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...And On ...

Ariella looked about in amazement: the party had already outlasted two threads, and showed no signs of flagging! Sunny would surely be pleased, that her Naming-Day celebration had been such a grand success! Ari was only sorry she'd not gotten the chance to talk with her Sister since having given her the gift of the True Power. Ah, well, she'd catch up with Sunny eventually...

By this time, she'd seen nearly all of the major powers in the land, although Ishy had not put in an appearance, which was odd. Perhaps he was distracted with yet another of the nubile young things he paraded through his chambers; she wondered when he'd figure out how much more distracting a woman with some experience could be. Beslan Qunitara was also absent, which was even odder. It was completely out of character for him to miss a party of any sort, let alone one of this magnitude. She'd enjoyed their one encounter, and had been hoping to run into him here.

After a quick dance with Narishima, whom she'd immediately identified despite that silly mask, she indulged in a slightly longer one with Darkhound. As usual, he'd let his hands wander outrageously, but tonight she didn't really care. Most of the celebrants were too drunk to notice by now, anyway. Speaking of drunk, Matrim was making up for lost time in human form, and was having one hell of a good time. He still owed her a dance for changing him back, though...

Nightfall had presented Sunny with an absolutely stunning harp, which could play on its own almost as well as it could in his hands. The change in him since separating from that... other was amazing. Ari made a mental note to seek him out later, to let him know how pleased she was with him.

Ulrike was decked out befitting a Sister, and wore it well indeed. Ari gave her a conspiratorial smile -- she knew all about Ulrike's little game with Darkhound and Egwene, and had laughed herself silly over it. Served him right, after all!

Eval, courtly and elegant as always, presented her with a lovely blossom and even lovlier poetry. She kissed his cheek and asked if he were finished rambling for a while? The faintest trace of pink stained his cheeck for just a moment, then he recovered and replied, "One never knows, does one, Great Mistress?" Then he moved off to find Sundara and give her his gift, although Ari knew the gift of his presence would please Sunny more than anything else.

A stir near the door caught her eye, and to her astonished delight, in strolled her Sister Smoke. Ari ran over and embraced her warmly. "Welcome home, Sis! We've all missed you terribly, especially Demandred. I'm afraid he's taken up a new pet in your absence..." Smoke's eyes narrowed dangerously, and she strode off in the direction of her chambers muttering dire threats. Ari gave an evil little grin. Demmy would have some fast talking to do...

Moridin arrived at long last, just after Smoke, but Ari did not go over to him. She knew she'd find him in her chambers, later, for conversation of a more... private nature. She did, however, make sure to expose a bit more thigh than was strictly necessary as she passed near him.

A woman she did not recognize, with hair near in color to her own and wearing a lovely shade of blue silk, came in looking a bit flushed and uncertain. Rummaging through the information filed in the back of her mind, she came up with a name: Carra. Ariella greeted her courteously, bidding her welcome to the Dark Palace, then left her sipping her wine. It was too soon to tell where she would fit in, and so Ari decided to simply watch her.

Then, she saw Taim corner Darkhound at the bar. By the look on the Hound's face, the conversation was going places he did not like. As soon as Taim moved off, Darkhound ran over to her. "What did you say about me to Taim, Ari?" he asked, nervously. "Nothing, DH. Why do you ask?" Darkhound's eyes narrowed and his jaw set. "Right then, he was just fishing, that cunning sod. Never mind, Great Mistress, I'll deal with him." Ari gave him a stern glance. "What are you up to now, you retched mongrel?" His answering smile was pure malice. "Oh, nothing much, Great Mistress. Nothing worthy of your attention, at least. Trust me..." Ari swallowed hard. Those were quite possibly the only two words in the entire language that could strike fear into her heart. "All right, but don't expect me to pull your feet out of the fire if it goes wrong on you!" Darkhound kissed her hand and went back to the bar. Ari sighed.

