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Taking The Offensive?

Elrys sprinted through the dense forest, his daggers gleaming wetly in the harsh moonlight. He ran, patches of brilliant moonlight flashing by as he passed through small patches where the moon shone brightly through the canopy of the forest. He was in constant contact with the wolves of his pack, coordinating their hunt as he pursued his quarry through the Blight. The trollocs had origionally numbered 150 or so but were now reduced to approximately 20 due to the ambushes that his pack had sprung on the marauding trollocs. During the last ambush they had planned to take out all of the remaining trollocs but had not anticipated the trollocs plan of splitting into two groups, one of which would stay and fight while the other would continue on, apparently to relay a message from their masters at Shayol Ghul. Rather than risk splitting his pack in two and risk high casualties he had elected to stay and finish off the group that had remained and then to hunt down the other group after. The group of trollocs that had stayed to fight had bought their comrades a half hour lead, which had now been cut to virtually nothing by the pursuing wolves. At the forefront of the chase, he was the first to over-come the trollocs. His thrown dagger felled the slowest trolloc before the others knew he was even there. As he ran by the downed trolloc he bent to grab his protruding dagger from the things neck he slowed just enough to allow the swiftest of his pack to catch up with him, they would attack the twisted ones as a group, less of his own would die that way. The simultaneous attack by his group was disastrous for the trollocs, they were overwhelmed before they could put up any organized resistance.
Elrys rifled through the dead trollocs things, looking for what was so important to them that they would sacrifice half their number to keep it out of his hands. In the leaders armor he found a letter, a summons for a certain person, high placed in the Dark, to come to Shayol Ghul for the ceremonies of some new recruits of the Dark, Barid Bel and Agelmar. This news bothered Elrys as Agelmar had long been an ally of the light and is a formidable opponent, Barid Bel was an unknown force, and one that appears to be one to be wary of. Elrys wondered how to combat this new loss of the equilibrium between the Light and the Dark and came up with his answer. As his pack turned back towards their normal territory, Elrys asked each of them to search for wolfbrothers like himself who could be persuaded into taking up the cause of the Light. Soon every wolf in Randland would be searching for wolfbrothers, and some were bound to turn up. Any wolfbrothers found would be asked to lend their aid, whether it be secret or open, in the cause of the light.

Elrys ...hoping to draw out some Wolf-kin from amoung the masses...

"WHAT!?!?!?" Kerek flung his wine-filled goblet at the messenger "he what!?!?!?!?"
"Turned to the dark sire, I was also stunned by the news" The messenger wiped wine from his clothes and placed the goblet on a table.
"Agelmar has been a friend of the Light for I don't know how long, this has got to be a trick,I hope its a trick, him in the hands of the dark could be the end of us all, damn you Jandor, why'd you have to go and take his cheesies" Kerek refilled his goblet and slammed back a few cups.
"What was that sir?" the servant asked.
"Oh nothing, now go, hunt cockroaches or something, I have to think" Kerek sat staring at the wall. The servant left Kerek's bedchambers and closed the door.
"Think? well that's something new." the servant chuckled to himself.
"I HEARD THAT!!!" Kerek's voiced boomed from behind the door, scattering the servant. "Hmm, we'll have to up our efforts for recruitment, or we will all be engulfed by the shadow." Kerek filled his cup from a new bottle of wine and took a sip, immediately spitting it out "Ach, alright, who gave me the dealcoholized?"

Kerek Stormshield, Lord Captain, Light Warriors

Due to Daylorn's lack of contribution to, well the board, I hereby proclaim myself leader of the light warriors, with Agelmar's blessing(although that doesn't seem to mean much anymore).

