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Election, A Rescue, And A Change Of Alignment

Okay, for.... let's see... a couple weeks? a week? some indefinate amount of time, during which I hadn't managed to get here, let alone keep up, I have finally got here and caught up. Okay.... Serafelle I encourage you to join the Light, Kerek, I'm resigning from sit-and-stare-at-the-wall leader, and resuming my more usual job... hrm.... co-Generaling with you unless you want to step down.

Um.... let's see.... that's basically it, I think....... Oh, and Kir.... while I look on this.... alliance with some trepidation, I suppose you won't drive us any more insane.

Daylorn, resuming his duties

Okay, here's the plan, we'll have a council, Me, Daylorn, Cerise, and one we'll vote for

-I'm not quite sure if I understood his message right but I think Barid Bel
-Serafelle if she's joining


I don't want to assume too much here, but... I realize that all the candidates have a true heart and would do their best. First off, I would like to say that I don't want to alienate anyone and I respect you all. These are troubled times and in times like these we need a strong leader. Given that I think the choices are very few. Sure some of us have been gone for the last few weeks, but leaders are not just people that are always here. Since I cannot vote for myself, I think the only other possibility is Mordeth. He was an interesting and intriguing bloke. Charisma and a bit of arrogance are definitely needed with any leadership possition. Such people can make sure no one's feelings are hurt when they are not picked and at the same time help recruite more members. Since I already have plenty of power I will not mind if I am not elected, but remember, I do have some sway on both sides of the coin.

Taim, High Seat of the Tiger Ajah, Taimyrlin Seat, Destroyer of Posts

Too bad, you were voted in, the votes: Jandor-1, Barid Bel-1, Kiriath-1, Mordeth-1, Taim-2, so Taim you are the 4th council member until Cerise makes up her mind, then we may have to have a tie breaker...


I am very pleased to accept if that is the result. I will hold back until this is official though.


Okay, would somebody like to tell me just what the hell is going on? For the last two weeks I have been dropping by, looking for anything new, but nothing, nada, zip. Then suddenly.....

The Light Warriors, to whom I am councillor, have an election and elect Taim! Now, I heartily agree that Taim is well suited to a lofted position, assuming, of course, he had someone of, shall we say, considerable diplomacy skills to guide him, and nuture his fiery genius. Someone whose name strikes fear into the heart of shadow, someone humble, yet confident. Logical, yet instinctive. Someone caring, compassionate, caring, yet merciless when there is need. Someone.... oh, I don't know.... someone already in a position of say, councillor? (wriggles eyebrows) Anyway, if one of my fellow warrirors could deliver unto me the minutes of these last meetings from which I have been unwittingly absent, I would be very grateful.


Upon the road of Wandering To And Fro, Kiriath was still wandering. Kerek had recently posted something ...somewhere... so he was off the Road. The undercover agent of the Intrigleemen, though, had strayed off the path also before long and happened to chance upon another wanderer, one who had not came back for a great deal of time.
"Greetings Mordeth," commented Kiriath cheerfully, "How goes the time away from the Boardom?"
"Nothing new, nada, zip. Except for this abrupt meeting and election of Taim? What the (censored) is going on here?"
"For one, man, I've joined the Light Warriors." Asmodean, through one of the Eccentric Power's many strange ways, spoke into Kir's ear, "Don't give anything away about the Intrigleemen."
Kiriath spoke suddenly, "Of course not."
Mordeth perked an eyebrow curiously, "Interesting contradiction, Kiriath. Have you, or have you not, joined the Light Warriors?"
"Of course I have."
"Then why the 'of course not'?"
Kiriath chuckled, a bit nervously ...surely, Mordeth could not have caught the shake in the laugh, could he have? "Just a sanity lapse. I am a male channeler, you know."
"A male channeler?" Mordeth suddenly looked suspicious, "You're not going crazy yet, are you?"
Keeping his secret of insanity-level choosing to himself, Kir replied, "Not yet, Lews, because I'm as cool and collected as -bologna- I can be at the moment."
Looking genuinely paranoid now, "Kir?"
"I'm fine. Seriously."
Pleased with the fact that he could speak a sentence without popping in insane little looney phrases, Mordeth nodded. "You seem safe." And the two Light Warriors continued their trek to the Higher Reaches of the Boardom.