"Why such a great sigh, at so festive an occasion, my Lady?" Taim's words drifted from behind her. Ari turned to him with a careful smile. "Dear Taim! I was just talking about you! It seems you've been teasing my dog again?" Taim merely laughed; he could play the Game with the best of them, as in fact, he was doing. "Merely a diversion, my Lady, until I could claim another dance with you. May I?" Taking his proffered hand, she let him lead her to the floor, where a waltz was playing. As they whirled among the other couples, Ari said, "You know Taim, fond though I am of you, I would never make the mistake of underestimating you. I would hope you hold me in the same regard?" Taim's hand on her waist tightened fractionally; he knew a threat when he heard one, veiled or not. "You well know the esteem in which I hold you, Ariella." "Good. As long as we understand one another." Ari looked up at him with a genuine smile this time. "Now that that's settled, have I mentioned how divinely you dance?"

Ariella, the Great Mistress with tired feet ;)

Nightfall could many of the guest were flagging. It was not usually, many were just mortal and most had drunk more than all taverns from Shayol Ghul to Tear. However he still had the rythmn in his soul. Now he took to the floor and just danced. It wasn't a waltz as such nor a jig. It was something of rythmn and passion. His feet flew as others made way. Some stared at him like he was possessed. But many just awed.
A spin move and then he shuffled back on his feet. An spin and then a little hand gestures. The music then for some reason changed and sounds of some guys singing echoed through the chamber. It was like nothing ever seen. Then a crystal ball appeared and with it colored lights. Then people could make out the words to the song that had appeared from now where. Nightfall kept on dancing, his feet barely touching the floor at time.
"Well you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man, no time to talk. Ha, Ha, ha, staying alive, staying alive." The music played on and Nightfall continued his strange dance. Finally after what seemed like hours to many, the music and the tired young man stopped. He then walked gingerly to the bar and order himself his favorite ale and quietly sat. It was good to be out dancing again. It was good to be doing anything other than what had happened to him before. Still Nightfall did not bother with much of those thoughts. He could see the Darkhound again plotting and playing with both Egwene2 and some new woman, Ulrike if he caught the name. Also he could make out the newest visitor to Shayol Ghul, the Prophet. He had been meaning to talk with that strange man. An old memory tickled through the young man's brain, but he tried very hard to suppress the feelings that came with such a memories.
Queitly he sipped his ale and continued to scan the crowd. Sundara was being showered with gifts, especially from Eval. He was trying very hard to avoid Eval, knowing that Eval was probably still very upset with the treatment he recieved at the hands of....him....Images of flaming eyes kept flashing before him, but he then turned and saw the Great Mistress talking and laughing with the man that had cause a great uproar, Tam. He smiled and blushed. He had hope the Great Mistress was pleased with his change in character. Sundara was indeed very beautiful but he also knew that Eval would probably have his liver served to him on platter if he made any move that might be deemed inappropriate. Still, it had been a good gift. His harp had served him well. And it was not like Nightfall did not have other harps or instrustments that would past the time. Still it was a hard thing to replace but for a good cause. Beauty deserved such song. He did have the careless thought about what Eval might find if he played it....Nightfall had negleted to mention that the harp was very choosy about who played it. Certainly Sundara would have no problem but Eval....well that was for later. Nightfall then drained his mug and wandered on through the part that still was going on. Maybe tonight he would dance some more...

