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New Sister

(smiles) I just want to welcome Egwene as the newest member of the sisterhood of the Dark. (How old are you, Egwene? And Smoke for that matter? I'm getting a sneaking suspicion that I'm the youngest one...)


As a Dark Sister, you have your choice of the men (males in general) on the board. Darkhound belongs to Ariella, Smoke's laid a claim on Demandred, and I'm working on the newcomer Eval Ramman. Anyone else, you're welcome to.

Sundara, Sister of the Dark, Aes Sedai of the Darker Brown Ajah, head of the Lightbulb Ajah, creator of theories, dancer of the sa'sara, wearer of Domani dresses, dreamer, dreamwalker, primary promulgator of the Taimandred theory, woman of mystery and of many titles

Darkhound was slinking about in the shadows. He had had a hard day of slinking, and was now feeling well an truly slunked. Suddenly, a fair shape appeared, coming from the direction of the Great Mistresses abode. He made himself as small as possible, and covered his eyes with his paws, thinking it first the fearsome Smoke, or the horribly merciless Sundara. But as the stinging rebuke he expected never arrived, he dared to look up.

"Hello doggy" said Egwene2, merrily. "I'm Egwene2. I'm a Dark Sister now!"
"What happened to Egwene1?" asked Darkhound. "Sorry, had to ask. Look, have they.... have they told you about me?"
"No, the Great Mistress was busy, said she'd brief me later. Smoke's out tormenting someone called Demandred, and Sundara is out looking for prey. She did say something about looking out for that mangy mutt Darkhound, though" said Egwene2. "Who are you by the way?"
Darkhound thought quickly. "Name's Shadar Canine. The Great Mistress wouldn't of told you about me on account of me being her most secretest and favouritist and bestest most powerfullist spy. I'm the one who keeps an eye on the Dark Sisters, y'see. Smoke and Sundara, why, they tread real careful about me, I'll tell you. But you needn't worry. I think I can trust you. Can I trust you, Egwene2?"
"Well of course!" she said, with wide eyes. "I'll never betray the Great Mistress! Never! I swear!"
"All well and good then. We'll look out for each other then. Sometimes, I might appear to be real afraid of Smoke and Sundara, but I'm just pretending like. Y'know , spying and that. And when the Great Mistress is shouting at me and calling me a mangy mutt, she's just pretending too. She's not really angry."
"Okay Shadar, thanks for telling me." said Egwene, all innocence and enthusiasm.
"S'alright. Always ready to help, is ol' Dar...I mean Shadar Canine. All I ask in return is that whenever you see a post from Darkhound, you reply saying how funny and brilliant it was and how great and wonderful Darkhound is." said Darkhound. She frowned slightly. "It's a secret spy code!" he added. Her expression brightened.
"Okay Shadar, I will !! I have to go now. See you later!!" and with that she skipped happily out of the door. Darkhound allowed a slow grin to grow on his face. When it came to mischief, he could still compete with the best of 'em.


The Great Mistress of the Dark was holding an empty leash in her red-nailed hand. That dratted mutt had chewed through his choke-chain yet again! She really would have to invest in a cuendillar collar...

Her gaze became unfocused as she sent out her thought in search of the hound. The distinctive sound of his panting echoed in the vaults of her mind, leading her directly to him. It seemed he was playing games with her newest Sister, Egwene2. So, the dog wanted to play, did he?

'Darkhound... ohhhh, Darkho-o-o-und...,'she called softly in his mind. The hound's ears pricked up suddenly, his tail dropping to hang between his back legs. "Uhh, yes, Great Mistress?" he thought back. 'Darkhound, just what exactly were you saying to my new Sister?' "Oh, nothing much, Great Mistress... just sort of, well, you know, filling her in on the Sisterhood and such. Sort of the welcoming committee..."

The Great Mistress gave an evil little chuckle. 'Is that so, my dear one? You wouldn't try to keep anything from your Mistress, now would you?' "Oh, no, Great Mistress! Never!" The dog was shaking by now -- she knew! She always knew!!!

'Darkhound, just yesterday you were offering yourself to Egwene2, and now you try to trick her. Surely you don't think any of my Sisters would be foolish
enough to fall for your antics?' TGMotD shaped a tiny flow of the True Power into a muzzle and slipped it over the dog's nose. 'So, what have you to say for yourself now, mutt?'"Mmmphfft... Mm mmpfft!" 'Oh, no, Darkhound... you're not sorry, yet... I'll show you sorry...'

