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Tiger Is Back

Taim wanders upont an old haunt and notices some interesting new developements. 'hmmm, it seems the rules have changed a bit,' he thinks. 'How do I play this to my advantage?' He gates out to lay his plans.
Hours later a flash of light spreads into a gateway. Taim strides through in all black. 'I have a proposition for the "Light Warriors",' he says. 'I once held quite a bit of power here and I'd like to put my considerable influence behind you. I of course would expect in return some authority. I know that my name and reputation may make you reluctant, but one considerable reason for my offer is first off, that you seem to need help more than the dark, and of course, Sundara and I never get along, so...I'd rather not have to side with her.' Taim pauses to collect his thoughts, 'I of course don't expect an immediate answer, but I'll check back tomorrow.'

Taim, The Tiger is back in black!

Looking up from the table, Cerise Sedai watched this new recruit of the Light Warriors appear thru a saidin-wrought gateway. She brushed a strand of red-curled hair away from her age-less face and back over her ear. Slowly, she adjusted her blue-fringed shawl around her arms, and adjusted her deep blue dress. Some men would find her, perhaps, attractive, but she seemed to have a hardness about her.
She carefully scanned this young man from head to toes as he started to speak. She listened carefully as "Taim" gave his proposition to Lord Agelmar. He seemed a dangerous man, to her. But dangerous men were often good warriors. However, it was not for her to make a decision. However, Algemar did know that she offered her services if he wanted and needed them.
Cerise sighed slightly and rubbed her temples. More recruits came every day, and Light willing, there would be more...

~Cerise Sedai of the Blue Ajah, the lone Sister of the Light Warriors~

The Great Mistress of the Dark looked up from the volume of Domani love poetry she was reading. She felt the faintest trace of a familiar presence, like a whiff of a well-known perfume drifting on the evening breeze. The presence was well known and fondly regarded, although long absent, and Ari smiled to herself at its re-emergence.

"So," she said softly to herself. "The Tiger stalks the BBS jungle once again in search of prey. Well, my dear Taim, I suppose I should pay you a courtesy call, in honor of the Tigger Coalition..." She chuckled warmly, remembering their jousts when last he'd haunted this realm, although in truth they'd agreed as oft as not. Still, she looked forward to matching wits once again with the Tiger.

Ari changed quickly into her favorite green silk gown and stepped outside the Pattern, to the area where she'd felt the presence. "Here, kitty, kitty..." she called, laughingly. "Welcome back, Taim..."

Ariella, the Great Mistress of the Dark, Coleader of the Tigger Coalition

It was like the feeling you get when an old friend phones out of the blue. Taim's unmistakable presence made ripples in the waves of reality, like a stone dropped into a pond. At the edge of reality, Darkhound opened his eyes and grinned and automatically began to make his way out of the fortress, to look up his old sparring partner.

As he neared the door, Darkhound fell to his kness, clutching his head. It wasn't pain exactly, more of a numbness that grew in intensity until it overwhelmed the thought needed to take a step forward. Instinct, more than will, allowed him to crawl back up the corridor, away from the exit. Memory returned, and it was the memory of words uttered by the Great Mistress.
"You are grounded, Mutt, for that Dun'Dhorak affair, until further notice. Don't even think about trying to go out without permission." Well, now he understood. She had placed a forbidding in his mind, one that he couldn't and wouldn't break. But maybe..... concentrating, he attempted to relocate his conciousness outside of the flesh. This time the pain was sharp and intense, like a hot iron spike between the eyes. After what seemed an eternity, pain receded leaving a feeling of nausea and the beginnings of a hadache. So, the true power was denied to him also, and in it's place lay pain.

He slumped down in the corner of his room and began to sulk. All was quiet except for the gentle cooing from the pigeon loft. Pigeon loft! Grabbing a scrap of paper on which he had began scrawling stag party ideas, he hurredly scribbled a note.

"Taim. welcome back. Things have changed around here, but then, many things remain the same. We must meet for a talk and a few bottles of oosquai soon.


The note fitted into the pigeons leg loop snuggly.
"Fly, Beidomon. Fly, and find the Tiger."

After the party Ulrike had decided not to leave with the other guests. Instead she wanted to explore this huge buildings, in all discretion of course. There is such a chance not often. But there were so many room and floors, she was afraid that she got lost. She tried to find the way back to the great hall. Fortunately the most occupants had left or were busied, so no one questioned her presence. When she passed by a room she heard strange sounds, a low moan or grumble. Quietly she opened the door and glanced in. A man sat depressed in an armchair. Surprised she recognized him as her friendly dancing partner. She entered the romm. "Hi, nice to meet you again. I hope that I don't disturb you." His face brightened considerably.


His face brightened, and so did his spirits.
"Ulrike, it's great to see you again. Though, I hope you weren't looking for someone to show you around the grounds. I'm not allowed out, I'm afraid, and I've got a lot of chores to do before the Great Mistress returns."

She frowned in puzzlement. "Erm... I've sort of been up to no good, on the bbs." He eyed her up and down and then stood. "Are you hungry? Come, lets go to the kitchens, and I'll whip up a mean chilli-con-carne."