Nightfall, man that's just staying alive

Prophet sat at the bar, having a tedious time. The place, where he lounged was perfect. From here he saw all the grand hall of the Dark Palace. But what was even mare important, from his position he could see all the entrances and exits. Sometimes you must have an availible exit ready for you to step through stealthly. He looked at his cup. It was empty. empty again. A tiny voice in his head asked: ''Don't you think you are drinking far too much. If it comes to abandoning your position, you wouldn't have sleet feet for a fast retreat.'' '' No, I don't,''- Prophet answered himself laconicaly an ordered yet another glass of vodka. The inner voice exaggerated almost everything. Strong drinks were no problem to him. Long ago he has learned that trick of Oneness from a lonely Warder who suffered the death of his Aes Sedai. In the Void one could drink barrels of pure alcohol without getting drunk as a pig.
He looked around, sipping his drink and eating a salted cucumber after it.The party was of course astonishing. Guests strided here abd there. Couples wirled in a dance. To his right two dark men were talking. They have not bothered to speak in a low voice, so he overheard their names: Taim and Darkhound. Both of them had a reputation here.
He looked at the guests again. It was all the same: They were striding, dancing, drinking, having fun and playing Daes Dae'Mar. It seemed that here today gathered the mast skilled players of the Great Game of Houses. All those looks, conversations, courteous on the surface and cunning in the middle. Oh, yes, the parties at the Dark Palace were more than they seemed to be.


No one noticed when Semirhage arrived but he wasn't noticed when he chose it to be that way. He took up his place beside the fires, where the bright light goes around a sharp corner leaving a comfortably small area of quiet darkness. After a few minutes of seeing a _few_ of the older faces he recognized, Semirhage decided it was time to join the festivities. Striding quietly out in shiny black low-boots, dark coloured pants, a black tight fitting vest-coat with a sash of streith across the chest that seemed to change colours minutely. He quickly walked over to Ariella and congratulated her. Turned to Taim and nodded towards an old aquiantance. "A pleasure coming to your fine party Ariella. Happy as always to meet you Taim. So sorry to be so late, I had other...engagements." A glint was in his eye. Semirhage took a package about as long as your forearm out from his coat. After taking it out it didn't seem possible that any thing that size could fit in the coat. Semirhage hands the package to Ariella and she starts to leisurely open it. Out of some white, thin paper Ariella pulls out a marvelous gown that seemed to be transparent yet the colours shifted into a myriad black, midnight blue, rose, deep red, and the same silver of Semirhage's sash. "The finest garment for anyone, not to mention...a lady such as you." Semirhage reaches and takes Ariella's hand and formally kisses it curtly. "I found quite a large quantity of streith in one of the stasis boxes. Not that it makes it any less specia for such a special occasion." Semirhage turns to Taim. "So you have come back, it is good. If only we could poke Lord Brend out of the woodworks, and find the long lost "fireworker turned Hunter of the Horn" ((I forget her name, forgive me)) and bring her back also." The three chit-chatted for some time more.

After the small talk, Semirhage quietly made his way elsewhere. He was pleased that the Mistress of the Dark liked her gift. Semirhage thought it only natural to give the lady of the house a gift. Spotting the quiet beautiful Sundara, Semirhage appeared beside her. "Greetings Sundara from the longest one here." Semirhage bows a curt bow to Sundara. She inclines her head. "Happy 17th naming day. It is quite a joyous occasion indeed. I am very happy for you. My gift cannot match what has been given, but I hope you like it all the same." Semirhage then takes another package out of his coat, this one is a small box. He props the gift in his hands up to Sundara and she graciously takes it from him. "So late you come Semirhage, thank you for the gift." She pulls the ribbon and lifts the lid, her smile deepens. "It's exquisite!" Sundara pulls a gold-linked bracelet with black opalscence stones in it. "Simple elegance for a most intrigueing woman." And with that Semirhage joined the party fully.


