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New Companion

She went to her library, pondering over Darkhound's strange dream. This kind of Wild Hunt could only happen to him. She had recommended him to consult Ceralic, but doubted that he would do that. Already halfway through the room she realized that something was wrong.

This something browsed quite cooly through her records. Golden eyes, bronze scales, wings and a mouthful of pearl-white, very long teeth. Stopping dead her jaw dropped: That couldn't be! It turned its head to her. "But I am!" With these words a cloud of smoke drifted to Ulrike and she must cough. It smelled like incense. "What... Who are you?" She stammered finally and then the realization hit her. "My thought ..." It blinked. "You do not need to shout. I am a dragon." It paused. "At least that is the word you assoziate with me. I believe that I am male. I am not sure." That was definitely an answer for her other unspoken thoughts. She dropped on the next chair. "What's your name then?" "I do not understand the meaning of names." Confused Ulrike shaked her head. On the edge of her mind she noticed the dragon's accurate pronunciation, no contractions. "A name is an individual designation to distinguish you from other ... people of your kind." The dragon considered this statement. "My kind?" "If you exist then there must be others like you. Where do you come from?" It... He (?) looked embarrased. "I do not know and I know no one like me."

Now she was really perplexed. How... "There was light, flashes, then a feeling of... manifestation and I felt dizzy. I was here and I ... I do not know more." Sadness and a hint of desperation in these big, golden eyes. It was more than Ulrike could bear. "You can stay here until we find out what, when, how and where." She eyed him speculatively. His body was two paces long, and his tail too. "Do you need a bed?" He shaked his head. "Good, that makes the matter simpler. And you must choose a name for you. We won't say ever 'Hey, you!'. Don't worry, I will care about all."
"Can I read on the books? They are very interesting." She smiled. "Of course. Meanwhile I will inform the rest of us about your arrival." Heading to the door she wondered what they would think about her new companion.


Ulrike didn't get much echo for the appearance of a dragon. The soulless, Barid Bel, seemed interested. But most of the others suffered from a big hang over or were still at the party (and very drunk). So she returned to her library and pondered for a fitting name. They couldn't call him simply Aman (dragon), that was a species, Dai'aman (Lord of the Dragons) invited trouble for sure, if Rand al'Thor should ever hear that. She searched old books of myths: Lofwyr, Dunkelzahn, Fafnir, Fuchur... ; nay, they were not the right or he didn't like them.

Brooding over this problem, she didn't notice that Ariella has come in the room.
"Girl, look at him. There is only one name for him! Alcair'rahien, the Golden Dawn! Really, he shines on us." She was right, he shined, especially at her words. She has charmed him completely.

Was she mistaken or did his scales have really a shade of pink in their gold now. In any case, this should be his name and nothing else. She half-hearted tried a few others, but he didn't listen. His choice was made. And who was she that she opposed the will of a dragon?

And all shall know that a dragon called Alcair'rahien lived since then in the Dark Palace...


The Great Mistress looked up at the golden wyrm sitting quietly in the Great Hall. Alcair'rahien, as he would henceforth be known, gazed back down at her with solemn eyes. Ari found herself wondering what he might be thinking, when a voice in her mind said, "I was just wondering the same thing about you..." Her eyes widened in amazement, and for the first time in countless milennia, she was awed.

"I am honored to have aided you in your search for a name, Alcair'rahien. Be thou welcome in my home!"

Ariella, the Great Mistress of the Dark and serious fan of dragons...

Darkhound strode down the corridor, passed the doorway, and continued for a few seconds. Suddenly, he walked backwards and peered slowly round the doorframe, completeing a ridiculous double take. The yellow monstrosity sat, puffed with it's own importance, like a jaundiced butter mountain with teeth.
"Oh god, no, not a dragon. Why do all fantasy realms have to have a dragon?" he sighed.
"Rule 54a, subsection b, states that a Dragon MUST be included in all works of fantasy fiction."
"Hogswash!" shouted Darkhound. "I suppose that elves, and dwarves are contractually obliged to be present, are they?"
"You refer to rules 27b, subsection 3, amendment 2, of course!" said the dragon in a silibant, condescending tone.
"Don't get smart with me, you bloated lizard. I don't trust your sort, and you should know that I'll be keeping an eye on you." Darkhound puffed out his chest. He unpuffed it pretty hurredly when a gout of flame nearly char-grilled his torso. This was unacceptable! The sheer... how dare.... how could..... at a loss for words, and thoughts, Darkhound slammed the door on the beast, and went to find the Great Mistrss of the Dark...

