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The White Tower: The Beginning

Three Aes Sedai are gathered on the Island, they had to use a row boat to get onto it, and the men who manned the row boat are on their way back towards the shore... The Aes Sedai fail to notice as they debate.

AS1: The Tower must be formed!
AS3: Your a Dark Friend!
AS1: I AM NOT!, and we must form the Tower so that we can control the nations.. errr I mean help the world!
AS2: You admited it! You want to rule the world! I'm in!
AS3: Your both darkfriends.
AS1 & 2: Don't make us balefire you.
AS3: Umm... Im in.
AS1: What do we call this island then?
AS3: Umm... Puppeteer Land?
AS2: Ummm No. Tar Valon!
AS1 & 3: That sounds good.
AS2: Thanks.
AS1: Tar Valon it is... How will we get a city built here? Who could build a city grand enough for.. US?
AS3: The Ogier.. They are doing marvelous jobs of the other cities.
AS2: Of Course.. The Ogier.
AS1: Very well.. The Ogier.
AS3: Your are still a Dark Friend.
AS1: Yes... I will be the Black Ajah.. we can form 7 other Ajah's that will maintain the Light.
AS3: That sounds good... We have to keep you secret though.. All Black Ajah will hide as... RED! Red shall be the man haters.. Those who gentle men!
AS1: Thats a great idea!
AS2: Can I be black Ajah?
AS1: Have you sworn to the Great Lord?
AS2: No.. I've sworn at him though
AS1: Then your a Green.
AS2: Green? Why a Green?
AS1: I'm not sure... Thats just what I see.
AS2: Dark friend.
AS1: SHUT UP! Its a secret.
AS3: So... What are we going to have as the home of the Aes Sedai?
AS1: The Black Tower.
AS2 & 3: NO! That makes it obvious we are dark friends.
AS1: Oh.... The Gray Tower?
AS2: No. That would imply some of us are Dark Friends!
AS3: The White Tower.
AS1: BAH! Dont make me balefire....
AS2: Oh shut up, Dark friend.
AS1: Fine... The White Tower it is......


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