Undercover Intrigleefulmaniac
Minister of General Insanity

Cerise glanced at her portable sun-dial. 11 AM, she thought. At least I got some actual sleep for a change. She quietly got up from her bed, washed, and changed into a floor-length blue dress with silver embroidery upon the sleeves and bust. She looped her Blue shawl about her arms and floated into the ante-room. There sat her favorite silver inkpot and pen, ready to send her decision to the LW. Cerise poured a cup of punch, sat down, and carefully wrote:

"My friends:
It seems as if everyone has been a-waiting who I want to be on the Council. Doesn't that put me into a tight spot, ever? I wish I could vote for everyone. Well, this is NOT an easy decision. I don't want to seem biased or in favor of anyone particular. But no matter what I say, it'll come out that way. (ungrateful smile here) All of the people that were voted for the LWC (light warriors council) are all great candidates. Everyone can add a bit of thier own... attitude and style to the Council."

She paused and downed the rest of her spiked-punch and then continued:

"It comes down to two candidates, really. If I vote for one person other than Taim, we will need a tie-breaker, which I think would be decided among the council? Anyways, my vote then goes to Mordeth. Why? Because I agree with what Taim mentioned. He's a bit arrogant, and a bit dark. I think he would compliment the LWC very well. As far as personalities, that is. So there we have it, friends. A run-off between Mr. Taim and Mr. Mordeth."

Cerise wiped her brow and sealed her note and sent it off with a pigeon. All's well that ends well.

~Cerise Sedai
Advisor to the Light

Okay, Mordeth, Alianin, Perrin, WHERE IN SHAYOL GHUL ARE YOU!!!!!


You're exactly right, Ker, they are in Shayol Ghul. We kidnapped them.

Carramaena L'Var

I, being a cunning blade master, will try to rescue my comrades, unless you were just joking, shadowspawn.

Bran al'Vere

That's ShadowSWORN - and she might have been joking, she might not. You'll never know.

Sundara, Sister of the Dark

Perrin stared at the bare walls. Where am I?, he wondered, for the umpteenth time. It seemed like forever since he'd last seen the LW castle. He, Alianin, and Mordeth had been walking, when a figure in black had appeared, grabbed them, and brought them here, all their power to no avail. Suddenly Perrin's ears sharpened. He fancied he heard screams. Suddenly a nasty thought occurred to him. Could I be in Shayol Ghul? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Perrin Aybara,
Light Prisoner

Bran looked at the map, made a left, this was it, this would help him free the prisoners from Shayol Ghul. No one could stop him now.

Bran had found a book in a old burned out library. Somehow this book had survived the fire. Within the pages he read of a cashe of ter'angreal that could make an ordinary man as powerful as a small army. According to the map this was the door to go through. Bran checked the door, it was locked of course. Bran took the book and pressed it against the door. There were wiring and clicking sounds. Then the door flew open. Bingo! Bran walked in. The book described all the ter'angreal in detail. The only catch was that even though a non-channeler could use them they still drained a little energy from the user. "Now let's see," Bran said to himself "transporter, stun, invisibility, heal, friendship, they're all here." After Bran had familerised himself with which ter'angreal was which, he prepared for the rescue. Within the book was a giant map of the known world. Bran placed the transporter on the map as close to the location of the Dark Palace as he could and twisted the end. Within seconds he was about a half mile from the palace. Bran hoped his contact in the palace gave him the right location of the cell were Perrin and the others were being held. Bran pointed the transporter where that was and then pressed a button. Bran was now in the prison. The guards yelled and rushed Bran. Bran fummbled the stun and pressed another botton. All the guards fell down unconscious. Bran took some key and went into Perrin's cell. After a quick explanation of who he was the prisoners gathered around Bran and linked arms. Bran hit the last botton on the transport and everyone was back in the room were Bran found the ter'angreal

Bran al'Vere

"Oh thank you!!", Perrin exclaimed. "But who are you? Are you a Light Warrior or something? I don't recognize you." Bran smiled. "Yeah, I'm a Light Warrior. I guess I joined since you were captured. In any case, I got your message and I found some ter'angreals to help get you out of SG. Welcome back, and just so you know, Agelmar has defected. Perrin looked shocked. "Agelmar!! But why?" Bran shrugged. That's the big question, isn't it. Nobody's been able to figure out why. Maybe you'll be the one." Perrin smiled. "Maybe."