Kerek Stormshield, Lord General, Light Warriors

Narishma paced the length of his room in the Black Tower as he thought. Why would Algemar turn? Did he know something the forces of Light didn't? OR had he just grown scared? If that was the case, Narishma had lost all respect for him. And where had Daylorn gone to? He needed to speak with him. If Kerek had truly meant what he said about assuming control of the Light Warriors, it could be dangerous. Not that Kerek was not a fine and admirable leader, but a split in the forces of the Light could mean utter defeat. Suddenly, Narishma felt a sensation in the far reaches of his mind. Egwene2 had tripped and scraped her knee, but she seemed to be daydreaming, for she did not really notice. He had begun to feel a fondness for the bond, and that was truly making Moridin tear out his hair in frustration, for he had given Narishma the bond to punish him. He must find Daylorn, or all would be lost. Suddenly the Dark did not seem so bad.....

Jahar Narishma, Soldier of the Black Tower

Grimly she listened to the message from the wolfes. The Dark was consuming the Light. All wolf-kin were called to join the battle. Yes, she thought,the Last Hunt is near. The familiar presence of her four-legged near-sister touched her mind: The pack in the north needs us, Flame. She didn't bother to form a thought, transferred only her determination to the she-wolf as she took spears and buckler. Together woman and wolf headed for Dragonmount.


Kiriath paced in the Tower of Ghenjei, feeling terribly bored, while his Monitoring Mirrors examined the party and all of its details.
"Why in the Blight would Agelmar join the Dark Side?" pondered Kir absently.
He jumped as Asmodean commented, "Sometimes one has to infiltrate an enemy. Like, for instance, we Chosen may seem to join the Light but in reality are still with the Dark."
"True, true," said Kir, sitting down and clasping his fingers together in the classic stance of an Intelligence Officer, "It makes me wonder if perhaps we should join in one of these factions."
"But I thought the Intrigleemen were neutral, Kir."
"Of course we are," said the chief, "But we are spies, and spies let agents go abroad."
"Which faction would you join, then?" Asmodean's facial features became distorted with curiosity. "Certainly not the Dark."
The rambler in the chair shivered, "Of course not. Whips and leather," once more he shivered, He wondered where all the chains and collars went, but tossed the thought aside as he continued his ramble, "Even the neutrals have our own faction, you see, what with the Prophet now."
Asmodean nodded his agreement on that point, "So'll join the Light Warriors?"
"It's the last option, really. I can go and, so to speak, join them, but you can still observe my doings through the Mirrors."
Asmodean wielded Callandor suddenly, "Or, of course, I can use the Eccentric Power."
Kiriath cackled and Callandor vanished, "Of course. No one except us can wield the Eccentric Power, seeing as how it can only be used from the Tower of Ghenjei."
Asmodean cackled a bit faintly, "At least we can choose our levels of insanity with this Unpredictable Power." A few more cackles and he finished, "So going to head out to the Light Warriors?"
Kiriath nodded, "The Eccentric Power will lead me to their headquarters. Once I leave this Tower, I will be on my own an ordinary Male Channeler. But one that has chosen his level of insanity."
Asmodean grinned and Kiriath waved. In a few seconds flat, he was directly in front of Kerek's chambers (wherever they are). He knocked on the door, waiting to be allowed an entrance within.

Kiriath, Intrigleeman Extraordinaire and Bearer of No Sock Puppets

The Intrigleeman agent absorbed Kerek's words, at least as much as was sensible --he had been drinking (not that Kir hadn't ...those bottomless Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster of Osan's really were addicting)-- and spoke up at the end.
"Minister of General Insanity?" Kiriath grinned widely. "It sounds good." At the end of Kerek's speech, he chuckled, "Staring at the wall? No need to worry about that. At least as long as you don't classify staring blankly at nothing and talking to yourself daily 'staring at the wall'."
Kiriath hmmed and finished. "I suppose all that really remains now is finding the rest of the Warriors and warn ... telling them of my membership, eh?"
Kerek nodded and Kiriath continued his rambling. "Glad to be a member now, anyhow, Kerek. Let's just not get our names confused, eh?"

Kiriath aka Kir, not Ker ;)

But as they left to find the Light Warriors - a black cat walked across their path.

~The Black Cat

"Damn, its that black cat that keeps coming in my house and eating my cat's food, where's a hockey stick..."

Kerek Stormshield;
Lord General, Light Warriors

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