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Absence Of The Advisor

Cerise poured herself another glass of wine-punch, and glanced at the message laying on her tan-colored desk. She knew the words by heart. You have been accepted into a role of the new and upcoming play, "Bye Bye Birdie". You are to come at once." She smiled happily to herself. It was good news, and also bad.

She sighed.

She had not told Agelmar, Daylorn, or anyone else about the menagerie called a : "theatre" that she belonged too. Finding time to juggle her academic-life, her social-life, her net-life, and now finding time for this theatre-life was going to be hard for her. She almost felt as if she was the puppet on Aes Sedai strings. No matter. Agelmar, Daylorn, and her Mordeth, must be aware that she will have less time right now to concentrate on fighting the Dark. Cerise loved fighting the Dark, don't get her wrong, but finding time right now was hard. She loved her position as an Advisor of the Light and didn't want to give it up for anything.

She sat down hard in her chair, and pulled out a fresh piece of paper, and her writing box. She quietly wrote a note to each of the Lord Generals, and hoped they would understand. She sealed them with her Great Serpent ring. Cerise suddenly picked up her pen again and wrote another letter to Mordeth, reassuring him that all was well. After all she had promised him. She sealed that letter with her own personal symbol : the shape of a rose. She pondered delivering the letters personally, but instead Cerise gave them to servants to distribute.

Sipping from her glass, Cerise quietly said to herself, "And in the Light, it has begun, and I shall wait for answers."

Cerise Sedai

Bad news travels on the wind. Taim was just returning to his office. He shrugged back his jet black cape and reached in his hidden cubby hole. His network reported everything to him, but sometimes not soon enough. He scanned through them quickly....'Damn!' It seemed that everytime the Light gained a number it lost one. Cerise was going to be quite busy soon. He did not know her well, but knew her heart. How to word it...

I have heard the terrible, yet great news. My heart will ache in your abscense. Godspeed back to us. Perhaps, when you return, we can straighten up any misconceptions or differences btwn us. Peace favor you.

Taim; General of the Armies of Light, High Seat of the Tiger Ajah, Destroyer Posts

Agelmar sighed as he calmly folded Cerise's letter and placed it within his desk in his large but sparsely furnished office. "Duty is heavier than a mountain," he thought. "Ah, a shame that we will be seeing less of her around these parts in the days to come. Her advising skills could be needed." Agelmar shrugged. "Well, we here have suffered through more difficult times and survived. Patience. Patience."

Agelmar stood up and walked over to the window, set to see the crimson sunset, pondering the direction that the re-organized Light Warriors would be taking in the days to come...

Agelmar Jagad, Lord General, Light Warriors

Mordeth read the note then crumpled it in his fist and hurled it at a wall. He knew that he was using childish anger as a defense machanism against his real feeling of loss and disappointment, and reprimanded himself mentally.

Cerise he had only known for a short time, but she had shown a quick wit, and most importantly, a desire to build the Light Warrirors into a glorious institution. Well, an institution certainly, with Kerek and Jandor around. Thoughts of those two made him smile, and broke through his dark mood.

Fetching the paper he carefully unravelled it, and smoothed it gently on his desk. If one sniffed it just so, a faint scent - Cerise's scent, could be detected. He folded the sheet, and placed it in his mahogany chest, which he locked.

She would back, sooner rather than later, and he would have to hold things together until she returned. Recently, many petty squabbles had been resolved, and Cerise deserved as much credit as he for papering over the cracks. Yes, soon she would return, and she would find the Light Warriors, whatever they would then be called, a lean-mean fighting machine. Maybe a tiny bit drunk, and pre-occupied with Turbo wax, but lean and mean, certainly.


Ariella read the hastily scrawled message that had been tied to the pigeon's leg with dismay. Her sources inside the Fortress of Light told of the impending departure of Cerise Sedai, Blue Sister and Advisor of the Light. Ari sighed. It would no doubt surprise many, but she was saddened by the news. She wished Cerise well in her theatrical endeavors (being an ancient creature, she had many memories of Bye Bye Birdie, in many incarnations, and wondered in which role Cerise had been cast?), but her presence here would be sorely missed.

Grabbing parchment and pen from her desk, she quickly penned a note of her own:

"Cerise Aes Sedai --

Word has just come to me of your upcoming sabbatical from these lands, as you focus on thespian pursuits. Break a leg, Sister, and may the Creator shelter you in yourjourneys back to us. You will me missed."


Ariella, the Great Mistress of the Dark

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