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Light Warrior's Business

Sitting in his office in the section of the Dark Palace reserved for the Light Warriors, Daylorn did not look up at the sound of Egwene2 and Darkhound passing. He knew the score with those two, and had no worries on that front. No, what worried him now was the report he had recieved from unidentifiable sources (which pretty much identified it as being from either Ulrike, Alianin, or the Dark Family). He glanced around his sparsely furnished office. There should not be any problem making Mordeth feel comfortable giving him reports face-to-face once in a while. Back to that report... it seemed Cerise and Mordeth would balance each other nicely.

He frowned. He was definitely going to impress Kerek with the responsibility his new rank entailed. And it was about time to promote Taim, too; the Tiger had lightened up, as such things go, quite a bit recently. Perhaps there was some merit to his request for a name change for the Light Warriors after all.

Daylorn nodded suddenly. Yes, it was time to see how Taim handled having some power. He sent a courteous thought to the Great Mistress, asking for a pigeon. Courtesy was best in the Dark Palace.

Swiftly he penned some messages. One to Kerek and Jandor, one to Taim, and one to Mordeth, and a couple others, sealed with some of his hold-out stash of Turbo-Wax for authenticity.

Elsewhere in the Palace, Taim cracked the seal on the message tube from Lord General Daylorn. "Turbo-Wax," he murmured. "I seem to finally be rising in the man's estimation. None too soon. Perhaps now he will listen to my ideas."

Inside the message was only the following: "Come to my office, Taim, you're getting a promotion."

In the bar....

Kerek fumbled the message tube from the pigeon's leg. the scant of Turbo-Wax sobered him right up. He cracked the seal, noting that it bore Lord General Daylorn's sigil.

Inside was the single line, "Report to my office."

"I assume he means both of us. C'mon, Jandor."
"Hrmmm?" Jandor was still slouched on a serving maid, too drunk to take advantage of her.
"I said, c'mon! Daylorn wants to see us in his office!" He waved the message tube under Jandor's nose. As with any Light Warrior, the scent of Turbo-wax immediately restored whatever faculties Jandor had.

One by one the messages went out.

Later that day, Daylorn stood in front of the assembled Light Warriors. "Taim, I've decided to promote you. You are now a General, and chief of the Marine division. You and Perrin will be equal in rank for the mowt part, you will rank everyone except mywelf and the absent Lord Algemar when shredding theories, and your troops will be the first to attack a new theory."

"Kerek: Shape up, man, I know you like your women and your wine, but you're going to have to stay sober when on duty, and try to keep the ladies to the nighttime."

"Jandor, Do you think a little responsibility would sober you up?"

"Cerise, while not entirely necessary, I found your swearing of fealty inspirational. Everyone is to swear fealty to the group; oaths to myself or Lord Algemar are optional."

"Any questions, troops?" He glared, hoping it would forstall the questions for a while. Of course, it didn't...

Daylorn, Lord-General of the soon-to-be-renamed Light Warriors

Taim grinned to himself while he accepted his new promotion. Finally the power and influence were his to shape this noble group. Plans flew through his head. 'So much to do...' He bowed graciously to Lord General Daylorn, fist to chest in a salute. He was decked out in his finest; all black trousers and durkin and a long flowing cape. As soon as the audience was over he bid his farewells and thanks and gated back to his office.


Cerise watched Taim leave the Light part, or whatever Lord Daylorn wanted to call it. She twirled a red curl around her forefinger. She was glad that Taim had been raised, but she hoped Mordeth was still keeping tabs on him. Where was that friend Mordeth anyways? She couldn't see him from where she was standing. No matter. Cerise smiled, curtsied graciously, and made her farewells. After all it had been a long & tiring day. She wandered off towards her small 'home'. For tomorrow was another day....

Cerise Sedai

Wandering aimlessly, as ever, throughout the hallways of the Darkly Light (or would that be Lightly Dark? Yeah, that's probably it) Palace, Kiriath took a break from his study, which, in itself, was a living mess.
Instead of talking with Lews Therin, the characters that Kiriath put on paper came to life -literally. He talked to them conversationally, but tired of throwing verbal insults all over the room (You pansy! Your mother was a hamster...) and scribbling yet more Ramblin'Sanity ideas, sketches, and all-around oddities on his assortment of patchwork paper (it's a Gleefulmaniac trademark!).
So, here he was, overhearing the conversation as he stood outside of the aptly-named people not to be told in this tale. He moved to the next door and listened intently. "Promotions?" he mumbled to himself, "Marine division? Troops?" Run! Fight! Run and Fight! Spies ...?
Oooh. Kiriath got an idea suddenly and rushed back to his study (not that he ever does, that is ;). "Hey, gleemen! How about this idea? Just as the Aes Sedai have their eyes and ears and all, how about we gleemen form our own organization on this Board? We're not dark, nor light. We'll just be the Gray!"
"That's taken, Kir, by the Aes Sedai," said Thom-of-Kir's-mind with a shiver at his own mention of the Two Bad Words.
"How about the Spymen?"
"You're not James Bond, Kiriath."
"I know, but think about it. We wander from here to there and everywhere and back here again, yapping about our experiences and, perhaps making a difference!"
"We do already."
"Okay, maybe this idea isn't going to work..."
"It will. But think up a good title. Not like the Light Warriors."
"The Dark Warriors?"
Thom rolled his eyes, "Kir? Are you okay?"
"Of course, " said Kir, "...not."
"But seriously," said Thom, sighing at Kir's gleefulmaniacality, "What could be a good name for a group of gleemen acting as spies?"
"Gleemen, to outsiders. To us of our organization, we could be termed as 'Spyfulmaniacs'.
"That's you, Kir, but not us."
With a mouth the shape of a see-saw, Kir commented, "Intrigleemen?"
"Good start; it'll work at least for now, " agreed Thom. "We're all a bunch of intrigue-ridden gleemen, aren't we?"
"Oh yes. Certainly!" said Kiriath, with a sudden wink.

Kiriath, possibly founding a new organization if anyone dares to join...

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