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Beslan's Introduction

You're looking at a slender young man, a dark lad whose sharp eyes flick by you with barely a pause. Black hair hangs to his shoulders, and he wears one of those coats that are never meant to be worn normally draped across his shoulders, green silk, with a gold chain across his chest and gold leopards worked on the lapels. Despite his eyes however, he has a mild manner to him and a soft voice.

What does he do? He hunts. If you ask him what he hunts, he'll answer with a smile and a laugh, in that soft voice of his. A girl or a fight, pouting lips or a flashing blade. Whichever dance you're dancing at the moment is always the most fun. Wouldn't you say so?

Beslan Quintara, son and heir apparent to Tylin Quintara, by the Grace of the Light, Queen of Altara, Mistress of the Four Winds, Guardian of the Sea of Storms, High Seat of House Mitsobar.

Taim bows formally to the new arrival. 'An interesting young chap,' he thinks.
You seem like a good candidate for the Tiger Ajah if you truely like the dance. We'd love to show you around. My humblest salutations. Great to meet you and hope to see you around more often

Taim, General of the Armies of Light, High Seat of the Tiger Ajah, Taimyrlin Seat, Destroyer of Posts, All around nice guy! ;)

To cover his confusion, he sweeps his cape aside in an elaborate flourish, bowing slightly, yet politely, back. "The pleasure is all mine, I assure you." Thinking bewilderedly 'Tiger Ajah? I know of Blue, Green, Brown, Yellow, Grey, White, Red and even hints of a Black Ajah (his eyes suddenly light up at the prospect of possibly meeting a Black Ajah in battle) FUN! But still... what in the Light is the Tiger Ajah?'

Smiles disarmingly. "I afraid you have me at a disadvantage, Master...? The name is Beslan, Beslan Quintara... and I am not an Aes Sedai." Flashes you a quick smile. "And have no wish to be, for though they can do many things w/ the One Power, I still value and pride in being male. Unless you mean something else entirely?"

Looking around with a calculating eye. "This place intrigues me. I believe I will spend a great deal of time here... when the taverns are closed. I thank you for your invitation though kind sir... "

Beslan Quintara, son and heir apparent to Tylin Quintara, by the Grace of the Light, Queen of Altara, Mistress of the Four Winds, Guardian of the Sea of Storms, High Seat of House Mitsobar.

The Great Mistress of the Dark became aware of a new... presence, within the realms she haunted. A moment's concentration, and she had identified him as a scion of the royal line of Altara, a Queen's son. An interesting development, that. She supposed she should pay a courtesy call on the young man, given his royal blood...

Beslan sat drinking and contemplating which comely young wench would receive the supreme gift of his attentions for the evening when a woman he thought seemed vaguely familiar walked into the tavern. He was hard pressed to put an age to her; although she lacked the agelessness of an Aes Sedai, there was still that about her that defied his attempts to guess. Her pale cheeks were still smooth, her long auburn hair still glossy and untouched by frost, yet her green eyes bespoke knowledge well beyond youth. She wore green silk so dark it seemed nearly black, and she moved with a grace and confidence that made him aware she was a woman of some power. Without so much as asking his leave, she sat at his table.

"Greetings of the day, Beslan Quintara. I am Ariella, known to some as the Great Mistress of the Dark. In token of the respect I bear your mother's royal blood, I bid you welcome to these realms. Whether you choose to walk in the Light, or partake of the pleasures offered in the Dark, I wish you joy of your journeys here. All are welcomed in these lands, provided they comport themselves with courtesy." She smiled knowingly, then added, "I have never heard that you are a discourteous lad, even in the midst of a knife fight, so I suspect you will fit in nicely."

With that, she rose as abruptly as she had sat, and turned back toward the door. Halfway there, she turned back to his table, and in an offhand manner, she said, "Oh, by the way, I am the leader of the forces of Darkness in these realms. If you are interested, come to my palace. The gates will always open for you, if you but speak my name..." And then, she was gone.

Ariella, the Great Mistress of the Dark

Sitting forward in his chair, he beckons to the nearest serving girl to refill his tankard, giving her a charming smile as he does so. "You have nice eyes.... be a dear and fill this up again? Preferably with something a tiny bit stronger... what a sweetheart... " As he leans back easily... a foot up on the table. 'Strange times.... strange place even... take that Great Mistress of the Dark... (chortles) If Mat were here I would possibly believe his ta'veren twirls has FINALLY brought some fun in.... but it appears that Mat is elsewhere....'

The girl returns, with the mug filled to the brim. " Why thank you... care to join me?" smiling distractedly at her, she shakes her head, saying she must work. 'A pity...,' as she walks away. ' Times are troubled indeed if people walk around joking about being Darkfriends... it would be a shame if she was...' whistling appreciatively at the memory of her, several men glare at him thinking he's flirting w/ their girls, but he doesn't notice.