Prophet was surprised. What he has just seen was absolutely imposible. No, incomprehensible. That couldn't just be this way. He looked at the young man, at Nightfall again. He was still in the clutches of the dance. The dance, Prophet has not seen for ages. For Ages.
Strange images began flickering before his eyes. Prophet relaxed. Whan the images came, there was nothing he could do. His talent could not be stoped, could not be avoided. In his early years he had tried to escape it somehow and failed, tried again and failed again and so on, for many times before he came to the realization of his power and its benefits. Then he truly understood what good he could do to the world and to the people. Then he accepted his power of prophesy and understood his way.
If someone, who has been passing by looked into his eyes he would have seen his blind, milky eyes changing into the pools of darkness. To the Prophet himself it seemed as if his head was turning around and his eyes rolling in their orbits. That's when the images came. He had seem a party, much like this one. No, he had seen hundred parties, and on those hundred parties he had seen hundred of Nightfalls whirling around, hundreds of Darkhounds flirting with hundreds of Egwen2's and Ulrike's, hundreds of Sundara's graciously accepting gifts, he had seen hundreds of himself sitting at the barstand, doing nothing. And above them all he had seen only one Ariella, the Great Mistress of the Dark, sister of Shai'tan, smiling, as beautiful as ever, with deep enchanting eyes.
The prophetic vision vanished. Prophet sat there on the chair with his hands and lips trembling, staring into nothingness. Was that true. Was Ariella realy one for all eternity. ''The woman for all seasons,''- he said to himself, smiling. Whatever the vision meant, it was gone now. It was time to go to the vital matters. He looked at the Nightfall. Whare did he learn that dance. What was going on in the young man's head. He must find out. Smoothly he stood up. Right now there was no sighn on him of what he has just suffered. He made his wy to the Nightfall.
''Good day to you my friend,''- he said, making a smile of a ''happy grandfather'' type on his face. ''I see, that something is bothering you. Why don't we talk.''


Nightfall saw that the Prophet had finally approached him. He bowed graciously to the kindly old man and realized that his dance had attracted more than he had thought. Nightfall then offered the Prophet some of ale and they both sat down. Nightfall looked around at the crowd but still could not take his eyes of this man, bandaged as it was.
"My story is a strange one....Even to one such as yourself....I was born into the Light with a curse....A curse that allowed me to touch the pattern...Not just see it as some think they do...I could be apart of it....But in doing so, drove me mad. It made me into a monster know as STRAWN!!. how formed a link to Sha'itan, thus considering himself Sha'itan even though he called himself something else. His power absorbed me, made me less. He warped both body and my mind. Soon he came here, hope to overthrow the order here and thus secure his place in Shayol Ghul and thus become the ultimate of Shadow. However, thanks to brave souls of both the Shadow and the Light, they managed to push my conterpart into place where he could no longer touch either me or this part of the Pattern. So now, you may wonder how it's that I this dance...I know more than I like to, unfortunately. My power is not of either the One Power or the True Power. It something....more primal and therefore infinately more dangerous. That is why I'm here. That is why I am with the Shadow...." A slight blush forms at his cheeks and then goes on. "Well it's one of the reasons I'm here. However I am much happier here than any where else. So I stay and hopefully I can overcome all of my counterpart's...influence....I still see his eyes....Orbs of fire that could swallows all of reality in it's hatred and madness. But let's talk of other pleasant things, Prophet." A broad cheery smile forms as he turn to admire the crowd and especially the Dark Sisters and the Great Mistress. "Is this not a sight to warm one's soul? I know many of the Light think that they may lose what they have, but for me, this is truly home and great beauty is a comfort that few like I have. A toast then, to great beauty, no matter where it is." Nightfall then continued his revelry with old man and drank much through the night.

Nightfall, very glad to meet a learned man as the Prophet

Prophet smiled to himself. If there was ever a truly happy man, that was Nightfall. And who wouldn't be happy having such good friends in both Light and Shadow. Who wouldn't be happy being near such a truly Great woman as Ariella. He smiled again and sipped his ale. then he looked at Nightfall.
'' You know, my friend, life could be realy great when you have friends. Just look at all these people: Light Warriors, Dark Sisters, Chosen of the Shai'tan, neutrals. They walk among each other talking, dancing with people whom they had sworn to fight for their life. No, I tell you, no, their is no Light or Shadow here. I see friendship here. I see people, who are truly glad to see each other. And if not for Lady Sundara's birthday party, they would have found thousand other causes for a gettogether. Here I see harmony.''

