, do you know how she knew about me too?"
"I'm sorry, Ulrike, but I didn't concentrate on her. You humans are so upset when I read thoughts you don't want to speak aloud."
"Alright, that's a problem for later then. Elrys, we should think about, how we can counter these Dark Parties. Finally, so the Dark seduces everyone, or" with a side glance to Flame "nearly everyone. But this is not or not the only reason that you invited us, is it?"
"Yes, we are afraid (Flame glowered furiously) or rather worried about the ongoing shemes of the Dark. What we request of you is following..."


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