Idly drawing his blade and taking out a hankerchief, polishing it, he chuckles. 'Me? A Darkfriend? Surely she jests.... aaahhh, but isn't that part of the fun?' Throwing his head back and roaring with laughter, he nods in the direction he last saw Ariella. 'I'll be looking forward to our next conversation m'lady.'

Beslan Quintara, son and heir apparent to Tylin Quintara, by the Grace of the Light, Queen of Altara, Mistress of the Four Winds, Guardian of the Sea of Storms, High Seat of House Mitsobar.

...and goes back into the tavern. So busy, so busy, but enlightenment is his goal so... "My lord," he says to Beslan. "Please don't think me rude, but I am in a hurry all the time." Taim quickly outlines what the situation is in this place. it is difficult to get it all straight b/c he has just returned, but he does his best. The young lord is amazed at the tale: "A Great Mistress once appeared, and a hound first swore to her. A loathsome mutt, he devoted his life to her. Then sisters started to join her and the darkness spread. I once was her ally before she was so strong. My Tiger Ajah, a group of people dedicated to enlighten the populous (ie, destroy all nonsensical theories) was once great and if you so wish, your vigor would prove useful in the new ranks. Currently, the Light Warriors oppose the darkness and hope to hold it at bay. (mostly a bunch of role playing which you seem quite good at, the rest is a bunch of drinking it seems!) ;) Feel free to take your time to consider, but the lines are not drawn and as yet there is no segregation. As for your other questions, the Tiger Ajah has some wielders of the one power, but it is not required. Only a strong mind and a quick whit is required."
Taim bows and appologizes again. "Here is my card. Please contact me if you need any assistance, my office is just down the street."


As Beslan was still sitting there, bewildered by everything he had heard, a ruckus started up down one end of the tavern. He turned to see what was going on, and abruptly his jaw dropped to match that of every other man looking in that direction.

A girl was dancing atop one of the tables, her coppery skin and lustrous dark hair marking her a Domani. She was no serving girl, not clad as she was in white silk that flared as she danced and seemed constantly about to reveal more than any modest, and for that matter most immodest, women would show.

Even the musicians were playing with only a fraction of their attention, the rest being focused on the dark-tressed dancer. As the music came to a halt, she leaped from the table - her skirt flaring even more as she landed lightly - and with a few graceful steps reached Beslan's table.

With an amused smile, she took a seat as the first woman had, opposite him. She was about sixteen, and bewitchingly lovely. "Hello, Beslan. I am Sundara."

"I -" he began, but she cut him off.

"I don't have much time - I have to get back to work - but I thought I would introduce myself. I am Sundara, sister to Ariella, and the youngest Sister of the Dark." Her smile deepened. "This is no joke. You can call us Darkfriends, if you wish, but most of us here are somewhat - higher - than that. No doubt some of them will introduce themselves later."

That smile turned suddenly into a mischievious grin, making her look even younger. "You like to dance, I hear? So do I. Perhaps I will show you some new steps sometime."

With a delighted laugh, she rose from her seat. "Until then." As he sat gaping, she blew him a mocking kiss, stepped backward, and vanished.

Sundara, Sister of the Dark

Ulrike had changed her clothes. Her soft suede trousers and shirts clung to the skin. She liked this feeling and besides she could move unhindered and silent. She ought to speak to Egwene2 on the matter of Darkhound but before she would visit a stranger. There were rumors about a young man who was new here. She strolled to the palace's great hall and waited for the right opportunity. It cames as Sundara arrived, apparent back from her first call. Ulrike seized the opportunity and with a friendly nod to the Dark Sister she entered through the gateway to the tavern. 'Really,' she thought, 'I must look for a reliable travelling method.'

In the tavern Beslan hasn't recovered from his last visitor yet and so he jumped from his chair when he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder. A woman smiled to him. He didn't think that she was here one moment before. "Hello," she said, "have you already decided which side you want to join?" "Why? Do you want to recruit me too? What are you? Light or Dark." She laughed. "Neither nor. I prefer to remain neutral to the local parties, at least for now. You may say that I live in the Twilight. Thus I have no great problems with either side. My single intent was to meet you. I'm Ulrike. If you want to stay here we will meet more often."

At least he could gather his dignity and bowed elegant to her. "I'm pleased to meet you, Ulrike. May I invite you to share a some wine with me?" She glanced briefly to the mugs, a worried frown on her face. Then she shaked her head firmly. "Another time. I would like to drink a ... cup of tea with you. Bye for now." He blinked perplexed. Tea? But she was gone so suddenly as she came.


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