Prophet, who likes being in a happy company

Nightfall was indeed to see such a man of wisdom as the Prophet. Indeed he the right of it very much. Life was infinity more pleasant with friends. So with not more needed to be said, he continued his revelry. Soon he had drunk a little more than he was accustomed but not overly tipsy. So with this in mind, Nightfall began to practice his aim in round of darts. His competition was very stiff, but Nightfall kept up with the pace. However the ale soon prevailed and Nightfall knew he had to rest for bit. Walking to that place between, in both the shadows and light, he wandered back into his chambers. It would be a few hours before Nightfall would be seen again. But maybe that was for the best.

A very embarrassed Nightfall. (smile)

Taim squeezed the Great Mistress' back slightly. 'Yes, that was the appropriate response,' he thought. Of course she knew that he held her in the utmost of respect. Some dances were so much more fun than others. Taim's thoughts were interupted by a familiar face. Semi! It was so pleasant to speak to him again. 'We most certainly need to bring the old crew together! I will drop Lord Brend and Aludra a message, but I fear it will do no good.' Semi had other appointments it seemed though. 'If you will give me just one more dance great Lady?' 'But of course Taim,' Ariella smiled. Taim was already planning his next move, but another dance and a chance to enjoy himself was neccesary.


Jandor strolled around mingling, as he had done for the... what was it, past five days? No, it couldn't have been that long. Could it? It was amazing everybody hadn't passed out yet.

Then, he saw Cerise, way across the room, winking at him. She waved, and walked towards the nearest exit. She was leaving! Well, thought Jandor, as I escorted her here, it's only right that I escort her away. I'll just take care of one thing first, then catch up to her... He reached into the folds of the dress (see another entry, don't ask) and pulled out a small, leather-bound book.

Locating Sundara, he strode across the room (which looks odd in a dress), flipping the book over in his hand. He grinned at Sundara and waved to get her attention. "Nice... outfit, Jandor," came her greeting. "Cerise wanted me to wear a Domani one," laughed Jandor, "but I figured, no, don't want to be a copycat! Anyways, many happy returns from the youngest, now, in Randland! And here - " he tossed the small book to her, " - is a copy of Daraghain's 'Worlds of Law and Chaos', translated from the Old Tongue, of course. May you find that really odd world where the Guide has good artwork. Peace favor your proverbial sword, Sundara." Jandor grinned as he curtsied.

"But I've got to go now, or Cerise will lose me. Oh, and one more thing - have you noticed that these party posts have gone on far too long?

Jandor Kirencin, with a bow, or curtsy, or maybe a bwertsy. Yeah.

Haman's head was spinning-- reality truly was warpped on the slopes of Shayol Ghul. How long had he been there? It seemed like he had dragged that last debate with Egwene2 out for a good ten hours on the nature of the Talisman of Growing, or maybe just how long it seemed before she pulled him onto the dance floor to make him shut up. Haman secretly loved to be pushed around by pretty ladies, and exasperating them was one of his best tricks. The wicked smile he had shot Taim had only been returned by a covert shaking of head in hopelessness.

A third possibility was the pitchers of scotch Haman had downed. But surely not, Ogier prided themselves on being able to hold their liquor....

After welcoming the unfortunate Semirhage with a protracted speech, and talking just about everyone else's ear off as well, Haman had a funny twinge of guilt about the work he needed to be getting done. The parasite of responsibility attacked him, and soon he was at the door bidding Sundara his last talkative farewells. Most kindly, Sundara spoke.

"Friend Haman, though it grieves me to see you leave, at least let me call you a cab!"
"No, little sister, I never did like cabs, i remember the last--"
"Oh, really, well if you can make it home carefully, I'll let you go. Thank you for coming, Elder. Aht! No more words! Journey safely!" See smiled deviously and closed the door behind him.

