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Tinker Tale

Music played jubillantly as Coomer, the Seeker and leader of this band danced with his beautiful wife Ayanna. Her hair had just begun to show signs of gray, but I hardly noticed as she spun under my upraised arm. She did not ever seem to slow down, always seemed to be so full of life. Her round face beamed up at me as the song came to its end.
"I am tire love. Why don't we go back to our wagons?"
"But Coomer, surely you have at least one more dance in you? It would mean so much to the others?"
It had been a rough few days, and Mesa's second eldest son had not yet returned from his supply trip into the near by village. In truth, I would have liked to stay in that town, with all the strange shapes in the darkness, and the dogs barking at things that we never could seem to see ourselves, being out in the open made me nervous. Had Tairn not been so adamant to go, being young and restless the wagons often made him bored, I would never had allowed him to go. Still we did need to replenish our supplies, including feed for the wagon teams. He did have to go.
And her eyes caught mine, they were the most brilliant blue, and I knew that I did indeed have one more dance. It had been days since we have had music and dancing, and it would be seen as a sign to stop if we retired. We needed this diversion, and she was looking at me with those eyes...
"Ok, one more." And I called for Peter to play something with an eight beat refrain, and I took her left hand and as Take the Kings Road began to play on his flute, I took her hand and began the pattern dance.

She laughed as we took the steps faster and fatser, intertwining our limbs as the tepmo increased, she seemed twenty again, when we had first met at Baerlorn, where she had found the Way. I could see that excitement in her eyes. This was her favorite dance, but one that I seldom had the energy for.
With all the clapping and laughing and singing we never heard the dogs begin to bark. It wasn't until Tairn stumbled into the lamp light that we realized that something was amiss. He wasn't even able to utter the word "run" before nightmares broke into our camp. We all were terrified as half animal shapes tore at Tairn as he screamed to run, and as we turned to escape the dogs from the other end of the camp began to bark and wail.
Eagle snouted man shapes and wolves with men like bodies came in from the other end of the wagons. We were trapped.

"For the love of light, form a circle!!" I cried and I pushed my wife towards the center of the fire. The men of the camp began to link arm in arm to protect the women and children. It was then we noticed that the wagons had been lit on fire and turned over. The would be no escape on the horses either, they were all on the ground, kicking in vain as the beasts tore at their bellies. I took my last look at my wife and turned to buy with my life a few seconds, perhaps even a minute so that maybe some one would survive, and find a way to escape. My mind began racing as the things came racing towards us. Could they have known that they were going to the Waste? That they suspected that in a recently discovered city that they may find the Song? Could I have been right and the Dark one now wanted to prevent us from ending our two thousand year quest? The dragon racked the world, Al Thor brought disorder and chaos, He would need the Song to help unite the peoples of the world. Could he know how important the Tinkers would be to his success? Did he know that we had been told of a fortelling, a legend passed amoung the People for one thousand years? We knew that with out the song the Dark one would defeat mankind. And it now seemed that He would prevent the songs' rediscoverery.

I knew no fear as a hooked shape sword sliced through my belly and I fell towards the ground. I could see my blood on my hands as I tried to hold my stomach in. I used one arm to pull myself towards an overturned wagon. My strength was failing. I could no longer keep my thoughts on anything else, I was fighting for my consciousness. I had to reach the Wagon. I felt the wood scrape my hand. I made it. With my last strength, I removed my arm from around my waste and began to scratch a message in my own blood.

"Tell the Dragon Reborn... " As death took me my final thought was despair. I would never fininsh the message.

The Watcher

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