The figure of the hound disappeared from view, reappearing in a crate at the Great Mistress's feet. She was holding shampoo, nail clippers, and several large towels. "Time for your bath, you dirty dog, you..." And the Great Mistress laughed that chilling, evil laugh of hers, and Darkhound knew he was lost...

Meanwhile, Egwene2 stepped out of the nearby trees and dropped the fancloth cloak she'd been wearing. She laughed lightly; so, the silly canine had thought to fool her, did he? Maybe the Great Mistress would let her help with the flea dip, or even better, the worming... Egwene2 wove a gateway and stepped through to the Great Mistress's abode, where anguished howls were clearly audible...

Ariella, wanna play some more?

Smoke woke up, yawning. It had been quite a night, what with breaking into Demandred's dreams and scaring the pants off him... which, she had to admit, had been a somewhat delightful sight. Stretching, she got up and slipped on a robe, then walked down to the kitchen for some tea and toast.

Agonized howls came from somewhere in the GMotD's bathing chambers; she realized Darkhound was getting a bath. She hoped he didn't clog the drain like he usually did.

Suddenly, Smoke sensed a new, and unfamiliar presence. She scarcely had time to marvel over it when an unfamiliar face and form appeared through a gateway.

Eg2: Hi! I'm Egwene2!
Smoke: I'm Smoke! Great to meet you.
Eg2: Sundara told me about you.
Smoke: (grins) Yeah?
Eg2: She told me about you and Demandred. What's up with that.
Smoke: (sniffs) He's going to be mine, but he's struggling against the inevitable.
Eg2: (sniffs and raises an eyebrow) Typical male.
Smoke: (grins) Yeah.
Eg2: Well, GMotD needs me to help with Darkhound's flea dip.
Smoke: Have fun!
Eg2: I will. (forms a gateway)
Smoke: Oh! Wait!
Eg2: What?
Smoke: You need a slav- I mean, companion.
Eg2: (nods) I do.
Smoke: (grins evilly) There's this one guy called Mangore Kiramin...

Smoke "Welcome to the Sisterhood!" Ashalen

Egwene2: (rolling up her sleeves) Well, I never thought I'd be helping my Ajah head on my first day! How lucky can a girl get! (she enters the bathing chamber where earsplitting howls fill the air)
tGMotD: (sniff) Darkhound's been naughty again so please pay no attention to his whining. (she pushes the bedraggled and water-logged beast under the foamy water with a big forked stick)
Egwene2: Wait a minute! Are you sure this is Darkhound? I just met Shadar Canine and this looks a lot like him ... (smiles sweetly at DH) Playing tricks are we?
DH: (wags his soggy tail hopefully while quivering under his Mistress's scrubbing hand)
E2: (grins slyly then speaks in a casual voice) I remember the last person who tricked me. I never did find my mother's nose. (sighs) What a pity--it was such a nice nose! Wish I got her nose instead of her name, oh well.
DH: (gazes up adoringly at tGMotD) Egwene2? Who's that? She couldn't possibly be as wonderful as you, Mistress!
GMotD: (cuffs DH into silence) Have you met your sisters yet? They can be rather fierce but I think you'll fit in just fine.
E2: They've been very welcoming and I'm glad they've got such a great reputation-- quite a change from my last job. That Moghedian is such a faker! I had to leave when I realized was a chicken she was--I've seen men more brave!
GMotD: Really, we'll have to talk again when we have more time (glances meanfully at DH as she shoves his head underwater)
DH: (gurgle)
GMotD: Oops! Sorry Darkhound, just had to keep the flea soap out of your eyes.
E2: Great Mistress, Sundar and Smoke mentioned um... companions. Not to be greedy, but can I have two? I think Matrim could use a little ... guidance.. and Mangore's kind of cute. I promise to ... take good care ... of them, I'm old enough.
GMotD: Hmm, let me think on it...

To be continued...

Egwene2 "the unbraided, unbridled, unbroken, and unbought" al'Vere

BTW: Sundara, I'm 35 and you are?

Sixteen going on seventeen. Although being Aes Sedai, I suppose I could claim agelessness.
Good luck with your new...companions. I had Mangore for a while, but he got away - you're welcome to him. As for Mat - see that blur heading rapidly in the opposite direction? That's him...

Sundara 'the unforgettable' Aes Sedai

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