With a sigh at how stunning she had been, how stunning all of them had been, even Jandor, well maybe not the gents, he thought maybe he ought to be heading home. He had a wicked longing for his bed all of a sudden.

Haman; the moral is "a drunk Ogier is nothing to be trifled with"

Ah, the party was absolutely wonderful. Prophet has met many new people, made friends, had fun. Yes, Lady Sundara's birthday was tremendous. Prophet had a very good time talkin, drinking ale and playing darts with Nightfall. But unfourtunately now was thw right time to leave. Of course there would be thousands of other parties and celebrations, where they would all meet again. He made his way too the hero of the occasion, Sundara: '' Ah, my dear lady, But I have to leave now. I wish you all the luck in the world, Joy, happiness, and many happy returns of the day.''
With these words he took a shining rod out of his pocket and swinged it around. The rod was a thing he had once found in his travels. There was a little crackle in the air as the Prophet disappeared as misteriously as he came here.


Egwene2 sighed as she watched Elder Haman depart. I suppose the party's over now. She smiled, thinking of their conversation. Her favourite Elder certainly could talk a person's ear off! Suddenly she realized that she still had yet to dance with Darkhound. She swept the room with a determined stare. Where was that dratted hound? Seeing him with Ariella chatting at the edge of the dancefloor, Egwene2 made her way slowly though the crowd. Only a few had made their departure already and the room was still filled with slightly inebriated (or in Mat's case, very inebriated!) friends. With a serene smile, she approached Darkhound and the Great Mistress.

"May I have this dance?" Ariella nodded her acquiescence and they swirled out onto the floor.

"I'm so glad you've forgiven me my little trick." Egwene2 grinned, "You're a good sport."

Darkhound grinned his most impudent grin at her. "To tell you the truth, I rather enjoyed it! Except for the cleaning up bit, of course! Tell me, what do you have planned next?"

"Well, I suppose I must deal with Narishma."

Egwene2 smiled in gleeful anticipation, recalling her conversation earlier with a very devious friend. She must remember to talk with the Great Mistress and her Sisters, she was sure they would be very interested in participating. Darkhound shuddered at the look on Egwene2's pretty face, he definitely didn't want to be in Narishma's place!


Daylorn glanced around wearily. It had been a looong party. He thought he might dance a while longer, though... for some reason, no matter who his partner, the Creator gave him an extra burst of energy when he was dancing. He noticed that Eval had gotten tired for a few minutes. He thought now eas an excellent chance to dance with the guest of honor. "Sundara, would you care to dance?"

The band struck up a waltz...

Daylorn, trying to put some life back into the party

Sundara glided through the steps of the dance with Daylorn, dancing with the unconscious grace that marked a Domani. Just as well, really, since she was paying little attention to the steps. There was far too much to occupy her mind already.

The True Power for example. It still felt strange, a feeling of being able to draw on overwhelming power whenever she chose. And it was dark power, as well. Oh, the Light had its points - excellent dancers, for one, Sundara noted as she and Daylorn spun through a particularly tricky set of steps - but for her the Dark had always been the only choice. And parties like this were just one of the reasons.

The music faded away, and she sighed. On nights like this, with the scent of flowers and sounds of merriment filling the air, she could dance forever. Or almost forever. She stepped away from Daylorn, curtsying gracefully in response to his bow, and glided off across the floor. With a touch on the One Power, she lifted a crystal goblet filled with wine from the tray of a very surprised servant halfway across the room.

It was not until she had the goblet in her hand that she realized she could have used the True Power. Well, there was no need of it for such a small task. On the other hand, there was something she could use it for soon... Hmm. She looked around. Most people were still dancing, although Haman had left, somewhat unsteadily, and Jandor and Cerise, Nightfall, the Prophet - Quite a few, she saw with dismay. Well, the party was still going on, and would for a while yet if she had any say. Her Sisters were still here, except for Smoke who was no doubt 'catching up' with Demandred, and Darkhound, and Ulrike and Eval and - Scanning the crowd, Sundara smiled as she caught sight of Carramaena. That fiery hair made her unmistakable. Good: she was looking forward to talking with Carra. They seemed to have a lot in common, such as a love of wild parties and dancing on tables. Sundara looked speculatively at the tables - there looked to be plenty of room for two to dance up there...