Perrin Aybara
Lord of the Two Rivers
Light Warrior
Escaped Prisoner From Shayol Ghul

Dear Lord Aybara,

No one has ever managed to escape from Shuyol Ghul before. You should write a book about it so that people will know how to do it.

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah
Librarian of the Light Warriors

All righty, I've had enough of the Light Warriors for now.

To put it in the cyncic's point of view, "I told you so". Right When I joined, which I think was around, well, I don't know, maybe november 97, I said to Agelmar, now a self-proclaimed member of the Dark Side, "You know this'll never work, you'll quit after a while," and he said, "well, yeah!" So, I told you so. Plus, The Light Warriors have a crappy name! And their council is filled with loonies (no offense Cerise, but hey, look at the council). Yes, I think Tam was right, they are light-blinded flaming idiots!

Now, in an effort to stave off a few remarks of "Traitor!" and "Benedict Arnold" jibes, I'm NOT, repeat not, going (back) over to the dark side. I guess that makes me neutral, then. Don't get me wrong, It's nice to have a good-aligned organization, you need to have balance or it just don't work, but what with the absence of a lot of the Dark Side (namely every Dark Sister and Ari herself), not only have there not been any parties, there's no funny conversations - when tPoD comes out and they show up you'll se what I mean.

Anyways, everyone needs a title. Lews had Lord of the Morning, Rand has the Dragon Reborn, even Perrin's got Lord of the Two Rivers, even if it's only official in a 30 mile radius. So, I'm gonna call myself "the Dawn Warrior", if anyone here has a large map of the Forgotten Realms fantasy setting and an appropriate accessory, they'll get it. Also, I'm taking a possible name for my former association (bwa ha ha!).

Well, I think I'll sit back and lurk now, maybe make some sarcastic replies to a few posts here and there, but until the Path comes out...

Jandor Kirencin
The Dawn Warrior

Were you on the council? Is there any chance that I could have your seat? Will there be an election?

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah
(hopefully) Lady Captain of the Light Warriors??

Nope, he wasn't on the council.
Current council members are Me, Daylorn, Cerise, and Mordy, current inactive council members are Daylorn, Mordy, and Cerise, so you can have Cerise's seat until she gets back, which she said would be about a month.


Who's in charge around here? I demand to know who's in charge of the Light Warriors!

Our ranks sway one way and another, first swelling then deflating. It is necessary that we establish a clear chain of leadership. (shakes head, and mutters about how this didn't happen when Agelmar was in charge) So come on, let's have a roll call of exactly who is still a "Light Warrior" if we are even still called that.


I'm the Grand High Librarian. I'll be on sabbatical for about a month though. When I come back, I want to be on the council, or something.

Serafelle Sedai
Sister of the Brown Ajah
Grand High Sniffer
Keeper of the Scrolls, Books, and Documents
Light Warrior
Guardian of the Light
Defender of the Right
President of the Anti-Darkfriend League (No offense to anyone present)
Knight of the Golden Sun
Spearholder of the Shining Truth
Herald of Hope
Knight of the Morning
Nosey Aes Sedai
Former Wolf-Sister-By-Warder-Bond
Arguementative One
Follower of the Shing Way
Mahdi of the Golden Path
Librarian of the Light Warriors
Keeper of the Reading Materials
Holder of the Sacred Chalice of the Regalia
Reader of Books
Reverend Mum of the B. G. Witches
Honorary Fremen
Resident Skeptic
Splitter of Hairs
Avid Follower of the Light
Helper of the Helpless
Council Hopeful
Believer in Elvis's Death
Believer in Asmodean's Continued Existance
AKA Sela
AKA Vash
AKA Lwaxana
AKA Verin
AKA Selene
AKA Drusilla
Heir to the Holy Rings of Randland
Wielder of Saidar
Honorary Aiel
Servant of the Light
Rememberer of Esoteric Facts
Holder of a Ridiculous Number of Titles

To answer your question, I'm currently in charge of the LW, current active members include:

Serafelle Sedai,
Barid Bel,
and Me,

current council members include:

and Cerise


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