Darkhound, founder of the anti-dragon league

Nightfall senses immediately something was changing in the air around Shayol Ghul. It was something very familiar. Something old, yet very new as well. Nightfall knew that he had to find the source of this disturbance. Instantly a golden, lizard-like creature appeared out from nowhere.
"Well, well," the sibliant voices of the dragon echoes in Nightfall cames, "It has been a while, hasn't.....Old One...."
"Sorry, uhm...If you're looking former self, he's no longer here. I do remember though things....I am sorry for what he did, even though I had no control, I swear to you." The dragon eyed him with those golden flecked, never change, lidless eyes. Nightfall knew that he had to do somerthing to appease this creature. Bad enough cats and shapechangers seems to have overrun his rooms while he was gone. Now this. The dragon then turn and seem to move as if to depart.
"We will speak again later, whoever you are. I do know this. If you had been...him, then I would have tried to kill you. As you know, dragon's take blood oaths very seriously. And ours was to slay that who had killed many and stolen their essenses. However...I will think more on this later. Farewell."
Nightfall sighed as the dragon flew away. This was not turning out to be the best day but hardly the worst either.
He decided to go find the Prophet. Maybe after a few ales, he and Nightfall could figure out what do. Turning to go he noticed again the green eyes looking at him from under his bed. Nightfall decided that maybe he need more than usual. That or just some time with the Great Mistress or Egwene2. Both had been very helpful....He hoped Sunny was well, as he passed through the shadows and into wherever he felt more comfortable....


Tam had just heard that a dragon had entered the ranks of the Dark. Tam was ecstatic! He had researched dragons for years and had thought them either extinct or just tails. But now there was one here! Tam's thoughts were interupted by Darkhound. He was muttering about mythical creatures having no place in the palace. Tam wondered what he would say if he told Darkhound that he (Tam) was one quarter elf. Oh well, it was time to find the dragon...


Finally Alcair'rahien had attracted attention. Tam had stormed the library, he was so excited that he greeted Alcair as brother in the Dark, upon she pointed out that the dragon is not a member of the Dark Family. This invited a lot of questions because Alcair'rahien didn't seem to know the concept of the battle between the Light and the Dark. Together Tam and Ulrike tried to explain, but he still didn't get it.

Because of this they went to Ariella. Maybe the Great Mistress of the Dark could throw light in this problem. There they found not only Ariella, but also Darkhound. He just complained over Alcair, very loudly and wordy. Ariella hid a smile behind her hand, but he failed to notice. At last she cut him short.

"That will do, Darkhound! We were and are never racists. If your only problem is that Alcair'rahien is a dragon, then shut up and get out of his way! Else solve it by peaceful means! Understood?!"
"Yes, Mistress." But he glowered darkly.

"What's the matter? Have they had arguments? By the way, Ariella, Alcair doesn't understand the concept of Light and Dark. Could you...?" Ariella was visible perplexed, even Darkhound forgot his sulking.

"... If I understand you correctly, this conflict is basically only a quarrel between Simon, the Dark One, and Bob, the Creator?" "Ah, yes, so to speak." "But why the humans worry over that? Why don't they let them alone to settle their dispute?" "Because they are a creation of Bob and ... and he needs them as surrogates and ... my brother needs them too to break free..." "But why ... I still don't understand..." It became a long, tiring philosophical discussion.

In the meantime... "Admit it, Darkhound. You are simply envious." "What I am? No, never... What do you think of me? I'm not able to be envious." "That should I believe? So how do you behave now?" "I'm not envious. It is only... It is.. He is so.. so.. arrogant. Looks down on poor Darkhound and his weakness for drinking ... Why do you grin?" "That's the reason, really?" "Yes, YES!" "Have you invited him for a round yet? No? You should do that!" She spoke so and went away.

Some time later.. Loud drinking songs sounded from Darkhound's room. Even more disturbing because Alcair emitted them in addition telepathically. Ulrike listened some moments. She suspected that the anti-dragon league was nipped in the bud.


"Alright Fair Enough, Al. I admit you're not such a bad sort, even if you are a dragon." said Darkhound, opening a beer bottle on Al's scales.
"Of course not! It's just, sometimes you get to see a magic sword to many, right? Same with dragon's. You end up thinking 'If I ever see another bloody dragon...' But, any dragon who can hold his beer is fine by me. Just make sure you don't ignote the curtains again, when you belch."
"Don't worry. Mind you, I tell you now, if I see any bloody elves round here.... Tricky little buggers."
"How so?"
"Good beer makers, though, the dwarves. Would have to be, when you consider their women."
"They have beards, Al. It's no wonder they busy themselves withgold, beer, and fighting. What else is their for a short geezer with a bearded wife?"
"Thanks Al. I like to think so. Could you light this cigar, do you think?"
"That's great Al. Though, next time, try and leave me an eyebrow or two, eh?"


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