Sipping from her goblet, she started in surprise. It was not the light wine she had expected, but had a spicy aftertaste she recognised as one of the strongest wines in the cellar - which was saying a lot. No wonder Haman had been so talkative if he had been drinking this all night long! Sundara wondered just who was responsible for the switch. Oh well, it didn't matter. One of the advantages of the Shadow was the ability to hold one's liquor - unless, like Darkhound, one really wanted to get drunk. Sundara smiled, and downed the goblet in one swallow.

Suddenly, all over the hall, the lights went out. Startled exclamations rose from the darkness. Only two people failed to be surprised by the sudden darkness. One was Ariella, of course. The other was her. Ah, the True Power was a wonderful thing...

"Brothers, sisters, friends and respected enemies." The voice that echoed through the hall was a woman's, low and sweet, with a Domani accent. "Welcome to my party."

Lightning flashed above them, the brief moment of illumination revealing that the roof of the palace had apparently vanished and they were standing in the open. As the lightning vanished, leaving a vivid afterimage lingering on the eye, stars began to appear in the darkened sky. Not ordinary stars, though. Ordinary stars were never this bright, nor did they move in ever-changing patterns across the sky. Ordinary stars compared to these were like a children's party compared to Cairhien during the Feast of Lights. Or perhaps Shayol Ghul during a Dark Sister's birthday party.

"Fireworks?" someone said incredulously.

Fireworks they were indeed, blossoms of fire spreading across the sky. A little Illusion enhanced the effect. And because she was using the True Power, no one in the room (except for Ari) could see through her channeling. Never the same from one moment to the next, a myriad of tiny sparkling lights formed pictures across the sky. A tall, bleak mountain appeared, with a flaming pit in its centre. Snow started to fall, white and silver lights, until the mountain was covered. Abruptly that picture vanished, to be replaced by another - and another - and another...

The final picture that formed, though, was very simple. Two hands reached across the sky, one dark, one light. As they clasped, a sudden blaze of red-gold light lit the night like an early dawn.

That was one way of making 'the day dawn twice.'

Red-gold sparks fell toward them, as they came closer changing into red and gold blossoms that drifted softly to the ground. Despite their fiery glow, the flowers were real: they lay where they fell and did not dissolve. Several people picked them up, with exclamations of wonder.For a moment the only light was that coming from the blossoms on the ground or in people's hands. Then, all at once, the lights came on and the illusion vanished. A buzz of comment and exclamations rose throughout the hall, and Sundara smiled as she finally released the True Power. If nothing else, she had made sure, very sure, that her party would not soon be forgotten.

Sundara, she who entertains her guests in style

Tam had given up his search for a dance partner and returned to the stage. All the women were already dancing, except for one but she was so ugly she could be a man. Tam didn't really care, he was better at playing the trombone then dancing anyway. Tam played all night, luckily for Tam that Sundara had fireworks, his lip was about to give up an him and he needed an excuse to stop playing. As soon as the fireworks ended Tam remembered somthing horrible. Quickly he asked on of the other musicians what day it was. "cingo de myo" was what he said. Tam went pale. The fifth of may. Tam had to get to Andor ASAP. "SOMEONE PLEASE OPEN A GATE TO ANDOR!!!! I'M LATE FOR MY GIG AT THE MIDNIGHT ROSE" one of the dark sisters opened a gate and when Tam started running on his way in to the gate he said "Great party it's been a slice" and the gate closed. While in transit Tam hoped that which ever of his Sisters opened the gate set it for the right place; it would just suck if one of them thought to play a prank and set the gate for somewhere else......


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