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Dun'Dhorak sat in her sparce chamber within the complex that housed the Dark Sisters and their minions. The noise of a party emanated from some unknown source deep in the bowels of the castle, but although she had been invited, she didn't feel much like partying. She looked in the mirror at her reflection and frowned. Blue eyes peered out of a face that could be said to be handsome, rather than beautiful, framed by dark hair.

She was pleased to be wanted, pleased to be accepted, and the Great Mistress had been a gracious host, but.... something didn't feel right. In her mind, behind the shadows, pulsed a bright light. The pulse had almost the quality of sound, and it began to echo in her skull. "Warriors.... seek the Light Warriors.... seek Lord Agelmar...." She remembered an old saying - "None can walk so long in the shadow, that they can't return into the light" or something similar. Her stomach clenched, and she had to gulp air as a cold sweat assailed her.

She stood up, and fled from her chamber, along the corridor that led to outside. When she reached the winding path that led down the mountain, the first rays of a new dawn warmed her face, symbolising the decision she had reached inside.

"Light, forgive me! I chose wrongly. This is not the place for me, I yearn for the light!" she shouted into the orange glow on the eastern horizon. "I wish to fight.... for the light...Lord Agelmar, I shall find thee. Forgive me Ariella, but this is not the place for me." That last was little more than a whisper. Wiping a tear, she began her journey to the light.


Sundara stood at her window, looking down to where a woman stood on the mountain path beneath. She had only met Dun'dhorak once, but she sensed this was a moment of decision for her newest sister. She would be missed if she chose to return to the Light, but it was her choice. It could never be anything else.

A glow began to gather at the eastern horizon, and Dun'dhorak seemed to make her decision. Sundara could not hear her words, but her face, turned toward the light, was clear. She had decided to leave them. As the sun rose, she started down the mountain side away from Shayol Ghul.

Sundara watched until her former sister disappeared into the distance. "Fare you well, sister," she said softly. Then, with a sigh, she went downstairs to break the news to her sisters.


Blaine sat, as he always did, pondering and pining greatly for signs from his Great Mistress.
The leaving of more or the adding of less matter little to him. The Sisters were unusually gracious and rather charming in their own way. However, he still shuddered and awoken from dream no mortal dared or wanted. Dreams of dragons, things slimy and unnatural, dreams of his body and mind taken over by that power he knew in his heart to be the truest taint of Shaitan. But knew also that Ariella considered him highly and that his Great Mistress would allow no harm to come to any under her hand.

Eyes of black fire watched intently too, but nothing more.
Then the vanished and a distant, inhuman laughter followed till
the shadows swallowed them up.


Ariella watched Dun'dhorak leave the Palace grounds and begin her journey back to the Light. She had great respect for the woman; it was no easy thing to admit you'd made a poor choice, and even harder to try to correct your course after it had been laid in. A formidable woman; Ari could wish she'd chosen differently, but Dun'dhorak was who she was, and had to walk her own path, even if that path was... away.

Ari sent out a tendril of thought and brushed her erstwhile Sister's mind lightly. "Go with my blessing, my Sister, and know that there will always be a place of welcome for you here. For though we may serve opposite sides, yet you remain a sister in spirit, by your strength, courage, and resolve. Fare thee well, Dun'dhorak, whever thou mayest fare." Then Ari withdrew her thought, and left Dun'dhorak to continue on her path alone.

Then Ari's mind turned to another matter -- young Blaine. She knew how hard he struggled to keep away from... that other, knew that his hold on sanity was at times tenuous. She sighed. There were many demands on her time, and she'd not been able to spend as much with him as she'd have liked. Well, she thought, no time like the present. She left her chambers and walked briskly down the hall to Blaine's room. Not bothering to knock, she simply walked in to find him staring out the window.

"Hello, Blaine. Your Mistress has come to visit you..."

Ariella, the Great Mistress of the Dark

Fellow warriors, I believe that this Dun'Dhorak is an attempt by Darkhound to infiltrate the Light Warrirors, either of his own volition, or at the direction of Ariella or Egwene2.

First, look at the name: It is an anagram of Darkhound!! Has no-one else spotted this? This "lady" spends one day in the dark, and suddenly decides to join us instead? I think not. Also, in response to Ariella's party post, Darkhound says "Can I come in Fancy Dress?" A clue I think, to his hidden agenda. I'll bet that by "fancy dress" he meant "in drag". That's all the clues I can find, other than the description "Dun'Dhorak" gives - blue eyes, dark hair - does anyone know what Darkhound is meant to look like? I'll wager it's the same, or similar.

So, though I will of course accept the decision of the Lord captain of the Light Warrirors, I must strongly recommend against letting "Dun'Dhorak" join. So, how about it Darkhound? Do you have the guts to reveal the truth?

Mordeth, probationary light-warrior, defeater of espionage

Alright copper, it was me, see? Y'caught me fair 'n' square. I'll come along quietly.

When I posted as Dun'Dhorak, I thought "This is going to be rumbled, in like 5 minutes." But no! No-one noticed! Not even the Great Mistress of the Dark herself! So I thought "This is great! I can join the dark twice!" So I did, and well received I was too. And so now I'm thinking "Wait a minute, I should have joined the light warriros, where I could spy, and then revealed my grand plan to the Great Mistress, earning much esteem and credit with her and the Dark Sisters!" (I have some long thoughts sometimes.)

And you know, I nearly got away with it too. Now, instead of esteem and credit, I fear I face a rather lengthy "talk" with the Great Mistress regarding my duplicity. Not to mention the grief I'm gonna get from Sundara, Egwene, and co. Ah well, so near and yet so far....

I suppose I should say well done Mordeth, for being the only one to see through it, and you even got the "fancy dress" clue as well. And yes, the description fits, too. One other clue was my reasonably well known ability to shape-shift, but you probably wouldn't know that, being quite new. Y'know, if the light warriors don't want you, you'd be more than welcome to join us! We could use a man of your perception. Perhaps you could head a spy network for us, since you're better at it than me!

Darkhound aka "Dun'Dhorak"

Didn't know? Why do you think I made that crack about your "interesting name?" And what did I title this post? Once you're mine, you're always mine, Doggy-dearest! Now c'mon home, and we'll discuss suitable punishments...

Ariella, was born at night but not last night!

Much as I'd like to say I wasn't fooled either - I was! Congratulations, Darkhound. I know how you feel - when I was writing 'Court in Session' I kept thinking everyone would guess straight away who Devil's Advocate was. Although, I'd still be furious with you for tricking me if I could - the only problem is, I can't stop laughing for long enough to be furious!


So Devil's Advocate is really Sundara, Jeff Chaucer is really Smoke, Strawn is really Blaine and Dun'dhorak is really Darkhound. Is anyone on this board just one person?

Eval Ramman, a confused and bemused Lord of Darkness

Well Eval, I'm always Ariella, here and pretty much anywhere else I'm online. As for being just one person, well, is anyone? (sorry - the metaphysical just slipped in there) Anyway, most of us are just ourselves, but every now and then, some of us play tricks on our friends (disapproving frown - grins).

Ariella, the one, only, and eternal Great Mistress of the Dark

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