Taim was dusting off his old desk and straghtening out his bookshelf, when the pigeon arrived. With a squak the bird was ripped from the sill. Taim quickly scanned the message and chuckled. 'So, Darkhound has gotten into trouble again!' he thought. 'I guess I must intercede once more on his behalf.' He quickly wrote a message to Ari:
'I realize that things have changed here, and that we are on different sides now, but I must ask you a favor. I know that rascal causes you more trouble than a room full of 2 year olds, but I like him anyway. Please go easy on him. On to the important business, I would think that the Tigger coallition no longer holds sway here and that there are now 2 forces, a light and a dark. As you know, I must help the light, but I am sure we can avoid any conflicts directly btwn us. I suggest a meeting of the minds so to speak.

Taim, High seat of the Tiger ajah.'

Now to wait,' he thinks, 'and see what developes. This is a strange and different world I have awakened to.... When will these Light Warriors respond?'


Well, I am only a probationary member at present, but I'm sure I'm not over stepping the mark when I say welcome Taim, to the Light Warriors. So, you have posted here before? What is a Tigger coaltition? Can we use it against the dark? I am sure lord Agelmar will be along shortly to brief you. I would shake your hand, but people avoid close contact with me for some strange reason...


Sundara, bored, wandered through her library looking for something to read. Passing a shelf of poetry from her native Arad Doman, she sighed in irritation to see the gap left by a missing volume. Ariella might make jokes about younger sisters 'borrowing' things, but it seemed her eldest sister was not opposed to a little borrowing of her own... Suddenly, Sundara stopped in her tracks, forgetting about the missing book. She could feel a new presence nearby - or, she decided after a moment, not a new presence but an old one long-gone. Sundara tilted her head, frowning. It was familiar, although she could not quite recognise it. An old friend, an old enemy...

Of course. Sundara smiled as she recognised the presence. Taim.

"So the Tiger is back, is he?" Drifting over to another shelf of poetry, she took down a volume, opening it at the first page, and read the verse written there. "Tiger, Tiger, burning bright -" Her smile widening into a wicked grin, Sundara capped the line with a verse of her own. "Midst the forces of the Light/ What Shadowsworn mind or hand/ Might mar thy carefully crafted plan?"

With a delighted laugh, she opened a gateway to where she sensed his presence.

Sundara the poetess

Taim heard the verse as a thought drifting on the breeze and it sang to him. He grinned and thought, 'The lady does me honor, but old enmities die hard. It will be good to match wits once more.' Taim straightened his black cloak and walked along surveying this place. There was so much to do to balance this once great meeting place....


Okay, the big important part: Lord Algemar has promoted me, I'm co-General of the Light Warriors now, and I have full admission and recruitment powers. Taim, setting aside my suspicions about the Taim of the books, I hereby welcome you to the Light Warriors. Hey, we took the one who led to the fall of Aridhol, we can surely take someone who may just be a bit insane.

Second on MY agenda: I've petitioned Demandred to let me into the Tigers, and he's put me on probation, waiting to see how sharp my claws are I guess. If any Lightbulbs would like to throw out some theories for me to chew on and sharpen my claws on, I'd be grateful.

Thank you all, may Peace favor your swords and WHIPS, and Light illumine the Darkest souls.

Daylorn of House Riantar, Lord General of the Light Wariors until Lord Algemar's return, Blademaster, Gaidin, Asha'man Recruiter, Nice Guy, Tiger in Training, (thought I'd throw in some old titles and some new)

Light Warrior Co-General,
You do me great honor. I accept admittance into your humble ranks. Now there comes the question of what I get out of it. There is a question of power still on the table, now I would never assume to take the place of the current rulers, I am far too humble for that, but I would most certainly need some sort of office to better serve my new family. I am open to suggestions as that I am new hear and don't know what you may need, but do not be stingy!

I do hope you have kept the Tigers strong. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Taim sets his pen aside and ponders his next missive. 'I know Ari will want a message too....' A smile touches his lips as he vigorously writes somemore. This night would be long, but he would hardly feel it


The "High Lord Damon" casually looked over Taim's message. A suprise, he didn't expect Taim back for a while, for all his luck to return during his little sabbath to Seanchan... Unconsciously he ran his hand over his now-shaved head; only so many ways to infiltrate the Imperial family, too bad for that young lad he had to kill. "Ah, well," he sighed. "I hope he's doing well in the Tower of Ravens..." A laugh escaped his lips, as his torm looked up from next to the entranceway.

He rose gracefully from his bed, fingering the hilt of his blade lightly as he strolled toward the window. Robes of silk flowed around him, shades of black and silver to rival even "Mother's" usual garb. "What do you think? Should I return to Ari's palace?" A low-pitched growl was his reply. "Thank you, my pet. Do you want to come with me? You won't be bored, I promise..." His disguise faltered, revealing a taller man, more handsome than the last, though with a much larger nose. Short cropped hair replaced none, and dark eyes, raven's eyes, replaced the brown of the Seanchan's. "Much better..." Light flooded the room as the Gateway appeared, revealing his and Smoke's chambers at the palace. He prayed no one saw it, but it's too late to do much about it now... Both he and torm slipped through, as the gate sealed itself...


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