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The Hunt After Blaine

A lizard like creature, taller than a flag pole, scaly skin mottled black and red, like blood and the unending darkness of the Shayol Ghul, with bat like wings appears before all. On his shoulder are molded remains of Trollocs heads on his bony carpace, an impaled head of a Fade.

"Hail Traitors and Oathbreakers!. I, Jhenneth, Lord Demonslayer, and bringer of the Truth of Dark, have come for the one named Blaine. He has defied our Master, though you claim him not. He and other must pay for their deifance and their falseness. Our Great Lord, our Master, has grown weary of you and your patetic attempts to mock him or to not bow unto his almighty power. Therefore I take upon myself to do so, as my sorveign duty as the Great Lord's Mouth piece and now newly named Nae'Blis. Come and challenge me if you dare! I will slay you all and knaw on your soul for appitisters until I have the one I seek. Farewell!


Blaine creeps out of the shadows, making sure that this horrible beast from his darkest nightmares is truly gone. He cries out. Hey everyone this isn't me! I swear!! Just look at the addy. I mean if you compare mine with his, you can see I don't have that addy! Please! Anyway, I just think this maybe a jokerster... Maybe. I do know some one named Jhenneth, but that was a guy named John Tipper from Alamaba. I don't think this is the same guy though... Just please, Great Mistress and the rest. Save me! Oh crap... Later! He too is gone.


Moridin tears a hole in the pattern, watching the events unfolding. This Jhenneth, killer of his Shadowspawn heards, now named Nae'blis of the Great Lord of the Dark? Blasphemy; he will be hunted and killed by the true High Servant.

He leaves a message for Blaine, etched in the earth by forces the elements could never undo:
"As long as you are faithful, as long as you prove at least I can trust you, you shall walk in the Shadow alongside us. If the day comes, however, when you prove otherwise, destruction will be swift and final..."

He vanishes without a trace, back to Shayol Ghul.


The Great Beast reappears.

So. The young curs show their colors. And they are as yellow and spinless as their so-called Mistress! I will hunt you all down, and use your heads for urinals! (lizard lisping laugh) now that I will be relentless in my pursuit of this matter! So runs curs and you, Blaine, can't not hide from me!


The man in black stepped out of the Ways, the Black Wind howling around him in some capering madness of frustration. He smiled; the voices echoed in his head, singing songs of horror. He reflected upon the fact that so many people associated him with Moridin. While he respected the fellow's strength and moreso his influence with the Great Lord, he had his own agenda. And that agenda needed Blaine. The tall lizard man was an incarnation of a myth; he had been around long enough to be able to recognize any true creature, existant or not. Illusion, then. And a childish one.

It was obvious that Moridin would be capable of defending Blaine; he WAS the Shadow's champion, after all. But he did not like the threats the lizard offered. A man who thinks to dress in the skins of shadowspawn obviously needs help in the self-esteem department.

Gesturing as he ripped a similar hole in the Pattern, these words appeared etched on the Waygate, as the Black Wind roared;

To Ariella---
There are goals that we two share; each for our own reasons. This lizard is not neccessary. If he is yours, have done with him. If he is not... then I shall have done with him.

The Wanderer

Thinkest thou that thou art mine equal? Thou lookest too far above thy station, churl! Get thee back to thine dung heap, and trouble thy betters no more!

Blaine is, was, and will be mine. If thou wouldst have him, then thou must needs defeat not only Moridin, mightiest servant of my brother, which a lowly worm such as you might never do, but also my Sisters, my Brothers, my Hound, and, at the last, me. When one of our Family is threatened, we all are threatened. You will find Blaine no easy meat for you, Jhenneth, as he is no longer alone. He is *ours*, and we will not give him up.

Wanderer, I appreciate your gracious offer to dispose of this pest. As my time is at a premium right now, I most thankfully accept; normally, I would greatly enjoy taking this creature apart in slow measures, but other matters require my attention, and so I leave him to you. I am confident you will handle him much as I myself would, had I the time.

Ariella, the Great Mistress of the Dark, who keeps what is hers

A slow smile spread on the man in black's lips as the ideas flashed through his mind, darker and more numerous than the saa floating through his vision. And he was gone, while not gone.

The Wanderer

Is this the best you can offer? (slither, lisping laugh) A puny wench that with delusions of granduer? Some petty harlot that thinks that when men fall before her, she the incarnation of all that Our Master stands for? I'll tell you who I am, little girl! I am Jhenneth! I am the Ravager of cities and worlds. When those that swore oaths to my Master and Lord, break them, I come with the cleansing storms of blood, fire and destructions. Like the ancient Furies, am your Doom! I have lived beyond all measure, serving the Great Lord, the true one, since before this miserable rock of planet was even concieved of! I am for all intents and purposes, your betrayals smashed back against you! I will have the one called Blaine! I will never leave and if any try to stop me, I will destroy them uttterly, leaving nothing left but dried husks and souls in everlasting torment! I am Jhenneth, Mouthpiece and now Nae'Blis of the true Great Lord! So run flesh bags, run cowards! I will ravage this board until I have what I seek! Farewell!


Mouthpiece? Yup, I definitely think you're a "mouthpiece" (yawn)


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